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									kyu;: 6                                                                                            Rtpz;ld; jkpo;
,jo;: 2                                                                                         neQ;rq;fspd; rq;fkk;
khjk;: rpj;jpiu                                                                                       Union of
tUlk;: fu Kara
        fu/                                                                                     Swindon Tamil Hearts
Month : April
Year : 2011
                              Rtppz;ld; ; jkppo;r; ; rq;f nra;jpp kyu; ;
                              Rt z;ld jk o;r rq;f nra;j kyu
                                       Registered Charity No: 1114939

From the President                                              jiytuplkpUe;J
                                                                ,e;j fhyhz;L [dthp khjk; 15k; Njjp tUlhe;jpu
This quarter started with Annual general meeting and            nghJf;$l;lk; kw;Wk; nghq;fy; tpohTld; Muk;gpj;jJ. ,e;j
Pongal Celebrations on 15 January. We welcome all                                          ;
                                                                tUl nghJf;$l;lj;jpy; Nju;enjLf;fg;gl;l midj;J Gjpa
new committee Members elected at the AGM, particularly          FO cWg;gpdu;fis tUf tUf vd;W tuNtw;fpNwhk;.
Mr. Baghirathan as our new trustee. An Induction Training       Kf;fpakhf ekJ Gjpa nghWg;ghsh; jpU. gfpujd;
was given to some of the Committee members on 6                 mth;fis tuNtw;fpNwhk;. khh;r; 6k; Njjp rq;fj;ijg;
March.                                                          gw;wpa     mwpKf     tFg;G     FO     cWg;gpdh;fSf;F

Eight of our children participating in the Thirukural           Hounslow-Tpy; jkpo; fy;tp Nguitahy; elj;jg;gl;l
competition held in Hounslow by the Tamil Education             jpUf;Fws; Nghl;bapy; vl;L rpWtu;fs; fye;J nfhz;lhu;fs;.
Council, UK. Although our children did not win any prizes,      ekJ rpWtu;fs; gupRfs; ngwtpy;iy vd;whYk; ,J
it has been a useful learning experience for them. The          mth;fSf;F xU fw;Fk; mDgtkhf ,Ue;jJ. ,e;j
                                                                Nghl;bf;F jiyth; mth;fs; eLtuhf miof;fg;gl;bUe;jhu;.
President was invited to be a judge for the competition.
                                                                kpf mjpfkhd rpWtu;fs; jkpo; Nju;T IPd; khjj;jpy; vOj
Most of our children will be sitting for the Tamil Exam in      cs;shu;fs; kw;Wk; gbj;jy; NgRjy; Nghd;wtw;wpy; Vg;uy;
                                             th                 9k; Njjpapy; fye;J nfhs;thu;fs.;; Nk 1k; Njjp eilngw
June and Reading, Speaking aspects on 9 April. Several
of our children have applied to sit for the Music and Dance     cs;s ghl;L kw;Wk; eld Nju;Tfspy; gq;Fngw rpy
                       st                                       rpWtu;fs; tpz;zg;gpj;Js;shu;fs;.
Exams to be held on 1 May 2011.
                                                                Centre for Advanced Training For South Indian
A Dance workshop has been arranged by the Centre for            Dances(CAT) mtu;fshy; eld gapw;rp gl;liw khh;r;
Advanced Training For South Indian Dances(CAT) on               27Mk; Njjp Rtpz;ld; eld muq;fpy; elj;jg;gl;lJ.
Sunday 27 March at the Swindon Dance Auditorium.
                                                                khu;r; 18 2011; md;W South Delhi School UKIERI Cluster
We were invited to participate in the “Holi Arts Festival” by   mtu;fshy; elj;jngw;w Holi Arts Festival ;-apy; gq;Fngw
the SWINDON 7 South Delhi School UKIERI Cluster on              ekf;F miog;G tpLf;fg;gl;lJ. ,jpy; eld Mrpupia
18 March 2011 and Vasuki Vakeesan one of our dance              thRfp thfPrd; eldk; muq;NfwpaJ.
teachers gave a performance.
                                                                Vg;uy; 16Mk; Njjp Uppam Church Hall-apy; khiy 4
                                                                kzpastpy; elf;ftpUfFk; jkpo; tUlg;gpwg;G tpohtpw;fhd
Planning for Tamil New Year is underway and the                 Vw;ghLfs; ,uT tpUe;Jld; eilg;ngw;W tUfpd;wd.
celebrations are planned for Saturday 16 April from                                    ;
                                                                midtUk; FLk;gj;Jld te;J fye;Jnfhs;sTk;.
4.00pm at the Uppam Church Hall.
                                                                jkpo; tFg;Gf;fhd Gjpa ,lk; Savernake Community Hall
The new venue for the Tamil School(Savernake                    jpUg;jpfukhf ,Ug;gjhf njupfpwJ kw;Wk; khw;W ,lk;
Community Hall) seems to be working well and our efforts        Drove School f;fhd Kaw;rp fpilf;ftpy;iy.
to find alternate venue in Drove School has not been            tFg;giwfspy; Nkir ehw;fhyp xOq;FgLj;Jk; Row;rpKiw
successful. The rota to help set up hall before and after       xusTf;F ed;whf eilngWtjhf njupfpwJ.
the classes is working reasonably well.
                                                                                    th     th
                                                                SAPAC rq;fk; Nk13 to 15         eld kw;Wk; ,ir tpoh
The President represented the Association in SAPAC              elj;j ,Uf;fpd;whh;fs;. ,e;j tpoh Vw;ghLf;fhd $l;lj;jpy;
meetings who are planning a festival of Music & Dance           jiyth; mth;fs; fye;Jnfhz;lhu;.
       th    th
from 13 to 15 May 2011.                                                                               ;
                                                                jiyth; mth;fs; rq;fj;jpd; rhu;gpy; fPotUk; $l;lq;fspy;

