Ephesians 4

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					Ephesians 4

  The unity of the Church is only
  possible if there is a
  corresponding life change of all

      The Worthy Walk
                                                                    Always positive and
                                                                    proactive, Paul states he is a
                                                                    prisoner defending the rights
1 I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord,                           of the Gentiles to become
       entreat you to walk in a manner                              believers without becoming
                                   worthy of the calling a Jewish proselyte as well.
                                   with which you have been called, Christ will
                                                                    Living godly in
Axios (worthy) has the             with all humility and gentleness,cost
―No one can come to Me,‖ Jesus said,
root meaning ministry of
Along with hisof balancing         with patience,
―unless the Father who sent Me
proclaiming Christ, Paul
the scales—what is on one showing forbearance to one another in love,
draws him‖ (John 6:44). Later He
also was ―admonishing be
3 of Five Essentials up from the diligent
side of the scale shouldto Faithful
First ―And I, if I be lifted
said, man and teaching
every in weight to what is of wild
equal Tapeinophrosune
Living:will praotes is used
Secondly, draw all men to Myself‖
every other side. tamed, especially to preserve the unity of the Spirit
earth, man with all wisdom,
on the that were
animals is a This is why wordwanted
    horses that
(John 12:32).present everyyou
that we may were broken and
of come to Christ when youor
                                                                   in the bond of peace.
that literally means to think did.
to complete in Christ‖
man thus is power under the
trained Fifthly, spoudazo, ―endurance‖ esp in literally means of one’sto (preserve) is
                Thirdly, makrothurmia (patience) agape, giving long–tempered,
judge Fourth, anechomai, (diligent) “do one’s best; spare no effort” self to and
        with lowliness– a sign of
(Col. tells us that those whom God
Paul 1:28).tosometimes translated longsuffering. The patient person endures negative
weakness Romans— person
control of God. ―watch over, guard‖, henotes (unity) ―unanimity, oneness‖ which (1
           tereo, The without
        benefit others meek personal benefit. ―Love covers a multitude of sins‖ is
―predestined, these He alsoandof
responds willingly lives Spiritcalled; givesare to them. Paul was willing to endure any
 Little happens inby the Word never only in one with Spiritunselfish love. each
           created to theby (all could
        Pet. 4:8). The forbearance believers be expressed in and one with
       are characterized
Most no matter what the
and whom Heexhorted to He also
God, being called, these may be one, just as We are one; I to patiently serve his
without other); ―…that they
                hardship, affliction, ridicule, or persecution in order
boasting and whom HeHatred stirs up quarrels, but love covers in them, and Thou
            of themselves instead he
        Proverbs 10:12 justified,ofthat the greatest Greek virtue was refusal to tolerate
justified; changeconsequences, these
requirements or or they maysaidperfected in unity‖ (John 17: 21–23)      all offenses.
do so, toin Me, that Aristotle be
living notbenefit others in return
does to to Scriptures. and readiness to strike back.
He also glorified‖ (Rom. 8:30).
conform hurt someone
                any insult                                                                 2

when he is hurt (1 Pet. 2:23)
    Cause of the Worthy Walk
                                        There is no denominational,
4 There is one body                     geographical, ethnic, or racial body.
           and one Spirit,              There is no Gentile, Jewish, male,
                                        female, slave, or
           just as also you were called in one hope freeman body.
                                                          of your calling;
5          one Lord,
           one faith,            ―being fitted together [and are] growing
           one baptism,          into a holy temple in the Lord, … being
6                                built
           one God and Father of alltogether into a dwelling of God in the
                                 Spirit‖ (Eph.
                who is over all and through2:21–22) in all.
                                                 all and

