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					 Lucky Monkey Productions and Siege Studios present

                a JAMES CAMERON film

                      BRAD PITT
                   ANGELINA JOLIE
                    KEVIN SPACEY
                  DENZEL WASHINGTON
                    TERRY O‟QUINN
                     VIN DIESEL
                  JAMES EARL JONES
                     BILL NIGHY
                     GARY SINISE
                   EMILY DESCHANEL
                   DAVID BOREANAZ
                      JASON LEE
                     CLIVE OWEN
                    HELEN MIRREN
                     RON PERLMAN
                   DENNIS HAYSBERT
                   ROBERT ENGLUND

               screenplay by B.D.MILO

based on the game StarCraft by Blizzard Entertainment
A vast expanse of stars.

The camera travels through an anomaly in space – a warping
of sorts that looks like ripples of glass or water in the
blackness of space.

The camera continues to move through a series of planets
and meteor fields. It slows for a moment as it passes
through the slowly floating remains of a destroyed planet.

An orange planet comes into view in the distance. The
camera zooms in towards a dry, arid planet. Down through
the atmosphere, through the upper layers of an orange cloud
cover, the heat from the surface causes the air to shimmer.
The camera continues to move down, down, until a small
speck can be seen against the desolate countryside.

The speck is moving, leaving a trail of dust behind. The
camera moves downward, picking up speed as it trails behind
- and then catches up - with a bike that hovers above the
surface as it races along.

Marshal Jim Raynor (BRAD PITT) is riding on a Vulture
hoverbike, the baked scenery whipping by.

His leather jacket is covered with dust that matches the
color of the hard, bleak landscape. Although he wears a
pair of large goggles, his eyes are squinted against the
sun and wind as the Vulture screams along through a barren
canyon. The high rock walls do little to dampen the effects
of the sun and waves of heat rise visibly from the hard
earthen floor.

Just perceivable above the grumbling wail of the Vulture‟s
engine is the chirping of an incoming message. Raynor
reaches down to the console of the hoverbike and pulls up a
wireless earpiece / microphone set and settles it into his
ear. He has to yell to be heard.

         Raynor here. Go ahead Command.

We can hear the incoming transmission and, although it is
tinny and is tinged with static, we can tell it is the
voice of an older man who we will come to know as

                 MAGISTRATE COLLINS (V.O.)
         Jim, I need you back at the Mar Sara
         command center immediately.

Raynor cocks an eyebrow, obviously surprised at both the
voice and the command it‟s issuing.

         Pardon my asking, sir, but I just got
         out here. What‟s so important?

                 MAGISTRATE COLLINS (V.O.)
         You‟ll have to see for yourself. Now
         return to base and report to the hub as
         soon as you arrive.

         Affirmative, Command.

Raynor removes the headset and keys in new navigation
coordinates into the hoverbike‟s console. He then shifts
his weight and swings the Vulture around to his left.

                      RAYNOR (CONT‟D)
         This should be good.

CUT TO: Raynor arrives at the Mar Sara militia command
center. A massive, circular structure, it is abuzz with
                   The Mar Sara Compound

Dozens of technicians are working on various pieces of
machinery, including a number of hoverbikes and a pair of
Goliath combat walker mechs.

                    Terran Goliath Mech

Amongst the workers are a few large Space Construction
Vehicles that look almost like robots. As Raynor walks
towards one, we can see that it is piloted by a scruffy
looking man that is using the welding torch built into
right arm of the machine.

As he passes by, Raynor bangs on the hull of the machine,
his fist striking next to large black lettering that says
„T-280 SCV‟ with the words „Good to Go‟ scrawled in thick
pen underneath.
                Terran SCV Production Sketch

The man inside the SCV looks up from his work and smiles,
displaying a wide gap where his left front tooth should be.
From his cramped position inside the machine, the SCV PILOT
manages to raise a hand to his forehead, offering a cramped
salute. Raynor stops for a moment and, leaning in close to
a small grill on the on the side of the SCV, hits a button
that says VOX above it.

          Looks cozy, Clem.

The man‟s voice, his heavy accent sounding like the
stereotypical southern redneck from 21st century America,
comes out through small speaker.

                          SCV PILOT
          I'm locked in here tighter than a
          frog's butt in a watermelon seed fight,

Raynor laughs and, with a wave, resumes his easy gait
towards the command center.

CUT TO: The interior of the command center is bustling with
activity, a veritable beehive of khaki-clad military types
working away feverishly at numerous stations. As Raynor
works his way through the busy group, he bumps into a well-
groomed, short-haired man with a small „soul-patch‟ style
beard. As Raynor steps back to see who he has collided
with, we can clearly see the name MONTAG (DAVID BOREANAZ)
on the breast pocket of his work uniform.

         Oh, sorry Marshal. I didn‟t see you

         No sweat, Gui. What‟s all the noise

         You wouldn‟t believe if I told ya.
         It‟s... well... unreal, man. You‟ve
         gotta see it for yourself.

         Yeah, I keep hearing that. The old man
         up there?

Raynor motions up to the raised control room of the command
center, located in the center of the domed structure.

         Yeah, the lord high politico himself.
         When Collins comes all the way out here
         to the boonies, you know it‟s something

Raynor nods and, clapping Montag on the back, heads up to
the central control hub. As he steps up onto the raised
from the reports that an obviously high-ranking officer is
walking him through. The older, dressed in smart robes of
office that denote his position as the man politely raises
a finger to cut short the explanation, and moves to greet

                       MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         Hello, Jim.
         It‟s good to see you again, Magistrate,
         but I‟m guessing this isn‟t a social

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         Unfortunately, you‟re correct.

Magistrate Collins leads Raynor back to the table where he
and the officer where speaking. Raynor‟s attention is
immediately drawn to the jumbled assortment of star charts
and military reports. Magistrate Collins sifts through the
pieces of information, fishing out a small, shiny circular
metallic data disc.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         In the decade since the end of the
         Guild Wars, the Terran Confederacy has
         stood unchallenged in its supremacy
         over colonial space. Whether you agree
         with our politics or not, we‟ve
         established secured trade routes,
         increased the overall quality of life
         for our people, and managed to maintain
         an uneasy peace in the process.

Collins inserts the metal disc into a small slot in a
nearby console and suddenly the display on the main screen
changes from a complicated star chart to an image of what
looks to be a massive, and very alien, vessel.

         All of that changed four days ago when a
         large, alien fleet emerged from warp
         space and laid waste to the unsuspecting
         Confederate colony of Chau Sara. They
         attacked without provocation and
         literally burned the settlement to the
         ground. Our monitoring satellites finally
         picked them up, but not in time for the
         colony to mount any sort of defense.

The accompanying images show a gigantic alien vessel.
                    The Protoss Cruiser

A beam of white-blue energy bursts forth from the center of
the vessel and strikes the planet below. As the ship moves
slowly away from the satellite‟s camera, the beam plays
across the surface of the planet.

Over the speakers a partially translated TRANSMISSION plays
behind the images.

         We are the Protoss. Your planet has
         been selected – adham takoor en taro
         malmitorai juxt t‟ok – destruction

The rest of the transmission continues on, as yet
untranslated. As Raynor absorbs the horror and unreality of
the images the entire command staff is staring at the
screen. The several viewings they have experienced have
done little to blunt the impact of what has happened.
Finally, the alien sounds and images fade.

         There were over a two hundred million
         people on Chau Sara! You‟re telling me
         they‟re all dead?

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         Yes. I wish I could have broken it to
         you in some other way, Jim, but we just
         don‟t have the time. We‟ve managed to
         keep things quiet to avoid a massive,
         colony-wide panic, but the Confederacy
         believes that the alien fleet's next
         target will be the colony of Mar Sara.

         My God...

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         I am under director order of the
         Confederacy to act as a liaison between
         the local militia forces here and the
         military to ensure the safety of the
         colonists by evacuating them to the
         numerous underground compounds located
         in the Wastelands. But I need someone
         on the ground to make sure things are
         going as planned and to report directly
         to me on the evacuation.

         I‟m a Marshal, running local law
         enforcement, Magistrate. I‟m not
         military anymore, and I don‟t intend to
         start working for them again any time

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         That‟s precisely why I need you, Jim.
         You trust the military even less than I
         do, and while I understand and
         appreciate the role they‟ll have to
         play if we intend to drive back these
         invaders, I also need to know that the
         people of Mar Sara get to safety.

The Magistrate leans in close to Raynor and lowers his
voice so that only the younger man can hear him.

         If things go to hell and their
         attention is required elsewhere, I want
         to be assured that the citizens of this
         colony get to safety. I can put you in
         command of the military portion of the
         evacuation as a representative of the
         local authority. Jim, these people need
         to get to safety before that alien
         fleet arrives.
Raynor steps back from the older man, and looks out across
the command center. He rubs his hands together, working
things through in his mind before looking the Magistrate
directly in the eye.

         I‟ll get „em there.

CUT TO: A long, strung out caravan of colonists is making
their way across the harsh landscape of Mar Sara. They have
only what they can carry, and are obviously frightened and
confused. Raynor rides slowly up one side of the roadway,
making his rounds of the exodus. As he does, the Marshal
passes a large, armored Terran Marine who is plodding along
next to the civilians.

The battle-scarred armor is imposing in the harsh light,
and several decals, unit markings, and personal graffiti
can easily be seen. The words BIG LOAD have been painted
onto the chest plate.

                       Terran Marine
Raynor eyes the Marine cautiously, and then guns the
hoverbike, speeding up as he heads to the front of the

Raynor arrives at the front of the caravan and speaks with
the MARINE who is walking point.

         I just can‟t believe they‟d send the
         best ass-kickers in the galaxy on a
         milk run like this.

         These are people, Sergeant, not
         supplies. And you‟d do well to remember

Their hostility towards each other is barely masked as they
continue to discuss the exodus and estimate that they‟re
close to the compound.

         I‟ll be damned happy to drop these
         people off and get back to our unit.
         I‟m sure you can do a fine job of baby-
         sittin‟ them after we‟re gone, Marshal.

The marine spits out the word Marshal like a curse, but
before Raynor can respond, the air is filled with screams.

Raynor stands in the stirrups of the bike and looks back
over the column of refugees. He quickly spots the
disturbance in the middle of the extended line, people
screaming and running from something below his line of
sight. Raynor settles back into the saddle of the Vulture
and swings back towards the disturbance.

            C-20A “Impaler” Gauss Rifle Sketch
A few seconds later the unmistakable rapport of the Terran
Marine Gauss Rifle can be heard through the air. Raynor
leans down and guns the hoverbike, racing to get there. As
he slides up to the scene of the action, a pair of marines
can be seen firing their rifles into the middle of the
fleeing crowd. Raynor leaps from the hoverbike and races up
to the marine tagged BIG LOAD just as they stop their
barrage. Raynor is furious.

         What the hell do you think you‟re
         doing, firing into those people? This
         isn‟t a goddamned military convoy,
         these are civilians!

                         BIG LOAD
         They‟d be dead civilians if we didn‟t
         open up when we did. Damned thing just
         popped up outta nowhere and started

The marines move to get the civilians back into the caravan
as Raynor finally looks in the direction of where the
marines were firing. Pulverized into the hard packed, rocky
terrain are the remains of some... thing. Bits of greenish-
brown hide, almost reptilian in nature, can barely be seen
amidst the blood and gore. A few feet away, a middle-aged
man is lying unconscious on the ground. His left leg has
been severed and torn away, about mid-thigh, and a woman is
cradling him in her arms.

Raynor moves towards the injured man, pulling loose his own
belt as he does. He kneels down next to injured man, and
deftly places a makeshift tourniquet around the bloody
stump of his leg. Raynor lifts the limp body of the man and
carries him to his hoverbike, draping him between the
handlebars and himself. The Marshal puts on the headset and
barks into it as he fires the Vulture to life.

         I‟m taking this man to the outpost. Get
         these people moving, and I mean now!

CUT TO: Raynor is standing in the doorway of a small
barracks, watching the Terran marines direct the civilians
through the large doorway of the underground facility.
Shielding his eyes from the sun, the Marshal scans the
horizon as he speaks into the handset of a field radio.

Raynor offers a report of what has happened to Magistrate
Collins. The older man is stunned at the report of the
alien‟s presence already here on Mar Sara. The Magistrate
explains that the alien fleet has only now been seen
nearing the colony, and is still at least two days away.
The Magistrate thanks Raynor for his work and requests that
he return to the Mar Sara command center to give him and
the military minds there a full description on what he saw.

         Those boys that did the shooting could
         probably give ya‟ a better description
         of what it looked like. All I saw was
         what was left.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         When asked for a description, they
         said, “It looked like a target.” We
         need a bit more than that.

Raynor agrees to head back just as soon as the civilians
are secure.

CUT TO: The Mar Sara command center is even more hectic
than before, and the numbers of men and machines have at
least tripled. Raynor is in the hub section with Magistrate
Collins and a handful of officers. He gives his report on
the attack, and the assorted military types give their
opinions on what the supposed alien could have been. Their
opinions run from a previously unknown indigenous life-form
to some Protoss spy unit. One flight officer ever accuses
Raynor and the Marines of making up the whole story to
cover up an accidental weapons discharge. Raynor takes
offense to this and voices are raised in an angry argument.
Just as it looks like it might come to blows, their feuding
is interrupted by a priority message coming in over the
main view screen.

The face of a fit, older man (TERRY O’QUINN) fills the
screen. The Spartan gray metal background and the highly
organized bustle of uniformed personnel behind him indicate
that he is broadcasting from the interior of a large
military space vessel. His smartly pressed uniform displays
the rank markings of a GENERAL in the Terran Marines and
his voice is definitively authoritative.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         I'm General Edmund Duke of the
         Confederate Security Forces, Alpha
         Squadron. I‟ll cut right through the
         bullshit, gentlemen. The Confederacy
         has quarantined this entire planet, and
         we're proceeding with a lock-down
         within the next forty-eight hours.
         You're to relocate your core colonists
         to the main launch site at Mar Sara

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         We have already moved our people to the
         outlying facilities in the wasteland as
         arranged with the...

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Now, I know there won't be any problems
         with these new arrangements,
         Magistrate. We are entering a time of
         war, and plans can be altered at a
         moment‟s notice. I wouldn‟t assume that
         the base commander there needs Alpha
         Squadron to take over this operation...

The assembled officers throw out quick reassurances that
they have everything under control and that the General has
nothing to worry about. Placated by his display of power
and the fact that his orders will be carried out, Duke
signs off.

Magistrate Collins asks if Jim will help with the transfer
of the colonists back to the city, and the young Marshal

         I don‟t like the smell of this, sir.
         The way this Duke has stepped in out of
         no where to run the show.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         We have to keep the safety of the
         citizens of Mar Sara foremost in our
         minds, Jim. Like it or not, this is the
         hand we have to play.

