OHL ZS, a.s. : Company Profile and SWOT Analysis

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					OHL ZS, a.s.


OHL ZS, a.s.                                                                       Key Employees
                                                                                   Name                           Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                                  Member - Supervisory
                                      Buresova 938 / 17, Brno-Center, Other, 660   Arturo Agullo Jaramillo
Headquarters Address                                                                                              Board
                                      02,Czech Republic
                                                                                   Carmen             Escribano
Telephone                             + 420 514 571111                             Guzman
                                                                                                             Chairperson - Supervisory
                                                                                   Francisco Marin Andres
Fax                                   + 420 541 212166                                                       Board
                                                                                                             Member - Supervisory
                                                                                   Ignacio Martenez Esteban
Website                               www.ohlzs.cz                                                           Board
                                                                                                             Director - Marketing and
                                                                                   Jan Komarek
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange         N/A                                                                    Sales
                                                                                                             Member - Supervisory
                                                                                   Jaroslav Sandr
Number of Employees                   1,590                                                                  Board
                                                                                   Javier Luis Rodriguez del
Fiscal Year End                       December                                     Val
                                                                                                             Member - Supervisory
                                                                                   Jiri Cenek
Revenue (in US$ million)              470                                                                    Board
                                                                                   Manuel Viciana Pedrosa         Vice Chairperson
                                                                                                                  Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                                   Michal Stefl

SWOT Analysis
                                                                                   Company Overview
Strengths                             Weaknesses
                                                                                   OHL ZS, a.s. (OHL) is a construction and
                                      Overdependence on the Czech
Diversified business operations                                                    engineering company based in the Czech
                                      Republic market
                                                                                   Republic. The company offers specialized
Focus on research and development                                                  construction       projects,       modernization,
                                                                                   reconstruction and maintenance. The company
Focus towards quality, environment,                                                offers these services across several sectors
health and safety                                                                  including transport, railway, road and motorway
                                                                                   construction; water-management and ecological
Opportunities                         Threats                                      construction; civil engineering and power
Growing construction expenditure in                                                engineering     construction;     and    surface
                                      Significant skills shortage in Europe        construction and underground engineering. The
                                                                                   company also offers operation, maintenance,
Positive outlook of construction
                                      Stringent regulations                        and leasing of various road and railroad
industry in Bulgaria
                                                                                   machinery; repairs of motor vehicles, small-
Trans-European Transport Networks                                                  scale construction machinery. Furthermore, the
                                                                                   company develops and implements electrical
                                                                                   technologies, electric management systems and
                                                                                   electric assembly works. The company
                                                                                   principally operates in the Czech
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