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Mercy Housing, Inc. - Company Capsule by WMIntelligence


WMI's 'Mercy Housing, Inc. - Company Capsule' contains a company overview, key facts, major products and services and key employees, as well as data on company locations and subsidiaries.

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									Mercy Housing, Inc.


Mercy Housing, Inc.                                                          Key Employees
                                                                             Name                     Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                      Chief Financial Officer,
                                 1999 Broadway, Suite 1000, Denver, 80202,   Brian Shuman
Headquarters Address                                                                                  President
                                 United States of America
                                                                                                      President - Mercy Services
Telephone                        + 1 303 8303300                                                      Corporation, Vice
                                                                             Cheryll O'Bryan
                                                                                                      President - Property
Fax                              + 1 303 8303301                                                      Management
                                                                                                      Vice President - Human
                                                                             Christopher Shott
Website                                                                 Resources
                                                                                                      President - Mercy Housing
                                                                             Cindy M. Holler
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange    N/A                                                                  Lakefront
                                                                                                      President - Mercy Housing
                                                                             Craige Naylor
Number of Employees              127                                                                  Idaho
                                                                                                      President - Intercommunity
                                                                             Cynthia Parker
Fiscal Year End                  December                                                             Mercy Housing
                                                                             Dick Banks               President
Revenue (in US$ million)         N/A
                                                                                                      President - Mercy Housing
                                                                             Eugene P. Walker Jr.
                                                                                                      Senior Vice President -
                                                                             Jane Graf
                                                                                                      Real Estate - West Region
                                                                                                      Vice President -
                                                                             Jeff Truax
                                                                                                      Information Technology

                                                                             Company Overview

                                                                             Mercy Housing, Inc.(Mercy) is involved in
                                                                             developing, operating, and financing housing
                                                                             facilities, based in the US. It offers housing for
                                                                             families, seniors, formerly homeless populations,
                                                                             and individuals with chronic mental illnesses and
                                                                             physical impairments. The company develops
                                                                             various types of housing such as multiunit rental
                                                                             apartments and single family homes, single
                                                                             room occupancy apartments for formerly
                                                                             homeless adults, handicap-accessible units for
                                                                             individuals with physical impairments, and self-
                                                                             help housing programs for families ready for
                                                                             homeownership. Mercy also provides finance to
                                                                             not-for-profit      developers.      Mercy      is
                                                                             headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the US.

                                                                             Key Competitors
                                                                             Catamount Constructors Inc.

                                                                             Lauten Construction Company

                                                                             The Grant Company Inc


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Mercy Housing, Inc.

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