     ―…the faith which was once for
―There is salvation in no one else; to inWe have different gifts, different
      Since Spirit baptism is referred       v. 3- 4,
                     Lordas a reference to water
              ―The to theis our God, the Lord is one!‖ (Deut. 6:4)--
     all delivered
for there is best seen saints‖ and
      this is no other name under
              New Testament also reveals ministries, different places of service,
                                            the more complete
      baptism—The public testimony of one’sonly one … calling, the calling
heaven that has been given
     for which we are to contend
                     that the one the       but unity
              truthwhich faith isGod is in three Persons—Father,
     (Jude 3). by of Christ
      with the Our
among men, Bodyone we must be               to ―be
              Son, and Holy Spirit (Matt. 28:19 holy and blameless before
saved‖ (Acts 4:12)revealed Word of
     content of the                         Him‖ (Eph. 1:4) and ―to become
     God. Over all (Sovereign); through all (Omnipotent) image of His Son‖
                                            conformed to the and
              in all (Omnipresent) = reasons for unity!
                                            (Rom. 8:29)                      3
    Christ‘s Right to Give Gifts
                                         Paul refers to Psa 68 where
8 Therefore it says,                     David wrote a hymn of millions
                                      His triumph continues as victory of
   "When He ascended on high,            after God’s victory liberated and
                                      Satan’s captives are of the Jebusite
   He led captive a host of captives, brought to the ascent of the Ark to
                                         city and glory: NAS Acts 18:10 for
   And He gave gifts to men."            Mt Zion.
                                      I am with you, and no man will
9 (Now this expression,                      doma, a third to harm you, for
                                      attack you in orderterm for gifts in
                                         Formerly captive soldiers, now
                                      I have many people in this city.―
                                             the context: a comprehensive
      "He ascended,"                                                of of
                                         freed, were given placeusehonor
                                           Paul isnot a specific reference
                                             idea, explaining his
   what does it mean                  NAU Acts 15:14,17 "Simeon has
                                             to spiritual describe how
                                           the Psalm togifts
                                      related objective of concerned
      except that He also had descended how God firstgiving the gifts
                                           Christ first ―descended‖
                                            after His taking from
      into the lower parts of the earth?before Heascension is to ―fill all
                                      Himself aboutascended: aamong
                                           Gentiles atobe present and
                                                          His death in
                                      the referencetopeople for His power
10 He who descended is Himself        name…:17 In order that fills rest of
                                            and victory in all He the
      also He who ascended            mankind may seek the Lord‖
                                            through His special gift: the
                                           NAU Colossians 2:15 ―When
             far above all the heavens, Spirit
                                           He had disarmed the rulers
             that He might fill all things.)
                                           and authorities, He made a
                                            public display of them,
                                            having triumphed over them
                                            through Him.‖
      Purpose of the Gifts
Special Gifts
Prophets              To Equip the church for service
Pastors                                       Speaking Gifts:
Teachers                                      Prophecy
  To Explain the Truth of God’s Word          Exhortation
                                              Word of Wisdom