CUT TO: The main launch site at the Mar Sara space station.
It is a huge facility that serves as the main way-station
for incoming and outgoing traders and prospectors. Visible
through the massive, thick windows are dozens of dropships,
parked on the scarred concrete tarmac. SCVs move crates and
containers of all shapes and sizes into and out of the
ships and pilots and crew can be seen directing the
traffic. Some of the dropships are obviously military in
origin, bearing regimental markings and being guarded by
Terran marines in their cumbersome powered combat suits.

                   Terran Dropship Sketch

Raynor is inside the station, which is packed far beyond
its usual capacity with most of the colony‟s population.
Trying to shield himself from the noise of the crowds, the
Marshal huddles into a small niche in a side hall off of
one of the main waiting areas.

         Can you hear me now, Magistrate?


         Yes sir, I‟ve got your refugees tucked
         in nice and tight. Provided you can
         sidestep anymore surprises from our
         Confederate friends, and we can keep
         them away from whatever we saw out
         there before, they should have an easy
         time of it, now.
CUT TO: Magistrate Collins is leaning over a console in the
Mar Sara command center, listening to the last part of
Raynor‟s report. As he is about to respond, an alarm claxon
goes off and the computerized, female voice of the ADJUTANT
(HELEN MIRREN) comes over the address systems.

         Priority alert! Priority alert!
         Backwater station is under attack by
         unknown alien organisms. Distress
         beacon activated at 0658. Alerting
         Confederate headquarters on Tarsonis.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         Did you hear that, Jim?

CUT TO: Raynor has the headset pressed tight against his
ear, straining to pick up the announcement through the

         Backwater station? I thought that was
         already evacuated.

CUT TO: Magistrate Collins is frantically watching as the
command center bursts into a frenzy of activity.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         Apparently not. It seems that the squad
         dispatched there didn‟t report in as

The Magistrate is cut short by the address system.

         Stand by for incoming transmission.

The image in the main screen shifts to the stoic face of
General Duke.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Attention Mar Sara command. We've
         already picked up the distress beacon
         from Backwater, and we'll take care of
         it. You just sit tight and we‟ll notify
         you if there's anything you need to
         know. Duke out.
The connection is cut and the hub personnel stare at each
other with somewhat surprised looks on their faces. Being
well-trained military officers, however, they accept their
orders and stand down from alert status. Raynor‟s voice
comes from the console speaker.

         Damn it, Magistrate! If you wait for
         Duke and his men to show up with
         Confederate reinforcements, that
         station's dust. I'll head out there
         now, and do what I can, but I‟ll need
         you to send in some of the command

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         This falls outside of my jurisdictions,
         Jim. Duke‟s message is tantamount to a
         direct order from the central
         Confederate Security Force. I don‟t
         have the authority to countermand it.

         Look, you‟re the one who told me we
         needed to stay focused on protecting
         the colonists. If you work with me,
         we'll save those folks. Trust me.

The Magistrate gives it some hard thought, and then tells
Raynor he‟ll do everything he can. Raynor assures him he‟s
doing the right thing, and then races out of the station.

CUT TO: Raynor is standing next to the powerful Vulture
hoverbike, shielding his eyes from the sun as he looks up
into the sky. In the near distance a Terran Dropship hovers
downward, kicking up dust as its downjets blast the hard
packed earth.

As the dropship settles on its landing pads, the words
“Good To The Last Drop” are painted on the nose of the
vessel, and the pilot‟s dark goggled, helmeted head nods in
silent salute to the Marshal as the side doors open.

Five heavily-armored figures make their way down the ramp.
The suits are less customized versions of the ones worn by
the Marines. A simple icon on the chest plate of the armor
marks them as members of the Mar Sara militia. Behind the
five powered combat suits stands a very different looking
armored figure.

The coloring of the suit is red as opposed to the simple
gray and blue of the others, and instead of the standard
issue Gauss rifle, a large nozzle-like devise is mounted on
each arm of the suit. These nozzles are connected to a huge
tank that is mounted on the back of the armor by thick
metal hoses. The menacing look of the suit is complemented
by the intricate painted detail of flames on the nozzle
caps, shoulder plates and tanks.

                       Terran Firebat

Raynor‟s face is reflected in the black-tinted faceplate of
the armor. As the Marshal walks cautiously towards him, the
suit‟s wearer raises the hood, revealing a familiar face.

         Thought you might be able to use a
         little fire power out here, Marshal.

         Good to see you, Montag. Nice to know
         we‟ll have a Firebat out here in case
         things get hot.
The scruffy man laughs and his face splits into a genuine,
but somewhat wicked, grin.

         Things always get hot when Gui Montag‟s
         on duty, sir.

Raynor smirks and turns to the rest of the militia members.

         I‟m glad to see you, boys. Now let‟s go
         see what all the ruckus is about.

CUT TO: Raynor keeps pace with the powered suits of the
militia men from the saddle of his hoverbike. A signal
„blip‟ can be seen on the small display screen of the
Vulture, and Raynor directs the men towards the right spot.
The militia members chatter about the rumors they have
heard – wild stories of the Protoss, and of rumors that
they may already be among them. Montag is eager to meet
some of these alien freaks, and is willing to take bets on
whether they‟re highly flammable or not. The men laugh,
although it is tinged with a nervous edge.

Raynor looks up from the screen, and squints as he gazes
hard into the distance. He tells the men to stay sharp and
guns the Vulture ahead of the squad.

Raynor slows as he pulls up next to a mass of strange
material that covers the ground. The usual rocky earth has
been overlaid with a fibrous substance, grayish-purple in
color. Hundreds of ridges run through the surface of the
decidedly alien substance, and the sunlight glistens off of
a thin layer of mucous that seems to cover the entire mass.

         What the hell is that? It looks like
         the ground there is... alive.

Raynor dismounts from the Vulture and presses a testing
boot down onto the stuff. While it gives way ever so
slightly, it‟s very solid and easily accepts his weight. He
carefully pulls back his foot and wipes the sole in the
dusty earth just a few feet away, leaving a small, damp
spot in the parched soil.
The militia and Montag arrive, and Raynor directs them to
stay alert and keep close. They‟re only a few clicks away
from Backwater station, and he doesn‟t want any more

The men move cautiously across the face of the sickly-
looking substance, their weapons at the ready. Raynor keeps
a close eye on the readout as they slowly move closer to
their objective. The nervous chatter of the men buzz in the
background as the tension of the situation mounts. As the
readout shows they‟re within just a few hundred feet of the
station, Raynor and the men are faced with a small rise to
climb. Raynor urges the hoverbike forward and is the first
up the hill.

Raynor pulls the goggles up from his face, his eyes wide in
reaction to what he is seeing. As the powered suits of
armor crest the rise, they stop short. The distinctive
Firebat armor of Montag is the last to make the ascent, and
the silence of the squad is accentuated when he raises the
faceplate of his suit, revealing a shocked expression on
his face.

After a few seconds, the radio-filtered voice of one of the
MILITIA men breaks the silence.

         What the hell happened to the command

We finally see what has them so shocked. A Terran command
center is overgrown with deep purple tendrils that have
crept over the top of the structure. The slick tendrils
pulse slightly, looking almost like huge, bloated veins
that lead back down into the grayish mass beneath the

         Whatever it is, it ain't natural.

As the men start cautiously down the slight hill, they
circle around to the right, heading towards the entrance to
the command center. After gaining a new angle on the
building, several suits of Terran Marine armor come into
view. Lying just outside the command center, the powered
suits show various, severe states of battle damage, the
worst being the suit that looks as if it has been punctured
several times by a large can opener.

Raynor and his men move towards the structure, obviously on
edge, constantly scanning for the aliens that must have
caused this. As they sidle up to the devastated Marine
squad, it is obvious that whatever did this was more than a
match for the Terrans.

Knowing that there could have been no survivors, Raynor
looks somberly at the infested command center.

         Lets burn it, boys. Burn it all.

Montag, in the distinctive Firebat armor, steps forward.
Closing the anodized faceplate, his voice comes through the
radio link of the hoverbike.

         Need a light?

Montag steps forward and, pointing his arms forward,
triggers the pilot lights at the ends of the twin
flamethrower nozzles. As Montag braces himself, much like a
firefighter against the pressure of a fire hose, a slight
hum can be heard. A second later, streams of flammable
fluid erupt from the nozzles of the Firebat suit, igniting
on the pilot lights. Liquid fire plays across the face of
the command center, and a loud hissing can be heard as the
organic matter crisps at the touch of the flame. Spurred on
by the Montag‟s attack, the militia men fire their gauss
rifles into the mass, shattering off pieces of the hard

CUT TO: Raynor is standing next to the hoverbike. The
burning hulk of the command center is at the bottom of the
hill, illuminating the strange landscape in an orange glow.
The militia, also at the top of the rise, rest a dozen or
so yards away. Their face plates up, they talk among
themselves, discussing the bizarre nature of what hey have

As Raynor takes a deep drag from a thin, ragged cigar, the
communications panel on the Vulture chirps for attention.
The Marshal leans over and, after punching a button on the
panel, a computerized voice breaks through the ever-present
static of the line.

         Receiving incoming transmission.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Marshal Raynor, by destroying a vital
         Confederate installation, you and your
         men have violated standing colonial
         law. In a few minutes, Commander Park
         will be at your location and will be
         placing you under arrest.

         Are you outta your mind!? If we hadn't
         burned that damn building, this entire
         area could have been overrun! Maybe if
         you hadn't taken your sweet time in
         getting here...

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Maybe I didn‟t make myself clear. As of
         right now, you're all under arrest. I
         suggest you power down your weapons and
         go peaceably with the Commander when he

Just then, a dropship bearing the markings of the
Confederate Security Forces hovers down into view. The
militia men quickly close their faceplates against the heat
of the ship‟s jets that quickly blacken the grayish-purple
matter beneath its landing zone.

As Raynor squints against the exhaust, the side doors of
the dropship open. Raynor grimaces as a full squad of eight
Terran marines exit the vessel. A single suit of armor
stands out amongst the others. The armor is in much better
repair than the others, showing far fewer signs of battle
fatigue than even the militia suits. A Decal on the right
side shoulder plate shows a winged skull with the words “No
Quarter” expertly stenciled beneath. On the left side of
the chest plate, “CMD. PARK” can easily be made out.

The armored marine moves past the militia men and strides
purposely towards Raynor. As he approaches, the Marshal
leans back against his hoverbike. The commander stops a few
feet from Raynor and raises the faceplate of his armor,
revealing a man (GARY SINISE) who does not look like he‟s
in a good mood at all.

         Now look here, commander. These men
         were acting under my orders, so if
         you‟ve got a beef with...

                       COMMANDER PARK
         The General asked you nice the first
         time, but I didn't come all the way out
         here to this godforsaken shit-hole to
         argue with you. Surrender your weapons,
         get your asses back into your dropship,
         and stay on our six. Or do you need to
         be persuaded?

Raynor gives the commander a hard stare as their original
dropship can be seen landing in the distance. After a few
uncomfortable seconds, the Marshal stands up from his
position leaning against the hoverbike.

         Guess you wouldn't be a Confederate if
         you weren't a complete pain in the ass.
         You heard him, boys. Power down and
         hand „em over.

The militia men hand their gauss rifles over to the Terran
Marines. Montag extinguishes the pilot lights on his
Firebat suit as Commander Park closes down the lid on his
armor. Raynor‟s grimace is reflected off of the anodized
surface of the commander‟s faceplate as he spits the cigar
from his mouth and walks away from the hoverbike.

CUT TO: Raynor and Commander Park are standing with
Magistrate Collins in the hub of the Mar Sara command
center. The usual militia officers have been augmented by
Confederate forces, and the place has taken on a
perceptibly grim air.

General Duke is on the main screen and is in the middle of
a heated discussion.
         I got your message, Magistrate, and
         frankly I don't care what you have to
         say about Confederate regulations. You
         damn fringe-world yokels are all alike
         - don't know where your loyalties lie.
         Y'all have a real good day now.

The transmission cuts off abruptly and the Magistrate turns
to Raynor and Commander Park.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         I don‟t like this one bit commander.

                      COMMANDER PARK
         Do you think I do? I‟m a fighting man,
         not a police officer.

He looks coldly at Raynor

                  COMMANDER PARK (CONT‟D)
         No offense.

         None taken.

                      COMMANDER PARK
         My assignment was to bring these men in
         for violations of Colonial law. I‟ve
         fulfilled my mission parameters, and if
         it‟s all the same to you, Magistrate,
         I‟ll leave these criminals in your

Raynor and Magistrate Collins pass a quizzical look between
them, and the older man speaks up, a bit confused.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         I don‟t think that‟s what the General
         had in mind.

                      COMMANDER PARK
         To be honest, sir, I don‟t know what‟s
         been on the General‟s mind. What I do
         know is that there‟s at least one heavy
         cruiser en route to Mar Sara and its
         due to enter normal space any time now.
         I‟ve followed the letter of my orders,
         and now I‟m getting back to my men.

The commander nods to both of them and stalks off.

         Well, I‟ll be damned.

As the two men watch Commander Park exit the command
center, the Magistrate speaks in worried tones.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         I‟m afraid things are falling apart,
         Jim, but thank the heavens that not all
         of the military has been blinded by it.

         Falling apart?

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         According to the reports we‟ve been
         seeing, Marines and militia forces at
         sixteen of the outland stations have
         reported sightings of an alien
         presence, although none as distinct as
         what you encountered. The Confederates
         have arrested all standing militia
         forces and have confiscated most of
         their ships and equipment for their
         stance against the Protoss invasion
         force. But for some unknown reason,
         they continue to avoid direct
         interaction with anything we‟ve found.

Magistrate Collins takes Raynor by the arm and the two men
ease back away from the command staff. The older man leans
in and speaks in hushed tones.

         Three other stations have fallen
         already, and I don‟t think that General
         Duke is very interested in getting our
         people off-world anytime soon. I've
         called in every political favor I have,
         but I‟ve been unable to locate any
         source of relief, except...
The Magistrate halts his sentence, looking nervously around
the room.


                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         The Sons of Korhal.

Raynor raises an eyebrow in shock and concern, but checks
himself from becoming too animated in his response.

         They‟re a known extremist faction
         that‟s responsible for hundreds of
         attacks against the Confederacy. Hell,
         I‟m probably supposed to arrest you for
         treason just for mentioning them.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         Then you better get a holding cell
         ready, Jim. Their liaison is waiting to
         speak with me on my private diplomatic

CUT TO: Raynor and Magistrate Collins stand in the older
man‟s well-appointed living space. The furniture is simple,
yet elegant in design, and the walls are covered in
colorful renderings of planetary landscapes. The two men
face a wall that is dominated by a single viewing panel,
and filling that screen is the face of the handsome, but
inherently dangerous, ARCTURUS MENGSK (KEVIN SPACEY).

         Good day, Magistrate. My name is
         Arcturus Mengsk, and I represent The
         Sons of Korhal. While I can only assume
         that you're familiar with the
         Confederate propaganda surrounding my
         group, your reputation suggests that
         you'll see past it.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         And your reputation precedes you as
         well, Mengsk. I knew your father and
         found him to be a man of principle. And
         it is in his memory – and our great
         need – that I have agreed to speak with

         I assume this is the Marshal of whom
         you‟ve spoken so highly? Raynor is it?

