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									                                           SPEKTRUM NEWS
                                                                                                                                                      9 / 2004

Major innovations in Outdoor Advertising
Although most people take their vacations at the end of July and the beginning of August, and business is usually
slow, we were very busy at Atelier Spektrum, as all our departments participated jointly in an advertising project
for Česká spořitelna, starting with graphic designers working on the creative design and fine-tuning the data for
the printer, to the printing office and the business department, which administrated the project, to the production
department, which was charged with the installation, logistics support and technical coordination of the project.
We would like to inform you of the results of our efforts in this issue of the News, and we hope that it will inspire
you in your future projects.

CORPORATE BUILDING AS A MEDIUM                     production and installation of standard
As part of building and strengthening its          mesh on the side wall of Česká pojišťovna’s       It is very interesting to know
brand’s position and to communicate the core       headquarters, which are located in Pankrác        that at 1,700 m2, the printed
claim of the entire company, “We Protect Your      in Prague. After examining the construction       area equals that of 139
Dreams”, Česká pojišťovna decided to use its       documentation and the nature of the material
buildings and branch offices as a medium for       that was used to encase the entire building,
                                                                                                     billboards. Renting this number
an extensive outdoor campaign. In view of its      Atelier Spektrum prepared a completely new        of billboards for 3 years, which
long-term experience with similar projects,        and untraditional design, making it possible to   is the planned installation
Atelier Spektrum was selected as a turn-key        use the entire exterior surface of the building   duration, would cost more than
supplier of the complete solution for the entire   for the outdoor project, thus transforming it     25 million crowns.
campaign.                                          into a true “flagship” of the corporation.        Calculated for the Euro billboard format at CZK 5,000/month.
One of the first projects was to be the            In order to give the customer a clear idea of
 Visualizing is a standard part of such projects. To allow the management to have a clear idea how the entire building would look after completing
 the project, the Atelier Spektrum graphic studio embedded selected design alternatives in real pictures.

how the building would look after the project
completion, we of course used visualizing
                                                     WHEN THE WINDOW FOIL HAS BEEN APPLIED, THE VISIBILITY
tools. For this purpose, our studio first            FROM THE WINDOW REMAINS EXCELLENT EVEN THROUGH
created several graphic design alternatives,         PRINTED AREAS. IN THE HOT SUMMER MONTHS, THE FOIL ALSO
and these were then carefully embedded in            WORKS AS A SUNSHADE.
real photographs. Together with Ing. Gergana
Sotirova, Director of Marketing Support,                                        BEFORE APPLYING THE WINDOW FOIL
several draft design plans were created and
then presented to the ČP management for

Since the building is encased with smooth
aluminum boards with eloxy finish, we could
use self-adhesive PVC foil with a glossy
finish and a permanent adhesive layer. The
foil was printed on an NUR Blueboard HiQ
inkjet machine, and to increase its resistance
to weather effects and UV rays, a protective
laminated layer was added. This set was
provided with a 3-year warranty. A special
perforated PVC foil had to be used for the
west glass wall of the building. With this foil
we could adhere the segments to windows
                                                                                AFTER APPLYING THE WINDOW FOIL
with any motif printed, while maintaining
good visibility of the outside from the offices.
This foil was also produced with protective
lamination, and the whole set was again
supplied by Atelier Spektrum with a warranty
of 3 years.

Once the final graphic design was approved,
we had to measure accurately the dimensions
of the areas to be covered and procure all the
necessary permits and prepare printing data;        WINDOW FOIL DETAIL
only then could the production start. In order
to observe the production procedure and to
optimize each phase of the entire project, the
whole job was printed in phases. The printing
 A proper technological procedure during installation requires perfect surface preparation.

time alone totaled 72 hours. The finishing        began at 4 a.m. Although the foils are
work (lamination, cutting, preparing the          highly heat-resistant and stable in shape, it
installation) took around 90 hours in total.      was impossible to apply them on sizzling
Over 1,700 m2 of printed foils were installed     aluminum boards exposed to direct sunlight.
by two teams over 21 days, whereby they           Below is a statement on the entire project
worked from elevated platforms at heights         which Atelier Spektrum delivered to Česká
of up to 20 m. Due to high temperatures           pojišťovna on a full turn-key basis, from Ing.
in the afternoon, when the temperature in         Miroslav Řezník, Marketing Director at ČP.
the shade exceeded 30°C, the work mostly

