Skip A Lunch_ Feed A Bunch

					Skip A Lunch, Feed A Bunch
  Academy Award winner Marlee          invites everyone to eat in or skip   pay for lunch out, can provide food for
Matlin has shown her support for the   lunch for a day and donate the       40 much needed meals. And now, thanks
Los Angeles Regional Foodbank by       money saved to the Foodbank. For     to a matching grant from the Goodman
becoming the official spokesperson     every $1 donated, the Foodbank is    Family Foundation, a donation of $10
of the Foodbank’s Skip a Lunch,        able to provide enough food for      to the Skip a Lunch, Feed a Bunch
Feed a Bunch campaign.                 4 meals. That means a donation       campaign can provide enough food for
  Skip a Lunch, Feed a Bunch           of $10, which is what you might      80 meals.
                                                                               So far, Skip a Lunch, Feed a Bunch
                                                                            has raised over $20,000. The campaign
                                                                            will continue through September 30th.
                                                                            Participating in Skip a Lunch, Feed
                                                                            a Bunch is a great way to show your
                                                                            commitment to fighting hunger in
                                                                            Los Angeles County, and to help the
                                                                            Foodbank take advantage of a great
                                                                            matching grant opportunity through
                                                                            September 30th.
                                                                               The partnership with Marlee Matlin
                                                                            on this campaign is truly exciting
                                                                            as the Foodbank continues to work
                                                                            on establishing an Entertainment
                                                                            Council. The Entertainment Council
                                                                            is a new initiative to engage those in
                                                                            the Entertainment Industry in the fight
                                                                            against hunger. Entertainment Council
                                                                            members will help the Foodbank increase
                                                                            awareness about hunger in Los Angeles
                                                                            County and mobilize resources for those
                                                                            in need of food assistance.
                                                                               Currently the Foodbank distributes
                                                                            more than one million pounds of food
                                                                            each week. By participating in Skip a
                                                                            Lunch, Feed a Bunch you’ll help us meet
                                                                            the growing demand for food.

   INSIDE THIS ISSUE...                                                              Upcoming Events- Pg 7

   Product Donor            Howl Away Hunger             Foodbank’s                     Macy’s - “Come
   Spotlight                and More Volunteer           6th Annual                     Together” campaign
   Pg 2                     Opportunities - Pg 4         Wine Tasting                   (Sept. 13 - Oct. 21 )
                                                         a Success - Pg 6               Canstruction LA
                                                                                        (October 8 - 22)

                                 Product Donor
In June the Foodbank celebrated the one year anniversary of a partnership
with Sam’s Club. Since the beginning of this partnership, Sam’s Club has
donated over half a million pounds of product to the Foodbank. Donations
from Sam’s Club have been particularly beneficial for the Foodbank as
they often include hard to get protein items such as frozen meats and poul-
try. Sam’s Club store managers have expressed their commitment to the
campaign by visiting the Foodbank to take a tour of our facility. During this
tough economic year, a new and dedicated partnership is really something
to celebrate. Thanks, Sam’s Club!

If you or someone you know has food or other needed items to donate,
please let us know. Our Product Donations staff will help you through the
donation process.                                                                   Our member agencies are now seeing lines form
                                                                                    earlier and earlier as more and more people seek
Please contact our Chief Product Acquisition Officer Jeanna Kindle at               food assistance. This photo was taken in front of
(323) 234-3030 ext. 129 or                                  the St. Francis Center.
                                                                                    Photo by Maureen Morrison

Mission Statement                                  Entertainment Council        Advisory Board
The mission of the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank
is to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our    Laila Ali                    Tim Lappen, Chairman
community.                                         Curtis Conway                Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLP
                                                   Ricki Lake                   Mike Connolly, Leonard Green & Partners
Board of Directors
                                                   Marlee Matlin                Bruce Corwin, Metropolitan Theatres Company
                                                   Carlos Mencia                Bob Dowling, Bob Dowling Group
Donald Goodman, Don Lee Farms
                                                   Cathy Schulman
Treasurer                                                                       Ricki Frand, Frand Partners
                                                   Craig Wright
Robert W. Kelly, Capital Guardian Trust Co.                                     Dresden Graham
Corporate Secretary                                Women’s Council              Rosey Miller, Regional Investment & Management
Karen E. Pointer, Lerman & Pointer LLP
                                                   Sheryl Main, Co-Chair        Larry Nicola, Nic’s Restaurant
Marvin Barth
Tennenbaum Capital Partners LLC.                   Bernice Burns, Co-Chair      Nick Saggese,
                                                                                Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
Karl Block, Loeb & Loeb LLP                        Paula Pettrota, Co-Chair
                                                                                Jorge Sandoval, Citibank (Banamex)
Saul Brand, Zacky Farms (Retired)
                                                   Founders                     Dennis Winston
Bernice Burns
                                                   Ricki Frand                  Richard S. Wolf
Christina Carroll,
Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin                      Frand Partners               James Yukevich, Yukevich, Calfo & Cavanaugh
Michael Chiarodit, Blue Shield of California       Dresden Graham
Todd DeMann, Freshology Inc.                       Mai Q. Lai
Sherry Dewane,Wachovia Wealth Management           Teri Markowitz               Shelf Life is published quarterly. If you
Roni Eller, Eisenberg Properties                   Linda Tibi Comfort           are receiving multiple copies, please call
Gary Kirkpatrick, NBC Universal
                                                                                us at (323) 234-3030 ext. 146.
Susan K. Leonard, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP                                    We welcome questions, comments and ideas.
                                                   Julie Depoian                Please address all correspondence to:
Doane Liu, Triple E Associates
                                                   Laurie Dworsky
Kenneth A. Pickar, Ph.D.                                                           Los Angeles Regional Foodbank
California Institute of Technology                 Jacqueline Sonderling
                                                                                        1734 East 41st Street
Mark A. Stegemoeller, Latham & Watkins LLP                                             Los Angeles, CA 90058
President/CEO                                                                            Tel: (323) 234-3030
Michael Flood                                                                 
 Reprinted From the Los Angeles Times

