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									 *Awesome Activities*
                            September 26-30

                   Reading Calendars:

Please make sure your child is reading at least 15
minutes each night and that you are recording the
number of minutes read on your reading calendar. This
is part of your child’s reading grade. Send completed
September calendars to school by Tuesday, Oct. 4th.
We will not accept October reading calendars after

            Math                                 Upcoming Events!

Chapter 4: Place Value and          -September 27th - PICTURE DAY!
numbers to 100- Ordinal             -Nov. 1st, 3rd and 10th conferences-more
numbers, Comparing numbers:         information on the way.
greater than, less than and         -PTA Fundraiser Orders Due-Sept. 26th
equal to, rounding to nearest 10,   Delivery- Oct. 17th Pick up at the Middle
and ordering numbers greatest       School from 2-6pm
to least.                           -District Wide Open House 10/4/2011 from
                                    1-7pm; come check out our schools.
    Special Announcements

**Milk Money: don’t forget to                        Reading
turn in your $31
**Classroom party money:            Reading Story: Why Does the Moon Take
please bring in your $5 if you             Shape? and The Missing Moon Mystery
haven’t done so already.            Skill: Asking questions while reading
** Collection Items: Here are       Spelling/Phonics: List 3-1 -eed, -ea, -eat
some items we collect               Grammar: Telling and asking sentences with
throughout the year, which help             end punctuation
our school. Please send any of                     Other Information
these items as you have them
throughout the year. *General       Unit: Science- Force and Motion
Mills Box Tops, *Pop Tabs,          Word for the Week: Dependability
*Campbell’s Soup Labels, *Used      Snacks: Keaton and Carver-please provide
ink cartridges, *Old cell phone     2 kinds of snacks for 24 students thanks!
batteries.                          Email:

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