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President’s Letter...                                                    far), we still have approximately $90,000 in unpaid dues (which is
                                                                         the same amount of our budget for security). To put in simple
Michelle Corriveau                                                       English, it is mainly because of all the residents that have not paid
                                                                         their annual dues. So for those of you that want some form of
Can you believe it is May already??? Now that it is finally              “security” service, I encourage you to speak to your neighbors.
starting to get warm, and the summer is coming up fast, I would          The board has also approved an unplanned expense that is being
like to wish everyone safe vacations and family outings. Don’t           shared with the golf course for repairs to an underground drainage
forget the sunscreen!!!                                                  pipe that extended from the golf course pond to the conservation
                                                                         in Savanna. The pipe was causing depressions in one resident’s
I know what is on all your mind, what is happening with the              property that was close to their foundation and was a potential risk
entrance, right? I know it's been a long process for the                 to the stability of their home. Also, the construction of the
guardhouse, and believe me, the board is tired of waiting                guardhouse will be more than the insurance funds we have
too!!! Over the past 5 years, our guardhouse has sustained               received for the damage to the guardhouse. The board wants to
damage from vehicles approximately 5 or 6 different                      make sure we are able to complete all other projects that are
times!!! Because of this, the board is pursuing a more                   scheduled for this year such as the repairs to the main wall of the
permanent fix, so we won't have to deal with this again. Even I          community that faces Collier Parkway. Finally, on a side note,
was thinking, just keep the gate closed, but do you know that on         due to an amendment we have in our DCCR’s, the golf course
April 1st, a truck had tried to drive thru the visitor’s entrance even   must approve any guard service during the day, and since the golf
though the iron gate was closed!!! (This is no April Fool’s joke.)       course does not want to impede any golfers access into the
The truck hit the roof and fortunately realized what was                 community, when we do consider hiring a “security” service, we
happening before causing additional damage. So the board                 will not be considering a daytime guard service at the gate.
decided the best solution will be to increase the clearance of the
roof of the guardhouse. We have plans that were drawn up by              Raymow has been on property for just about a month now. And
an architect and we are now in the process of getting bids from          things are starting to improve. Raymow’s first priority will be to get
contractors to do the work. The plans still need to be approved          the property to a good starting point so that all they will have to do
by the county before work can commence. We are trying to work            is maintain. They have a lot of work to do, so let’s give them
through the process as quickly as possible.                              some time. But so far, our community is looking better!!!
When the guardhouse repairs/reconstruction is complete, we will          Finally, last year, the board has requested that Savanna agree to
be reverting back to the use of the iron gates as a means of             take ownership of the roads inside Savanna. The Reserve had
access control as opposed to the gate arms. We understand                accepted ownership of the roads inside The Reserve some years
that there may be minimal tailgating due to the timing of the iron       ago and we are asking Savanna to do the same. The Master
gates, however, they are more durable than the arm gates which           Association does not have sufficient funds in reserve for
were being damaged several times every week when they were               maintenance of Savanna’s roads which may result in adjustment
in operation. Vehicles will be less likely to force open the iron        of future annual dues for ALL homeowners in Plantation Palms if
gates. The board hasn’t finalized what times the gates will close        Savanna does not accept ownership. Since we have not had any
in the evenings at this time. Please make sure that you have             answer from Savanna at this time, the board has asked Savanna
your bar codes on your vehicles and you have your phone                  to keep their gates open at all times beginning May 1, 2010.
numbers in the call box and you know the 4 digit code for each           I hope this answers most of your questions. It’s a lot of
phone number so your visitors and delivery people will not have          information, but I still encourage you all to talk to your neighbors
to scroll through 2000 names! Just know that once construction           that are involved in community service to find out more
commences, the gates will be back in operation soon. Please be           information, or please join us at a board meeting to gain some
careful when driving in the community during these times.                insight into what exactly is involved with running an 820+ home
The board was hoping to hire some form of “security” service as          community!!! The last thing I will ask of you this month is to make
well when the construction of the guardhouse is complete.                sure we are not littering along the boulevard. A few residents that
However, we have decided to hold off on any decisions till later         walk along the boulevard regularly have been picking up a lot of
on in the year and possibly into next year. This is mainly               trash. And there is NO reason for that. Let’s all help to keep our
because of our financial standing. Even though we are currently          community beautiful!!!
under our yearly budget (due to not having a security expense so
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                        Board Of Directors & Committees
               President                           Architectural Committee                Website Committee
           Michelle Corriveau,                      Paul Sonnenberg, Chair                David Schwarz, Chairperson
                                                      Finance Committee                   Newsletter Committee
            Vice President                            Paul Fucheck, Chair                 Michelle Corriveau, Chairperson
            David Schwarz,                                 Bob Lively                     Ray Meunier
                                                                Belinda Montes DeOca
                                                 Security & Safety Committee              Neighborhood Watch
                                                    Robert Furtek, Co-Chair               Dave Schwarz, Chairperson
              Vito Randazzo
                                                  Michelle Corriveau, Co-Chair