Feeding the needy fulfills a hunger to boost society
Michael Flood got his MBA in the ‘80s, although he was never really interested in business. But it was in
school that the future CEO of the L.A. Regional Foodbank was exposed to the nonprofit world.

By David Colker
June 21, 2009
                                                                         interested in the business
The gig: Flood, 46, is chief executive of the nonprofit Los An-          world.”
geles Regional Foodbank, which last year distributed 39 million          Foodbank career: Flood
pounds of free food to more than 900 charity agency sites in the         began working in the
county.                                                                  field in 1990, spend-
                                                                         ing time at the Redwood
Immigrant stock: Flood’s parents emigrated from Ireland to               Empire Food Bank in
Los Angeles in 1959 in search of better economic opportunities.          Sonoma County and the
“They had a family friend here who raved about what a great              Contra Costa Food Bank.
place this was,” Flood said. By the time he was born in San Fer-         In 2000 he became CEO
nando in 1962, his parents were starting to make a comfortable           of the L.A. operation,
living. “Los Angeles was growing, both in terms of population            which is run out of a
and the economy. Those were some of the glory years.”                    96,000-square-foot facil-
Upbringing: He spent his youth mostly alternating between Los            ity south of downtown
Angeles and New York suburban life as his father shifted jobs.           where donated foods are
“We lived in middle-class to affluent areas. I had no personal ex-       sorted before delivery. It’s unfortunately a booming business.
perience or really any interaction with poverty growing up. It was       This year, the local food pantries the organization supplies are
just an average, very nice upbringing with lots of sports.”              seeing an increase in demand of more than 30%, especially
                                                                         because many new people are showing up requesting food.
Early charity experiences: “I think we did some volunteer work,
visiting children in hospitals. But I don’t want to overplay that -- I   Biggest worry: “Even if the economy picks up, high unem-
could not say we did that frequently. What we did hear around the        ployment rates will be with us for a long time to come. As
home was, ‘Think of others, think of that new kid that just moved        unemployment benefits end for people and they exhaust their
into the area.’ That was a common theme from my parents, maybe           savings, they will have to make decisions that come down to,
because at one time they were the new ones, coming from another          ‘Do I pay my rent or do I buy food? Do I pay the dentist or buy
country.”                                                                food?’ People will have to make these payments, so there will
                                                                         be even more of a demand for what we supply.”
Jock years: Flood was named an All-American soccer player at
the College of William & Mary, where he majored in liberal arts.         Regrets? None. “I think what really attracted me to the non-
After college he was drafted by the professional Chicago Sting           profit world -- whether it’s social services, the arts -- is the end
team, now defunct. “I played for less than a year -- my knee blew        result of what these organizations do. They are attempting to
out.”                                                                    improve the common good, improve society, make the world
Back to school: He returned to William & Mary to get an MBA.             a better place.”
“I thought it would help give me the skills to help figure out what
                                                                                                                  David Colker, Staff Writer
I wanted to do. It was not a great plan.”
                                                                                                                         Los Angeles Times
Turning point: He was exposed to a kind of enterprise he hardly                                         
knew existed. “There were a couple of professors who were very
interested in the nonprofit area, and they got us involved in proj-
ects for some of them -- analysis and that sort of thing. This was
back in the ‘80s, when it wasn’t so common. But I remember
thinking, ‘This is what I want to do.’ I was never really all that

                                                Volunteer Spotlight
By popular demand the Foodbank is holding its first Howl Away Hunger event on Saturday, October 31 from
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Join us while dressed in your favorite Halloween costume - goblins and ghouls welcome! Volunteers are needed to
assemble food packages that go to senior citizens and children in Los Angeles County. With a slow economy, more
and more people are coming to local pantries for food assistance. Help us help our neighbors in need and Howl Away
For more information about Howl Away Hunger, or for a list of current volunteer opportunities, visit us online at

