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									Chadbourne & Parke LLP


Chadbourne & Parke LLP                                                        Key Employees
                                                                              Name                     Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                       Director - International
                                30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, 10112,   Anita Jeppesen
Headquarters Address                                                                                   Administration
                                United States of America
                                                                              Curt Cunningham          Chief Information Officer
Telephone                       + 1 212 4085100

                                                                              Hal M. Stewart           Chief Operating Officer
Fax                             + 1 212 5415369

                                                                              Karen H. Eisen           Director - Legal Personnel
                                                                                                       Director - Lateral Partner
                                                                              Laurie Mallach
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange   N/A                                                                    Recruitment
                                                                              Lillian Arcuri           Director - Library Services
Number of Employees             650

                                                                              Lisa Palestine           Chief Financial Officer
Fiscal Year End                 December
                                                                                                       Director - Operations and
                                                                              Nancy Gray
Revenue (in US$ million)        N/A                                                                    Administration
                                                                              Nora Shearer             Director - Marketing

                                                                              Company Overview

                                                                              Chadbourne & Parke LLP (Chadbourne &
                                                                              Parke) is a legal and advisory firm, primarily
                                                                              provides litigation, dispute resolution and
                                                                              arbitration services for real estate sector. The
                                                                              company also provides tax advisory services.
                                                                              Chadbourne & Parke provides its services for
                                                                              bio-fuels,     communications,       media    and
                                                                              technology, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals,
                                                                              alternative     energy,      renewable     energy,
                                                                              infrastructure, energy and natural resources,
                                                                              and transportation sectors. The company,
                                                                              through The Door Legal Services Center offers
                                                                              counseling and advocacy services in civil
                                                                              matters, including family law issues involving
                                                                              paternity, child support, divorce, domestic
                                                                              violence, child custody and visitation rights;
                                                                              juvenile    matters     including    emancipation,
                                                                              immigration issues for undocumented clients;
                                                                              employment issues, such as unpaid wages; and
                                                                              issues in handling difficulties at school and with
                                                                              the police. It operates across the globe, with its
                                                                              offices in Europe, North America, Russia and
                                                                              the     Commonwealth        Independent    States.
                                                                              Chadbourne & Parke LLP is headquartered at
                                                                              New York, US.

                                                                              Key Competitors
                                                                              Ball Janik LLP

                                                                              Bicknell Law Offices

                                                                              Lang & Baker, PLC

                                                                              McKenna & Cuneo LLP


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Chadbourne & Parke LLP

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