                                           David Schwarz; Colby Hossler; Lou Gusmini
             Paul Fucheck,                            Landscape Committee
                                             (Including Roads, Sidewalks, & Sewers)                   Property Manager
                                                       Ana Vazquez, Chair
                Directors                                                                   M & A Associates-Phone: 813-433-2009
 Terence Doohen –                                                             720 Brooker Creek Blvd.
 Robert Furtek –                                                                     Suite 206
  Ana Vazquez –                                                                    Oldsmar, FL 34677

   Monthly Meetings                      If anyone wants a copy of                         Quick Reference
                                          the year-end financial, to                         Phone List
Board Of Directors meetings are on       contact Joyce Anderson at
the second Wednesday of each             Management & Associates,
month. The Schedule is:                                                                Accurate Waste Systems 813-995-9909
                                               (813) 433-2006.
    Upcoming Meeting Dates:                                                       Plantation Palms Guard House 813-995-9225
      Next Board of Directors'                                                            Land O' Lakes Sheriff's Office
      meetings will be at the                                                             Non-emergency 813-996-6982
         Guardhouse on                                                                  Pasco County Utilities 813-996-7341
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PAGE 4                                                                                                      PLANTATION PALMS

Safety and Security Committee                                           Mishmash - Reflections On
Please make sure that you keep your eyes open and notice your           Turning 60 Years Old
surroundings. Please call Pasco Sheriff at 813-996-6982 to              By Belinda
report any suspicious activity. Let’s all assist in not only keeping
our community beautiful, but keeping it safe as well.                   I just entered my seventh decade and don't remember how I got
                                                                        here. I don't feel any older. Well, I take that back. I do feel older.
Don’t forget, as always, we are at the guardhouse on Tuesday            Especially, the morning after I did the hula hoop at my 60th
nights from 7pm to 8pm to change phone numbers in the call              birthday party. Also, I do often find myself saying – if I ate a Chili
box system and issue bar codes. We will not be open on                  Dog with raw onions I would have to be taken to a hospital.
June 15, as the room is needed for a meeting. Please                    Maalox takes precedence on the shelf of my medicine cabinet.
remember that bar codes are $10 and proof of ID and residence
are required. We are going to try something different. We have          I still recognize the person in the mirror. Fun – Loving – Me! I
created a generic email address that you can send all your              can still dance around the room singing Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls
inquiries about the call box and codes. The new email address           Just Wanna Have Fun”. However, I always say that our mind
is                                            and body work as a team to play tricks on us as we get older.
                                                                        The mind will say things like – “Hey it’s Friday I am going to
For information on the gates at The Reserve or Savanna, please          Happy Hour and then I am going dancing.“ The end of the day
contact the appropriate management company.                             comes and then the body says – “Yeah sure you are…who are
                                                                        you kidding?” Speaking of bodies, there was a “Guess the Age
If you are interested in finding out what kind of police activity has
                                                                        of Belinda” picture contest at my birthday party. There was a
been happening in our community, you can visit
                                                                        picture of me at 20 years old in a bikini leaning up against a pool and click on the link for Subdivision
                                                                        table. Do you know how many people came up to me and said
Activity under online resources. There is also very valuable
                                                                        you were really “hot” 40 years ago? I say to that: Whatever
information regarding safety and crime prevention under the
                                                                        dude! At least I was hot. So what if shopping for jeans is now
crime prevention link at the top of the site.
                                                                        an all day affair that I feel I should pack a lunch for.
                                                                        At my birthday party, I watched the wine bottles go from the
Savanna Residents                                                       counter to the recycle bin. Not to be so cliché; I do feel that I
                                                                        have aged gracefully. My mood has mellowed and I take a lot
If you would like to be included in the Savannah Directory,             more time to enjoy friends and what is going on around me. It is
please forward your contact information to:                             just the remembering what commitments I have made and or mail to:                             things I would like to accomplish in the day. So I write
Jewel Aardema                                                           everything down that I need to remember. Just yesterday, I was
23321 Gracewood Circle                                                  at a total lost when I could not find my list.
Land O Lakes, FL 34639
                                                                        Yes, I lived the 60’s as a teenager. Do you know a Baby
Join our group on Facebook: Savanna                                     Boomer whose life wasn’t changed by the music of the 60’s?
Come join us at our monthly meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of            I have vivid memories of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and
each month at the guardhouse of the main entrance of                    Woodstock. Not long ago, I was thought of by many as cool;
Plantation Palms.                                                       even hip. Really, I am still. In many ways, my young mind is
Ed Gray, Property Manager, Melrose,                                     still winning over the reality of this 60                                             year old body. Maybe my body did feel
                                                                        sore the next day as a result of
Gary LaVigne, President,                          participating in the hula hoop contest at
                                                                        my birthday party. But you know what?
Mike Shaver, Vice President/Treasurer,
                                                                        I beat a 34 year old Tri-athlete in the
                                                                        contest. The thing I wonder about is if
JoAnne Magnan, Secretary,                          she had participated in a Triathlon the
                                                                        next day, would her body have felt any
Jewel Aardema, Director,                different from doing the hula hoop the
Rebecca Cappellini, Director                                            night before?