Photos from Flashback to the AteES                                        Foundation, Organization
                                                                           and Corporate Donors
                                                                           (Donations made between April 1 - June 30, 2009)
                                                                                    The Angell Foundation
                                                                                    The Boeing Company
                                                                         Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                  The California Endowment
                                                                                           Cargill Inc.
                                                                                    Confidence Foundation
                                                                                  Conrad Hilton Foundation
                                                                             Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
                                                                         The Joyce and Ben Eisenberg Foundation
                                                                                   Electro Rent Corporation
                                                                                Emmanuel Episcopal Church
                                                                                      FedEx Corporation
                                                                                       Feeding America
                                                                                Flora L. Thornton Foundation
World Famous 80’s DJ Richard Blade played all the hits during the
                                                                                 The Adam Frand Foundation
Foodbank’s “Flashback to the AteEs” volunteer day.
                                                                                   GE Volunteer Foundation
                                                                                Goodman Family Foundation
                                                                                The James Irvine Foundation
                                                                                      Jerome Foundation
                                                                                Kathryne Beynon Foundation
                                                                                  Kramer Family Foundation
                                                                            Los Angeles Charitable Association
                                                                                   The Marcled Foundation
                                                                          MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger
                                                                         The Kenneth L. and Eileen T. Norris Foundation
                                                                                The Patron Saints Foundation
                                                                                        Plus Foundation
                                                                                      Rent-A-Center, Inc.
                                                                                  Rotary Club of Los Angeles
                                                                                   Thrill Hill Production, Inc.
                                                                            Tom May - David May II Foundation
                                                                                        United Way, Inc.
                                                                                     Wal-Mart Foundation
Our thanks to the 100 people who volunteered their time at our “Flash-   Yvonne Burke Education & Policy Foundation
back to the AteEs” event held on August 8, 2009.

 Partners Preventing Hunger 2009
(Individual donors contributing $1,000 or more as of June 30, 2009)

Mr. Manuel Abascal                Ms. Debra Gerod                 Mr. and Mrs. John Mendez         Ms. Jean Marie Steele
Ms. Joyce Appleby                 Mr. Peter M. Gilhuly            Mr. Joshua Mester                Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stegemoeller
Mr. David Arquette                Mr. Daniel Goldberg             Mr. Ronald Meyer                 Mr. Gregory Stone
Mr. John M. Arthur                Josh and Stephanie Goldstine     and Ms. Suli Go                 Mr. and Mrs. Max Stone
Ms. Helen Atherton                Philip A. Greider, M.D.         Mr. Jeffrey Miller               Mr. Michael Swartz
Mr. Scott Aukerman                Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Guth       Mr. Rosey Miller                 Ms. Jennifer Takahashi
 and Kulap Vilaysack              Ms. Hou-En Han                  Mr. Charles Mills                Mr. Christopher Tayback
Ms. Elena Baca                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hays        Ms. Sima Mofidishirazi           Mr. and Mrs. Alex Taylor
Mrs. Mary Bandy                   Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hennigan     Mr. Garry Moses                  Mr. Bill Temko
Mr. and Mrs. George Baril         Ms. Margaret Heymann             and Ms. Julianne DeMarco         and Ms. Sarah Bowman
Mr. James Barrall                 Mr. C. Dana Hobart              Mr. Peter Most                   Mr. and Mrs. Bill Urquhart
Mr. James P. Beaubien             Mr. Michael Hoeschen            Ms. Lore Needham                 Mr. Calvin Van Ruler
Mr. Matthew Black                 Mr. Forood Jahangiri            Mr. Michael J. Neri              Ms. Stephanie Weck
Ms. Leslie Boni                    and Ms. Manijeh Tabatabai      Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nichols      Mr. Robert M. Weekley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Borenstein      Ms. Murriel Jefferson           Mr. and Mrs. Mark Olsen          Mr. John Weissenbach
Ms. Judy Bork                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson     Mr. Ronald Olson                 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weissman
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Braun       Mr. Jeffrey Joseph              Mr. Glenn A. Oratz               Mark and Darcy
Ms. Saba Brelvi                   Mr. Les Joseph                  Mr. Alfred Paiz                  Mr. Bart Williams
 and Mr. John O’Brien             Ms. Jeannie Jung                Mr. Robert Palmer                Mr. Richard S. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Brian           Mr. and Mrs. David Kaplan       Mr. William Park                 Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Wong
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Campagnoni   Dr. and Mrs. James Keane        Mr. and Mrs. Greg Perlot         Mr. Richard Yamasaki
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Chazen       Ms. Pamela Kelly                Ms. Sandra Peterson              Mr. Stephen Yeazell
Mr. Mike Chiarodit                Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kirkpatrick   Ms. Gertrud I. Pillay             and Ms. Ruth Fisher
Mr. Joseph Chieu                  Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kleiner     Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Pomerantz     Mr. Mark Zarem
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cohen        Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knobler    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Prindle     Ms. Barbara Zax
Mr. Michael Connolly              Ms. Kay E. Kochenderfer         Ms. Lia Renee
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cuocco        Ms. Dorian Krausz               Mr. John Rieber
Mr. Ted Dane                      Ms. Ellen Lamel                 Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers         Thanks to all our contributors.
Mr. Jeffrey Davis                 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lappen     Mr. Christopher Romero           A list of donors who made
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doyen        Ms. Elisabeth Le Guin           Dr. and Mrs. Martin Rosenblatt   donstions In Honor or In
Mr. Richard Drooyan               Ms. Naneen Leavenworth          Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Rotter       Memory gifts and individuals
Mr. Marc Dworsky                  Ms. Belinda Lee                 Mr. Nick P. Saggese              who donated $250 - $999
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dykzeul      Mr. Aaron Leon                  Ms. Yoriko Saneyoshi             between April 1 trough June
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Edmunds, Jr.    Mr. and Ms. David Leonard       Ms. Constance Santilli           30, 2009 can be found on
Mr. Paul Eggert                   Mr. Sidney Levinson             Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schisler     our website at
 and Mrs. Stacey Byrnes            and Ms. Amy Cohen              Mr. Stacy Schultz      
Roni and Ethan Eller              Mr. Eric Lew                     and Ms. Kathryn Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Moise Emquies        Mr. Richard E. Lewis            Mr. and Mrs. Martin Seaton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ettinger      Mr. Tony Lieu                   Mr. Peter Serchuk                     Special Thanks to
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Fitzgerald    Ms. Kathy Magnuson              Mr. Mohammad Shaikh                 Chicago and Earth,
Mr. William Flaugh                Ms. Julia Maher                 Mr. Robert Shapazian
                                                                                                      Wind & Fire for holding
Mr. Ruben Fleischer               Mr. Kelvin Mahorney                                                 food and fund drives at
                                                                  Mr. Kevin Sharkey                   their Southern California
Mrs. Ruth E. Flinkman             Mr. Patrick Maloney             Mr. and Mrs. Scott Silveri
Ms. Audree V. Fowler              Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mandabach                                         shows which raised
                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Greg Simon             nearly $5,000 to benefit
Mr. Matthew Frank                 Ms. Margaret H. Marsh           Mr. John Skewes                     the Foodbank.
 and Ms. Diana Cheng              Ms. Vilma Martinez              Ms. Roxann Smith                      Thanks also to World
Mr. Jonathan R. Friedman          Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mayer         Mr. Steven P. Smith                 Hunger Year for getting
Mr. Steven L. Horn                Ms. Kathleen McDowell           Mr. Mike Soloff                     more recording artists
 and Ms. Amy E. Futa              Mr. Grover McKean                and Ms. Sue Himmelrich             involved in the fight
Ms. Shannon Gaulding              Ms. Jennifer McMillan           Mr. Richard Squire                  against hunger.
Foodbank’s 6th Annual Wine Tasting Attracts Record Crowd