Gifts of Service:                              and Knowledge
Service, Helps
administration           To Facilitate the Work of God
Giving, Mercy
Discerning of
spirits, Faith                                   Sign Gifts:
Hospitality                                      Tongues,
                                                 Interpretation of
  To Authenticate the Revelation of God          Tongues, Miracles,
    Apostles: God‘s special
     Acts 2:42 “And they were continually devoting

  themselves to the apostles' teaching…‖
 NAS 2 Corinthians 12:12 The signs of a true
  apostle were performed among you with all
  perseverance, by signs and wonders and miracles.
 NAS Hebrews 2:3 how shall we escape if we
  neglect so great a salvation? After it was at the
  first spoken through the Lord, it was
  confirmed to us by those who heard, God also
  bearing witness with them, both by signs and
  wonders and by various miracles and by gifts
  of the Holy Spirit according to His own will.
  Explanation of Heb 2:3-4
   Gospel was
 First spoken by
                     Means of confirming the divine
                     nature of the message was ―by
                     signs and wonders and by
 Confirmed By        various miracles and by gifts of
  those who          the Holy Spirit‖– that is, the ―signs
heard Him (i.e.,     of apostles‖
 Jesus directly)
                   Do we need signs and wonders today?
                   No, because FAITH is the acceptance of and
                   dependence upon the already confirmed
                   evidence of God‘s promises of mercy –
 to‖ the writer
                   Seeking more signs today comes from a
   of Book of
                   doubting spirit unwilling to accept the
                   evidence of confirmation already given! 7
                     Overview of the Letter to the

                           Our Inheritance in Christ     Our Life in Christ

                                                                               Conclusion 6:21-24
                     1:3           2:1        3:1       4:1        6:10
Introduction 1:1-2

                     Blessings     Experience Growing, Christian   Christian
                                       of     Knowledge Conduct     Armor
                      in Christ     Salvation    and

                                  WORK of God           WALK of Christian

    The Gifts of Christ to the Whole
11 And He gave some as apostles,
           and some as prophets,
           and some as evangelists,
           and some as pastors and teachers,
       3 Responsibilities of Apostles and Prophets:
        Prophets tended
Christ gave gifts to everyto work within a local church, but apostles traveled
              euangelistes, ―proclaimer of good news‖ – only 3x in NT (text,
       1. didaskalos,some of the to attitude and character), emphasis on
         poimen, or ―shepherd‖ the
individual,Lay the foundation of(ref. Church (Eph 2:20)
            then gave teacher.
              Acts 21:8 ―Philip the revelation (Acts 11:21-28) or expounded
        1. Sometimes spoke fromevangelist,‖ evidently the founder of the
         care, protection and leadership.
gifted men to the churches as
        previous revelation and write 2teachers where13:1) Word
           Receive, at Caesarea withunder 4:5 (Acts Timothy Gentiles‖
              church Paul considered Tim inspiration God’s
       2. 1 Tim 2:7,declare alongand himself a ―Teacher of the is (Acts
delineated: NIV correctly reads,
           11:28; Eph 3:5) to do the ―work of ref to who the
         Synonym with ―elder‖ (presbuteros,an evangelist‖ man is); and
        2. 2 Tim 1:11, secondary to Apostles, since their message Gentiles‖
―gave some to be…‖ appointed ―a preacher, …and a teacher of thewas to
         ―bishop‖ (episkopos, ref. what he does)
        be judgedform, euangelizo appears
              Verb the Word delivered by ―signs ―evangelize‖ 2 Cor the
       3. Confirmby Apostles (1 Cor 14:37)54x,and wonders‖and in 12:12;
           Acts 13:1 Leadership team in Antioch included teachers
         1 Heb5:1-2 uses all three 76x, ―Gospel‖
              noun form,
           Pet 2:3-4) euangelion,
        3. A criteria for accepting a NT book as inspired was that the author
           Heb 5:12, In time, after instruction, most should be teachers
         Acts 20:17, 28 uses an apostle or a prophet (Mark, Luke,
           * to where is apostleship considered perpetual or to be
        hadNobe consideredall three
           Rom 12:7, If gifted
        Hebrews, James) teacher, then he must be committed to teach