                          Plantation Palms Balance Sheet, as of 3/31/10
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PAGE 6                                                                                                   PLANTATION PALMS

Treasurers Report                                                     Dining at the Palms
As of March 31, 2010:                                                 Don’t forget to come and enjoy yourself at
                                                                      the Plantation Palms Golf Course
Total Operating fund is $502,485.54 which includes $92,373.91
                                                                      Clubhouse on Friday nights!!! This is an
of account receivables.
                                                                      awesome opportunity to meet and mingle
Total reserve funds are $490,261.78.                                  with your fellow Plantation Palms
We are currently on budget for the year.                              residents. Come out and taste some of
                                                                      the wonderful dishes that Chef Ben
As of March 31, 2010, 74 residents remain delinquent for 2010         creates with flair!!! Thank you to Carol
assessments and an additional 32 liens have been filed.               D’Annunzio and Paul Sonnenberg for
Beginning April 1, 2010, interests charges will be charged and        organizing these awesome events!!!
accrued to outstanding assessments.

The Reserve                      The Cutting Edge – Landscape Update
Residents…                       The monthly PSA/Landscape inspection was conducted on April 15, 2010. As initiated at the
                                 beginning of 2010, a different board member has been riding on the inspections to get a first hand
Final call for Villa directory   look at, and a better understanding of, what is happening in the area of landscaping. This month
information: Response from       Cathy Quackenbush was the designated board member along for the trip. Turf weeds in the entire
residents to update pertinent    community were treated with Celsius Herbicide on April 16.
information for the upcoming     Beginning May 1, 2010, weekly mowing will commence. For the past several months, we have
new resident directory has       been on a bi-weekly mowing schedule. Turf continues to improve from the harsh winter conditions.
been steady, but we haven’t      Several areas have been identified as needing special treatment to get the grass back into shape.
heard from everyone. If you      Fertilizer applied last month has improved the overall appearance of the area. Among other things,
haven’t already done so,         this month’s inspection showed that hard edges were not looking their best, and has since been
please email Breck Boynton,      corrected. The Detail Crew visited the property in late April.
                                 The annual Rain sensor inspection for the entire community is scheduled for April 26. Each home’s
or phone Cheryl Perry at 929-
                                 sensor will be inspected and reset from one inch to react to ½ inch of precipitation. This should help
9641 with your current
                                 alleviate irrigation systems running during or after a light shower. If the sensor does not react to the
information. While name and
                                 introduction of a specific amount of water, it will be replaced.
address information is public
record, phone numbers and        With the additional month to recover, most palms are showing signs of bouncing back from the
email addresses must be          winter’s harsh freezing temperatures. All palms are in the process of being pruned. Sago palms will
provided by you. As previously   continue to be watched and treated for scale.
reported, several residents
                                 Some residents/tenants continue to run tires into the grass on the sides of driveways, damaging the
have mentioned how much
                                 turf and irrigation heads in these areas. Notification has been sent to these owners, and if the
they have relied on, even
                                 problem persists, repairs will be made and billed to the owner. Please use care in entering and
though outdated, the previous
                                 exiting your driveway.
directory which was published
in 2002.                         As always, if you have any landscape problems or questions, contact Joan Fissella at Management
                                 and Associates. Those queries will be directed to the appropriate source for prompt handling. Do
ACTIVE WILDLIFE                  not contact Raymow directly. Doing so will only prolong the process. Your cooperation is
Each year at this time, the      appreciated.
activity of various wildlife
becomes apparent. Please
use care outdoors and around
                                 Pressure Walking Driveways And Sidewalks