   On June 6th, over 400 guests gathered at the Greystone
Mansion to support the Foodbank and sample delicious food
and wine. The event would not have been possible without
generous food donations from our sponsors. Guests enjoyed
a host of appetizer items from Ralphs, cheese and chocolate
platters from Market Gourmet, and hors d’oeuvres from Nic’s
of Beverly Hills. More than 25 wineries were present to pour a
variety of outstanding wine, champagne and more.

   Several groups of volunteers were crucial to the event’s
success. Over 40 volunteers from NBC Universal and Kaiser
Permanente helped with guest check in and the Silent Auction.
Members of the Foodbank’s newly formed Women’s Council
welcomed guests to the Wine Tasting during the shuttle bus
ride to Greystone Mansion.                                          Over 400 people attended the Foodbank’s 6th annual wine
                                                                    tasting and silent auction at the historic Greystone Mansion.
   This year’s silent auction was particularly successful. Guests
bid on over 100 enticing donated items including restaurant
gift certificates, hotel packages, jewelry, memorabilia, and
exceptional wines.

   Through ticket sales and the silent suction portion of the
event, the Foodbank was able to raise over $135,000 from this
year’s wine tasting.

              Special thanks to our presenting sponsor
                  Ralphs for its continued support                  Mike Donnelly, President of Ralphs (left), Actress Kate Linder,
                                                                    Kendra Doyel of Ralphs and Michael Flood, Foodbank CEO.