                                                                                                                Page 1
Rtpz;ld; ; jkpo;r; ; rq;f nra;jp p kyu;:;: 6
Rtpz;ld jkpo;r rq;f nra;j kyu 6                                 SWIINDON TAMIIL ASSOCIIATIION NEWSLETTER::6
                                                                SW NDON TAM L ASSOC AT ON NEWSLETTER 6

The President represented the Association in the following     BME Forum, Schools Forum, SAPAC, Strategic
Forum: BME Forum(The President has been elected as             Partnership Forum; Trustee Forum.
the Forum’s Chair); Strategic Partnership Forum; Trustee
Forum. The President & Mrs. Thiagarajah were invited           jiyth; kw;Wk; jpUkjp. jpahfuhIh mth;fs; launch of the
and participated in the launch of the Diversity in Care in     Diversity in Care in the Community $l;lj;jpw;F
the Community at the STEAM.                                    miof;fg;gl;L kw;Wk; mjpy; fye;Jnfhz;ldh;.

                                                               cq;fs; midtUf;Fk;        vdJ    ,dpa    jkpo;g;   Gj;jhz;L
I wish you all a very Happy Tamil New Year.                         ;

News                                                           nra;jpfs;
                                                                  •     Heart Research UK and SUBWAY for the “Ride
    •    We have been successful in winning a grant of
                                                                        the subway to Healthy Heart” Project ,jw;fhd
         £8,900 from the Heart Research UK and
         SUBWAY for the “Ride the subway to Healthy                     cjtpj;njhif £8,900 fpilj;Js;sJ.
         Heart” Project. The inauguration of the project is
                                                                  •     Vg;uy; 16Mk; Njjp Uppam Church Hall-apy; khiy
         planned for early June.                                        4 kzpastpy; elf;ftpUfFk; jkpo; tUlg;gpwg;G
    •    New Year Celebrations are planned for Saturday                 tpohtpw;fhd Vw;ghLfs; ,uT tpUe;Jld;
         16 April at the Upham Church Hall from 4.00pm.                 eilg;ngw;W tUfpd;wd. midtUk; FLk;gj;Jld
         A full programme is planned with dinner at the                    ;
                                                                        te;J fye;Jnfhs;sTk;
         end of the programme. Please come and enjoy
         the evening with your family and friends.                •     UKIERI Cluster mtu;fshy; elj;jngw;w Holi Arts
    •    We were invited to participate in the Holi Festival            Festival -apy; gq;Fngw ekf;F miog;G
         by the UKIERI cluster and Vasuki, our dance                    tpLf;fg;gl;lJ. ,jpy; eld Mrpupia thRfp
                                                                        thfPrd; eldk; muq;NfwpaJ.
         teacher performed a dance at this festival.
    •    Our children participated in a Dance workshop            •     ekJ rpWth;fs; Centre for Advanced Training For
         organised by CAT at the Swindon Dance                          South Indian Dances(CAT) mtu;fshy; Rtpz;ld;
         auditorium on 27 March. Anusha Subramanium                     eld muq;fpy; elj;jngw;w eld gapw;rp
         led the workshop.                                              gl;liwapy; khh;r; 27Mk; Njjp gq;Fngw;wdh;. ,e;j
                                                                        gapw;rp mD\h Rg;ukzpak; Kd;dpUe;J elj;jpdhh;.
Bharathanatyam is a classical South Indian Dance. The          gujehl;bak; vd;gJ rpwg;G ngw;w njd;dpe;jpa eldk;. ,e;j
deity to which the dance in dedicated to Lord Nadarajah.       eldk;      ,iwtd;              ;
                                                                                      eluhIu;ffhf      gilf;fg;ngw;wJ.
Bharathanatyam is made up of hand movements called             gujehl;bak;   vd;gJ    Kj;uh,    fz;   mirT      kw;Wk;
Mudras, eyes movement and facial expressions. It is            KfirTfis nfhz;lit. ,J xU NtWgl;l mbfs;
performed to different beats and rhythms.                      kw;Wk; re;jq;fSld; eilngWk; eldk;.

