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									                     AFFILIATION OF SCHOOLS
Special arrangements for the affiliation to this Association of School Cadet
Contingents have been made and are listed below. A School affiliation covers all
pupils who are in the school unit: either Combined Cadet Force or a closed unit of the
Sea Corps/Army Cadet Force/Air Training Corps.

To shoot on NRA ranges outside of CCF conditions a ranges pass must be purchased.
This pass includes £10 million of Civil Liability Insurance as well as other insurance
benefits. Full pass cost is £195 but may be reduced to £25 on production of proof of at
least £5 million of Public Liability Insurance. Please see enclosed information on the
full cover.

Membership is renewable annually on 1st April; renewal forms are automatically sent
during the preceding Term.

1. Affiliation of the School

This gives the privileges/benefits:

   to be granted one Donegal Badge to be shot for under conditions as prescribed by
    the school

   the privilege of obtaining rifles on loan, and ammunition by purchase, on special
    terms from the NRA

   to hire targets on NRA ranges for practice.

   Copies of the NRA journal

2. Affiliation of the School including one full NRA member

This comprises the above contingent affiliation payment plus the annual fee of an
individual full member of the NRA. In addition to the above benefits, one NRA
Bronze Medal will be granted for competition as per the Donegall Badge, plus the full
privileges and benefits accorded to the individual member.

School masters wishing to become a full member of the NRA must complete an
application form.

3. Ashburton Entries

The match conditions state that affiliation to the NRA must be current for all schools
entering teams.

For more information on School Affiliation please see our website or contact the
Membership Department on 01483 797777 x138.

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