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We are an interactive marketing and communications
division of 4CTechnologies that helps clients and
potential clients achieve their creative goals through
consultative technologies. We also work closely with
our sister division, 4CGeoWorks, to support GIS and
mapping initiatives with graphic and web solutions.
Core Design Capabilities
   Branding/Identity Development    Logos, Slogans, Stationary, eTags, Style Guides and Standards

                                    Website Development, Web 2.0, Content Management, Hosting Services, Portal, Search
   Website Solutions
                                    Engine Optimization, RSS Feeds, Blogs and Social Media

                                    Flash Development, Video Production, Multi-Media Presentations, Client Outreach,
   Electronic Marketing
                                    Advertising, Newsletters, 3D Graphics and Animation, Webmercials

   Research/Response                Multi-Touch Campaigns, On-Line Surveys, PURL Programs

                                    Event Planning, Promotional Activities, Seminars
   Campaign Management
                                    and Grand Openings, Electronic RSVPs, Fundraising

Traditional Marketing

● Business and Marketing Plans      ● Collateral Materials                          ● PR/Press Contact
● Organizational Charts             ● Proposal Writing and Production               ● Publications and Distribution
● Mission/Vision Statements         ● Powerpoint/Client Presentations               ● Articles/Reproduction
● SWOT Analysis                     ● Post Proposal Analysis                        ● Contract/New Hire Press Releases
● Management Succession Plans       ● Secret Shoppers                               ● Professional Biographies
● Research/Awareness Studies        ● Award/Recognition Entries                     ● Speakers Bureau and Speech Writing
                                    ● Sales Performance/Tracking                    ● Ghost Writing for Publications
INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS/HR          ● Print, TV and Radio Advertising
● Company Newsletters               ● Video Presentations
● Incentive/Awards Programs         ● Telemarketing and Script Writing
● Employee Handbook                 ● Custom Photography
● Training and Career Development   ● Direct Mail
                                    ● Questionnaires and Surveys
                                    ● Client Newsletter/Letters
                                    ● Client Retention Programs
                 Approach to Your Growth

As the business climate changes and the
outsourcing of many services becomes
a necessity to keep costs down and stay
competitive, we want to be there to support you.
This is the main reason why 4CTechnologies
established 4CDesignWorks in 2005.

This professional creative services group
provides practical design solutions to enable
companies to elevate performance and growth.
How do they accomplish this? By defining,
developing and leveraging your planning,
identity, interactive and marketing strategies.
All of these strategies are developed in line
with CARE™. CARE™ not only signifies our
commitment to your success, but also stands
for Consulting, Analyzing, Recommending and
Ensuring. Throughout the life cycle of your
project, you will receive a recommended course
of action, as well as support documentation
and detailed updates.

4CDesignWorks has the experience, talent
and professionalism to manage all - or
a portion of - your growth initiatives. By
collaborating with you and your team, they will
assist in developing a unique marketing and
communications strategy designed specifically
to align with your business requirements.

All successful companies in the world have one thing
in common, a good brand. With a strong, appealing
logo, a professional identity package, and a well
directed marketing campaign, the sky is the limit.
                                                                                                    Branding/Identity Development

BABB, Inc. - Includes logo design, website and benefits portal creation, business cards and several web-based portal systems.   5
                                                                            Branding/Identity Development

Waldec Homes - Includes logo design, website creation and business cards.                              6
                                                                                     Branding/Identity Development

SummerHill - Includes logo design, website creation and various print advertising materials.                    7
                                                                                               Branding/Identity Development

Lindy Paving Inc. - SealMaster - Joint Identity, stationary package, brochure, folder, and website holding page.          8
                                                                                                  Branding/Identity Development

Timeless Expressions - Includes website design, logo creation, business cards, and various print advertising materials.      9
                                                                                                          Branding/Identity Development

SetPoint Sports+Fitness - Includes logo design, custom eCommerce website creation, business cards, packaging and various print materials.   10
Web Solutions

A website or a web-based application has become
vital to the commercial and industrial world. The
ability to reach your clients and potential custom-
ers online has skyrocketed over the past years. At
4CDesignWorks, we have the talent and skills to
give your business the web presence it deserves.
                                                                                                                        Web Solutions

Donatelli Family of Businesses - Includes website creation, content management for Fred Donatelli Cemetery Memorials,              12
                 Pittsburgh Cremation Service and Oakcrest Pet Crematory, and business card design.
                                                                                                         Web Solutions

