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					The Felix Mystery:
Case of the Missing
  Investigated by the
  2011 Challenge Class
  Background Information
• Victim: Felix Navidad
• Felix was not very well-liked because he
  continually criticized everyone and everything
  around him.
• Felix inherited a considerable amount of money.
• Felix had just recently bought a two-bedroom
  one-bath beach house located in a very expensive
• Threw a weekend housewarming party for four of
  his closest friends.
• Although Felix considered these people to be his
  best friends, none of them liked him very much,
  and they probably only accepted the invitation
  because he had recently announced that they were
  all named equally in his will.
  Background Information
• All four of Felix’s guests are suspects in
  the case.
• When the police arrived, they found no
  external injuries and no blood on the
  victim’s body.
• The body disappeared on the way to the
  morgue, before an autopsy could be performed
  to figure out how he died.
• We not only don’t know who killed Felix, if
  it was a murder, but we don’t even know how
  he died!
• There is even some speculation that Felix is
  not dead, but staged the crime for his own
  reasons. Reports that he has been seen at the
  local bus station have not been confirmed.
                     Alfredo Fettuccine
Statement: “My name is Alfredo and I am a
computer programmer. I saw Felix sitting on
the patio, so I joined him at about 2:00pm. We
each had a can of cola, but we poured them
into cups to drink. I set down my cup of cola
and went to the bathroom at about 2:45pm.
When I came back 10 minutes later, I found
Felix lying dead on the floor, so I called out to
the others at about 3:00.”

What we know
•Alfredo has a cut on his left hand.
•He has a brown felt pen in his pocket.
•He plays guitar.
•He was wearing tennis shoes and a blue
                         Kendra Goode
Statement: “My name is Kendra and I am an
artist. I went upstairs to take a shower in the
bathroom at about 2:30pm. I think that I heard
a woman’s voice downstairs. I came downstairs
as soon as Alfredo called out at about 3:00.”

What we know
•Kendra has white powder on her tennis shoes.
•She has pierced ears
                             Gene Poule
Statement: “My name is Gene and I am an
office manager. I took my dog Sasha down to
the beach for a walk at noon. After taking off
my sandals, I fell asleep with Sasha lying next
to me. When Alfredo called out at about
3:00pm, I woke up, and brought Sasha up right
away. I never let Sasha come inside or on to
the patio.”
                             Vera Cruise
Statement: “My name is Vera and I am a
chemist. I went for a walk at about 2:00pm in
the hills behind the house. I came back when I
heard Alfredo call for help at about 3:00.”

What we know
•A white powder was found on Vera’s tennis
•Vera was wearing a white wool sweater.
•She loves candies with brown coatings.
•She has pierced ears.
            Investigation Steps
•   Mapping the Crime Scene
•   Collecting the Evidence
•   Analyzing the Evidence
•   Reconstructing the Crime
•   Drawing a Conclusion
 Crime Scene
       Mapping the Crime Scene
• We divided the crime
  scene into 8 sections
  and drew all of it.
• We paid attention to
  the details in the crime
  scene, like footprints,
  evidence, and the body
             Collecting the Evidence
Evidence Collected
The following items were collected       •   Dog hair
   and put in bags:                      •   Towel
• 2 Coca-Cola cans                       •   Pencil shavings
• Guitar pick                            •   Comb with hair on it
• White powder                           •   Folder
• 2 pieces of string                     •   Ice cube tray with water in it
• Snickers wrapper                       •   Body outline
• Dog prints                             •   Blood drips
• Human foot prints                      •   Nails
• Paint brush                            •   Alarm clock
• 2 cups partly full of a brown liquid   •   Hair
• Trash can                              •   sunglasses
    Analyzing the Evidence
• We used the following
  tests to analyze the

•   Fiber Analysis
•   Fingerprinting
•   pH Testing
•   DNA Analysis
•   Tape Lifts
•   Handwriting Analysis
•   Powder Revealing
•   Chemistry Reactions
•   Chromatography
Fiber Analysis
• Fiber analysis
  is the study of
• We looked at
  fibers through a
  microscope. We
  were trying to
  find out if the
  fiber was cotton
  or wool.
• We compared fingerprints
  from the suspects with
  fingerprints found at the
  crime scene.
• The crime scene
  fingerprints were found on
  Felix and Alfredo’s cups.
• Kendra’s prints were found
  on Felix’s cup, but not on
• The fingerprints were
  revealed by putting Krazy
  glue in a bag with the
Coca-Cola Test
• We used pH paper to test
  the Coke in Felix and
  Alfredo’s cup.
• We compared it to normal
  Coke by dipping the pH
  paper in the real coke
  then in Alfredo’s and
  Felix’s cokes and
  comparing the reactions.
• We found out that Felix’s
  coke was different from
  regular coke.