   Thanks to all our sponsors including: Beringer, Chateau
Ste. Michelle, Frito Lay, Gail & Tim Lappen, Grey Goose Vodka,
KOST-FM 103.5, Latham & Watkins, Market Gourmet,
Mike Connolly, Nic’s of Beverly Hills, Nick & Nancy Saggese,
Pasadena Magazine, The Peninsula Beverly Hills,                     Thanks to Ralphs, Nic’s of Beverly Hills and Market Gourmet
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Skadden Arps, and VineOne.                  for providing incredible appetizers, cheese & chocolates.
Upcoming Events...
                                                                HUNGER ACTION UPDATE.....
Macy’s Come Together Campaign
                                                                Federal Update
  Join Macy’s Come Together campaign to help provide
meals for families in need!                                        Thanks to a boost in funding from the federal
  Macy’s is hosting an exciting national campaign from          economic recovery act, participation in the SNAP/
September 13 through October 21 called Come Together,           Food Stamp program is at an all time high in the U.S.
benefitting the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank and Feed-         The economic recovery package allowed for more
ing America. Customers across the country are invited to        individuals to access food stamp benefits and increased
Come Together over dinner. How does it work? You host a         benefit levels, providing recipients with more money to
dinner party. Your friends and family donate money.             purchase food each month.
  Macy’s will match customer donations dollar for dollar           With unemployment high, increased funding for this
until they reach a goal of 10 million meals nationwide.         federal program is a big help. The Foodbank is currently
                                                                working on an outreach initiative to make sure that
        To learn more and participate, please visit             eligible individuals have the information they need to
                      sign up for the program. This outreach effort will ensure
                                                                that LA County is able to maximize the federal recovery
Canstruction LA                                                 dollars available to help local families and businesses.
  The fourth annual Canstruction LA design competition is       State Update
set for October 8-22 at the A + D Museum located at 6032
                                                                   In their study titled “School’s Out…Who Ate? 2009,”
Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.
                                                                the California Food Policy Advocates reported that
  Stop by to see some amazing structural designs all made
                                                                reductions in summer school across California have left
out of cans of food!
                                                                300,000 children with severely reduced access to free,
  All the food and proceeds
                                                                nourishing meals. For many low-income children, free
of the event will benefit
                                                                lunches received at school are the best and sometimes
the Foodbank. Last year’s
                                                                only, meal of the day. Thanks to increased funding, the
event collected 35,000
                                                                Foodbank served 2,500 children daily through food
pounds of food. This year’s
                                                                to our summer feeding programs to help combat this
goal is 50,000 pounds of
food.                                                           problem.
  For sponsorship or en-                                        To conTacT your elecTed represenTaTives visiT
try information or more
general information about
Canstruction LA, visit             2008 Canstruntion LA Winner
                                “Son of Can” - WilliamHefner

                                                                   On July 13th, Foodbank volunteers collected food
                                                                and financial donations at Beyonce’s Los Angeles
                                                                concert at the Staples Center. Throughout her “I AM…”
                                                                tour, Beyonce is teaming up with Feeding America and
                                                                General Mills to encourage her fans to donate to local
                                                                food banks across the country as part of the Show Your
      “IronCan” - HKS              Tuna’s Turn To Tame Hunger   Helping Hand campaign.
                                                 Individual Donors
                                (Contributers who made a donation of between $250- $999 from April 1- June 30, 2009)