Raynor looks at the view screen with distrust in his eyes.

    That‟s right.

         Well, gentlemen. Now that the customary
         pleasantries, so much as they are, have
         been exchanged let us discuss the
         matter at hand. As you can well
         imagine, it's never been our practice
         to operate in any one place for too
         long, or out in the open. But things
         here don't look like they're willing to
         wait. I'm going to make you an offer,
         Magistrate. I'd like to help you by
         sending a number of transports down to
         your colony and evacuating the citizens
         of Mar Sara.

The Magistrate‟s eyes glimmer with the hope Mengsk is
offering, but his jaw tightens nonetheless.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         I suppose I have no other choice.
         General Duke may consider them safe
         enough at the launch station, but I
         can‟t allow these people to become what
         I fear would be termed as acceptable

         You know, of course, that my
         organization operates outside the
         bounds of Confederate law. That's why
         they spread their lies and
         misinformation. If you decide to accept
         our help, you'll be branded as an
         outlaw, as well. But, it's a chance –
         quite possibly you‟re only chance – to
         save those people.

         He‟s right, you know. If they were
         willing to throw the book at me on
         those trumped-up charges, they‟ll bring
         the whole house down on you for
         something like this.

Magistrate Collins looks Raynor directly in the eyes, his
face looking even older than his advanced years.

                    MAGISTRATE COLLINS
         And that‟s why I have to do this, Jim.
         Something has gone terribly wrong, and
         all the things I‟ve stood for have
         changed. There was a time when the
         Confederacy meant something – something
         strong, and noble, and filled with
         hope. But now there‟s just a shell
         there, corrupted from the inside,
         rotted away by greed and unchecked

The older man stands a bit taller and straightens his
jacket as he turns back to the screen.

         It‟s time to make a choice, Magistrate.
         What do you say?

CUT TO: Alpha Squadron of the Confederate Security Forces
is in orbit around the world of Mar Sara. A massive
Battlecruiser named the Norad II is at the center of the
fleet, and on her bridge stands General Edmund Duke. He
watches over the bridge crew like a hawk while scanning
through the numerous reports that play across the console
at his command post.
                        The Norad II

The image of Commander Park comes up on Duke‟s private
viewscreen, and the two men discuss the placement of the
Confederate forces on the planet. Their discussion seems
odd in terms of setting up a defense against possible
invaders, however.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         And your men understand what we‟re
         looking for?

                      COMMANDER PARK
         I trained them myself, sir. They do as
         their told and only shoot what I tell
         them, when I tell them.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Then I‟m placing my trust in your
         ability to complete this mission. Both
         in the letter - and the spirit - it‟s
         been given.

Commander Park grimaces ever so slightly at the reference
that shows Duke is aware of his actions in regards to

                      COMMANDER PARK
         Yes, sir. I can assure you that we‟ll
         get this done by the book.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Screw the book, boy. Get it done right,
         and I mean the first time.
CUT TO: Raynor and Magistrate Collins are standing alone in
a remote area on the outskirts of the main Mar Sara colony.
A single, dark gray dropship can barely be seen in the
distance, silhouetted by the setting sun. A lone figure is
heading towards them, making his way across the dusty

As the figure approaches, Raynor and the Magistrate talk
about the risky nature of this meeting. The older man tells
Raynor that he cannot ask him to be a part of it. Raynor
responds that he‟s already run afoul of the Confederates,
and that he has to follow his conscience. Besides, once the
people are safe, Raynor assures the Magistrate that he‟ll
see to it that they‟re both covered.

The figure that has been approaching finally arrives, his
presence darkened by the twilight.

         Good evening, Magistrate. Mister
         Raynor. I presume that everything has
         been arranged, as we discussed?

         Look, Mengsk. We‟re grateful for your
         help in getting these folks off of this
         rock, but if half of the things they
         say about you are true...

         I understand your hesitation and
         concern, Marshal, both as a
         representative of the law and as a
         citizen of humanity. And while I do not
         expect you to simply accept my word, I
         offer it to you in this regard. I am no
         more of a monster than what the
         Confederacy has made me.

The two men stare at each other, sizing up the situation.
Finally, Raynor nods and the tension eases. Mengsk turns to
the older man, and smiles reassuringly.

         Let‟s get your people out of here,
         Magistrate, and hope that we don‟t run
         into any serious problems along the

CUT TO: Commandeer Park and a squad of Marines is on patrol
near an abandoned Terran facility. As they near the massive
steel structure, the words „Jacobs Installation’ can be
made out above the main doors. The patrol is definitely on
alerts, their chatter all business as they make their way
to the main entrance archway. Commander Park checks the
front door and, finding it unsecured, pushes his way
cautiously into the building.

A Marine tries activating the main lights at the front
security/reception console and reports them as non-

                      COMMANDER PARK
         Kick on those spots, men.

One by one, the Marines rapidly turn on their twin
shoulder-mounted lamps, bathing the entry chamber in a
yellowish, artificial light. They scan the front area and
then proceed down the main hall to the inner labs.

The Marines engage in loose conversation, feeling that the
situation is not as serious as they anticipated. They
theorize that all the eggheads must have got out already,
so picking up what they came for should be a piece of cake.

                      COMMANDER PARK
         I recommend you all shut your mouths
         before you jinx...

His order is cut off by a „clack-clack-clacking‟ sound in
the darkness nearby. A marine throws his spotlight towards
the sound. Nothing‟s there but disjointed, abandoned lab

         What was that?

                      COMMANDER PARK
         I‟m not sure, but it can‟t be good.

Another clattering of something sharp and heavy skittering
along the metal floor comes from behind them. A marine
turns, and catches a glimpse of something small and low-to-
the-ground slipping behind a large workbench.

                          MARINE 2
         Over there!

Two Marines steps up next to the one who yelled out and the
trio fire their Gauss rifles indiscriminately at the
general area around the workbench.

As bullets ricochet and glass labware explodes into
millions of razor-sharp fragments, the Marines and
Commander Park quickly slide their faceplates down. After a
few seconds of sustained fire, Park‟s voice angrily
explodes over their suit radios.

                      COMMANDER PARK
         Cease fire! Cease fire, immediately!
         Stow that shit, now!

The Marines finally stop firing, and the room goes silent.
The squad members position themselves to get a better look
at the assaulted area and Commander Park leads the way as
they carefully move forward to the spot. The tension mounts
as Park finally whips his spotlights and the gun‟s
targeting laser into the space behind the lab workbench,

Assorted debris, broken glass, and tattered lab manuals are
scattered on the floor. The wall is heavily scarred from
the high-velocity Gauss rounds.
                      COMMANDER PARK
         I don‟t know what the hell you boys
         thought you were shooting at, but

Suddenly, a scream erupts over the suit‟s radios, muffling
Commander Park‟s words. As he spins and directs his
attention to the squad behind him, his spotlights faintly
illuminate a downed suit of powered combat armor. The
fallen Marine accidentally fires his weapon, and as his arm
drops, the rounds hammer into another member of the squad,
sending sparks and chunks of metal flying in all
directions. As the frantic movements of the rest of squad
send the room into a chaotic lightshow, we can make out a
pair of menacing red eyes reflecting the muzzle flash of
the fallen marine‟s Gauss rifle. Whatever it is, it‟s on
his chest.

CUT TO: Mengsk and Raynor are sneaking around in the Mar
Sara launch station, keeping a sharp eye out for any Terran
Marines. After a short time, they realize that the station
is strangely devoid of any real military presence. Mengsk
pulls out a small communication device, keys in a code, and
speaks in hushed tones.

         We‟re almost in position. Prepare the
         dropships for immediate evacuation
         procedures on my mark.

Raynor‟s attention is drawn to the tarmac visible through
the massive windows, and notices that the Confederate
Security Forces have pulled out and all that remain are
personal transports, a few station SCVs and a transport
podship or two.

Raynor comments to Mengsk that it seems strange that the
Confederate boys just would up and leave. Mengsk agrees
that this may be an indication of something unexpected
happening. He suggests that Raynor tune into the colonial
security bands, and as they duck back into a less crowded
hallway, panicked transmission can be heard coming from the
small transceiver that Raynor puts into his ear.

         From the sounds of it, they‟ve found
He hands the headset to Mengsk, who quickly puts it to his

         Or more accurately, something found

CUT TO: The massive, alien vessel from the satellite
recordings is moving through hyperspace. Starlight bends
and streaks around an oblong bubble of energy that
surrounds the vessel, and a deep thrum resonates from its
powerful engines.

Standing on a raised dais in the center of the command deck
of the ship is a tall alien creature of the race that calls
themselves the Protoss.

                        The Protoss

A Protoss is looking intently into a hazy, glowing blue
mist that hovers a few feet in front of him. Its form,
though roughly oval in shape, constantly shifts and

Standing behind and to one side of the tall Protoss is a
shorter alien whose large, glassy eyes are fixed on the
Protoss on the dais, and not the glowing shape. Suddenly,
the face of an older, pale-colored Protoss known as ALDARIS
materializes out of mist. The sound of his voice (BILL
NIGHY) – one that speaks in ages and not years – is unlike
anything that human ears have heard before, and seems to
resonate in the mind as opposed to the ear.

         En Taro Adun, Tassadar.

The head of the tall alien tilts ever so slightly as he
responds, his thoughts somehow being sent psionically
through the ether. Tassadar‟s voice (DENZEL WASHINGTON) is
commanding, yet thoughtful, and carried with it an innate
authority and conviction.

         En Taro Adun, Judicator Aldaris.

         I trust you have succeeded in your

         Yes. I have done as the Conclave
         commands. The world that the Terrans‟
         call Chau Sara has been cleansed.

         You seem troubled, Tassadar. Do I sense
         doubt in your actions?

         I do not doubt that what I have done
         was necessary. But is there no way to
         spare their lives?

         The infestation was complete.

Tassadar nods his head in agreement, but then sets his gaze
hard at the form of Aldaris.

         This is not the case on Mar Sara,
The misty form of Aldaris shakes slowly side to side, and
then the translucent head hangs slightly lower.

         You are ever the one who questions. By
         the Ancient Ones, do you not remember
         what the Zerg have done to worlds – to
         entire systems – if left unchecked?

         Of course! Was it not I who urged the
         High Templar to accept our predestined
         responsibility to protect the races
         under their watch?

         It was, Tassadar. But you would do well
         not to forget the ruling of the
         Conclave. Even your Templar caste
         agreed that the Terrans, if they had
         already been infested by the Zerg, must
         be put to the flame.

         And I do not dispute this. But there
         will be many on this world that have
         not been touched by them. And our
         scouts report that the Terrans have
         mounted a defense, which will surely
         result in loss of more innocent lives.

         Innocent lives? Is that what stokes
         some strange morality in you? If there
         is even the slightest possibility of
         infestation, it must be burned out.
         Would you save thousands, or even
         millions, just to put untold billions
         at risk?


         Would you put our own homeworld of Auir
         at risk?

Tassadar is shocked at this question, which is much more of
an accusation by its tone.
         I am well aware of my oath as a Templar
         and my duty to Auir. The Zerg will be
         eradicated on this world and any other
         they may be found.

The misty form of Aldaris dissolves. Tassadar‟s shoulders
slump visibly as his emotions and the strain of
communicating through hyperspace shows in his physicality.
A shorter Protoss that has been standing silently to the
side moves forward and puts a long-fingered hand on
Tassadar‟s shoulder.

As he speaks, the deep tones of the voice of Artanis (VIN
DIESEL) visibly ease the tension in Tassadar‟s brow.

         Is there anything that I can do,

         No, Artanis. This is a responsibility
         that I must carry.

         And will you do as the Conclave
         commands? Will you put the Terrans to
         the flame?

         I cannot turn away from my duty, but I
         will not needlessly take the lives of
         sentient beings. Even these.

CUT TO: Raynor is riding a Vulture towards a large Terran
facility. The chatter on his headset is of numerous
military forces reporting alien hostilities. As Raynor
moves the hoverbike closer to the facility, we can see that
is the Jacobs Installation.

Raynor pulls up in front of the lab and as he dismounts
from the hoverbike, he notices that the doorway is ajar. He
moves quietly to the door, peers in for a few moments, and
then returns to the hoverbike. Lifting the saddle of the
Vulture, Raynor reaches into a storage compartment and
pulls out a pair of advanced handguns and a set of IR

Raynor sidles in through the doorway, the outlines of the
room showing as cold blue lines through the goggles. As the
Marshal moves through the main reception area, the tension
of the situation mounts. Moving down a side hallway, Raynor
continues to scan back and forth as he moves slowly ahead,
the twin auto-pistols held at the ready, close to his body.
As he moves down the hallway, a strange, brighter blue lump
comes into view.

Raynor moves to the shape and, pulling up the goggles, can
make out the twisted shape of a marine in a badly damaged
suit of powered combat armor. The left arm of the marine is
bent back at an impossible angle, and his faceplate has
been shattered. The dim light masks most of the ravaged
face in shadow, but what Raynor can see looks disturbingly
like the remains of a meal.

Suddenly, a familiar „click-click-clicking‟ can be heard,
and Raynor looks up in the direction of the sound.
Realizing that his vision is too impaired in the low light,
he quickly pulls the goggles back into place. The shape of
some bizarre quadruped stands out in stark red-hot relief
against the cold blue background of the room.

         ...the hell?

The creature skitters left, then right, and Raynor tracks
its movements with his weapons. After a few seconds, it
hunches down, and then leaps towards Raynor, covering
fifteen feet in a heartbeat!

Running on instinct, Raynor dives left while pressing the
firing studs on the twin auto-pistols. The rapport of the
guns is deafening in the silent facility, and the flash of
the compressed gasses igniting as the deadly shells explode
from the muzzle of the guns creates a strobe effect in the
darkness. The creature can be seen in bursts and bits as it
squeals in agony – a shrill, piercing sound that makes the
running of fingernails down a chalkboard seem pleasant in

Raynor hits the ground and rolls, coming up into a crouch,
guns at the ready. Scanning the room with his enhanced
vision, he can make out the creature hunched over near a
wall. It has obviously been hit by the gunfire as its blood
stands out as irregular circles of heat on the ground.
Keeping his weapons trained n the creature, Raynor rises
out of his crouch and inches towards the injured form.

The air is filled with a hissing sound, and the creature
sluggishly moves back and forth, swaying left and right, as
if still looking for an opportunity to lunge at Raynor.
Stopping a dozen or so feet away from the creature, Raynor
moves his left hand to his forehead and slowly pulls the
goggles up so that he can look at whatever this thing is in
the dim emergency lights of the station. What twitches back
and forth in front of him is unlike anything he seen before
in his life.