         Gal 6:6, Commanded to be generous with your teachers! Hint! Ha!
   Church Age Strategy
             Global Expansion and
            Edification of the Church
           Evangelists (missionaries)
          Jesus Christ – Chief Cornerstone
                Apostles and Prophets
NAS Eph 2:20 …having been built upon the
foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ
Jesus Himself being the corner stone
     Church Leadership Focus
                                                          katartismos, ―to fit,
12 for the equipping of the saints                        restore, prepare for
                                                         First goal of
                                                       RESULT C: Maturity is to
         1 for the work of service,                       use‖, a medical term
                                                       be like Christ (Romans
         2    to the building up of the body of Christ;8:29 For whom―serving‖-
                                                          for setting the bones,
                                                         (1)diakonias, He
                                                         Every part of Body
                                                       foreknew, He also must
                                                          ―Finally… be made
13                 A until we all attain to the unity of the faith,
                                                         function to increase
                                                       predestined to become
                                                          complete‖ 2 Cor 13:11
                                                         (Eph 4:16) toGod,
                   B and of the knowledge of the Son of the
    Second objective of     mature (2) oikodome, ―building athe God of gifts
                      to aEquipping: man,              image of His Son…‖)–
                                                         Peter divides the
                   C                                      … equip you in every
                                                       Manifesting Hisand
                                                         into speaking character
                          to the will build my church‖ (Mt 16:18).
    house‖ Jesus used it to say ―Imeasure of the stature thing to do His
                                                       qualities 1 John 2:6est.)
                                                         serving gifts (70% the
    Some will A:katanesomen, ―reach‖ UNITY, based on the united beliefus what
                           teach, belongs to the fullness of Christ.
     RESULT be gifted towhich exhort, preach, speak and working in
                                                       one who says he abides
                                                         (1Pet 4:10-11)to
    communicate the truths knowledge, not just salvation (Phil learns Exhorted
     in God’s Word, principles and commands; where everyone
RESULT B:epignoseos, fullthat will change purposes, values, 3:8- in His sight‖
                                                          is pleasing himself to
                                                          Him ought
                                                       into abound in work, that
    ―That I and wisdom who constantly of Christ. God’s Heb 13:20-21
     serve may know Him…‖                                  testing and
10, moralsone another; of the followers respond toThis refers to the
                                                         is, in the one manner
     suffering together
    speaking gifts.
Life longall believers have unredeemed flesh (Romvoice,8:23) 15:58) cannot
  Four process: John Equipping Saints:                 as and I therefore
ThoughBasic Tools for 10:27 "My sheep hear My 7:14; He walked.
                                                         (1 Cor
attaincommend(2 tim follow and the Word…which is able to build
  1) them, andyou to we Me‖ continue in progress toward Word (Col 1:28
    “I to Bible they 3:16-17)–
knowTheperfection, yetGodmustLeaders must feed church HisChristlike maturity
                                                         Peter calls this ―spiritual
       1:28 (Acts 20:32)
    you up‖And we proclaim Him, prayer for their and teaching every man
–ColPrayer: Epaphrus labored inadmonishing …maturity (Col 4:12-13) …,
  2)                                                     sacrifices‖ 1 Pet 2:5
         may present be desired as babes desire milk (1 for this purpose also I
                                                    And Pet 2:2)
that we Word should every man complete in Christ.(James 1:2-4)
  3) Testing from God has purpose of our maturity
labor, striving according toGod power, which mightily works within me. 11
  4) Suffering allowed by His is on purpose(1 Pet 5:10; Phil 3:10; 2 Cor 1:4-5)
     4th result of God‘s Priority in Church
14 As a result,          hina, “in order that‖ statement of ultimate
                         purpose — a reference back to the primary
we are                    children,
          no longer to because, i.e. the ministry of service and
          tossed here and there by waves,
          and carried about by every wind of doctrine,
             by the trickery of men,
             by craftiness in deceitful scheming;
kludonizomai, ―whirled around by the sea‖ making one dizzy
     ship without a rudder, not talk”; used of the Corinthian believers
As anepios, ―one who doesalways turns into the wind—it
       Kubia, transliterated ―cube‖, unable dice, especially
or without footing—metaphorically:used forto think clearly, ―loaded
   panourgia, ―clevermeans of countering the appear the fads
    no resistance or manipulation‖ of error new religious
has (1 Cor 3:1; 14:20); one who falls prey toto force of as truth or
       dice‖, infamous for or impressive information or goods. Thus
                          methodia, the naïve out of their
confusing you with partialcheating ―schemes, strategies, methods‖. Used of
wind—thus teachings persuasively presented persuade
    novel manipulation of The immature theof Scriptures
       the interpretations. ―truth‖ and philosophy to logically planned
philosophy that contradicts ―schemes of is gullible:(6:11)– a convince
                          the clear teachings devil‖
those who have no basis of evaluation what is true or not.
       people of For false notions error not of our Lord
    Rom 16:18 theirsuch men are avoid introduction to the church
A ship would use a ―sea anchor‖ toslaves,being turned or Christ but of
    their own appetites; and by likewise a clear
swept along by a powerful wind,their smooth and flattering speech
    they deceive the hearts you from being deceived.
knowledge of truth will keep of the unsuspecting.
   NLT Prov 14:15Only simpletons believe everything they are told!     12
   The prudent carefully consider their steps.
5TH Result of God‘s Priority in Church
15but speaking the truth in love,
we are to grow up in all aspects into Him,
                who is the head, even Christ,
    The goal of Bible             aletheuo, “speak, deal, act‖
     auxano, ―cause to
    knowledge, learning and       according to body life truth,
     increase, become
    maturing is to be LIKE        lit. ―truthing‖ making a verb of
     greater, more
    JESUS. That is what is        a noun. Involves not lying,
     important a reach
    beautiful inor believer.      but also not destroying each
     full maturity‖
    Real maturity is              other with truth statements
     The church how much
    measured in is
     assumed to be
    we are like our
     immature and unlike
    Creator/Savior God
     Christ, except when
    ―For me, to live is Christ‖
     these principles
    Phil 1:21 (Gal 2:20)
     function                                                13
Review: Results of God‘s Plan:
Leader‘s function is to train
members for service and edification
   Unity
   Knowledge/Wisdom
   Maturity like Christ
   Stability from being deceived
   Communication resulting in

