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Tu comunidad ideal


									Tu comunidad ideal                                                          Español 1B – Cap. 10
You will create and present a map of your “ideal community” using vocabulary and grammar structures
from Ch. 10.
Map requirements:
       You must name your community.
       You must include at least10 buildings from the vocabulary list.
       All buildings must be labeled.
       Your streets must be named and clearly marked.
       Your house must be identified.
During your presentation you will describe your community.
       You will tell what can be done at each building.
       You will describe the location of each building using vocabulary such as
        “La parada del autobus está cerca del banco en la Avenida de la Reforma.”
Please use the following rubric as you prepare your map.
Map rubric
6                        4                     3                     2                      0
More than 10 buildings   10 buildings on       6-9 buildings on      3-5 buildings on the   2 or less buildings
on map                   map                   map                   map
                         All buildings                                                      Buildings not
                         labeled                                                            labeled
                         All Streets named                                                  Streets are not
                         and clearly marked.                                                named
                         Your home                                                          Your home not
                         included and                                                       included
Presentation rubric
                         4                     3                     2                      1
Grammar                  Control of basic      Emerging control of   Emerging use of        Inadequate and/or
                         language structures   basic language        basic language         inaccurate use of
                                               structures            structures.            basic language
Pronunciation            Enhances              Does not interfere    Occasionally           Frequently
                         communication         with                  interferes with        interferes with
                                               communication         communication          communication

Fluency/memorization     Speech continuous     Some hesitation       Speech choppy          Speech halting and
                         with few pauses or    but manages to        and/or slow with       uneven with long
                         stumbling             continue and          frequent pauses;       pauses and /or
                                               complete thoughts     few or no complete     incomplete
                                                                     thoughts               thoughts
Comprehensibility        Responses readily     Responses             Responses mostly       Response barely
                         comprehensible,       comprehensible,       comprehensible,        comprehensible.
                         requiring no          requiring minimal     requiring
                         interpretation on     interpretation on     interpretation on
                         listener’s part.      listener’s part.      listener’s part.

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