                         A Zergling

The dark brown, reptilian, dog-like beast bares its large
fangs as it moves to one side, trying to circle past
Raynor. The savvy Marshal keeps his weapons trained on the
thing as he moves, keeping it in his arc of fire. Suddenly,
in a fit of pain and desperation, the creature lunges
forward, snapping its razor-toothed maw as it tries for
Raynor‟s legs.

Raynor opens up on the creature with both barrels and
drives it back into the ground before it can get close
enough to strike him. After a few more seconds to ensure
that it will never rise again, Raynor lets up on the guns.

As the Marshal takes a tentative step towards the bloody
mass, he hears a decidedly Terran groan off in the
distance. Pulling the goggles back on, he races off in the
direction of the sound.

Raynor bursts into a room with a single cylindrical hot
spot next to a huge mass of blue forms. Recognizing the
tubular shape of a portable field light, Raynor removes the
goggles and sees a frightening site.

Piled up in the corner of the room next to a massive wall
of computers are the corpses of at least a half dozen of
the small creatures. As Raynor steps further into the room,
he can just make out a suit of combat armor buried beneath
the bodies. The groans of pain are coming out from under
the pile of monstrous corpses, and as Raynor moves closer,
he can just make out the blood-spattered crest of a winged
skull on one of the shoulder plates.

         Park, is that you?

The man‟s voice is weak, but still carries his curt and
surly tone.

                      COMMANDER PARK
         None other, none better. Though I‟ve
         been in better shape.

         What the hell happened here? Where are
         your men?

As Commander Park replies, Raynor pulls the alien bodies
off of him.

                      COMMANDER PARK
         We were on a mission to retrieve any
         and all files from the mainframe at
         this outpost. Should have been a simple
         bust and dust, but we ran into some
Commander Park winces as Raynor pulls away the bullet-
riddled body sitting on the marine‟s chest. When Raynor
looks back from tossing the corpse aside, he sees a gaping
hole in the chest plate of the Commander‟s combat suit.
Park looks Raynor in the eye, well aware of the severity of
his wounds.

         Hold on and I‟ll get you outta here. My
         Vulture‟s just outside and...

A wet cough from Commander Park cuts him short.

                      COMMANDER PARK
         We both know I won‟t make it to the
         door, Marshal, much less back to the
         command center. What I need you to do
         now is to listen to me. Sort of my
         dying proclamation, if you get my

Raynor just nods solemnly in agreement. Commander Park
reaches down into a small case on his belt and, as he
speaks again, his voice is noticeably weaker.

                  COMMANDER PARK (CONT‟D)
         Take this data disc back to Magistrate
         Collins. It shows what was happening
         here, and while I‟m definitely breaking
         ranks, I don‟t think it matters much
         anymore. I want to go out with a clear
         conscience, Marshal, so you‟re stuck as
         my confessor.

         It‟s my honor, Commander.

The commander spits up a fleck of blood as he laughs

                      COMMANDER PARK
         Bullshit, but I appreciate the
         sentiment. You don‟t trust the
         military, and that‟s why they had you
         pulled in after you found that infested
         site. They can‟t order you around, and
         that makes you dangerous. But it‟s the
         orders - they‟re what are dangerous.
         Just following orders is what they...

Commander Park‟s words trail off as the last breath of life
passes from his battered body. Raynor reaches down and
solemnly closes the man‟s eyelids, granting him what
dignity he can. The Marshal then reaches down and takes the
disc. Rising to his feet, he purposely walks away from the

CUT TO: Duke stands on the bridge of the Norad II, his face
red with anger. He is looking into the main view screen of
the ship, and by the number of faces looking back at him
from compartmentalized sections, and the uniforms they
wear, he is addressing the captains of his fleet.

         Those are my orders, gentleman, and I
         do not intend to repeat them. You will
         immediately withdraw your troops from
         the planet‟s surface and move your
         ships to Delta sector where you will
         wait further orders. Duke out.

The confused faces of the Terran captains are wiped from
the main screen and the planet of Mar Sara dominates the

CUT TO: The Mar Sara launch site. Mengsk, wearing a simple,
black floor-length cloak over his rough uniform is standing
in the center of the near empty installation. Through the
massive windows, we can see hundreds of dropships,
transport pods and personal spacecraft in the process of
evacuating the planet. As he looks on, Mengsk talks into
the sleek headset microphone that peeks out from beneath
the cowl of the cloak.

Mengsk is speaking to Raynor, telling him that the
evacuation is almost complete. Raynor says that he has to
reach Magistrate Collins immediately with important news,
and Mengsk says that the Magistrate disappeared shortly
after the Confederate Security Forces started pulling out.
While Mengsk has no reason to think that any harm has come
to the Magistrate, it is obvious that his position, and any
ability to assist them from now on, has evaporated as
quickly as the military „support‟ of the colony.

                       RAYNOR (V.O.)
         What did you mean when you said he
         wouldn‟t be able to assist “us?”

         Haven‟t you heard? I would have assumed
         it was on all the military frequencies
         by now. Both you and the Magistrate are
         wanted for sedition. It seems that the
         Confederacy has reason to believe
         you‟ve both been associating with known

                       RAYNOR (V.O.)
         Damn it, Mengsk! The Magistrate...

         ...knew what he was getting into. As
         did you. Now, the way I see things,
         son, is that you can rage against the
         injustice that has befallen you, or you
         can accept this as a small consequence
         of saving the lives of the thousands of
         colonists on Mar Sara. Either way, I‟m
         holding a dropship until you arrive,
         and then we can both leave this place.

There are a few seconds of silence, and then Raynor‟s voice
coldly crackles over the line.

                       RAYNOR (V.O.)
         I‟ll take your ride, Mengsk, but I‟m
         not one of your Sons.
CUT TO: Tassadar stands at his position in the center of
the Protoss vessel. Around him, the graceful, noiseless
movements of the crew are accompanied by the deep thrumming
of the ship‟s engines. Artanis stands nearby, closely
examining indecipherable readouts that play across a wide
screen panel display.

         We will leave hyperspace in short time,

         Yes, it is nearly time.

         Our scouts report that the Terran fleet
         has withdrawn from orbit around the
         planet, and that a second group is
         performing a wide-scale evacuation.

         Then Adun has looked upon our mission
         with great favor, Artanis.

         It would seem that way. But...

         ...what would have I done if the
         Terrans remained?


Tassadar looks down at the complex panel before him, his
hands lightly touching several glowing crystals.

         It is best not to answer questions that
         do not need to be solved.

CUT TO: Raynor pulls his Vulture up to a familiar dropship
with the words “Good to the Last Drop” stenciled on the
side. As Mengsk steps out from the ships interior, a young
woman in a khaki pilot‟s jumpsuit can be seen checking the
wiring inside an open panel. The name tag on her breast

         What are you doing here, Ellison? I
         figured you would have pulled out with
         the militia forces already.

         And leave all the fun to you, Marshal?
         Absolutely negative on that one.
         Besides, you still owe me a beer from
         the last time I hauled you and that
         sorry excuse for a bike out of the

         While I‟m glad to see that the travel
         arrangements so obviously meet with
         your approval, I do think that
         expediency is called for. My fleet is
         prepared to depart and, according to
         our calculations, the Protoss fleet is
         due to arrive in short order.

Raynor drives the hoverbike into the back of the dropship
and secures it with magnetic clamps as Mengsk takes a seat
close to the cockpit. Ellison, satisfied with the
electronics, closes the open panel on the side of the ship
and makes her way into the pilot‟s seat.

As Raynor moves to one of the seats in the back of the
dropship, Ellison pulls on her helmet and then looks back
over her shoulder.

         Strap yourselves in boys!

As the dropship begins to lift off, we can hear Ellison
trying to ease the dark mood the three of them share.

                      ELLISON (V.O.)
         This is your pilot speaking. Please
         keep your arms and legs inside until
         this ride comes to a full and complete
         stop. When removing your overhead
         luggage, please be careful. And
         remember, in case of a water landing,
         you may be used as a flotation device.

CUT TO: The dropship rises from the planet‟s surface and
quickly makes it‟s way through the upper atmosphere of Mar
Sara. It turns 180 degrees as it clears the stratosphere
and heads upwards towards a well-worn Battlecruiser that
bears the distinctive fist and whip icon of The Sons of
Korhal on the command section of the ship.

The dropship speeds into the docking bay of the
Battlecruiser and in a few, short seconds the main engines
fire and the massive ship lumbers off, jumping to
hyperspace with the practiced efficiency of a crew that is
used to making quick getaways.

A few seconds pass, and the space near where the
Battlecruiser was waiting begins to shimmer. The vague
outline of the gigantic Protoss cruiser becomes discernable
as it gradually shifts into normal space.

CUT TO: Tassadar and Artanis are on the bridge of the
Protoss cruiser.

         We have dropped our cloak, Praetor, and
         are diverting energy to the main
         weapon. Should we send scouts to pursue
         the Terran vessel?

         No. It is clean and I do not wish to
         lessen our defenses should the Terran
         fleet decide to return. I have no wish
         to underestimate these beings.

Artanis nods his sleek head, and then cocks his head
slightly, as if hearing something from a distance.

         Our crews report that the weapon is

Tassadar moves his long hands over the rows of large
crystals on the control panel, and places them over two of
them. The crystals glow slightly as Tassadar speaks, his
voice solemn.
         For Auir.

CUT TO: A bright glow builds slowly from the center of the
Protoss cruiser. As it grows in intensity, a low wailing
can be heard. Both the light and sound build and build,
until reaching a fever pitch when a massive shaft of white-
blue energy bursts forth from the center of the vessel and
strikes the planet below.

CUT TO: The surface of Mar Sara erupts in a molten
explosion of steam and melted rock as the main weapon of
the Protoss cruiser lances through the surface of the
planet. The main launch station literally melts away to the
intense heat of the weapon long before the beam finds the
slag pile of what served as the final shelter to the people
of the colony.

CUT TO: Raynor and Mengsk are aboard the flagship of the
Sons of Korhal fleet. The two men are discussing the
creature that Raynor fought on the planet‟s surface, and
after getting a description of what it looks like, Mengsk
sits up in his chair, suddenly animated.

         I‟ve seen creatures like these before,
         or at least one being dissected, when
         we raided a secret Confederate
         installation on Antiga Prime a little
         over a year ago. We thought they were
         some new species they where studying,
         but it's clear the Confederates have
         known of these monsters for some time.

         Antigua Prime is almost two days away,
         and that‟s traveling by hyperspace. How
         did they get on Mar Sara?

         For all we know, the Confederates could
         be breeding the things!

Mengsk‟s outrage is clear, but he takes a moment to calm
himself and regains his usually, stately composure.
                      MENGSK (CONT‟D)
         You said that you had an important
         message for the Magistrate.


         I must surmise that it has something to
         do with the sudden Confederate presence
         on Mar Sara and the facility where you
         found the beasts you described. Let me
         help you, Raynor.

         Why? What‟s in it for you?

         Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. All I
         know is that the Confederates went to a
         lot of trouble to send one of their
         best soldiers to a meaningless
         installation on a relatively
         insignificant planet. I have the
         experience and the resources to take
         whatever it is you had to tell
         Magistrate Collins and pull it apart to
         get to the truth.

         I‟m not sure if it‟s truth that you‟re
         looking for. From what I hear, it‟s
         more like revenge.

         The two are often the same, Marshal,
         especially when you‟re using one to get
         the other.

Raynor thinks this over for a few seconds, and then pulls
out the disc from his jacket pocket.

         This is a data dump from the mainframe
         at that station. Park was pretty messed
         up and sketchy when he handed it over,
         but it sounded like whatever is on here
         is something that the Confederates
         didn‟t want spread around.

         Be that as it may, our priority is to
         access the data on this disc.
         Fortunately, I have someone who is
         extremely qualified to crack their
         security encryption.

CUT TO: A passageway inside the Korhal Battlecruiser.
Mengsk and Raynor are standing outside of a plain door with
no identifying marks of any kind. Mengsk presses a brushed
steel plate set into the wall on the right hand side of the
doorway, and a faint chime can be heard from behind the
door. A few seconds later, the doorway slides open and the
two men find themselves face to face with an exotically
stunning woman (ANGELINA JOLIE). Her statuesque, athletic
build is enhanced by the body-tight two-toned gray outfit
she is wearing. Raynor eyes her appreciatively as Mengsk
makes the introductions.

         Allow me to introduce Lieutenant
         Kerrigan, my best and most trusted

Raynor extends his hand and steps forward.

         A real pleasure to meet you, I‟m...

         James Raynor, most recently a Marshal
         assigned to Mar Sara station. More
         interestingly, you were a Captain in
         the Confederate Security Forces and
         served with Theta Squadron during the
         Kel-Morian Combine uprisings. You
         weren‟t very happy with your assignment
         since you believed more in what the
         Mining Guilds were trying to
         accomplish, and you ended your
         promising military career soon after.
         Well, I‟ll be damned. How in the hell
         did you know all that?

         Our files on Terran military personnel
         are quite extensive.

         It also helps that I‟m a telepath.

As Raynor‟s jaw drops, Mengsk smiles and hands Kerrigan the

         We need the information off of this,

         Where did you get it?

         A remote research installation on Mar

Kerrigan grimaces slightly at the mention of the planet.
Seeing her reaction, Mengsk speaks smoothly and

                      MENGSK (CONT‟D)
         I tried to get us off the planet as
         quickly as possible. I‟m sorry that we
         didn‟t get far enough away before...

         I don‟t know if you could have,
         Arcturus. It‟s just that their minds
         are so... powerful.

         They? The Protoss?

         Yes. They must have incredible range
         with their psionics because I could
         feel them... in my head... just as we
         entered hyperspace.
         And you‟re sure they don‟t know where
         we are?

         Hey, wait a minute.

         Don‟t worry, Raynor. My talents are
         insignificant compared to theirs.
         They‟d no sooner notice me than you
         would an ant.

The whole time they have been talking, Kerrigan has been
running the disc through its paces on the small computer
system at the desk in the room. She presses a button and
the disc ejects from the slot in the system.

         I‟ve uploaded all the files to the
         ship‟s central computer. Let‟s take a
         look, shall we?

The two men crowd around the monitor and Kerrigan gives
Raynor a sideways glance as he gets too close for her
comfort. Turning her attention to the data, Raynor lets out
a slow whistle as a series of images and notes flash across
the screen.

         I can‟t believe it.

         This is worse than even I could have
         imagined. The bastards.

         The files show that Confederate
         researchers discovered a slug-like
         creature that exhibited a high degree
         of biological adaptability. These
         larvae seemed to need little or no
         sustenance outside of the organic
         material where they were first found.
An image of a patch of sinuous, glistening, purple grey
organic material fills the screen.

         That‟s the same stuff we saw creeping
         all over the station at Backwater.

The scene on the screen shifts to a shot of the larvae.

         Fairly mindless organisms on their own,
         these larvae stayed close to a strange
         pulsating lump of organic matter from
         which this „Creep‟ seemed to emanate.
         It appears that during the field
         research, several of the larvae spun a
         sort of cocoon of extremely tough,
         fibrous material around themselves.