    The Power of God‘s Pattern
16 from whom the whole body,
                   being fitted and held together
                         by that which every joint supplies,
  sunarmalogeo, ―seize oraccording to the proper working
  dragged off course (by
 sumbibazo, ―knit
  the wind)– illustrates
                                      of each individual part,
 together, united,causes the growth of the body
  the closeness and
  influence we are – for the building up of itself in love.
 conclude, decide‖ to held
  together by ideal or
epichoregia, ―through working in
   have on one another
      poieo, ―accomplishes,
  commitment. Used of
measure or part‖– refers to            metron, ―measured‖ – each part that
      brings about‖– the
             is Col 2:19
                a synergy
   Notice itexhorting one another,
everyone                               doesn‘t contribute, weakens the whole
      primary means of
                  oikodome, as constructionfrom its potential
instructing, fast towhat
   power: both by the
  ―…holding encouraging,               body of a building,
      maturing a church
  head, from whom the is
                  metaphysically, ―increasing in knowledge
   Christ/Spirit contributes
accepting, forgiving, teaching one
   andthrough the truth applied
  entire ―in love‖ ministry of in love to benefit others to the head, from
       by what we of
another body, being                    ―He does not hold on
      the members
  supplied and held one to
   contribute                          whom the whole body, which is
                  Note: Maturity not an individual affair together by its
  together…‖                           nourished and held
                                       joints and ligaments, grows with a
                                       growth that comes from God‖ Col 2:19
                                                             Man thinking: to
    The Walk of the Old Man                                  deny guilt, fear
                                                             not being ―cease
                                                               apolgeo, ―covered
                                                                  nous, ―faculty
                                                       marturomai, ―declare of
 17 This I say therefore,                                    politically correct,
                                                    mataiotes, ―devoid of grief
                                                                   feel callus‖,
                                                                 with apain,
                                                       solemnly‖; origin of
        and affirm together with the Lord, truth, ratherguilt, perception,
                                                       Eng. martyr. A dianoia,
                                                                 dulled judging
               that you walk                                 self-justification,
                                                               insensitive‖ useful
                                                    or depravity, void thoughts,
                                                                  or understanding
apallotrioo, ―to longer just as the Gentiles also what Iblamingalso what
               no                                   goal‖                others,
                                                       walk, say thing‖ Used
                                                                  a is    feelings,
alienate, shutout                                            denying sin.
                         in the futility of their mind, says to you for
                                                       Jesus              belief
                                                                 by doctors
                                                    Ephesus was major
                                                             Satan‘s part:
of fellowship,
   meketi implies                                   understanding, patterns
                         being darkened in their commercial and pagan that
intimacy and                                                      2 Cor 4:4
   they had been         excluded from the life of God, whose case the
                                                                 forms around
                                                    religious center with
understanding of
   living this way            because of the ignorance thatbrokenthem,
                                                    temples to Artemis or  bones,
insidershould                                                god is in world
                                                                    of this
   but                                                           often sexual
                              because of the hardness ofincludingharder than
                                                    Dianna their heart;
information‖                                                 has blinded the
   cease, by                                                     the bone itself.
                                                    religious experiences
 19            and they, having become callous,              minds of the
   starting new
 20habits and
                                                              to sensuality,
                         have given themselves over unbelieving, that
   way of
                                                             they might
                         for the practice of every kind of impurity not
                                                             see the light of
   thinking time already past is sufficient for you to greediness. the
  NAS 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new
   ―For the                                                   carried out
                                                        have the gospel of the
                                             aselgeia, ―uncontrollable lust,
   desire of the Gentiles, having pursued a course of sensuality, luxurious
                                     akatharsia, new things glory of Christ,
  creature; the old things passed away; behold,sexual lustfulness, lusts,
                                 pleonexia,orexcess, shamelessness‖
                                     living ―obsessive drive who
                                              impure motivesto idolatries.
   drunkenness, carousals, drinking parties and abominable have image
  NAS Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is is the
                                 more, that you do not run with them into
   And in all this, they are surprised covetiousness, avarice‖God. longer I
   the same excess lives in me; and the life malign you‖ 1 in the flesh
  who live, but Christof dissipation, and they which I now livePeter 4:3-4 I live
 by faith in the Son of God, who loved me, and delivered Himself up for me.
                                                 manthano, aor,―learn or
                                                 come to know‖ thus a
                                                 reference to salvation.
 The Walk of the New Self                        Matt 11:29, ―Take my
                                                 yoke upon you and
20 But you did not learn Christ in this way,learn of me‖
                                                  NIV Phil 4:9 Whatever
21     if indeed you have heard Him
       and have been taught in Him,              you have learned or
       just as truth is in Jesus,                received or heard from
                                                 me, or seen in me--
                                     Both verbs in aorist indicate put
de, contrasting                      a the Sonit into practice. And the
                                                    past act; come,
                       “We know that one-timeof God hasnot a and
connector                            understanding,―The one that we
                                                 God     peace
                       has given us audible voice. ofin orderwill be
introducing                                      with you.
                                     who belongs to God listens
                       might know Him who is true.‖ 1 Jn 5:20.
opposites: the                                   NIV of God. The
                                     to the wordsJohn 6:45 It is
self-centered,                                   to cynicism about
                       Life without God leads written inlisten is
                                     reason you do not the Prophets:
purposeless,                                      (Jn 18:38)
                                      is truth?‖ 'They not belong
                       truth: ―What because you dowill all be taught
standardless                         to God‖ which leads to fullness
                                                 by 8:47
                       Truth about salvation JohnGod.' Everyone who
wickedness is                                    listens to the Father
                       of truth about God, man, creation, history,
the opposite to                                  and learns from him
                       sin, grace, faith, life, death, eternity, purpose,
follow                                           comes to me.
                       relationships, heaven, hell, judgment, spirit
                       beings, future events, etc. everything of 17 value
                       worth knowing is in Him!
To demonstrate transformation of New Life: Paul uses three
aor. infinitives to describe what we learn from Him directly :
  Delivered from the Old Self
we have ―laid aside‖, have ―been renewed‖, have ―put on‖