                                                               gujehl;baj;jpd; %yk; fijfSk; nrhy;y KbAk;.
Bharathanatyam also can tell a story(like ballet) through      gujehl;ba tiffis ehl;ba khh;fk; vd;W miog;ghh;fs;.
the dance.
The proper methodology of Bharathanatyam is called                1.    myhupg;G
Natya Maargam.                                                    2.           ;
                                                                  3.    rg;jk;
                                                                  4.    tu;zk;
    1.   Allaripu                                                 5.    gjk;
    2.   Jatheeswaram                                             6.       ; ;
    3.   Saptham                                                  7.    m\;lgjp
                                                                  8.    Ihtyp
    4.   Varnam                                                   9.    jpy;yhdh
    5.   Patham
    6.   Keerthanam                                               ,e;j eldj;jpw;fF gad;gLj;jgLk; Milfs;, eiffs;
                                                                                 ;         ;
    7.   Ashtapathi                                               kw;Wk;  fhy;     nfhYRfs;     kpfTk;   xspkpf;f
    8.   Jaavali                                                  tz;zKilajhf ,Uf;Fk;.
    9.   Thillana                                                 gujehl;bak; xU tifahd clw;gapw;rpAk; $l kw;Wk;
                                                                  mJ vdf;F kpfTk; gpbj;j xd;W.
The costume used for this dance is very colourful with lots
of gold, flowers in your hair and bells around your ankles            fhaj;up kzpkhwd;. (taJ 12)
and lots of jewellery.

Bharathanatyam is also a good form of exercise and I like
it very much!

By Gayathri Manimaran (age 12yrs)

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Rtpz;ld; ; jkpo;r; ; rq;f nra;jp p kyu;:;: 6
Rtpz;ld jkpo;r rq;f nra;j kyu 6                                       SWIINDON TAMIIL ASSOCIIATIION NEWSLETTER::6
                                                                      SW NDON TAM L ASSOC AT ON NEWSLETTER 6

To: Santhya

It was 8 o’clock and I just finished revising for my French          The Pride of Swindon Awards 2011
quiz and packed my books away for tomorrow. I was
relieved that I was done my homework. It seems like my               Our president Mr. Ram Thiagarajah and Mrs. Aruna
teachers have gone on a mission to pile their student with           Thiagarajah received the prestigious award “The Pride of
loads of homework. Anyway, there was also another                    Swindon” for their contribution to the community in
reason why I was happy that I had finished everything it             general, Tamil community in particular.
was because I got hold of my dad’s old research. As I
settled on the seat of my pentagonal shaped window of                We extend our heartiest congratulations to our president
our condominium I couldn’t help but recognize beautiful              Mr. Ram Thiagarajah and Mrs. Aruna Thiagarajah.
view from the 6 floor window. This is one of the reason
why I like living in New York City. It’s because wonderful
view at night and even doesn’t feel like night time because
of all the nights. After all, it is called City that never sleeps.
Who am I kidding? New York’s not that attractive, the
never ending buzzing. like those annoying flies will drive
anyone away. You might be saying….. so move? Well I
would If I was that easy….I have to live in New York. It’s
the furthest away from my dad.

From Thulakshia Vakeeson.