A series of technical readouts race across the screen,
filling it with organic schematics, numbers and symbols.
Mengsk‟s eyes flit across the images.

         It seems that dissection of the
         creatures showed that even in this
         altered form, the biology of the
         species made it capable of self
         reproduction through physical division
         into two symmetrical halves after
         encasing itself in the cocoon.

He presses a button on the main console, freezing on an
image of a grotesque, slimy cocoon.

         This process – known as zygomorphism –
         lent itself to designating the
         creatures as a Zygomorphic
         Extraterrestrial Race Group. Shortening
         the designation to Zerg, the
         researchers transported enough of the
         Creep and a sampling of the larvae and
         transferred them to a facility on
         Antiga Prime.
    And that‟s where we saw one of them.

    But those larvae don‟t look anything like what was on
    that table, or what ripped through a suit of powered
    combat armor.

    That‟s because the larvae hadn‟t become those, yet.

A video cataloging an examination of a large cocoon comes
up on the monitor. Confederate scientists are prodding and
prying at the four-foot high casing, scraping samples off
of it and attempting to use some high-tech x-ray type
device to see inside. After watching the scientists perform
their research for a few seconds, the cocoon starts to

This causes quite a buzz amongst the researchers who move
to record the event with great excitement. After a few
tense moments, the casing begins to shudder, and then a
crack appears. The cocoon shakes from side to side, as if
something inside is trying to get out. On extremely curious
scientist moves in closer to the cocoon, a small implement
of some kind in his right hand. As he looks down at the
device and then jots down something on an electronic
notepad, the cocoon shudders a final time and the casing
explodes outward, drenching the scientist in a thick yellow

As the scientists raise their voices in alarm, the phlegm-
laden researcher staggers back, trying to wipe the fluid
from his face. In a movement that is almost to fast for the
camera to catch, a squat, brownish-green creature leaps
from the remnants of the cocoon, landing on the chest of
the researcher, knocking him to the ground.

As the scientists fall into a full-blown panic, the Zerg
rips into the chest and stomach of the scientist,
spattering his white lab jacket with gobbets of blood and
gore. The creature is ignoring the other fleeing
researchers, feeding on the scientist beneath its claws.

         Hungry little thing. Efficient too.
         That almost sounds like admiration.

         No, Marshal - analysis. A vital part of
         preparing to face a superior enemy.

         The Lieutenant is correct. These Zerg
         present a greater threat to the whole
         of humanity than any Confederate

         My God. They were trying to breed them,
         weren‟t they?

         Whether they were breeding, or merely
         collecting and containing them, is
         unclear. I‟ve run into another level of
         security that may take me some time

         Then we had best leave you to it.

The two men turn to leave and Kerrigan rises to escort them
out. As they reach the door, she turns to face Mengsk, a
look of concern in her eyes.

         I have a feeling that we need to move
         fast on this, Arcturus. And that we‟re
         going to need help.

Kerrigan then turns to face Raynor, looks him straight in
the eye, and then slaps him hard across the face.

         What was that for? I didn‟t do

         True, but you were thinking it. Since
         we might be working together, I want
         one thing to be perfectly clear. *That*
         will never, ever happen.

Kerrigan continues to look him in the eye, and then smirks
a little.

                     KERRIGAN (CONT‟D)
         You can try, Raynor. Any place. Any

Kerrigan turns her back on the two men and strides back to
the workstation. Mengsk takes the shocked Raynor by the arm
and leads him from the room in a fatherly fashion.

CUT TO: General Duke is seated at a Spartan desk in his
private office aboard the Terran Battlecruiser, the Norad
II. He is looking through numerous reports, coordinating
the movements of the Confederate Security Forces as the
fleet moves towards the rendezvous point where their ship
waits. Through the viewport behind him, we can see a large,
orange world that the Battlecruiser is orbiting.

General Duke pauses a moment to rub his bloodshot eyes and,
letting out a tired sigh, he reaches down and opens a deep
drawer in the desk. He fishes in the drawer for a second,
and then pulls out a short, wide glass and a square bottle
filled with a rich, amber liquid. General Duke pulls a
stopper from the bottle and fills the glass almost to the
top. He puts the stopper back into the bottle and places it
back in the drawer.

Duke takes a long, slow pull from the drink, and places the
half-empty glass down onto the desktop. He goes back to
reviewing the files on is desk. A few moments pass, and our
focus is drawn to the liquid in the glass. A single
concentric ring expands outward from the center of the
liquid. A few seconds later, we see another.

General Duke looks up from his work and looks around the
office, as if sensing that something is somehow wrong. As
he pushes back his chair and begins to rise from behind the
desk, the ship is rocked and the distinct sound of an
explosion can be heard.

Alarm claxons blast their warning and the lights shift from
a stark white to a threatening red. Duke races to the
doorway, and as it slides to one side, he is greeted by a
scene of utter chaos.

The command deck is hazy with smoke, and flames leap from a
shattered control panel at the rear of the bridge. Several
flight officers are lying on the floor or have been thrown
across workstation chairs, unconscious from the concussive
blast of the explosion. A CORPORAL rushes up, blood oozing
from a nasty gash in his head. He has enough presence of
mind to offer a weak salute, and then hurries into a report
detailing massive damage to all but one of the fighter bays
and main engines. The attack was swift and surgical in
nature, and the ship as been crippled.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         I want engineering teams to make sure
         that last fighter bay stays online. Get
         those ships into space and hit the
         Protoss with everything we‟ve got.

         We don‟t think it‟s the Protoss, sir.

                         GENERAL DUKE

         No sir. Zerg.

CUT TO: The Norad II is seriously damaged. The crippled
engine pours out a stream of debris and is visibly leaking
radiation into space. Numerous fires can be seen through
the view ports, snuffing out as small pieces of the ship‟s
hull weaken and give way. As the Battlecruiser slowly
rolls, a stream of Wraith fighters pour out from the lone,
undamaged launch bay.

A group of five Wraiths break off from the squadron and
head up and back across the Battlecruiser. As the sleek
ships bank hard while maintaining a tight formation, we
hear the loose chatter of a veteran squad who has logged
hundreds of combat hours together.

                         PILOT ONE
         So, I says, answer that and stay

                         PILOT TWO
         It‟s not funny anymore, Harley.

The voice of flight leader MAJOR KAZANSKY (JASON LEE) comes
over the fighter‟s radio, cutting through the screaming of
the engines and the yammering of the pilots.

                      KAZANSKY (V.O.)
         All right, cut the chatter ladies. Drop
         your socks and grab your throttles.

The fighters sweep across the top of the Battlecruiser,
scanning the massive ship‟s horizon for the enemy. In the
blackness, a large, twisted form can barely be made out. A
few deft keystrokes in the command panel inside of
Kazansky‟s fighter bathes the front view port in a detailed
heads-up display. The dark image is tagged and its basic
shape outlined and graphed. A small portion of the display
in the lower right corner of the HUD shows the onboard
computer swiftly sorting through a database of known
vehicle profiles. It finally stops on a detailed, 3D
generated image with the word MUTALISK underneath.

                       Zerg Mutalisk
Kazansky keys in another series of commands, and the data
is instantaneously broadcast to every ship in the squadron.

CUT TO: General Duke is trying to hold things together from
his command post on the bridge. His face blanches slightly
as the transmission from the Wraith fighters identifies the
threat that is bombarding his vessel.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Major Kazansky, I want those things
         blown back to the hell that spawned
         them. Do I make myself clear?

                      KAZANSKY (V.O.)
         Roger, Command. Assuming attack

CUT TO: The quintet of fighters shift position, assuming a
„V‟ shaped arrowhead formation. Kazansky‟s Wraith is at the
leading point, and his voice shows no fear at leading the
charge into combat.

                      KAZANSKY (V.O.)
         Enemy target verified and locked. This
         one‟s all yours, Harley.

                       PILOT ONE (V.O.)

The Wraith at the far right end of the arrow hits its
afterburners and rockets ahead of the formation. The tips
of the three wings of the fighter burst into brilliant
orange light, and energy bursts lance out towards the
winged Mutalisk. As the beams strike the fleshy form of the
creature, chunks rip off and fly off in all directions
before the Zerg is vaporized in the next instant.

The rest of the flight wing reaches the spot as the single
fighter loops around and falls back into formation. As
Kazansky operates his onboard systems, scanning for the
next target, his headset radio crackles to life.

                    GENERAL DUKE (V.O.)
         We have a concentrated enemy force
         moving to the starboard side of the
         ship. All fighters move to intercept.
         Repeat - all Wraiths move to intercept
         incoming bogies.

Kazansky‟s group makes a hard and fast bank, heading under
the command section of the Battlecruiser. When they clear
the mass of the ship and break back out into open space,
they fly into the heart of a massive battle.

Dozens of the warped Mutalisks are darting in between the
harried Wraith fighters. While not as fast as the Terran
machines, the flying Zerg are more agile, able to change
direction and hover much more easily than the Wraiths.

A Mutalisk, about to be caught in the oncoming fire of a
Terran fighter, tucks its wing-like membranes tight against
its body and dives out of the way as the machine speeds
past. It quickly spreads the membranes back out, and its
descent halts unnaturally quick, much faster than if it
were braking against an atmosphere. It turns the gaping
orifice at the end of its long, shining body towards the
Wraith and with a sickening undulation, several small
projectiles shoot forth.

The projectiles are roughly round in shape, and hurtle
towards the Wraith at breakneck speed. As they draw closer,
tiny talons extend from them and it is evident that they
are some form of organic material. The Wraith pilot,
perhaps picking up the threat on his scanners, tries to
pull up, out of the path of the projectiles, but they move
with him. As they impact against the metallic skin of the
fighter, we can see that they are, in fact, voracious
creatures that latch onto the hull of the ship. A few
seconds later, they begin to shake and then disintegrate

The Wraith erupts into a ball of flame as the oxygen inside
the cockpit ignites, and is as quickly extinguished by the
cold vacuum of space. All around the Norad II, Terrans and
Zerg exact a heavy toll against the other.

Kazansky directs his flight wing into the center of the
fray, unleashing torrents of laser fire into a group of
hovering Mutalisks. As they fly through the organic debris,
something catches the Major‟s eye.

Hurtling towards the underbelly of the Battlecruiser is a
cluster of what must be Zerg, but they are unlike the ones
they have been fighting. The computer locks on and scans
the creatures as it did with the Mutalisk, but the database
returns a message of Unknown Target. Kazansky keys on his
microphone as he reports back to the Norad II.

                      KAZANSKY (V.O.)
         We have numerous unidentified targets
         approaching the Norad II at seven
         o‟clock. Repeat, incoming targets.

Kazansky switches the communication system over to speak to
just his flight wing.

                      KAZANSKY (V.O.)
         We‟re the closest, gentlemen. Lets
         light „em up.

In almost perfect unison, the Wraiths hit their
afterburners and speed towards the unknown Zerg. As they
draw near, the Wraith pilots can make out the features of
the enemy creatures.

They are short-winged monsters, about a third the size of
the Wraith fighter. Their sightless faces have a ravenous
grillwork of fangs and they pulsate as they move towards
the battlecruiser.

The Wraiths make a run past their new targets, firing
deliberately into the swarm of Zerg. The majority of the
creatures are disintegrated by the onslaught of laser fire
from the five ships, but several of the things survive the
attack. The Zerg continue on towards the Battlecruiser,
ignoring the fighters.

Pulling up hard on the stick, Kazansky whips his ship into
a tight, sickening loop and is almost instantly headed back
towards the Zerg.

                      KAZANSKY (V.O.)
         They‟re not breaking off to disengage.
         We‟ve got to hit them again. Hard!

The rest of the wing begins their turns, but none are as
skilled or sharp as the maneuver executed by their
commander. The Major‟s Wraith is far out in front of the
rest of the wing by the time he nears the remaining Zerg.
As he pushes his fighter for every ounce of speed he can
get, his headset crackles to life.

                     PILOT TWO (V.O.)
         Pull back on the throttle for two
         seconds, chief. We‟re right behind you.

         Won‟t be soon enough.

The Major leans forward as if he can will his ship to move
faster. The Zerg are almost on top of the Battlecruiser and
sickening truth of the situation becomes apparent. They
aren‟t attacking the warship – they‟re ramming it!

                     PILOT TWO (V.O.)
         What the hell are you doing, chief?

As Kazansky presses the firing stud on the stick, he drives
the Wraith directly into the pathway of the Zerg.

         Something stupid, I‟m sure.

The Major manages to shoot down two of the Zerg before
colliding with a third and fourth with his Wraith. The Zerg
seem to literally explode the instant the come in contact
with the fighter, vaporizing Kazansky‟s ship. As the flash
of the ignited oxygen fades, the last three of the suicide
Zerg can be seen mere feet from the hull of the Norad II.

The impact is devastating, taking out the remaining engine
as the blast rips through the support struts that hold it
to the side of the Battlecruiser. The Norad II, buckled by
the hit, begins to spiral, and is slowly pulled into the
gravity of the planet.

CUT TO: Tassadar and Artanis are on the bridge of the
Protoss cruiser. Displayed in a larger version of the
hovering mist is a representation of the battle between the
Terran and Zerg forces we have just witnessed. In the mists
we can make out what must be Kazansky‟s Wraith sacrificing
itself in an attempt to stop the Zerg.

         Interesting. They fight with bravery.
         Could that not have been a simple act
         of desperation?

         Desperation breeds fear, not self-
         sacrifice. These beings are much more
         than the Conclave had believed.

         Our orders are to eliminate the Zerg,
         no matter the cost.

         And we shall. But I believe there is
         another way.


         Send for Fenix.

CUT TO: Kerrigan, Mengsk and Raynor are on the bridge of
the flagship of the resistance fleet. The command deck is
bustling with activity and Kerrigan is intently listening
to something on a headset.

         We‟re picking up a high number of
         Confederate transmissions going back
         and forth between their fleets and
         their main headquarters on Tarsonis.
         The communications are heavily coded,
         but... wait, there‟s something coming
         in over an unprotected frequency.

Kerrigan pulls off the headset and transfers the signal to
the main speakers.

                    GENERAL DUKE (V.O.)
         ...Duke of the Alpha Squadron Flagship,
         Norad II. We've crash-landed on Harkon
         and are being hit hard by the Zerg.
         ...immediate assistance from anyone
         receiving this signal. Repeat, this is
         a priority one distress call...

The message fades into background static.
         Zerg, huh? Serves 'em right. 'Bout time
         they got a taste of what it's like to
         be on the other side of those things.

Mengsk, who has been lost in thought, doesn‟t seem to hear
Raynor‟s comment. Instead, he turns to Kerrigan, his face
filled with resolve.

         Lieutenant, I want you to get down
         there and pull him out.

         I'm positive I didn't hear that right.

         Arcturus, have you lost your mind? From
         the files I‟ve been able to decode, he
         may very well be one of the key players
         in all of this. Not to mention his
         „exemplary‟ record in the Korhal

Mengsk visibly clenches his jaw at the mention of his
former world, but he steels his resolve and continues on in
an even tone.

