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									                                                                     PolyData Table Definition

                                                                       Describe your table here:

Table Name                       sf_item_type_tb

Date last modified               6/25/2007

Data Steward                     Judy Holloway

Data Steward's email address     jhollowa@calpoly.edu
Data Source (may be multiple
sources)                         Peoplesoft table ps_item_type_tbl

Frequency of data refresh        Yearly snapshot of data on date specified by Student Financial group

Term and/or schedule of change n/a

History, or Archive table name
and frequency of archive         sf_item_type_tb will contain history / snapshot annually
General description of data
population                       Student Financials Item Type table detail
Population selection criteria
(specific business rules for
inclusion in table)              All data included
                                                                  Describe each field in the table:
                                                Type (e.g., integer,
                                                floating point,                                                                                          Range (acceptable
                                 Derived field? Boolean, alpha-                                                                    Format (data          range of valid      Business rule (rules that
Field name                       (Y,N)          numeric)                 Description (full text description of the data element)   presentation rules)   values)             govern the data element)    Source (table or field name of data source)
setid                            n              varchar2(5)              SetID                                                     n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.setid
item_type                        n              varchar2(12)             Item Type                                                 n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.item_type
effdt                            n              date                     Effective Date                                            n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.effdt
eff_status                       n              varchar2(1)              Status as of Effective Date                               n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.eff_status
descr                            n              varchar2(30)             Description                                               n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.descr
descrshort                       n              varchar2(10)             Short Description                                         n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.descrshort
currency_cd                      n              varchar2(3)              Currency Code                                             n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.currency_cd
minimum_amt                      n              number(16,2)             Minimum Amount                                            n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.minimum_amt
maximum_amt                      n              number(16,2)             Maximum Amount                                            n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.maximum_amt
item_type_cd                     n              varchar2(1)              Item Type Code                                            n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.item_type_cd
security_group                   n              varchar2(8)              Security Group                                            n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.security_group
adjustment_cal_sf                n              varchar2(8)              Adjustment Calendar                                       n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.adjustment_cal_sf
payment_terms                    n              varchar2(8)              Payment Terms                                             n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.payment_terms
payment_priority                 n              varchar2(8)              Payment Priority                                          n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.payment_priority
charge_priority                  n              varchar2(8)              Charge Priority List                                      n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.charge_priority
encumbrance_days                 n              number                   Days to Encumber                                          n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.encumbrance_days
encumbrance_pct                  n              number(9,6)              Encumbrance Pct                                           n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.encumbrance_pct
state_flag                       n              varchar2(1)              State                                                     n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.state_flag
tender_spec                      n              varchar2(1)              Tender Specific                                           n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.tender_spec
tender_category                  n              varchar2(3)              Tender Category                                           n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.tender_category
all_or_none                      n              varchar2(1)              Pay All or None                                           n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.all_or_none
enrol_flag                       n              varchar2(1)              Enrolled Flag                                             n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.enrol_flag
keyword1                         n              varchar2(10)             Key Word                                                  n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.keyword1
keyword2                         n              varchar2(10)             Key Word 2                                                n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.keyword2
keyword3                         n              varchar2(10)             Key Word 3                                                n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.keyword3
days_since_effdt                 n              number                   Days Past Since Effdt                                     n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.days_since_effdt
days_to_effdt                    n              number                   Days to Effdt                                             n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.days_to_effdt
duedays_past_effdt               n              number                   Nbr of Days Past Effdt                                    n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.duedays_past_effdt
duedays_prior_effd               n              number                   Nbr of Days Before Effdt                                  n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.duedays_prior_effd
term_enroll_req                  n              varchar2(1)              Appropriate Term Enroll Req                               n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.term_enroll_req
refundable_ind                   n              varchar2(1)              Refundable Indicator                                      n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.refundable_ind
erncd                            n              varchar2(3)              Earnings Code                                             n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.erncd
taxable_y_n                      n              varchar2(1)              Taxable                                                   n/a                   n/a                 n/a                         ps_item_type_tbl.taxable_y_n

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                                               Type (e.g., integer,
                                               floating point,                                                                                        Range (acceptable
                              Derived field?   Boolean, alpha-                                                                  Format (data          range of valid      Business rule (rules that
Field name                    (Y,N)            numeric)               Description (full text description of the data element)   presentation rules)   values)             govern the data element)       Source (table or field name of data source)
tuition_deposit               n                varchar2(1)            Tuition Deposit                                           n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.tuition_deposit
gl_interface_req              n                varchar2(1)            GL Interface Required                                     n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.gl_interface_req
default_amt                   n                number(16,2)           Default Amount                                            n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.default_amt
erncd_notax                   n                varchar2(3)            Earnings Code Non Taxable                                 n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.erncd_notax
recvable_from_chrg            n                varchar2(1)            Pick up Receivable from Charge                            n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.recvable_from_chrg
priority                      n                number                 Priority                                                  n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.priority
priority_pmt_flg              n                varchar2(1)            Payment Priority Flag                                     n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.priority_pmt_flg
nra_credit_tax_flg            n                varchar2(1)            NRA Tax Payment Flag                                      n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.nra_credit_tax_flg
nra_debit_tax_flg             n                varchar2(1)            NRA Tax Type                                              n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.nra_debit_tax_flg
match_writeoff                n                varchar2(1)            Match Charge Write-Offs                                   n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.match_writeoff
local_tax_offset              n                varchar2(1)            Local Tax Offset                                          n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.local_tax_offset
local_tax_pmt                 n                varchar2(1)            Local Tax Payment                                         n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.local_tax_pmt
state_tax_offset              n                varchar2(1)            State Tax Offset                                          n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.state_tax_offset
state_tax_pmt                 n                varchar2(1)            State Tax Payment                                         n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.state_tax_pmt
gl_crse_class_spc             n                varchar2(1)            Course Class Specific                                     n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.gl_crse_class_spc
tax_cd                        n                varchar2(8)            Tax Code                                                  n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.tax_cd
t4_income                     n                varchar2(1)            T4A Income                                                n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.t4_income
wage_loss_plan                n                varchar2(3)            Wage Loss Replacement Plan                                n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.wage_loss_plan
t2202a_flg                    n                varchar2(1)            T2202A Eligible                                           n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.t2202a_flg
t2202a_pct                    n                number(5,3)            T2202A Percent                                            n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.t2202a_pct
t2202a_offset_flg             n                varchar2(1)            T2202A Offset                                             n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.t2202a_offset_flg
pay_priority_id               n                varchar2(8)            Payment Overall Priority                                  n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.pay_priority_id
acctg_dt_cntl                 n                varchar2(1)            Accounting Date Control                                   n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.acctg_dt_cntl
sf_1098_flg                   n                varchar2(1)            1098-T Eligible                                           n/a                   n/a                 n/a                            ps_item_type_tbl.sf_1098_flg

                                                                                                                                                                          year portion of sysdate if date
                                                                                                                                                                          is > June 30th, otherwise year
snapshot_year                 y                varchar2(4)            Fiscal year data populated for                            yyyy                  n/a                 portion of sysdate - 1          sysdate
maint_dt                      y                date                   Date table populated                                      mm/dd/yyyy            n/a                 trunc(sysdate)                  sysdate
maint_time                    y                varchar2(5)            Time of day table populated                               hh24:mi               n/a                 time portion of sysdate         sysdate

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