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									SMA RT S HELTER

Smart Shelter is an outdoor transit shelter that integrates Landscape Forms
Kaleidoscope ® canopy and structure with solar powered lighting and advanced
light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Smart Shelter’s combination of high-design
structure and cutting edge solar lighting is unique in the industry.

Smart Shelter was developed in response to customer requests for an illuminated
transportation shelter requiring no external power that could reliably meet the tough
demands of urban environments. It is a rugged, durable, cost-effective and low mainte-
nance solution for cities and transit agencies that enhances safety, security and service.

Safety                                 Security                             Service

Smart Shelter supports public          Smart Shelter lights continue to     Smart Shelter increases passen-
safety during nighttime hours.         function even in power emer-         ger visibility for transit operators,
People using the shelter can see       gencies. The level of light in the   reducing rider pass-bys, a major
curbs and pavement for safer           occupied shelter enables waiting     transit system complaint. It enables
footing. Dark corners are illumi-      riders to see the faces of other     occupants to read a paper while
nated, enabling users to see who       people — a key factor in measures    waiting for their ride. Well-lit shelters
is in the shelter before they enter.   of comfort and security.             reinforce the image of transit sys-
Continuous low-level lighting                                               tems as customer friendly.
reduces loitering and vandalism.

Smart Shelter is a self-contained system. The canopy is supported by a strong steel structure and
fitted outside with a solar engine consisting of solar panel, battery-pack and power management
microprocessor. Thin, low profile solar panels are neatly integrated into the canopy, avoiding the
visual clutter associated with some solar technology. Under the canopy, light fixtures illuminated by
high-intensity LEDs provide dusk to dawn lighting. Because it requires no external power, Smart
Shelter eliminates disruptions in service and the trenching and installation costs associated with
hardwiring. Smart Shelter lighting is designed to operate with no scheduled maintenance for up to 5
years, after which the battery packs can be replaced and recycled.
The Benefits of Being Smart:                                          Specifications:

• Smart Shelter is solar powered. It is environmentally respon-       Support Posts                    structural steel
  sible in its reliance on sustainable energy. The absence of
                                                                      Canopy                           aluminum extrusion frames
  hardwiring saves on installation, maintenance and energy
                                                                                                       perforated metal panels
  costs. The use of a renewable energy resource enhances the
  profile of public transportation as a sustainable enterprise.       Metal Finish                     Pangard II® Powdercoat
                                                                                                       Standard, optional and custom
• Smart Shelter is off the grid. In case of power emergencies
                                                                                                       colors available
  due to natural or man-made causes, it continues to provide light.
                                                                      Mounting                         Anchor bolted to engineered footings
• Smart Shelter is intelligent. Microprocessor technology
  automatically turns lights on at dusk and off at dawn.              Illuminated Area                 ~1.5 m x 3 m (may vary by geographic
                                                                                                       and operating conditions)
• Smart Shelter is efficient. LED lamps are powered by silicon
  chips which require a much smaller electrical charge than           Illumination Level (all night)   1.0 foot candle at seat level (10 lux)
  incandescent bulbs, and waste almost no energy through
                                                                      Output Color                     Bright, warm white light source
  heat dissipation. And high-intensity LEDs have a life of 100,000
                                                                                                       (3,700º K)
  hours. As a result, they are 100 times as efficient at producing
  light as incandescent bulbs and last about 20 times longer.         Illumination technology          High-brightness LEDs

• Smart Shelter is state of the art. It integrates solar powered      Lifespan of LEDs                 100,000 hours
  LED lighting developed for commercial navigation where
                                                                      Luminaire dimensions             115mm square
  durability and reliability are the bottom line. The crystalline
  solar panel has been tested under extreme environmental             Solar Panel                      (2) Flexible, triple-junction-silicon solar
  conditions and is up to 14% more efficient than solar panels                                         cells (40 watt total) protected with UV
  used in consumer products. These lights are used by the                                              stabilized polymers
  US armed forces and in industrial/commercial applications,
                                                                      Battery                          (3) 12 Volt 18 AH sealed valve
  including buoys, piers, wharves and aquaculture facilities,
                                                                                                       regulated lead acid with spill proof
  around the world.
• Smart Shelter is environmentally healthy. Light color mimics                                         Fully recyclable
  natural moon light, avoiding blue light health hazards, and is
                                                                      Power Management                 Advanced solar lighting controller
  directed to avoid light pollution.
                                                                                                       detects day and night using the PV
                                                                                                       array and protects batteries through

How Smart Shelter Works:                                                                               battery compensation and LVD (low
                                                                                                       voltage disconnect)

The solar panel collects energy from the sun and converts it to       Minimum Autonomy                 5 nights based on 10 hours of
electrical current. Energy is stored in (3) fully recyclable valve                                     activation per night with no additional
regulated lead-acid batteries that provides a large energy                                             solar charging
capacity for its size and delivers extremely reliable power output
over a long period of time. (expected battery life is five years)     Operating Temperature Range      -30º F to 122º F

The solar system begins charging at dawn and discharging              Latitude Range                   50º S to 50º N
at dusk when the light automatically goes on. Microprocessor
technology ensures that the light will turn on at the same time
under the same light conditions.

Smart Shelter requires adequate sunlight and suitable
ambient temperature to function effectively. It is a viable
solution for areas with an average of at least 3 hours or more
sunlight per day year round, at latitudes within 55º North or
South, and at a temperature range of –30º F to 122º F. Care
must be taken in the placement of shelters. Even in sunny
locations the light will not function if the shelter canopy is in
the shade for most of the day. Smart Shelter will provide a
minimum of five nights of lighting from a fully charged battery.

Smart Shelter is a Landscape Forms product that meets
the company’s stringent standards of quality, durability
and performance. It is covered by the Landscape Forms
three-year warranty. Batteries are replaceable and can be
recycled locally. Contact Landscape Forms for replacement
and recycling information.

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