         I know that Edmund Duke is a cold
         hearted bastard, but a Confederate
         general could prove to be a powerful
         ally. This is an opportunity we cannot
         afford to miss.

         I don't like this at all.

         I'm not asking you to like it. I'm
         asking you to do it.

Kerrigan looks into the man‟s eyes, searching his
expression – and quite possibly his mind – for the truth in
his words and actions.
         Then I‟ll go. But I‟ll need some extra
         firepower if things are as serious as a
         distress call from the great and
         powerful Edmund Duke would indicate.

Raynor steps up, a serious look on his face.

         You‟re actually goin‟ through with

         Yes, I am. And if you‟re not interested
         in helping, then get the hell out of my

Raynor thinks for a moment, and then looks her right in the

         Great. Let's get this over with. But if
         it‟s some extra punch you‟re looking
         for, I know just the man for the job.

CUT TO: A dark, dank, wet place. Absolutely alien in
nature. The very walls of the structure seem to pulsate,
and are slick with a thin coating of some slightly green
gelatinous substance. The shape of the place is domed, and
the floor seems to be interlaced with veins.

A serpentine creature slithers into the large cavern,
propelling itself along with its massive tail. The coloring
and texture of its hide mark it as some form of Zerg,
although it is not like any we have seen. The vicious boned
claws on either of its smaller, arm-like appendages are
careful not to rip into the soft walls or floor. Its
massive head, capped with a huge boned carapace, swivels
back and forth, as if listening for something.

A few moments later, a second creature enters the chamber.
This beast is much larger than the first, and has six
sharply taloned legs that it moves on. The front of the
monster is no more inviting, with two massive claws
protruding forward and a small, brutish head with a spike
pointing both forward and back. If the first Zerg seemed
sinister, this one is pure brute force.


The first Zerg who we will know as ZASZ slinks towards the
newcomer, and chattering its mandibles, speaks in a voice
(ROBERT ENGLUND) filled with devious and cunning tones.

         Zasz greets the fierce Daggoth. Pleased
         he is to see him in health. Sorry is
         Zasz that your brood was left to hunger
         on the Terran world.
The larger of the two Zerg, who the first has called
DAGGOTH, rears back on its massive legs, raising its height
by several feet. It speaks in deep, rumbling, harsh, and
angered tones (MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN) that seem to resonate
off of the chamber walls.

         My minions starved, it is true, but
         they did not die to the light as yours
         did. Thousand lost with no gain for the

Zasz slinks lower, his body coiling a bit at the rebuff.

         Not Zasz‟s fault. How could Zasz know
         that the others would arrive? The Swarm
         learns from the light, learns from the
         others. The swarm learns...

A massive, booming voice (DENNIS HAYSBERT) fills every pore
of the chamber, physically pushing down both of the Zerg in
its wake. This is the sound of the OVERMIND.

         The time for learning has ended. We
         know. Eradicate. Evolve.

Zasz and Daggoth cringe in fear and reverence at the sound,
and back slowly in the directions from where they came.

         Your will is mine.

         For the Swarm.

CUT TO: Raynor and Kerrigan are sitting in a seedy bar. The
clothing of the patrons and the ambience of the
establishment mark it as a local dive on a mining colony.
While Raynor is easily recognizable in his usual leather
jacket, pants and square-toed boots, Kerrigan‟s distinctive
uniform is hidden by a long, loose-fitting cloak and

The two sit at a small table against the far wall of the
pub. The placement affords them a good view of the room and
ensures that no one can approach without their seeing them
first. As they discuss the need for coming to such a place,
Raynor says that he has an old acquaintance here that would
like nothing more than a chance to get even with the

As they talk, a shock-haired man (CLIVE OWEN) with a lean,
muscular build saunters into the bar. He is immediately
greeted by several of the patrons, and loudly orders a pint
of beer for himself. After getting the libation, he strides
across the room, and casually plunks himself – and his
drink – down in front of Raynor and Kerrigan.

         Hello, Schezar.

         „Ello yerself, Jimmy! I didn‟t think
         I‟d be seein‟ you around here again.
         Especially with such a fine escort.

         Alan Schezar, this is...

Kerrigan extends her hand.

         Sarah Kerrigan. Raynor‟s told me quite
         a bit about your exploits during the
         Kel-Morian conflict. It sounds like
         you‟re just the kind of man I need.

         It wouldn‟t be the first time a lady‟s
         said that to me, but I have the feeling
         you‟ve got something a bit more
         dangerous in mind.

         It has an element of risk, but doesn‟t
         anything that‟s worth doing?

Schezar grins and looks at Raynor.

         Oh, I like this one, Jimmy. I like her
         a lot.
Turning his attention back to the both of them, he

                     SCHEZAR (CONT‟D)
         So, what do you two kids have in mind?

         We‟ve looking to pull someone out of a
         tight spot on Harkon, and we need to
         get it done quick.

         We‟ll need as much firepower as you can
         put together in the next two hours.
         After that, we have to make the jump.

         Two hours? Yer not serious, are ya?
         That‟s not much time and even fewer
         details to go on.

         That‟s never stopped you before.

         And I‟m not sayin‟ it‟s breakin‟ the
         deal, now. It just means the price has
         to bump.

         I‟m sure we‟ll be able to come to a
         fair agreement.

         Bloody hell we will. If you think what
         I‟m gonna ask for is fair, I‟m
         underbidding. Jimmy, you know the cost
         for me and my crew. Add a zero, and
         we‟re in.

         Now hang on a minute, Schezar...

Kerrigan rises from her seat, and this time it‟s Schezar
who offer a handshake.

         I do like this woman, Jimmy. We‟ll see
         you at the docks in two.

Schezar downs the remaining beer in one swift gulp, and
strides out of the bar to round up his men.

         Do you have any idea how much money you
         just agreed to pay him?

         Of course I do. I‟m a telepath,
         remember? I also know the price he
         would have been willing to haggle down
         to, but we don‟t have the time.

She pulls the cloak close to her body as the two make their
way to the exit.

                     KERRIGAN (CONT‟D)
         Besides, I‟m not sure any of us will be
         left to collect or pay.

CUT TO: Tassadar in a launch bay on the Protoss carrier. In
the cavernous reaches of the center of the ship, we can see
hundreds of small ships docked to the walls. Umbilical
cords reach out and recharge the energy stores of the
vessels, and although it is difficult to judge their size
at this distance, they do not appear to be built for use by
a Protoss. Or at least not one the size of Tassadar or the
Protoss that stands next to him.

The two Protoss walk along the floor of the launch bay.
Their gait is as alien as their visage, being somewhat like
that of a horse. Due in great part to the backward bend in
their knees, they half stride / half lope along as they

         En Taro Adun, Praetor Fenix. It pleases
         me to see you again.
The other Protoss laughs, and the sounds is a raucous,
booming one. His boisterous voice (RON PERLMAN) is rich and
jovial. He claps his hand on the taller Protoss‟ back as he

         We have no need to stand on ceremony,
         old friend. You called and I answered,
         as it has always been and as it shall
         always be. Now tell me how I can serve.

         The Zerg have gained a strong foothold
         in this region of space, and it is the
         sworn duty of the High Templar to
         eradicate their presence wherever it is

         And I have reveled in our victories
         upon the field of battle.

         But these are not barren worlds. They
         are teeming with life – sentient life –
         and I cannot needlessly destroy those

         While a noble goal, Tassadar, your
         concern in the matter is obvious.

         The Conclave would have me fulfill my
         charge with no regard to this younger
         race. Upon my life, I will not allow
         the threat of the Zerg to spread. But I
         cannot do so at so great an expense.

A moment of silence passes between the two Protoss warriors
as they continue to walk through the launching bay.

         What do you ask of me?
Tassadar‟s eyes soften at hearing the words he has hoped
for. He looks about the interior of the cruiser as he
continues speaking.

         I must remain aboard the Gantrithor and
         prepare for what I fear may come to
         pass. There is, however, a message that
         must be delivered, and I would have you
         be my emissary.

         Just as we two have marched across
         hundreds of worlds together, I shall be
         with you in this.

Their journey has led them to a small fleet of Shuttles.
The two exchange a final solemn grasping of hands and Fenix
boards one of the alien ships.

CUT TO: Raynor and Kerrigan lead the assault on the Zerg on
Harkon. A dozen assorted dropships descend on the red
planet, kicking up plumes of dust as they land. The doors
to the dropships open and The Sons of Korhal pour out of
the ships.

Their combat armor is obviously pieced together from
salvaged and scavenged suits, although all have the
distinctive fist and whip icon of their organization
somewhere on their suits. The men fall out and group into
rough lines, obviously veterans of combat.

Ellison‟s dropship lands and Kerrigan steps out onto the
surface of the planet. She is dressed in the sleek gray
battlesuit. A set of goggles and a small headset are
attached to her belt and a long-barreled sniper rifle is
slung over one shoulder.

         I‟ll coordinate and act as C&C from
         here while you take the troops in. Stay

Kerrigan nods and moves towards the assembled troops. As
she walks away, the dropship lifts off.

Kerrigan stands before the Sons of Korhal, her voice
carrying over the wind that swirls reddish-orange dust
around their feet.

         You know what we‟re here to do, and who
         our enemy is. While we‟re going to run
         into some heavy resistance, mission
         priority is to evacuate any and all
         personnel. Our dropships will be on
         standby, but we‟ll need to secure a
         landing zone before we can bring them
         in. Let‟s move.

The troops roar in acknowledgement and they move out.

As they make their way across the barren surface of the
planet, the smoldering hulk of the Norad II comes into
view. Kerrigan speaks into her sleek headset.

         Raynor, can you get the dropships to my

                       RAYNOR (V.O.)
         No can do. Too many unknown entities.

         We don‟t see anything from our
         position, and I‟m not sensing anything.

                       RAYNOR (V.O.)
         I‟ve only got my long range sensors to
         go by, and I won‟t risk the ships until
         you get me a visual confirmation that
         the zone is clear.
         Understood. Kerrigan out.

The Sons of Korhal forces move forward and, as they get
closer, they can make out that something isn‟t quite right
about the Norad II. While they expected to see the ship in
bad shape from the crash landing, it almost looks like
its... moving. Kerrigan puts on the goggles and uses them
to zoom her view in for a closer look.

The hull of the Norad II is crawling with the smaller
Zerglings, and dozens of corpses are piled up outside of
one particular hole in the side of the ship.

Kerrigan switches channels on the headset and presses her
hand to her ear as she speaks.

         Kerrigan to team two.

                      SCHEZAR (V.O.)
         I hear you, sweets. What‟s the word?

         Have your forces ready to swing up from
         the south on my mark. We‟ll need
         everything you‟ve got.

                      SCHEZAR (V.O.)
         That‟s what all the ladies say. We‟re
         ready to rock.

The Korhal forces quietly approach the base of the ship
and, as if somehow suddenly sensing their presence, two
dozen of the Zerglings race towards the troops. Covering
the distance between the ship and the Korhal forces in
short order, the air is filled with the sounds of the
Terrans firing into the oncoming group of Zerg.

The Sons of Korhal do an excellent job of concentrating
their fire, eliminating the creatures in efficient fashion.
As the last of the Zerglings drop to the ground, the
Terrans share enthusiastic congratulations amongst
         Stay focused. This is far from over.

As if to accentuate her words, a much larger group of
Zerglings – perhaps fifty or more – stop their assault on
the Battleship and race towards the Terran forces. This
time, the Terrans are outnumbered, and the Zerglings manage
to break through the lines of fire. Two Sons of Korhal go
down as the creatures leap onto their chests.

Kerrigan barks orders into her headset, her words being
transmitted to the battle suits of her men.

         Maintain ranks! Firing pattern Zulu
         Seven. Repeat Zulu Seven.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a Zergling dodge a
hail of bullets from a Gauss Rifle and then leap high,
knocking over its Terran target as it slams into his chest
plate. With measured fluidity, Kerrigan lowers her goggles
and raises her sniper rifle to her shoulder.

Through the goggles we can see a complex set of displays,
and after a second of digital scanning, the Zergling stands
out in sharp relief against the background and its Terran

Kerrigan squeezes the rifle‟s trigger. The only indication
that she has fired a shot is that the gun kicks slightly,
and a highly suppressed flash can be made out at the tip of
the barrel. A split-second later, the Zergling explodes
into a shower of bits and pieces, spraying the front of the
Terran armor with a blackish-red liquid.

The Terrans are managing to hold their own, but the Zerg
have changed the focus of their attack from trying to get
into the Battleship to the new threat. The hundreds of
Zerglings move as a wave towards the Sons of Korhal who
have managed to push to within 100 yards or so of the ship.

         Team two! Move in now! NOW!
The Sons of Korhal begin to fire indiscriminately into the
mass of Zerglings. The front line of troops are instantly
overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the creature as they
swarm over them, ripping into their powered combat suits
like children opening presents on Christmas day.

Kerrigan, looking for some advantage, closes her eyes as if
issuing a silent command. A moment later her form shifts,
and then goes translucent. For a moment it is as if we‟re
looking through rippled water, and then she is gone

The Sons of Korhal fall back, pressing their backs to each
other as they create a rough circle. Firing their Gauss
rifles to exhaustion, and then quickly jamming new clips
into the chambers, they hail a rain of bullets down into
the mass of Zerglings. Despite the concentrated firepower
the Terrans are able to bring to bear, the ring of
creatures is slowly tightening.

Suddenly, six huge, metal shapes can be seen cresting a
small hill on the near horizon. It is Schezar and his men
in powerful Goliath mechs. The auto-cannons of the combat
vehicles plow through the masses of Zerglings, and the
carnage is staggering. Several of the Sons of Korhal fall
during the ensuing fight, but the tide of the battle begins
to turn for the Terrans.

Suddenly, Kerrigan uncloaks on the hull of the Norad II,
and attaches a small homing beacon onto the ships surface.

         Landing zone secured and marked. Get
         those ships in here, Raynor.

With the focus of the action turned away from the
Battlecruiser, the dropships have made their way to the
Norad II.

         If we're doing' this, we'd better
         hurry. We won't last long against those
         Zerg if they see us and come back.
The combined forces of the Sons of Korhal and Schezar‟s
Goliaths are taking control of the battle. They have even
managed to turn their backs to the Battlecruiser, forming a
wall between the Zerglings and the ship. They are holding
their ground and are starting to do some real damage to the
Zerg when all hell breaks loose.

The ground beneath the Terrans cracks open and creatures
that look like the Cerebrate Zasz unburrow themselves from
beneath the earth.

                     New Zerg Unburrow

The massive claws and razor-sharp teeth of the serpentine
Zerg tear into the unsuspecting troops. A Goliath is
quickly toppled as three of the creatures use their fore
claws to shred through one of the walker‟s legs.

                      SCHEZAR (V.O.)
         You better get a move on, love. Things
         just went to Hell back here.