Ms. Raina Ahmed                 Arthur Csillag Attorney at Law      Mrs. Mary E. Griffith                  Mr. and Mrs. Luis Lainer
Ms. Lucinda Alden               Mr. David Dahl                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haddad               Mrs. Marcie Lasley
Ms. Susan Altman                Mr. James Damato                    Ms. Diane Hadland                      Mr. Scott Latterell
Ms. Mindy Amster                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Davidson       Ms. Zelene Hall                        Mr. Joseph Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Anderson       Mr. Carl Davidson                   Ms. Celia Hamel                        Mr. Randall Lee and Ms. Stella Jeong
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Taylor       Ms. Eva M. Davis                    Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hampshire         Ms. Lucille Lemmon
Ms. Joyce Appleby               Mr. Joseph Davis                    Ms. Deborah Harris                     Mr. Tony Lieu
Mr. and Mrs. William Arnold     Mr. and Mrs. Grant Davis-Denny      Mr. Kenneth Harstad                    Ms. Elisabeth Lilly
Ms. Jean Aroeste                Mr. Robert L. Dell Angelo           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hays               Ms. Anne Llewellyn
Ms. Diana Atherton              Mr. and Mrs. Brad Delson            Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hayutin              Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lund
Julia Bailey, M.D.              Mr. Frederic Demey                  Mr. Michael Hensinger                  Mr. Michael Lurey
Ms. Shawna Ballard              Ms. Sherry Dewane                   Mr. and Mrs. Gunter Herman             Ms. Vicki Marmorstein
Mrs. Mary Bandy                 Mr. Kirk Dillman                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hieronymus         Ms. Margaret H. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bard        Mr. David Dinielli                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Holman               Ms. Phyllis Maslow
Ms. Ann Bartlett                Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Dionne           Ms. Alston A. Horrocks                 Mr. Steve McNish
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baumann    Mr. Roderick Dorman                 Ms. Katherine Huang                    Mr. Kevin McNurney
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bennett      Ms. Laurie Dworsky                  Ms. Kate K. Anderson                   Mr. Gordon McWilliams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berger     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edwards          and Mr. Peter J. Huffacker            Mr. Paras Mehta
Ms. Teresa Bertao               Mr. Edward Egan                     Mr. David Hurtado II                   Mr. Myron Meisel
Ms. Kristen Bird                Ms. Melitta Ellerbe                 Ms. Diane Hutnyan                      Leslie F. Memsic, M.D.
Ms. Barbara Blangiardi          Ms. Kristin Escalante               Ms. and Mr. Ursula Hyman               Ms. Estrellita Mendez
Mr. Tom Brandt                  Mr. and Mrs. James Evans Moyer      Mr. Ernest Ishibashi                   Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Brewer        Mr. Daniele Facchini                Ms. Doris Jaffe                        Ms. Carolyn Metcalf
Mr. Paul Bricault                 and Ms. Suzanne Palmer            Ms. Gale E. Jaffe                      Mr. and Mrs. David Meyerson
Ms. Marla S. Brieby             Ms. Maya Federman                   Mr. and Mrs. John Jameson              Mr. and Mrs. George Mihlsten
Ms. Marcia Burnam                 and Mr. W. B. Cutter              Mr. David Johnson, Jr.                 Mr. Ted Miller
Mr. Don Callarman               Ms. Ernestine Finley                Mr. Douglas Johnson                    Ms. Cheryl Montana
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lytle        Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Fitzgerald      Mr. Alan Jones                         Ms. Loren Montgomery
Ms. Christina Carroll           Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Flagel         Ms. Martha Jordan                      Ms. Allison Morgan
Ms. Joanne Caruso               Ms. Maureen Flanigan                Mr. Les Joseph                         Mr. Joshua Morse
Mrs. Meryl K. Chae              Mr. Casey Fleck                     Mr. Mark Kadzielski                    Ms. Donna Murray
Mr. Keith R. Chapman            Mr. Michael Flood                   Mr. Jeffrey Kateman                    Ms. Susan Nash
  and Ms. Barbara B. Chapman      and Ms. Monicka Guevara            and Ms. Nam Kim                       Ms. Lore Needham
Ms. Laura Charles               Mr. Scott Florance                  Mrs. Nancy Kenzik                      Mr. and Mrs. Iain Nicolson
Mr. and Mrs. Jenik Chater       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Forgeron       Ms. Kathleen Khoo                      Ms. Rebecca Noble
Ms. Sophearenne Chea            Francis W. Frandsen                 Mr. Kenneth Kilroy, Esq.               Mr. Jaime Nolasco
Ms. Allison Chock               Mr. and Mrs. John Frankel           Ms. Elizabeth Kim                      Ms. Robyn Norris
Mr. Sean Christofferson         Mr. and Mrs. Alan Friedman          Mr. David King                         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O’Donnell
Mr. John Clair                  Mr. John Fries                      Mr. Michael King                       Mr. David Okada
Ms. Catherine Cleveland         Jay Fujitani, Esq.                  Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kirkpatrick          Ms. Debi Olcese
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Codron      Mr. Steven L. Horn                  Ms. Judith Kitano                      Ms. Johanna Ong
Ms. Debra Cohen                   and Ms. Amy E. Futa                and Mr. Michael Yogi                  Mr. Alfred Paiz
Dr. and Mrs. Lauren Colloff     A.R. Gendein, M.D.                  Ms. Barbara Klabin                     Ms. Sara Parker
Mr. Brian Corbell               Mr. Richard Gerger                  Mr. Kelly Klaus and Ms. Alison Hills   Mr. Dana M. Perlman, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Corman       Mr. David Goldman                   Mr. and Mrs. Scott Klein                and Mr. Hugh Kinsellagh
Ms. Marcia Cornford               and Ms. Margo Freedman            Mr. Frank R. Kline                     Mr. Robert Perrin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cosgrove    Mr. and Mrs. Hector Gonzalez        Ms. Julie Klymas                       Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pflug
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coulter    Ms. Samantha Good                   Dr. and Mrs. Alan Mintz                Mr. Bradley Phillips
Ms. Deborah Cowal                 and Mr. Brian Schrader            Mr. and Mrs. John Kondon               Ms. Gertrud I. Pillay
Mr. Christopher Craig           Ms. Katherine Gould                 Mr. Thomas Krueger                     Ms. Pamela Popovich
Ms. Melissa Cramer                and Mr. Don Gould                 Ms. Elizabeth Kruis                    Mr. John Power
Ms. Nancy Creighton             Ms. Rikki Green                      and Mr. Richard Grant                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Redman
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Crowell   Mr. and Mrs. Joel Greenwald         Ms. Katherine Ku                       Mr. Jonathan Reeves
Individual Donors                                                                       In Honor/In Memory/Tribute
(Continued from page 6)
                                                                                        (Gifts made between April 1 - June 30, 2009)
