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									Burges Salmon


Burges Salmon                                                                 Key Employees
                                                                              Name                     Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                       Director - Development
                                  One Glass Wharf, Bristol, BS2 0ZX, United   Colette Bewley
Headquarters Address                                                                                   and Innovation
                                                                                                       Director - Environmental
                                                                              Nigel Campbell
Telephone                         + 44 117 9392000                                                     Projects
                                                                              Suzanne Tarplee          Director - Transport
Fax                               + 44 117 9024400

                                                                              Tim Heywood              Director
Website                           www.burges-salmon.com

Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange     N/A
                                                                              Company Overview
Number of Employees               650
                                                                              Burges Salmon is a legal advisory service
Fiscal Year End                   December
                                                                              providing company, primarily focused in the
                                                                              areas of construction and real estate, including
Revenue (in US$ million)          N/A
                                                                              construction and engineering procurement
                                                                              advice, dispute resolution, litigation, advice on
                                                                              procurement strategy and delivery, contract
                                                                              structure and terms and associated documents
                                                                              and document drafting. The company offers
                                                                              range of risk management services from a
                                                                              complete due diligence business health check to
                                                                              the review of a specific problem project. It also
                                                                              provides advisory services to other sectors,
                                                                              including aerospace and defense, agriculture,
                                                                              charities and social enterprise, energy and
                                                                              utilities, financial services and products, food
                                                                              and drink, industrial, logistics and transport. The
                                                                              company operates internationally in alliance with
                                                                              several partners in Eastern Europe, the Middle
                                                                              East, Asia and the Far East. Burges Salmon is
                                                                              headquartered at Bristol, UK.

                                                                              Key Competitors
                                                                              Chamber & Partners

                                                                              DLA Piper

                                                                              Madaan & Co.


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Burges Salmon

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