The battleship crew that was doing their best to hold back
the Zerg sees Kerrigan through the small hole in the hull
where the creatures were trying to gain access.

         Fire in the hole!

The crew scatters as Kerrigan pulls a magnetic charge from
her belt. Slapping it onto the hull of the Battlecruiser
near the hole, she keys in a code and then races away.
Diving for cover behind a twisted sheet of hull armor,
Kerrigan barely makes it to safety as the explosive device
widens the existing hole enough to let the crew inside
climb their way out.
The battle has gotten worse for the Terrans. Only three of
the Goliath‟s remain standing, and well over half of the
Sons of Korhal have fallen. The battlefield is littered
with hundreds of Zergling corpses, dozens of Terrans, and a
handful of the larger Zerg. The guns of the Golitah Walkers
continue to shred through the smaller threats, but they are
slowly stepping backwards as the reinforced Zerg gain
ground, pressing them towards the downed battlecruiser.

In the cockpits of one of the Goliath‟s we can see Schezar
shouting into his headset.

                      SCHEZAR (V.O.)
         We could use some reinforcements down
         here, Jimmy me boy. I hope you‟ve got a
         brilliant plan cooked up.

CUT TO: Raynor is running from the pilot‟s are towards the
back of the dropship. He‟s barking into his headset as he
grabs a pair of goggles from a hook on the wall.

         Lieutenant, it‟s time to get into the

The pilot nods and flips down the mirrored visor on her

         Hang on! We‟re in for some chop.

The dropship bucks around, nearly spilling Raynor to the
ground as Ellison speeds towards the fight. Raynor makes
his way to the Vulture that is held in place by the
magnetic clamps and climbs into the saddle.

The dropship hovers above the fight, and suddenly, the back
door opens. Raynor‟s hoverbike comes flying out of the back
of the ship and lands hard on top of a mass of Zerglings.
Raynor guns the Vulture‟s engines, burning some of the
monsters in the process. He skims away before the stunned
creatures can react.

Raynor swerves the hoverbike back and forth, avoiding both
oncoming Zerg and the corpses of their fallen numbers as
best he can. As he races through a slightly clear path, we
see him slam down a large button on the right side of the
bike‟s control console.

A small door slides open in the back of the Vulture, and a
round metallic ball slides out. It rolls to a stop and a
second later, what looks like four metallic legs shoots out
from the sides of the object. The device, scrabbling along
like some mechanical spider, moves a few feet and then
burrows itself into the ground.

A few seconds later, a horde of Zerglings race across the
spot where Raynor‟s hoverbike last was. The small spider-
like device instantly unburrows and moves at surprising
speed towards the oncoming enemy. As it reaches a close
proximity to the lead Zergling, the unmistakable flash of a
powerful explosion lights up the faces of the creatures.
Bodies fly in all directions as the spider-mine does it job
to great effect.

Although Raynor manages to make his way to the main line,
it is obvious that he won‟t tip the scales in their favor.
Fighting valiantly next to Schezar‟s lone remaining Goliath
and the remnants of the Sons of Korhal forces, Raynor
screams into his headset.

         Kerrigan, get those people out of here!



Raynor steals a look up at the Battleship behind him and
finds himself face to face with an unexpected threat.
                  A Protoss Zealot Warrior

Standing a few feet above him is a Protoss. Raynor and the
alien lock eyes. The face of the Protoss is suddenly
illuminated by two shimmering blades of energy emanating
from the wrists of the alien‟s armor. Raynor is frozen as
the Protoss crouches slightly, and then lunges forward...

...springing past Raynor and driving an energy blade deep
into the chest of an oncoming Zergling. This is followed
immediately by dozens of other Protoss leaping from off of
the hull of the ship and into the fray.

Raynor shakes the stunned expression from his face and, as
his eyes refocus, he sees the collapsed form of Kerrigan.
Raynor, fearing the worst, rushes to her side.

         Kerrigan? KERRIGAN.

Seeing no visible sign of injury, he kneels down and checks
to see if she is alive. Convinced that she is, he picks up
her limp body and carries her away from the hole from where
the battlecruiser‟s crew is evacuating.

Raynor finds a sheltered spot behind a section of twisted
hull atop the battlecruiser and gently places Kerrigan on
the deck. He finds his emotions strangely overwrought. She
is a beautiful woman, yes, but his feelings are so –
intense. Raynor gently strokes her hair and looks deeply
into her eyes, all the while wondering where this sense
of... love... has come from. It doesn‟t make any sense, but
it‟s there, and it‟s reflected in his face and eyes.

His revelry is broken by a loud voice in his earpiece.
                      SCHEZAR (V.O.)
         Now *that* was one fuckin‟ brilliant
         plan, Jimmy!

As the Protoss hold the Zerg at bay below, the landing zone
is secured atop the downed Battlecruiser. Several dropships
come in fast and hard, and manage to land on the battered
hull of the Norad II.

Kerrigan regains consciousness, but is too groggy to notice
Raynor‟s odd affections. He helps her to her feet.

         Are you alright, Sarah?

Kerrigan manages a nod, but it is obvious she is none to
steady on her feet.

General Duke, along with a meager handful of surviving crew
members, climb up onto the wreckage as the doors of the
dropships open. An impeccably dressed Arcturus Mengsk steps
out from one of the ships. He steps forward and stands next
to Raynor and Kerrigan.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         You're about the last folks I expected
         to show up. What's your angle here,

         Our angle? I'll give you an angle, you
         slimy Confederate piece of...

                         (to Jim)
         Jim, enough! I'll handle this.

                         (to Duke)

         The Confederacy is falling apart,
         General. Its colonies, or the ones that
         haven‟t been abandoned or destroyed,
         are in open revolt. The Zerg are
         rampaging unchecked. What would have
         happened here today if we hadn't shown
General Duke looks at them, his expression blank –

                        GENERAL DUKE
         Your point?

         I'm giving you a choice. You can return
         to the Confederacy and lose, or you can
         join us and help save our entire race
         from being overrun by the Zerg. I don't
         think it's a difficult decision.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Join forces? With you? I'm a General in
         the Confederate Security Forces!

         What you are is a general without an
         army. I'm offering you a position as an
         advisor, a leader, a shaper of our
         destiny as a people. This isn‟t some
         appointment to a backwater post.


         Don't test my patience, Edmund.

Duke thinks over what Mengsk has said, and looking back at
the fragmented remains of his ship, he turns and offers his
hand to the rebel leader.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         All right, Mengsk. You've got a deal.
         For now.

         You've made the right choice, General.

         I can't believe you're really going to
         trust this snake!

         Don't worry, Jim. He's our snake now.
Mengsk looks down at the heated battle below, marveling at
the prowess of the Protoss.

                      MENGSK (CONT‟D)
         I don‟t know why the Protoss chose to
         appear when they did, but we can‟t
         afford to stay and find out who wins
         this fight. If they wish to contact us,
         they will.

As Raynor and Duke start moving the crew up to the landing
zone, Mengsk helps Kerrigan into the dropship. She stops at
the lip of the entrance and gives Mengsk a long, knowing

         They already have, Arcturus. They
         already have.

CUT TO: Zasz and Daggoth are in the organic domed room,
making their report to the unseen Overmind on the state of
the battle.

         Zasz mourns for the brutal Daggoth. How
         could Daggoth know that the Protoss
         would arrive?

         There is no blame for my brood. My
         losses pale when compared to your
         chattel. Our victories more glorious
         against the deathwalkers.

         Zasz knows who has and has not served
         with honor. Zasz sees many of his
         fallen for will of the swarm, and few
         of Daggoth‟s. Perhaps Zasz is the
         better for his willingness to sacrifice
         his own for the swarm?

As Daggoth snarls and moves into an aggressive stance, a
booming voice fills the room.
         Silence. My plan proceeds. The Protoss
         are but a beacon to our true objective.

         Zasz is ever the servant of the swarm.

         What would you have of us?

         Absorb. Evolve.

Daggoth and Zasz assume positions of supplication and back
slowly from the chamber.

CUT TO: Kerrigan, Raynor and General Duke sit in high-
backed chairs in a Spartan conference room aboard the
Mengsk‟s flagship. Mengsk stands at the head of the table,
his hands placed flat against its glossy surface. Behind
him is a large viewscreen that displays the icon of The
Sons of Korhal.

         It seems that the data disc that Raynor
         retrieved from the Mar Sara facility
         held information that we could never
         have anticipated.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         You have the files? I sent Commander
         Park to bring „em back.

         And he tried his best, General, but by
         the time I found him... In the end, I
         don‟t think he approved of whatever it
         is you‟ve been doing, so he asked me to
         bring them to Magistrate Collins.

         And since the Magistrate disappeared
         during the evacuation of Mar Sara...

Raynor locks his gaze on General Duke
         No thanks to you.

         ...I persuaded Raynor to hand them over
         to us. The results are, well, unsettling
         to say the least.

         You all know that the Confederates run
         a program for psychically gifted
         Terrans, training them to be covert
         agents and assassins. These individuals
         are referred to as Ghosts because of
         their ability to accomplish their
         missions unseen and unheard.

         Of course! How stupid could I have
         been? You‟re...

Kerrigan continues on, unfazed by Raynor‟s revelation as to
her background.

         These discs show that the people
         responsible for the Ghost program
         discovered that the Zerg were attracted
         - almost attuned - to the psionic
         emanations of their trainees.

         So the Zerg are here for you? This just
         keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Kerrigan gives Raynor a hard stare, sending the man‟s gaze
to the tabletop.

         Apparently there's been a great deal of
         Confederate research surrounding Ghosts
         and the Zerg. The information we have
         uncovered is a small, but critical,
         piece of the puzzle.
Kerrigan presses a few keys on the console embedded in the
table in front of her, and the image on the viewscreen
changes to a set of highly technical schematics.

         These are designs for a Transplanar
         Psionic Waveform Emitter. These
         emitters broadcast the neural imprint
         of a Ghost, but at a much greater
         magnitude than would come from even a
         large group. These waves could reach
         across entire systems with the right
         placement. The Confederacy used these
         Psi Emitters to lure the Zerg into
         isolated containment areas. The colony
         of Mar Sara was one such location.

         What are you saying?

                       GENERAL DUKE
         She‟s saying that the Zerg are a secret
         weapon developed by the Confederacy, that
         you were all subjects of a Confederate
         weapons test.


         But things didn‟t go according to plan.

         Just as they destroyed Korhal with
         nuclear weapons to establish dominance
         a generation ago, the Confederacy would
         use the Zerg to put an end to their
         other rivals. Only this time there'd be
         no outrage; who could suspect the
         aliens were their creation? No, they'd
         be lauded as heroes for destroying the
         Zerg. After they had completed their
         task, of course.

         Is this true, Duke?

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Enough of it holds water.
The Marshal‟s anger is barely in check as he glares across
the table.

         And you didn‟t even try to stop it from

                       GENERAL DUKE
         I was a General, boy. I couldn‟t go
         against direct orders. I wasn‟t some
         grunt on the line that could desert his
         post when things got tough. I had the
         greater good of our people to consider.
         My choices were made for the right

         That‟s a load, and you know it.

Mengsk slams his hand down on the conference table,
bringing the heated discussion to halt.

         I have no love for the Confederacy,
         General. But now is not the time to
         reflect on your part in this. It is
         time, however, that the Confederacy
         paid for its crimes. And I know just
         the way.

The two men instantly drop their argument at such a bold

                        GENERAL DUKE
         We‟re facing not one, but two alien
         invading forces. We‟re caught in the
         middle, like wheat in a thresher. I
         think the Confederacy is the least of
         our worries...

         Lieutenant Kerrigan will plant an
         emitter at the Confederate base camp on
         Antiga Prime. When the Zerg arrive,
         they'll break through their defensive
         bunkers like a hot knife through
         butter. When the Confederate fleets
         from Brontes and Tarsonis respond, it
         will leave the capitol unguarded. Our
         fleets will sweep in and, with the
         timely assistance of our agents there,
         the seat of power will fall.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         Your plan is insane, Mengsk! The fleets
         will never move from Tarsonis.

         Perhaps not when they were under your
         control, Edmund, but that iron hand of
         rulership is mine to wield now, and your
         knowledge of the planet‟s defensive grids
         is something they won‟t expect. And when
         the distress call from Antiga Prime is
         received, they‟ll know what‟s at stake
         better than anyone. They‟ll have to
         respond, or their precious abominations
         will devour the hand that breeds them.

Mengsk walks away from the table. Kerrigan rises and
follows him into the passageway.

         I‟m having doubts about this, Arcturus.
         I don't think anyone deserves to have
         the Zerg unleashed on them. I know they
         destroyed your life, your family, but
         is now the time? Is this the way?

         You know what they‟re capable of. They
         took as much from you as they did from
         me - perhaps more. And you heard how
         easily Duke justified their actions on
         Antigua Prime. Don‟t let your emotions
         cloud your judgment, Lieutenant.

The Ghost in Kerrigan knows that this is what is expected
of her, and the battle in her mind over what to do is plain
to see on her face. After a few, long moments, the steely
reserve is back in her eyes.
         Yes, sir.

She turns and strides away.

CUT TO: The bridge of the Protoss carrier Gantrithor.
Tassadar, Fenix and Aldaris stand on the command dais.

         And none survived?

         They were no match for the fury of our

         And the female?

         I touched her mind. And while it was
         too much for her to bear, I believe the
         message was heard.

         You – spoke – with one of... them?

         You do not approve, Aldaris?

         I understand your need to follow what you
         believe are the dictates of the Dae‟Uhl,
         Praetor, but to involve ourselves with
         these... creatures?

         They fought well against the Zerg.

         Yes, the common criterion for acceptance
         amongst the Zealot caste is well known,
         Fenix. But I speak of maintaining our
         vision - the vision of the Conclave and
         of Auir.
         The path I have chosen is not divergent
         from this. I serve to protect Auir.

         As do I, Praetor. As do I.

CUT TO: Kerrigan is sneaking into the Confederate
installation on Antiga Prime. Her covert Ghost abilities
serve her well in this regard, allowing her to cloak her
presence and slip past many of the installation guards.

As she turns a corner into a passageway leading to the core
of the facility, she barely pulls back in time to avoid
detection by a security camera. Crouching low to reduce her
visibility profile, she rests her head against the wall.
Her goggles show a faint blue glow in the shape of a cone
emanating from the lens of the camera.

                       (to herself)
         Damned upgrades can cut through my

Opening a small pouch on her uniform belt, Kerrigan pulls
out a small, rocket shaped projectile. She slides it into
the launcher on the underside of her sniper rifle. Pressing
her back against the wall, Kerrigan pushes herself up.
Counting silently to herself, timing her move, she whips
around the corner and fires the round at the camera.

A blue static field erupts around the security device as
the rockets shatters on impact. The back and forth motion
of the camera shudders to a stop. Kerrigan pats the rifle
and re-slings it across her shoulder.

                       (to herself)
         Gotta love the lockdown.