    “This year we planned to increase our presentation intensity and our market share in cities, approach the urban population more
    aggressively and closely in bigger cities. For three years we have virtually disregarded the classic outdoor campaigns, and we
    have been involved mostly in special projects. And this was the case with the idea to enliven our building in Pankrác, although
    the original idea was a classic advertising banner. In this respect we contacted Atelier Spektrum and were very pleased with the
    attractive and untraditional proposal they presented to us. Of course, installing motifs on the headquarters required the approval
    of the Česká pojišťovna shareholder, the PPF Group, which also has its registered office in the building. The entire project was

    perfectly implemented and the foils were applied to the building under virtually normal operating conditions, with no restrictions
    or complications.”
                                                                              Ing. Miroslav Řezník, Marketing Director of ČP
How do you make a giant 261 m2 backlit board with no visible seams? One of the largest French companies
specializing in the development of outdoor advertising media approached Atelier Spektrum with this demanding task
in order to provide a new advanced product to its French and international customers. Atelier Spektrum responded
by designing a new unique solution, which immediately won us new clients such as the Suite Hotel Chain from the
Accord Hotels Group, Euroequipment and Toyota, with an average campaign duration of six weeks.

                                                                  Unique technological solution designed by
                                                                  Atelier Spektrum
                                                                  The print width of even the most technologically
                                                                  advanced large-format printers is limited to 5
                                                                  meters. For large lightboxes and billboards, it
                                                                  is therefore necessary to weld the individual
                                                                  printed sheets. However, the standard welding
                                                                  method brings about the problem of visible and
                                                                  rather distracting seams. Thanks to the unique
                                                                  technological solution developed and designed
                                                                  by Atelier Spektrum, we can now create seamless
                                                                  lightboxes that are not limited by the print width
                                                                  in any way. And since it is the quality of the
                                                                  advertising space rather than the quantity which
                                                                  makes the difference in the final impact of the
                                                                  advertised product, we believe that it is just a
                                                                  matter of time before we start seeing similar giant
                                                                  lightboxes in the Czech Republic as well.
 The first lightbox from the new product range is located in Paris, in the Saint Denis neighbourhood, just above a major highway intersection.
 Installed on a corner building, it is perfectly visible from a long distance.

DOUBLE-SIDED PRINTING                           installation. Since the surface area of the      to fit around the corner of the building, i.e.
In this demanding project, we applied           board is composed of several 5-metre-            in the form of a horizontal arc. At the same
not just one, but two state-of-the-art          wide strips, the standard joining method         time, the client requested that the lighting
technologies. In order to achieve maximum       would result in distracting seams. This          equipment of the backlit board be installed
colour density and precision of the backlit     is why Atelier Spektrum developed a new          inside the board, i.e. curved in a vertical
motif, we used very exacting double-sided       method, whereby the individual strips are        direction as well. In order to achieve the
printing technology. After printing the front   not installed in layers, but rather juxtaposed   required shape, the backlit area had to be
side of the medium, we printed the mirror       and welded with special reinforced               welded from strips of different widths and
image of the motif on the back side using       transparent PVC tape. The entire surface is      reinforced at particular stress points, while
80% of the front-side image density. This       subsequently equipped with plastic eyelets       preserving the seamless appearance of the
method requires exceptional printing            along the medium perimeter.                      medium.
precision, which can be achieved only by        In addition to the perfect appearance of
much experienced and extremely punctual         the medium itself, we had to deal with two
printer operators.                              more issues related to the location and
                                                character of the building where it was to be
INVISIBLE SEAMS                                 installed. Since the building was located at
The impact of a backlit board of this size      the site of a major highway intersection, the
largely depends on the quality of the final     advertising space had to be installed so as

             Traditionally welded backlit board                           Backlit boardwelded using the invisible seam technology
 ANIMATED MEGABOARD - Successful Cooperation on the Hungarian Market

 This year, close cooperation between Atelier Spektrum and Outsight 2000 resulted in an exciting new project. In July
 2004, we installed special animated megaboards along three main Hungarian highways, advertising the Borostyán
 brand beer, a member of the InBev Group (formerly Interbrew). The animation effect is based on a simple, yet
 amazingly clever design patented by Outsight 200 Ltd., which also acts as the advertising space provider. Atelier
 Spektrum, as a long-term partner of Outsight 2000, implemented all printing processes for the entire project.