22 that, in reference to your former manner of life,
   you lay aside the old self,
                   which is being corrupted
                   in accordance with the lusts of deceit,
apotithemi, aor mid, ―strip
off‖ as old filthy clothes.
Rom 6 ―we died to sin                   pres.
                              phtheiro―craving the
(v.2)…have been baptized      pass., ―to defile,
                                       forbidden‖    Deceitful
into Christ Jesus (v.3)       destroy, or            because they
..we have become united       pervert from           promise joy
with Him…(v. 5) our old       intended use‖—         and fulfillment
self was crucified with                              but fail to
                              Old self is a tool
Him‖(v. 6), our body of                              deliver
                              for deceitful lusts
sin might be done away        to manipulate us                   18
with‖(v. 6)
                                                     ananeoe, pres.pass.
                                                     inf., modifying main
   Become the New Self                               verb, ―put on‖. Not
                                                     as a doctrinal or
    23 and that you be renewed                       intellectual issue,
                                                     but a moral or value
                      in the spirit of your mind,
                                                     issue. Thus,‖being
    24 and put on the new self,                      renewed… put on‖
             which in the likeness of God has been created
                                                     ―Do not be
             in righteousness and holiness of the truth.
                                                     conformed to this
                                                     world, but
      Kata, ―according to what God is‖–              continually be
      2 aor inf, believers are made mind, which is the center ofthe
               Salvation ―entirely the
enduo, Pet 1:4,kainos,relates to new‖,               transformed by
                                    to our fellowman reflecting
         Righteousness relates nature‖
      into‖ be new species or This is not
―sink ―partakers of the divine character. ―psychological‖of your
               thought and belief. and NAS are a renewing nor
         the 2nd Table of The KJVbut 20:12-17) little confusing here:
endued with. Not is nothe Law I(Ex
                              longer who              and
      Gal 2:20, ―It renovated, opinion about minds, so that you
                                                     doctrine or practice.
               merely a change of ―true righteousness and holiness‖
                    relatesNIV has to
         holinessdifferent, in me.‖ God and st Table of
                             to duty
      live, but Christ liveschange after awas1 may the able the
               The part ofwhich mind that         lost in be fall, to
         Law (Exnew nature better translates the Greek. Thus a
                            genuine righteousness,and communion
               ability to perceive spiritual reality determine what with
                                                      not a superficial
                the Instead of being darkened, ignorant, hardened,
                            imitation, but new nature, a will a – what
                                                     God‘s new
         ThusGod.believer possesses aone growing out of is changed
               callused, sensual, impure which love it. the
                             righteous inner person is proper,
                                                     fit is
         self, a holy and mind and heartand greedyfor nowpleasing       19
               enlightened, sensitive to sin, pureand self!
                                                      and generous
         presence of God. This is the believer‘s true perfect.‖     NIV
   NAS Romans 6:13 and do not go on presenting the
 1 Change: From Lying to
    st members of your body to sin as instruments of
unrighteousness; but present yourselves to God as those
 Speaking Truth
alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of
                  righteousness to God.          apotithemi,
                                                 ―discard, cast
 25 Therefore, laying aside falsehood, off‖ Just as
                                                 leaders ―laid
            speak truth,                         aside their robes
               each one of you,                  at feet of …Saul
                                                 (Act 7:58)
              with his neighbor,
                                                      Note:we are new
                  for we are members of onebut not yet all
                                                      new! The new
 Lying has reliable been a characteristic of unregenerate man.
  The only always evidence of being saved
  Truthfulness does not require telling everything we know. Not
Lying includes exaggeration,present life              mind must
  is not pastwith keepingbodyfibbing, deceiving, cheating in be
          The  experience, but must communicate truthfully
  in conflict parts of the a confidence. What we say should
school or onhelpfully to one who says, ‗IUps! Rev dominate an old
          and taxes, or making excuses!               21:8 But
  reflecting Christ, ―The each other. withhold information to the
  true. However, neither should we Great harm can result
cowardly, the unbelieving, and vile, the murderers, the (body).
  have come mislead which the doesNor does it demand that we
               to know Him‘ is lying. not
          without it.
  deceive or
                                                      the of Epistle
           immoral, those was a liar about being Restidolaters is
sexuallyKaren Carpenter who practice magic arts,overweight
  keep His commandments, isteasedand the about those we
  unburden our ill feelings, doubts, or hatreds       how to do
and all is notstarved herself to death believing a lie,burning this.