She moves through the doorway and sees a lone scientist at
a control console, his back to her. She sidles into the
room and silently moves up behind him. Kerrigan brings her
hand, palm open in a chopping motion, down hard on the base
of the researcher‟s neck, knocking him unconscious.
Kerrigan reaches into a pouch seated in the small of her
back and pulls out a black device. Opening the face of the
control panel, she quickly re-routes wires from the console
into the black box and then back into the controls.

The Ghost slips on her headset and whispers a

         The Psi-Emitter is in place. Just
         promise me we'll never do anything like
         this again.

The static clears and a familiar voice comes across the

                         MENGSK (V.O.)
         We must do whatever it takes to save
         humanity. Our responsibility is too
         great to do any less. Now, you must do
         the rest of your part, Sarah.

Kerrigan removes the headset and flips a small switch on
the side of the Psi-Emitter. She winces as a single green
light on the box spark to life. Although it makes no
discernable sound, it is obvious that she can perceive it.

CUT TO: The chamber of the Overmind. Zasz and Daggoth look
skyward as their master speaks.

         It begins.

         Zasz basks in your glory.

         I am the Overmind; the eternal will of
         the Swarm. You could do no less.

         And what would you have your Cerebrates

         Wait. Watch. Kill.
CUT TO: The bridge of Mengsk‟s flagship. Mengsk and Duke
are speaking in harsh, hushed tones as the crew works on in
hurried business.

         You don‟t have a choice here, General.
         Either you help me, or your secret‟s

                       GENERAL DUKE
         My superiors knew what was happening.
         There are no repercussions for my
         actions, so your threats are

         Oh, you misunderstand me, Edmund. I
         won‟t be telling your superiors. I
         won‟t even need to tell the good people
         of the Confederacy, who would be as
         shocked as I am by your actions. No, I
         was speaking of these people.

Mengsk makes a small motion, indication that he speaks of
his crew.

         The survivors of your assault on
         Korhal. The veritable handful that
         remain after the genocide perpetrated
         by your precious Confederacy.

General Duke‟s face pales.

                        GENRAL DUKE
         I had nothing to do with the attack on

         But a man in your position would know
         of the assault, and yet you did nothing
         to stop it. Inaction is as great a sin
         as if you gave the orders yourself.
         That is the secret of which I speak.
         Now, I think we‟d all appreciate your
         insight as to our plans for Tarsonis.
Duke swallows hard as his mind races. Tense seconds pass as
he realizes he truly has no choice. Mengsk smiles as he
opens a communications channel that links the combined
fleet of The Sons of Korhal.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         I've defended Tarsonis in over a dozen
         major battles, so I know its defenses
         inside and out. There are three primary
         orbital platforms that serve as staging
         areas for the Confederate fleet.
         Although the majority of their fleet
         will leave for Antiga Prime, the
         homeworld will be far from undefended.

The fleet captains talk amongst themselves, the
conference/communication line buzzing with their concerns.
Raynor steps onto the bridge as the General regains control
of the meeting.

                       GENERAL DUKE
         If we assault the central platform, we
         should cause enough of a ruckus to
         allow a small force to break through
         the planetary defenses and lead the
         siege on the capitol. The assault will
         begin in one hour.

         Just how do you intend to cause this
         ruckus, General? I can‟t imagine you
         were totally honest with those

                       GENERAL DUKE
         The Confederates should have Omega and
         Delta Squadrons on hand to defend the
         central platform since it‟s the key to
         the planet‟s defense. They're nothing
         compared to my Alpha Squadron boys, but
         since I lost most of them to the damned
         Zerg over Harkon, we‟ll have to do what
         we can with who we have.

CUT TO: Raynor is strapping himself into a Wraith fighter
when a transmission comes over the console‟s small
         The Zerg have been lured by the Psi
         Emitter's signal and are descending
         upon Antiga Prime. A priority one
         distress call has gone out, and it‟s
         scared them enough that the word Zerg
         even slipped out over open channels.

         When is Kerrigan due back? We could
         really use her on this.

         I‟m expecting a message from her any
         time now, Jim. I‟ll let you know just
         as soon as she checks in.

CUT TO: The base on Harkon is under heavy assault by a
massive Zerg force. Zerglings, Mutalisks and Hydralisks
crash against the structure and its defenses in wave after
wave of scaled hide and sharpened claws. Terran defenders
are slaughtered where they stand, and the few dropships
that try to lift off from the surface are quickly and
ruthlessly destroyed by Mutalisks.

The number of Zerg are beyond counting, their ferocity

CUT TO: Kerrigan is still inside the base. Far in the
background, a steady, rhythmic pounding – much like the
surf crashing against a distant shore – can be made out.
She moves to the control console and, after checking a
series of readouts on its viewscreen, slips on her headset.

         This is Kerrigan. The emitter is fully
         functional and a wave of Zerg has
         advanced on this position. Requesting
         immediate evac.

The room is silent as no immediate response comes through
her headset or the control room speakers. After waiting for
a few moments, she repeats her call.
         Repeat, this is Kerrigan requesting
         immediate evac from Antiga Prime. Do
         you copy, Command?

Another long pause is finally broken by a familiar voice.

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         There won‟t be an evac, Lieutenant.


                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         The time comes in every great leader‟s
         rule when he must make very difficult
         decisions. I‟ve done all I could for
         you and, in return, you have served the
         cause admirably. Our assault on
         Tarsonis has begun and, while our
         chances are good, I needed every ship
         in the fleet here. I know you can
         understand how vital this is.

         You bastard.

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         Your place in the history we are writing
         this day is assured. Terrans throughout
         the ages will speak your name and
         remember what you did for them. I salute
         you, Lieutenant Kerrigan.


         I‟m sorry, Sarah.

         Mengsk? MENGSK!

After a few seconds of getting no reply, she rips the
headset from her head and throws it against the wall,
shattering it into a hundred pieces. As she stands there,
her breathing ragged from the rage she feels at her
betrayal, we again notice the rhythmic thrumming of the
Zerg above.
Louder now.


Much Closer.

For the first time, we see the edges of fear in Kerrigan‟s
eyes as they dart around the control room. A brief moment
comes when she stands on the precipice of panic, but then
she shuts her eyes and breathes deeply – slowly - calming
her mind and senses.

She unslings her weapon and vacantly, almost robotically
checks it over. Her hands move on their own accord,
readying the rifle for the action she knows is about to
come. She silently reaches to her belt and grabs her
goggles, readying them on top of her head.

The crashing sounds have become louder than ever, drowning
out any other source of noise in the room.

Kerrigan presses a button on the control panel and a thick
steel door slides down from the ceiling, closing off the
only entry into the room. As she slides the goggles down
over her eyes, she presses a second button, and the room
goes pitch black. The last image we see is the pale green
light of the goggles imaging the room as the pounding
sounds rise to a metallic, deafening roar.

CUT TO: The bridge of Mengsk‟s flagship. The battle for
Tarsonis plays across the main viewscreen. Dozens of
separate scenes are displayed in a montage of destruction
and the deadly dance of battle. Ships of all sizes and
shapes – from Wraiths to dropships to modified transports –
move through the weightlessness of space with a grace that
is in stark contrast to the devastation and violence that
they wield.

Raynor‟s ship darts in and out of dogfights, taking down an
impressive number of Confederate fighters and support
units. As the battle rages on around him, he keys into the
command channel just in time to hear a disturbing
                    GENERAL DUKE (V.O.)
         This is Duke. The emitters are secured
         and on line.

         Who authorized the use of Psi-Emitters?

A click can be heard as another voice is added to the

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         I did, Jim.

         What? The Confederate base on Antiga
         was bad enough, but now you're going to
         use the Zerg against an entire planet?
         You‟ve got to think this through.

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         I have thought it through. Believe me.


         You have your orders, General. I expect
         them to be carried out immediately.

CUT TO: The bridge of the Protoss carrier Gantrithor.
Tassadar and Fenix stand at the command dais watching a
mass of Zerg move through the cold vacuum of space.

         Again they move.

         Are we to follow, or will we intercept
         their path?

         I feel that our paths are as already as
         one, driving inexorably towards a single

Fenix breaks into a hearty laughter that catches Tassadar
off guard.
         You are always a High Templar, my old
         friend. I speak of battle and you of

         They are often born of the same seed.

The two Protoss watch the screen as Tassadar cocks his
head, ever so slightly.

         The order to cleanse the planet the
         Terrans call Antiga has been given.
         When this duty has been preformed, we
         shall move.

CUT TO: Like a beacon, the combined powers of the Psi
Emitters planted on the central space platform reach out to
the far corners of the Terran Sector, luring billions of
Zerg to the capitol world of Tarsonis.

                     The Zerg Approach

Overrunning the remains of the Confederacy's best defenses,
they proceed to lay waste to the planet‟s major cities and
industrial centers.

CUT TO: Mengsk is seated in the command chair of his
flagship. He is watching footage being broadcast over the
planetary news network on the ship‟s monitors. The images
of destruction caused by the Zerg‟s savage attack against
the areas outlying the capitol are heart-wrenching. The
organic Creep bears silent testament to the spread of the
creature‟s influence.

Mengsk‟s thoughts are interrupted by the computerized voice
of the ship‟s Adjutant.

         Systems are tracking thirty seven Protoss
         warships descending upon Tarsonis.
         Trajectory projections indicate a direct
         course to the primary Zerg Hive.

Mengsk nods to himself, and then opens a channel to Raynor.

         When the Protoss engage the Zerg, we‟ll
         make our final push against the
         capitol. Resistance should be nominal,
         but I‟ll need you to stay vigilant
         against the Protoss should they decide
         to stray from their usual methodology.
         When the Protoss expunge the Zerg from
         Tarsonis, I will be in the perfect
         position to assume the reigns of power.
         The worlds of the Terrans will be
         returned to the people.

CUT TO: Raynor is on the bridge of Schezar‟s small warship.
The viewscreen is filled with the face of Arcturus Mengsk.

         First you threaten every person on this
         world with the Zerg. And now you expect
         me to use that deceit as a way to put
         you in power?

         I knew the Protoss would arrive to
         eliminate this threat, just as they
         have done each time the Zerg have
         advanced. I would never put our people
         in any real danger. The relatively few
         lives that were lost are for the
         greater good of our people – our race.
Raynor‟s face is stoic as Mengsk continues to justify his

                      MENGSK (CONT‟D)
         Jim, you've done very well up to now,
         but remember that we've still got a job
         to do. The seeds of a new Empire have
         been sewn, and if we hope to reap...

         You‟re a madman, Mengsk.

         You can have your righteous indignation,
         but now is not the time cross me, Raynor.
         I've sacrificed too much to let this fall

         You mean like you sacrificed Kerrigan?
         She still hasn‟t returned to the fleet.

                  (changing the subject)
         You have a bad habit of leaving your
         post when the stakes are the highest.
         Do it now and you'll regret it for the
         rest of your life. You don't seem to
         realize my situation here, Jim. I will
         not be stopped. Not by you, or the
         Confederates, or the Protoss - or

Mengsk‟s voice takes on a chilling air.

                      MENGSK (CONT‟D)
         I will rule this sector or see it burnt
         to ashes around me.

The tirade is broken by the computerized voice of the
ship‟s Adjutant.

         The Protoss have commenced their
         assault upon the central Hive. Awaiting
         It‟s time to make a choice, Jim. What
         will it be?

         The Arcturus Mengsk I met was an
         idealistic rebel crusader. Now he's
         about to become an Emperor. It kills me
         to know that I blindly helped you
         achieve your goals of conquest, so
         cleverly cloaked in the trappings of


         To hell with you. I‟m gone.

CUT TO: Mengsk sits silently in his flagship, looking at
the blank viewscreen. As few moments pass, and the silence
is again broken by the computerized voice of the Adjutant.

         Incoming transmission from the Protoss

Mengsk reaches forward and presses a single button. The
massive viewscreen is filled with the alien image of
Tassadar. The voice that speaks to Mengsk comes not from
the ship‟s speakers, but communicates directly to his mind.

         Terran Commander, I am Tassadar, High
         Templar and Praetor of the Protoss heavy
         carrier Gantrithor. We come bearing your
         species no ill will. I have watched your
         struggle with the Zerg and stand ready to
         aid you in removing them from this world.

CUT TO: A news feed from the Universal News Network
dominates the screen. Blazoned across the screen are the

A montage of images plays across the screen accompanied by
the reassuring voice of Arcturus Mengsk.

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         Fellow Terrans. I come to you in the
         wake of recent events to issue a call
         to reason. Let no human deny the perils
         of our time. While we battle one
         another, divided by the petty strife of
         our common history, the tide of greater
         conflict is turning against us,
         threatening to destroy all that we have

A group of Terran Wraiths streak across the screen,
attacking a mass of Zerg Mutalisks.

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         It is time for us, as nations and as
         individuals, to set aside our long-
         standing feuds and unite. The tides of
         an unwinnable war are upon us and we
         must seek refuge on higher ground lest
         we be swept away by the flood.

Hundreds of Zerg float above and run through the streets of
the capitol of Tarsonis, meeting resistance from Terran
Marines, Firebats and Goliath battle mechs.

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         The Confederacy is no more. Whatever
         semblance of unity and protection it
         once provided is a phantom... a memory.
         With our enemies left unchecked, who
         will you turn to for protection?

A group of the small, suicide bombing Zerg smash into the
side of a Terran Battlecruiser. As they impact, the mighty
vessel is rocked by numerous explosions, sending shards of
the ships hull into space.

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         The devastation wrought by the alien
         invaders is self-evident. We have seen
         our homes and villages destroyed by the
         calculated blows of the Protoss. We
         have seen first hand our friends and
         loved ones consumed by the nightmarish
         Zerg. Unprecedented and unimaginable
         though they may be, these are the signs
         of our time.

Images of planets, left charred and barren – first by the
presence of the Zerg, and then by the cleansing of the
Protoss – fill the screen.

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
         The time has come my fellow Terrans to
         rally to a new banner. In unity lies
         strength; already many of the dissident
         factions have joined us. Out of the
         many we shall forge an indivisible
         whole capitulating only to a single
         throne. And from that throne...

The scenes of war and strife cross fade into the stately
image of the capitol building on Tarsonis. The camera
starts a slow pan in on the top of the structure as the
voice over continues.

                       MENGSK (V.O.)
    ...I shall watch over you. From this day forward let
    no human make war upon any other human. Let no Terran
    agency conspire against this new beginning. And to all
    the enemies of humanity, heed this warning and seek
    not to bar our way. For we shall win through, no
    matter the cost.

CUT TO: Jim Raynor stands next to Schezar on the bridge of
the mercenary‟s warship. The last moments of the news feed
holds on a flag displaying the mark of the Sons of Korhal –
the new symbol of Mengsk‟s empire.

                       Schezar’s Ship
Raynor presses a button on the console, and the image
shifts to the empty star field outside the vessel. The
skeleton crew that mans the vessel do not see his eyes,
filled with pain and sorrow as he stares out into the depth
of space.

                      END CREDITS ROLL

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