GC Group LLC - Includes website creation and custom graphic illustration as well as e-Mail Newsletter.              13
                                                                         Web Solutions

Tracy Co. - Includes website creation and custom graphic illustration.              14
                                                                                                                  Web Solutions

Aqua Filter Fresh Inc. - Corporate website and eCommerce site design, copy writing and Flash animated fact area              15
                                                                                                                                            Web Solutions

PittOhio Express - Wellness Portal - Includes custom health benefits portal reflecting the “look and feel” of existing company marketing materials.    16
                                                                                                     Web Solutions

Penn Line - Corporate Website featuring an Employment application area, allowing users to apply on-line.             17
                                                                                                                                            Web Solutions

BAMS - Well Advised - Includes name creation and custom workers comp related portal system to compliment the “look and feel” of their existing website.   18
                                                                                  Web Solutions

CertaPro Painters - Portal Access Theme - for business development utilization.              19
                                                                        Web Solutions

Lindy Paving Inc. - Look Ahead Calendar - Web enabled calendar system              20
                                                               Web Solutions

eLoop llc - Corporate website, as well as e-Mail Newsletter.              21

4CDesignWorks has the knowledge and experience
to create a custom marketing program that “hits
home” with your target market. Interactive presen-
tations, newsletters, collateral materials and market
research are just the beginning. Let us take you to
the top of your league.

Retail Financial Solutions - Pro Bono Powerpoint presentation, presentation materials and copy writing.          23

Universal Aggregates LLC - Includes website creation, market planning, interactive demo with custom artwork and packaging.          24

PJ Dick, Trumbull and Lindy - Complete marketing program. Includes website creation, internal brochures, newsletters and several print advertising materials.   25

NSS Life - Layouts and mock up concepts for new website          26

Logoline - Includes promotional planning, supplier management and eCommerce website creation.          27

4CTechnologies REITs Campaign - e-Mail teasers - Copy writing and graphics for Web Splash Page with PDF download          28

NGE Environmental & Geotechnical Engineering Solutions - Corporate website and display booth graphics.          29

Franklin Regional Boosters - Various printed brochures featuring boys and girls sports team.          30

Looking for a more direct way to reach and survey
your customers? With our custom survey system
and personalized URL and direct mail programs,
you will get the answers you need to drive business,
develop products or get input on customer service.

GC Group Interactive - Potential client survey program for prospective new business venture.                  32

MSLDirect - PURL multi-touch survey involving creative development of the campaign postcard and the survey landing pages.        33

ASK First - Electronic Survey Engine UI and Branding                  34
Campaign Management

At 4CDesignWorks, we have the talent and experi-
ence to bring your next campaign to life! If you are
hosting an event, considering a new campaign or sim-
ply looking to jump start your business, look no further
then 4CDesignWorks.
                                                                                                            Campaign Management

Vox Mobile BlackBerry Event - Includes event management, directional signage, event invitations, name tags, and notepads.    36
                                                                                               Campaign Management

4CTechnologies Lotusphere Comes to You 2007 - Includes event planning and management, invitations,              37
                 e-Mail blasts, handouts, name tags, web registration and notepads.
                                                                                                                      Campaign Management

4CTechnologies Lotusphere Comes to You 2008 - Includes event planning and management, invitations, e-Mail blasts and web registration to date.   38
                                                                                                                 Campaign Management

FSG Grand Opening Event - Includes event planning and management, invitation, powerpoint slides, name badges and capabilities piece.   39
                                                                                          Campaign Management

4CTechnologies CommonStore e-Mail Archiving Seminar - Includes event planning and                          40
management, e-Mail blasts, handouts, name tags, Powerpoint slides and web registration.
                                                                                     Campaign Management

4CTechnologies OnBoard ‘09 Lotusphere Comes to You 2009 - Event planning and                          41
   management, e-Mail blasts and tags, hardcopy invitations, and web registration.
             Contact Us Today!
If you are interested in any of our interactive marketing
and communication services, don’t hesitate to give us a
call today!

John Riley         President             412.871.7172
Kathy Olek         Managing Consultant      412.871.7123
Stephanie Davis    Marketing Assistant     412.871.7104
Joshua Schmitt     Creative Lead   412.871.7121
Catherine Wenger   Graphic Designer    412.871.7124

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