Ms. Jennifer Resnik                     Ms. Diana Torres
                                                                                        Barbara Ross Charitable Trust
Mr. Edwin T. Robinson                   Ms. Vera Tsai                                     In memory of Barbara Ross
Mr. Brett Rodda                         Ms. Leah Turano                                 Howard Barsky Family Trust
Mr. David Rogers                        Mr. Ivan Valle                                    In honor of Marion Barsky Birthday
Mr. David Ross                          Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vogel                      John and Sarah Kobara Family Foundation
Mr. Ronald Rouda                        Mr. Dennis Walsh                                  In honor of the generosity and leadership
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Rudnick             Mrs. Ardis Walters                                  of Robert and Jane Ettinger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rudnick               Ms. Marcia Wang                                 Kal Krishnan Consulting Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald Russ                                                              In memory of Lew Rolph
                                        Mr. Jerald W. Warren
                                                                                        Kasdan Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Ruthberg             Ms. Summer Watson                                 In Honor of James and Annica Howard
Ms. Lisa M. Salvary                     Mr. Scott Watson                                MEI Insurance Services, Inc.
Mr. Paul Salvaty                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weedman                      In memory of Lew Rolph
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sanchez              Mr. and Mrs. Les Weinstein                      Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Consultants
Mr. Jose Sanchez                        Mr. Adam Welles                                   In memory of Lew Rolph
  and Ms. Elisa Fernandez               Ms. Cynthia Whitcomb                            The P & S Network, Inc.
Ms. Yoriko Saneyoshi                    Mr. and Mrs. John Wider                           In honor of Kimberly Borman Birthday
                                                                                        Professional Electric Apparatus Recyclers League
Mr. Thomas Saunders                     Ms. Monika Wiener                                 In Honor of Alan Mirman
  and Ms. Cynthia Rotell                Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Wilkinson                     Trigold
Ms. Margaret Sawyer                     Mr. Robert Willett                                In memory of Lew Rolph
Ms. Alyssa Schaffer                     Ms. Jane Williams                               The Waits Brennan Foundation
Ms. Katherine Schilling                 Ms. Cari Wolk                                     In honor of Lionel & Victoria Conway’s
Mr. David Schindler                     Mr. and Mrs. Willard Wood                           vital work in our community
Ms. Cynthia Schwarz                     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wright                      Women’s Transportation Coalition
 and Ms. Gennie Schwarz                 Mr. Robert Wyman and Ms. Lisa Krueger             In memory of Lew Rolph
                                                                                        The Ahn Family
Mr. Peter Serchuk                       Mr. Gary Yale and Ms. Leah Bishop                 In honor of Caroline Higa’s Birthday
Mr. Daniel Settelmayer                  Mr. Edward Yang                                 Mr. and Mrs. David Altschul
Ms. Patricia Sexton                     Ms. Karen Yardley                                 In honor of Charlene Solomon’s birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Shader              Ms. Donna Zenor                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berg
Mr. Mohammad Shaikh                                                                       In honor of Roger Berg’s 80th Birthday
Mr. Gary Shammas                                                                        Ms. Cindy Bernstein
Mr. Joel Shields                                                                          In honor of Timothy Regler Birthday
Mr. Ryan Shier and Ms. Kileen Mershon                                                   Ms. Kathryn Blevins
                                                                                          In memory of Lew Rolph
Mr. Sebastian Sierra                                                                    Ms. Laurette C. Boarman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Silveri                                                                In honor of Marissa’s Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Slaughter                                                          The Booth Family
Ms. Lauren Smith                                                                          In honor of Caroline Higa’s Birthday
Ms. Martha Soehendra                                                                    Mr. Robert Borgen
Ms. Barbara L. Solomon                                                                    In memory of Dom DeLuise
Mr. Bob Somers                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boullain
                                                                                          In memory of Lew Rolph
Mr. Randall Sommer
                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brewer
Ms. Susie Spector                                                                         In memory of Deborah Wafford
Mr. Leo Spiegel                                                                         Ms. Janis Buckley
Mr. Richard Squire                                                                        In memory of Sam Jankov
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Srednick                                                           Ms. Marcia Burnam
Ms. Robin Stancil                                                                         In memory of Evelyn
Ms. Cindy Starrett                                                                      Mr. Peter Cap
Ms. Lenora Stevenson                                                                      In memory of Lew Rolph
                                                                                        Ms. Sylvia Cardenas
Mr. Jeff Sudakin                                                                          In memory of Lew Rolph
Ms. Lani Suzuki and Mr. John Iezzi                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Joey Castro
Ms. Susan Szabo, Esq.                                                                     In memory of Lew K. Rolph
Ms. Heather Takahashi                   Ana Lilia picks up food for her family at Our   Ms. Maria Castro
Ms. Nancy Thurston                      Savior Center (Photo by Joe Reed)                 In memory of Lew Rolph
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Toledo
In Honor/In Memory/Tribute                          Ms. Arlene Kardell                                  Mr. Roy Ragle
(continued from page 7)                               In honor of Phil and Helene Green’s Anniversary    In memory of Lew Rolph
                                                    Ms. Arlene Kardell                                  Ms. Evelyn Rasky
Miss Karyn Cheng                                      In honor of Edith’s Birthday                       In honor of Lillian Cole’s 90th Birthday
  In honor of Tyler Lee                             Ms. Arlene Kardell                                  Ms. Yvonne Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Codron                            On the occasion of Bill Green’s 100th Birthday     In memory of Lew Rolph