                              From left to right:
                              Felix’s      Normal   Alfredo’s
DNA Analysis
• We used DNA analysis
  to look at a sample
  of hair evidence and
  compare it to our
• The hair found on the
  comb was Felix’s. We
  know that because it
  matched the DNA
  sample of his hair.
• Chromatography is when you
  color on a paper towel or
  napkin and then you stick
  the end of the paper towel
  in water and it absorbs
  the color and makes it       From left to right:
  easier to see and tell       Food coloring, evidence, brown pen
  apart from other inks.
• We took a napkin that had
  black stuff on it and used
  chromatography to figure
  out if what was on the
  napkin was brown food
  coloring or brown marker.
• The napkin had food
  coloring on it.
Secret Note
• We found a secret note on
  the folder (evidence). The
  message was indented into
  the folder by someone
  writing on top of it.
• We used brown powder to
  reveal the note. We put it
  on and brushed it off
  carefully. We kept
  brushing and the message
  came clear.
• It said, “Dear Martha, The
  deed is done. Felix is
  dead and I’ll be rich
  soon. Love, Vera”
Handwriting Analysis
• The secret note was
  written in regular
  handwriting and not
• We took samples of each
  suspect’s handwriting and
  found that Kendra’s
  (suspect) handwriting
  matched it most clearly.
• Kendra must have framed
  Vera because Vera’s name
  was on it.
Tape Lift
• We did a tape lift on
  every suspect’s shirt to
  look for fibers, hair, and
  other stuff.
• Kendra had dog hair and
• Vera had a piece of hair
  in her hood.
• Gene had yarn and dog hair
  on him.
• Alfredo had dog hair and
  maybe grass.
Ice Cube Test
• We used pH paper on the
  ice cube water to compare
  it to tap water.
• We saw that the ice cube     Ice    Normal
  water was way different     Cubes   Water
  than the tap water.
• We think the ice cube
  water may have been
  poisoned by Kendra.
Powders Test
• We compared powders to see which had been used to
  create the fake blood in the crime scene, and if
  the same powder was on Kendra and Vera’s shoes.

• We put drops of iodine
onto samples of baking
soda and cornstarch to
compare reactions.

• The test showed that
the powder used to make
fake blood was the same
as the powder on Kendra
and Vera’s shoes –
               Evidence Chart
   Gene         Vera        Alfredo      Kendra
  Poule        Cruise     Fettuccine      Goode      Felix
   Hard         Hard         Hard         Hard          Hard
Footprints   White        Coca-Cola     Folder w/    Body
Dogprints       powder    Coke Can       secret note    outline
Piece of        on shoe   Guitar Pick   Ripped “KG” Coca-Cola
   string    String                      Towel
             Snickers                    w/bodyspray
                Wrapper                 Paintbrush
                                                     Comb w/hair
                                        White powder
                                         on shoe
                  Our Finding
    Based on the evidence found, we believe that Kendra
                       poisoned Felix.
•    We believe Kendra poisoned Felix by putting
     poisoned ice cubes in his drink while Alfredo was
     in the bathroom. She may have poisoned him to get
     money from his death because Felix had named each
     of the suspects equally in his will.
•    We believe she led the blind dog, Sasha, into the
     house with the ripped “KG” towel that smelled like
     a man’s body spray (like the dog’s master) trying
     to frame Gene. She may have also used Gene’s shoes.
•    Kendra also tried to frame Vera, writing a note but
     signing Vera’s name.
•    The white powder found on Kendra and Vera’s shoes
     was the same powder that was used to make the fake
     blood drops found at the crime scene.

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