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									The Earth Vision Calendar

                                         an article from Earth Vision
                                           - presenting nature in the light
                                                        of spiritual ecology

The Earth Vision project presents A Calendar of Nature and Soul - a week by week
journey through the spiritual ecology of the year. 52 chapters coincide with the weeks
of the year, on this seasonal foray that is interwoven with Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of
the Soul.
        One of the key dynamics in the spiritual ecology of the seasonal progression
through the year is found in the counterpoint of the human soul with the outer
manifestation of nature. During the summer, when the world of nature is so outwardly
active and productive, the human soul is most asleep. The soul’s dreamy reverie is akin
to the spirit of the Earth in summer. Steiner describes the outward flourishing of nature
during the summer as “the Earth dreaming into the heights.”
        Conversely, in the winter the human soul, and the spirit of the Earth, are most
awake. This is why the schools year so aptly runs form September to May, with a break
for the summer. Intellectual activity is most suitable during the cooler months.
        In the Calendar of Nature and Soul, these kinds of considerations are explored
and interwoven with the outward events of nature, as well as key biographical events of
the author’s soul life.
        Visit the Earth Vision project for this, and other e-books in the vein of spiritual
ecology, as well as articles that address environmental themes from a deeper
perspective than the conventional media has to offer.
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The foregoing article was written by Josef Graf, coordinator of the Earth Vision project and
Insight21 - presenting nature in the light of spiritual ecology, and answers for the 21st Century

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