800 m                                     500 m                                     200 m

           Viewed from a long distance,             As the driver approaches, the              As he drives closer, the
 the glass appears empty, while the       entire image begins to transform...        driver is surprised to see the glass
 driver’s attention is focused on the                                                being filled to the brim with delicious
 bottle.                                                                             looking beer.

    It is a pity that Czech advertisers have not come up with a similar project yet. Simple and
    affordable as it is, this design opens new opportunities for the implementation of a wide
    range of highly creative solutions.
                                                                                               foto: Spekrum Hungary
PRINCIPLE OF ANIMATION                        object, but rather by the movement of        installation segments as it appears to the
As we all learned in Physics 101,             the observer in the car. The megaboard       approaching observer (i.e. the driver of a
movement is a phenomenon that depends         structure is composed of a front surface     car). This principle can be used with great
on the relative location of the observer      – the megaboard proper – with a cutout in    success for the creation of simple, yet very
and the observed object. What we see as       the shape of a glass. Beneath the opening,   impressive and powerful animations for
we approach and pass the megaboard,           there is a rear surface with an image of     other campaigns as well.
with the glass being filled to the brim       a glass. Moreover, there is a 3D model       This invention has won numerous
with delicious beer, is an optical illusion   of the bottle attached to the front board.   international advertising awards and
achieved by a clever utilisation of this      The movement illusion is the result of       has been patented in many countries,
principle. The animation effect is not        the change of the viewing angle and of       including the USA, Japan, Germany, the
achieved by the movement of the observed      the mutual position of the individual        United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.

  The above principle can be utilized in many different ways, which opens the door to a
  wide range of creative opportunities. The animation effect can best be employed in long-
  term campaigns. Compared to mechanically (electrically) driven installations, this method
  represents great value due its considerably lower acquisition and operating costs.

    Precise colours and sufficient colour density are considered the main print quality criteria. This is why we
    have selected Atelier Spektrum from among other print providers. The front section of the billboard, with its
    cutout in the shape of Borostyán, required the utmost precision. Atelier Spektrum managed to deliver the
    board in perfect quality and by the agreed deadline.
                                                   András Gotzy, owner and CEO of Outsight 2000 Ltd.

  Over the summer, Atelier Spektrum obtained two new cutting-edge large-format machines.
  The first is a large-format inkjet printer, Jeti 3300, with a print width of 3.2 meters, which uses 12 Spectra piezoelectric print heads with
  a maximum resolution of 600 dpi. The printer uses six colour inks (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan and Light Magenta). The
  solvent-based inks have up to 3-year colour stability in an exterior environment (without additional lamination). The printer accepts a
  wide range of media, including PVC banner, self-adhesive foil and netting as well as many different fabrics or BBS paper.

  The second purchased machine is the wide-format liquid laminator SUPRACOATER, with a maximum span of 3.2 meters. The
  laminator extends the UV stability of the print as well as providing excellent protection against scratches and abrasion. Combined
  with the solvent-based inks, this technology extends the life of print installed in an exterior environment to 5 years. The use of water-
  based liquid laminates assures that the process is environmentally friendly. The coater is perfect for the protection of truck
  tarpaulins or self-adhesive foils on vehicles.

Na Zlíchově 228, Praha 5, 152 00, Czech Republic, Telefon: +420 251 55 66 88, +420 251 55 66 87, +420 251 55 66 86, Telefax: +420 251
55 66 84, Service provider: info media projekt, a. s., E-mail: info@atelier-spektrum.cz, www.atelier-spektrum.cz

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