  On the occasion of Kim & Jeff’s Birthdays         The King Family                                     Ms. Diane Rivers
Mr. Michael Cowan                                     In honor of Caroline Higa’s Birthday               In honor of Charlene Solomon’s 60th
  In honor of Charlene Solomon’s Birthday           Mr. Kenneth Kofman                                      Birthday
Ms. Lanetta Culver                                    In honor of Marcia Cohn                           Mr. Anthony Rogers
  In memory of Lew Rolph                            Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Konell                         In honor of Shirley A. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cummings                            In honor of my parents 56th Wedding Anniversary    Ms. Jeanette Rosenfeld
  In memory of Lew Rolph                                and the kindness of an acquaintance              In honor of Sarah Goldberg
Ms. Estelle Curtiss                                 Ms. Diane Kravif                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schuck
  In honor of Lillian Cole’s 90th Birthday            In memory of Lew Rolph                             In memory of Kyle Bell
Mr. Robert Dubois                                   Ms. Beverly Lajoie                                  Ms. Lynne Shapiro
  In honor of Charlene Solomon’s Birthday             In memory of Sam Jankov                            In honor of Rowan Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Duck                              Mr. Tom Larson c/o Annie Meaner                     Ms. Patricia Sherman
  In honor of Charlene Solomon’s 60th Birthday        In honor of Chris Shiflett                         In honor of Claudine Ajeti’s Birthday
Mr. Edward Egan                                     Ms. Rae Latham                                      Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson
  In honor of the Birthdays of Anne Whatley           In honor of Arnold Bryman’s Birthday               In memory of Lew Rolph
    and John Butler                                 Ms. and Mrs. Robert Lenertz                         Ms. Rosemary Simpson
Ms. Patricia Ehrman                                   In memory of Linda Marso                           In memory of Darrell Sandeen
  In memory of Lew Rolph                            Mr. Myron Levin                                     Mr. Michael Grossman and
Ms. Holly Elvins-Dearixon                             In honor of Rosemary Rubin                         Ms. Ilene B. Slavick
  In honor of Susan Mullins Birthday                Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mann                                In honor of the birthdays of Meryl and
Ms. Jeanne Fay                                        In honor of Charlene Solomon’s birthday                 Les Levine
  In honor of Oliver Ashborn                        Ms. Joy Manning                                     Mr. and Mrs. George Smull
Ms. Jeanne Fay                                        In honor of Dr. Paul Brown and                     In honor of Charlene Solomon’s Birthday
  In memory of Lewis Rolph                               Dr. Aqdas Kuraishi                             Ms. Martha Steelman
Ms. Candie Ferrazzoli                               Ms. Shelley Mann-Lev                                 In memory of Lew Rolph
  In memory of Lew Rolph                              In honor of Charlene Solomon                      Ms. Aimee Teplinsky
Mr. Jeffrey Field                                   Ms. Linda Marsa                                      In honor of the Birthdays of Anne Whatley
  On the occasion of the 100th Episode of Numb3rs     In honor of Charlene Solomon’s 60th                   and John Butler
Ms. Martha Fink                                          Birthday                                       Ms. Lana Terry
  In memory of Lew Rolph                            The Massabki Family                                  In memory of Lew Rolph
Mr. and Mrs. David Folsoi                               In honor of Caroline Higa’s Birthday            Mr. and Mrs. Scott Tobis
  In honor of Charlene Solomon’s birthday           Mr. and Mrs. Jim McLaughlin                          In honor of Barry Wind
Francis W. Frandsen                                     In memory of Lew Rolph                          Mr. Neil Tresselt
  In memory of Lew Rolph                            Ms. Mary Mikkelson                                   In honor of Ingrid Weimann’s Birthday
Ms. Patricia Garfold                                  In honor of Yeu-Wei Yee’s Birthday                Mr. Jonathan Valencia
  In memory of Lew Rolph                            Ms. Nancy O’Brien                                    In memory of Lew Rolph
Mr. Mitch Golant and Ms. Susan Golant                 In honor of Michael Flood                         Ms. Lorraine Waldman
  In honor of Charlene Solomon’s Birthday           Mr. Joseph O’Connor                                  In honor of Charlene Solomon’s Birthday
Mr. Barry Goldberg                                    In memory of Shala Kiassati Fenn                  Mr. Thomas Walker
  In honor of Charlene Solomon’s birthday           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ostrow                          In memory of Lew Rolph
Mr. and Mrs. Armando Gonzales                         In honor of Dan Millstone’s Birthday              Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wasserman
  In honor of Timothy Regler’s Birthday             Ms. Andrea Pastori                                   In honor of Charlene Solomon’s Birthday
Mr. Joel Grantz                                       In honor of Oliver Ashborn                        Ms. Edith Weber
  In memory of Lew Rolph                            Mr. Jeffrey Paule                                    In Honor of Jane and Robert Ettinger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hawks                            In honor of Charlene Solomon’s Birthday           Ms. Anne Whatley
  In memory of Lew Rolph                            Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Perez                            In honor of the Birthdays of Anne Whatley
Mr. Tom Higa                                          In memory of Lew Rolph                                and John Butler
  In honor of Caroline Higa’s Birthday              Rose Perlberg, Ph.D.                                Ms. Susanne Whatley-Miller
Mr. William Hunter                                    In honor of Evan Harman Shapiro’s Birthday         In honor of Caroline Higa’s Birthday
  In memory of Lew Rolph                            Ms. Dolores Press                                   Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Wills
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hymes                            In honor of Megan Press’ Graduation                In memory of Dr. Henry Bates
  In memory of Lew Rolph                                 from High School                               Ms. Emily Wilson
Mr. Ray Juncosa                                     Ms. Carolyn Prousky                                  In memory of Lew Rolph
  In honor of Jon Befu                                In memory of Stanley Wild                         Ms. Danielle Yoshioka
Ms. Arlene Kardell                                  Ms. Cecile Racine                                    In memory of Lew Rolph
  In honor of Aaron Lazaroff                          In honor of Wendy Racine’s Birthday               Mr. and Mrs. Miles Zentner
                                                                                                         In honor of Sister M. Martinella
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