                in him‖ 1 Jn will be in the Venting of to meet
                 their place 2:4
  truth liars--Freudian pseudo-honesty.fiery lakehurts and
  dislike and
          as a
sulfur. false expectations. Lets be truthful and accepting. 20
  offenses don‘t help, nor are effective in self-justification.
    2nd Change: From unrighteous
    anger to righteousandanger can turn to bitterness, is
               Even righteous
               resentment     self-righteous, so time limit
                        set for its expression—if prolonged it
26 Be angry,            motivates vengeance violating Rom 12:17-21.
    and yet do not sin;
    do not let the sun go down on your anger,
27 and do not give the devil an opportunity.
                 orgizo, not repay anyone provoked to
  Romans 12:17 Dopres.pass.imp, ―be evil for evil. Be careful to do
  what is right in 3:8 But of 2:11 must rid If it is That of all such
           NAS 2 Corinthians everybody. 18 yourselves
NIV Colossians the eyesnow you in order that no possible, as far as
                 anger, be
       NAS these: 5:20 furious‖—without sinning!this:up strife, But
   NLT as Proverbsbedear brothers, Satan;mandemonic activities,
       James 1:19 Myliverage,hot-tempered for we are not take
           advantage 15:18 Aof participation in stirs Everyone
thingsGalatians anger,idolatry,us bytake note and19 Do language
                          taken                      of filthy
  it depends on righteousatHe malice, slander, aevil, reputation
                 is you, pacifies must also have
                              indignation, everyone. selfish ambition,
         NIV 1 Timothy 3:7 peace withanger at good
   hostility, quarreling, listen, slow to speak and slow
       the not be anger his schemes.only guess
           slow to                  contention. of anger,
from your lips.friends, jealousy, outbursts God's at our to become
       should ignorant of
  revenge, my quick to butSatan can not fall into wrath,thinking by
                 abhorrence of everyone for
                                leave will immorality disgrace andis
         with the feeling that injustice, is wrong except for it into
                         so                            or
   divisions,outsiders,7:9that hebe quick-tempered, forthose in your
       angry, 20 for man's anger does not bring aboutwillangerourOn
                               our attitude or action. He thefeed is self-
    NLT Ecclesiastes to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord. 20 the
  written: "It is mine
         the devil's trap.
   own little fools. 22:24 Do not make friends with a hot-
      NIV of group,
    friendProverbsyour enemy is hungry, feed him; if he vengeance,
  thelife that God desires. pity, pride, self-righteousness, is thirsty,
        contrary: "If
      temperedAnger do Be self-defensive, one easily angered,
         NIV something to drink. In of with and alert. and all selfish
                  man, that is self-controlled self-serving,
                                associate personal rights, heap burning
  give him 1 Peter 5:8notdefensedoing this, you willYour enemy the
          on his resentful of hurtsabedesires violate God‘s someone
                  head." 21 Do not orget us lion looking for overcome
                               like      overcome by even,
  coalsdevil prowls around sins toroaring toto get evil, butwill.
                 is anger that leads to murder or hurting
         to devour.
  evil with good.                                                     21
                 others which are all sinful.
   3rd Change: From stealing to
28 Let him who steals steal no longer;
           but rather let him labor,
  performing with his own hands what is good,
  in order that he may have something
                   to share with him who has need                    .
  klepto, ―steal‖ from
 Motive for work is two-fold:
   In a slave driven or underprivileged the Christian ―work
   Early we get
  which Christian literature interpretedsocietyagreeable, often a
                               agathos, ―useful, stealing is
                    outsiders and not being from your upon
 1)Respect fromhard so that you can live dependent own others
   common practice: NIV Romans 13:9 not acommandments,
    (1 and 2 Thess) act. inf.beneficial‖– The moral but practical
                                lives from what he who exhorts, in
  metadidomi, pres. idle man NAS Rom 12:8 orhis hands can
   means; for every
   "Do not commit adultery," "Do not murder," "Do not steal,"
  his exhortation; he and gives, with liberality; he who leads,
 2)Caring for others who communal well-being (text)
   steal‖ Ps-Phocylides 153-54
   "Do not covet," and whatever other commandment there may
       diligence; the thief is Themercy, philanthropist! Only
  with a change: he who showsbecome with cheerfulness. useful
 What are summed up in thisto Make itofaour ambition to lead God
   be, 1 Thessalonians 4:11 basis your reward is how as
   NIV do this!                 one rule: "Love your neighbor
    can                        we have been to      kingdom
  Even unemployment your desperation is andthe work withof God
   yourself." to mind and own business no excuse for stealing,
   a quiet life,                                 to
  NAS 2 Thess 3:10 For even when we werethese you, we used to
   your hands, just as we told you, 12 so that your that of mine
                               Eph know that with hands life
 NIV Acts 20:34 You yourselves6:8 ―For you know daily everyone
    have supplied my         needswill the
                                    and          neither companions.
  give you this order:own outsiders and a needs offromletnot eat.
                               will          reward
   mayIn everything I ifof I showed not work,byyou will him for
        win the respect anyone receive so that this kind of hard
                                                          the Lord
    35                  did,            you that
    work we must help the weak, rememberinghas done…‖the Lord
   be dependent on anybody.    whatever good he the words         22

    Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"
 NIV James 3:6 The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the
  NAS th the body. It corrupts the whole put them all aside:
 parts Colossians 3:8 But now you also,person, sets the whole
    4 Change: From unwholesome
  anger, wrath, malice, slander, itself set on fire by from your
 course of his life on fire, and isand abusive speech hell. 7 All kinds
 of animals, birds, reptiles and creatures of the sea are being tamed
    words to wholesome words
 and have been tamed by man, 8 but no man can tame the tongue.
 It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.
29 Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth,
    1 but only such a word as is good for edification
            2 according to the need of the moment,
           3 that it may give grace to those who hear.
sapros, ―corrupt or foul‖
      of rotten fruit, 141:3 Set brood of O LORD, over my
                                             vipers, how can you,
usedNAS Matthew 12:34 "You a guard, building, encouraging,
         NAS Psalm ―constructive, up
   charis, ―favor,Keep watchis good? merciful‖; unnecessarily
     being and speak what
vegetablesevil, spoiled food.over theFor the mouth speaks out
         mouth; delight, sweetness, door of my lips. everthe
                chreia, ―business, need.‖ Never what
             instructive, and uplifting.‖ Just as the uses of
     of that which fills
   strengthens, benefits,the heart. harm, discourage, or and
Off-color jokes, profanity,enables
             Word of God: ―teaching, rebuking, correcting
                mention what might
dirty stories, vulgarity, Tim 3:16).
             training‖ (2
   ―The Lord has given Me Some things better left unsaid. Some
sexual implications, etc. the tongue of disciples, that I may know
                require timing.
             ―Like the weary one with a an ornament of
   how to sustainan earring of gold and word.‖ Isa 50:4 fine
             gold is a apples of gold in aand wondering at the
                ―Like wise well of Him, listening ear.‖ is a
   ―And all were speaking reprover to settings of silverProv word
                spoken in right circumstances‖ Prov 25:11
   gracious words which were falling from His lips‖ Luke 4:22
              ―A man has be in an apt answer, and how
  ―Let your speech always joy with grace, seasoned with salt‖ Col
  4:6         delightful is a timely word‖ Prov 15:23
   Speaking and
   Relationship to the Spirit
30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God,
     by whom you were sealed for the day of
                           Grieving the Spirit leads to
 kai, connective joins ―quenching‖ the Spirit (1 Thes
  lupeo, imperf imp, ―Stop grieving‖,
 thoughtssad proper        5:19) which eliminates His
  making on or sorrowful, wound, or
               ―sealed‖ the
 speaking and hurting –stamped with the character of the owner–
                           guidance for
  make uneasy, esp. with how the being sensed.
               Spirit is itNIV
                            thus hurts the someday
 Spirit hurts others,God‘s guarantee of Yet they taking full and
  tongue                       Isaiah 63:10
  Spirit       final possession of all of our being
                           rebelled and grieved his Holy
               NIV Ephesians So he turned also were included in
  Especially speaking sins that1:13 And youand became
                           Spirit. disrupt
               Christ when Body
                           their enemy the word of truth, the gospel
  the communal life of the you heard and he himself
                           fought Having believed, you were marked
               of your salvation.against them.
               in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, :14
               who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until
               the redemption of those who are God's possession  24
    From natural vices to
    Supernatural Virtues
31 Let all bitterness
        and wrath
        and anger
        and clamor
        and slander be put away from you,
        along with all malice.
    thumos, boiling up, heat, long-term attitude
 pikria, a natural disposition, explosive reaction against
  orge, ―hardheartedness, harboring resentment‖
                            airo, aor. Imp. Pass, of restraint,
         kakia, ―ill-will, desire punishmentlack―remove sweep away,
                                  in NT. Is a
 krauge, ―shouting‖ only use to injury, willingness to hurt which
              with see that you are afraid to bewhen I come I may
  someone, For I a desire for I amfull of bitterness and captive to sin
 ActsCorinthians get even‖
 resultsanother to 12:20usually hurting someone
    2 8:23in angry yelling, For
                            conquer‖           that inflicted
     blasphemia, abuse and vilifying and you
    not find 15:1 I want you to be, of others may not find me as
  Proverbsyou asA gentle answer turns away wrath, But selfish
 James 3:14 But you are bitterlynot bring abouttheis a
                     man's Luke of there he and to the and
                                          jealous      there
 James 1:20 fortoif So I anger9:23 Thenmaysaidquarreling,
    you 1 Peter 2:1be. get rid does malicious behavior crowd, "If
         want me 3:8 But now thatall
  harsh word stirs up anger                        be
                             fear you also, put them all aside: anger,
         deceit. Don't justof anger, wants being wise. That
                              don't brag be
 ambition in your hearts, pretend to aboutto be my follower, is the
 righteous life that God any of you factions, slander, gossip, you
    jealousy, outbursts desires.abusivegood! Be done with
 worst kindmalice, slander, andandasidespeech from your mouth.
  Proverbsof andand hot-temperedbackstabbing.dissension,
              15:18 A jealousyput man stirs up
         hypocrisy disorder.                   your selfish ambition,
  but a patient man calms a quarrel. cross daily, and not be
                            shoulder your
 Colossians 3:19 Husbands, love your wives, and do follow me.         25
 embittered against them.
   Supernatural virtues to live out
32 And be kind to one another,
          forgiving each other,
             just as God
             in Christ also has forgiven you.
          kathos, ―to freely, give graciously as a favor‖ – showing
 charizomai,―what is the degree that…‖ to a need‖
   chrestoi, ―to give suitable or fitting of affection‖
         eusplanchnoi, ―inner emotions
           reconciling relationships servant for the
 grace in Parable of the you show contempt who had been forgiven
   Romans 2:4 Or do unforgivingtestify how I long for all of
         Philippians 1:8 God can
          his immense debt concludes with Matthew "Lord, "This
   richesyouhis kindness, tolerance and Jesus. Him, 18:35 how
           of with Then Peter came
 Matthew 18:21 the affection of Christ patience,
                                           said to
                 my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless
          is how brother sin kindness leads I forgive him? Up to
   not realizing
 often shall my that God's against me and you
   toward repentance? said have come to heart."to you, and
          you forgive 1:7 brother from do not say
           Philemon your
 seven times?" 22 Jesus For I to him, "Iyour have much joyup to
         comfort in your love, because the hearts of the saints 26
 seven times, but up to seventy times seven.
         have been refreshed through you, brother.

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