bodies of water. Watch for       According to the most recent SWFWMD watering restrictions for Pasco County, pressure washing
alligators and snakes            will now be allowed once a year for any purpose. Therefore, be mindful to keep sidewalks and
especially pigmy rattlers.       driveways cleaned of mold and mildew which has accumulated over the winter months.
This is the beginning of gator
                                 Your Villa Board
mating season and they are
                                 Breck Boynton, President
                                 Michelle Corriveau, Vice-President
TREASURER’S REPORT               Cheryl Perry, Treasurer
Total Operating Funds as of      Cathy Quackenbush, Secretary
3/31/10 $63,672.27               Chuck Cloutier, Member-at-Large
                                 Bob Lively, Member-at-Large
Total Reserve Funds as of
                                 Marjan Meurs, Member-at-Large
3/31/10 $686,756.66
                                 Management & Associates
Respectfully submitted,          Joan Fissella, Property Mgr., (813)422-2009
Cheryl Perry,                    Rick Limbert, Service Coordinator (813)433-2001
Treasurer PPVHOA                 Jessica Scannavino (villa gate entry info)
A Resident View of the Board                                         Treasurer’s Report – There are still liens on 32 homes. The
                                                                     amount delinquent is $89,000. Luckily we are not paying for any
Meeting …                                                            security at this time, so the association is under budget.
By Laurann Flynn                                                     Landscaping Committee – Raymow has begun work and they
                                                                     are now working on the sprinkler system. The board got
Once again, I attended the board meeting at the guard house on       proposals for work to clean up the foreclosed homes. They are
Wednesday, April 14 and these are my “unofficial minutes” of         going to go ahead with the paperwork to get that work done.
the meeting. Don't forget the official minutes can always be         Raymow will be reminded to clear the palms on Plantation
found on                                 Palms Boulevard; they were not trimmed and need to be done
Front Entrance –                                                     before hurricane season begins.
There has been a hold up with the architect plans; he is working     Newsletter Committee – We need more advertisers.
with the engineer to make sure all work will meet hurricane          Interested parties should contact IKare Publishing, 907-3629.
standards. The board is going to push to get the completed
plans in the next two weeks. They want to get the bids done          Violations Committee -- No violations letters will be sent at this
and the work completed before hurricane season begins this           time for brown lawns, but most lawns are coming back and the
year.                                                                committee will be watching for people not taking care of their
They have hired a company, Gatemaster, to repair the iron
gates and make them ready to be used once the guard house is         Garbage cans are not supposed to be stored where they can be
repaired and we are ready to use them again.                         seen from the street. Residents are leaving them in front of their
                                                                     garages and that is a violation.
Gate Personnel – Nothing can be done until the guardhouse it
repaired. There was another discussion about the different           Unfinished Business –
options. There were some members who favored a doorman at            Savannah Roads – still waiting on Savannah Board for a
the gate from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM and then the use of the call        response. The board will be sending a last letter to their HOA
box until 5:00 AM when the gate opens for the day. Other             before action is taken.
members favored using the call box only, but hiring a roving         Bay Area Environment is working on the pipe problem with the
guard to patrol the neighborhood. Other members noted that           ponds at the entrance to Savannah. This repair expense is
we still have too many homeowners delinquent in their dues to        shared with the golf course.
afford to commit to a decision at this time.
                                                                     Road Paving –Discussion tabled until next month.
Tuesday night, people will still be at the guardhouse if people      Message Board for the neighborhood was brought up again.
need to get entry stickers for their cars – people should get them   Will discuss at next meeting.
before the gates are in operation again.
                                                                     Until next month …

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