The Mystery Tour guidelines to get started by panniuniu


									The Mystery Tour : let’s get started
Organize a 2-day experience

  •   Target group should be well-described

  •   Destination: a remote British environment

  •   Create a world of fantasy

  •   The participants should take on a roll

  1. Find a location
      Surf the internet, visit sites on the UK (Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland) and try to
      find a location that is remote and that expresses a mysterious atmosphere.
  2. Give a description of the target group you want to attract
         a. Socio-economic group? What social class does your target group belong to?
             What is their income and how much are they willing to spend?
         b. Occupation? Businessmen? Teachers?
         c. Life-cycle and marital status? (singles, single parents, newly married couples,
             couple with children, empty nest parents, …)
         d. Lifestyle? Activities and hobbies? Interests? Opinions?
  3. Find a theme
      Create a concept based on a theme out of
         a. literature
         b. film
         c. history
         d. art
         e. a television show
         f. a series
         g. …
   Examples: Picasso, Harry Potter, the battle of Hastings, Sex and the City, Robin Hood,
   King Arthur
4. Read a lot of information about the theme
       a. Create a title for your mystery tour
       b. Create activities based on the theme
       c. Give those activities a name
       d. Make sure that the participants take part in the story
       e. The teambuilding starts when leaving from Kortrijk
       f. Add elements of the theme when travelling
5. Find an identity for your organization (corporate design, corporate communication,
   corporate behaviour).
       a. Think of a name
       b. Think of a logo (keep it simple)
       c. Create a baseline, based on max. 3 USP’s
                     Write down all benefits of the events of your organization that can
                      be linked with one of the USP’s e.g. USP = customer satisfaction, a
                      benefit might be: providing plastic raincoats when organizing in
                      open air.
                     Put those benefits in order of importance
                     Indicate those that distinguish your organization from another
                      similar one.
                     Pick the strongest one.
                     Turn this one into a catchy baseline of maximum 7 words
       d. Create some corporate guidelines
                     Pick maximum 2 colours that fit in (+ add numbers) See
                  Way of addressing your target group e.g. when picking up the phone?
                     When writing a direct mail?
                  Dress code/outfit of the employees ?

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