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Siren Red


									                                      Siren Red®

                   Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit VII' Cultivar
                         U.S. Plant Patent #14,975

                                              Siren Red® is a moderate grower which can
                                              reach 3 feet in a 3 or 5-gallon in one season.
                                              The oxblood red flowers are distinctly darker
                                              red than Dynamite® or Red Rocket®. Flowers
                                              appear by early July and continue until frost.
                                              Siren Red® grows and flowers best when NOT
                                              pruned back in the winter. Remember: pruning
                                              is always stunting. Flowering is best in full sun.

     * Flowers: oxblood red
     * Buds: oxblood red
     * Foliage: crimson new leaves
     quickly change to dark green
     and leathery
     * Fall color: unknown at this
     time as flowering generally
     continues until frost
     * Growth habit: single or mul-
     tiple stem, medium upright
     shrub, 6 to 12 feet or more
     in height
     * Very drought tolerant
     * Highly resistant to powdery

          Developed and patented by Dr. Carl Whitcomb, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Crapemyrtle grow best and flower most profusely in full sun. Crapemyrtle will grow in most
soils, however the better the plant growth, the more flowers. Water during droughts for better
flowering. Fertilize moderately ONLY in spring; do not fertilize crapemyrtle in the fall.

            Siren Red® is a registered trademark of Lacebark, Inc., an Oklahoma Corporation.

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