Diversity week

We were invited to participate in the diversity week by
New College Swindon on 30 of March. Some images of
the day.                                                                        CUk;
                                                                     ehLk; ehba CUk
                                                                     ehLk; ehba CUk;
                                                                     tl;lkbj;J tholNth-tre;jk;
                                                                     njhiye;Jj vd;Nwh
                                                                     fz;fs gzpj;jJ jpdKk;
                                                                     fz;fspy; VNjh xU Vf;fk;
                                                                     fath; vz;zk; vd;Wk; jpz;zk;
                                                                     KbTiu KfTiu-Kbtpy;yh vdJiu
                                                                     ghrk; gpize;j gd;G fye;j-md;gpd;
                                                                     fyg;gplk; jkpod; jdpaplk;
                                                                     epj;jk; epidtpy;-mh;jjk;
                                                                     fz;l xNu ,dk; vk;kpdk;
                                                                     ,d;Nwh gphpe;jjhy; nte;Njhk;
                                                                     Ntw;W kz;zpy; ,ize;jjhy;
                                                                     iffs; gpize;Njhk; ftiy kwe;Njhk;
                                                                     r%fk; rpe;jid jkpopd;
                                                                     fdtpid tpijj;Njhk;
                                                                     cyfk; xU Rw;W jpUk;gpaJ
                                                                     jkpod; tpUl;rk; fz;L
                                                                     jkpod; jlaq;fs; gjpe;jd
                                                                     cyfk; vq;Fk;.
                                                                     ek; fhyb gl;l ,lq;fs; vy;yhNk
                                                                     if Nfhh;jJf;nfhz;Nlhk;
                                                                     jkpohy; czh;thy; cah;thy;
                                                                     ehL ifapy; tu eLq;fpdhYk;
                                                                     ekf;nfd;w xU Ch;
                                                                     NrUk; rKjhaj;jpNyNa-
                                                                     Nth; Cd;wp tpUl;rkhdJ.
                                                                     jkpod; jiy tpohj jkpod;.

                                                                      ftpQh; ,uhN[e;jpuFkhh;

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Rtpz;ld; ; jkpo;r; ; rq;f nra;jp p kyu;:;: 6
Rtpz;ld jkpo;r rq;f nra;j kyu 6                               SWIINDON TAMIIL ASSOCIIATIION NEWSLETTER::6
                                                              SW NDON TAM L ASSOC AT ON NEWSLETTER 6


               jpUf;Fws; / Thirukkural                       There are many dinosaurs but this time we’re
                                                             concentrating on Ultrasauros they weigh 50 tonnes they
kyh;kpir Vfpdhd; khzb Nrh;ejhh;                              also have a very long neck they are 30 meters long and
epykpir ePLtho; thh;                                         about 18 meters high. Now we are going to learn about
                                                             Compsognathus        was     4.50     feet   &     1.40
Transliteration: Malarmisai Eginan Manadi Serndher           meters Compsognathus was from Animalia. Tyrannosaus-
                Nilmisai Needoo Vazhar                       Rex was the most fearsome dinosaurs T-Rex was a meat
                                                             eater T-Rex came from Montana. Baryonyx is one of the
fUj;J: kyh; Nghd;w kdj;jpy; epiwe;jtidg;                     strangest dinosaurs yet discovered. This massive hunter,
                Gfo;                        epiyj;
gpd;gw;WNthhpd; Gfo;tho;T cyfpy; neLq;fhyk; epiyj;J
epw;Fk;.                                                     while a true dinosaur, also shared many characteristics
                                                             with the crocodiles.
Meaning: Long they live on earth who gain
        The feet of God in florid brain                       By Apinaya Sooriyakumar (8 years)

                                                             for you
                                                             When you get scared
                                                             I will be brave for you.
The following children celebrated their birthdays during
this month. Our best wishes goes to all of them.
                                                             When you get tired
                                                             I will provide energy for you.
Anujan Sooriyakumar 9th February
Adel Basheer 22nd February
                                                             When problems come
Midhula Vakeesan 2nd March                                   I will solve them for you.
Sriram Kannan      10th March
Galen Sittampalam 12th March                                 When you feel unloved
Kripa Maria George 23rd March                                I will talk to you.
Thananjayan         27th March
Swetha Sidhya      27th March                                When there Is no time
Marlen Sittampalam 09th April                                I will make some for you.

Management Committee for 2011                                When your miserable
                                                             I will comfort you
Ram Thiagarajah, Nalayini Jeevakumar, Shamine Ravindran,
Siva Murugesan, M Maran, S Vakeesan, S Sripavan, , N         when you need to be fixed
Sathyadevan,        Aruna     Thiagarajah,, G.Ratnanandan,   I will mend you
M. Vakeesan, Sivahamy Rajendran,             Unnikrishnan,
G.Suriyakumar, Rajendrakumar, V.R.Baghirathan, R.Anbarasi,   cause all I ever want
K. Thavarajah, Sutharshini Thavaraja                         is a true friend like you.

Trustees                                                     by Luxmi Chrishanthakumar (12 Years)

Ram Thiagarajah,
M. Sundareswaran
Shamine Ravindran
Nalayini Jeevakumar
V. R. Baghirathan (elected 2011)                                    July khj nra;jp kyUf;fhd Mf;fq;fs;
                                                                    fpilf;f Ntz;ba filrpj; jpfjp 10th
                                                                    June 2011
Date of publication of Next News Letter - July 2011.
  Address: Lawn Community Centre, Guilford Avenue,
               Lawn, Swindon. SN3 1LA.
         Email :

           Contact : Ram Thiagarajah President
                  Phone: 01793 487471

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