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									   One Man. A Dream. His Journey.

          Saravia                               A   JOAQUIN MONTALVAN FILM


               For more information please contact:

               Marisa Darnel:
               Artist Interviews LLP.
               T.: 310-492-5414
               E.: marisa@saraviafilm.com

               Joe Venegas:
               Creative Talent Communications

               For additional publicity materials, still photos and artwork, please email:

SLEDGEHAMMER                   www.SaraviaFilm.com
                                                                                         IN T E R V IE W S
                            THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE


                              POET. ARTIST. INSPIRATION.
                      A DOCUMENTARY UNLIKE ANY OTHER.
Los Angeles, CA. – At age 20 he had his first art show. At age 21 he published his first book of
poetry. While still in his 20s, he moved to the United States and began a life as an internationally
acclaimed artist, with exhibitions and readings across the country, while also making
appearances in several short and feature films. What makes this story so amazing is that Mauricio
Saravia was born in Uruguay, South America and, at age 5, was diagnosed with a debilitating
disease for which there is no cure. Not one to let negatives rule his life, Saravia has become an
inspiration for artists and art lovers alike, by achieving more in a relatively short span of time than
the average person dares only dream about in a lifetime.

Celebrities come together to share their personal stories and feelings. The interviews include

Like Frida Kahlo, Saravia walks a spiritual and elemental path of constantly evolving discovery.
His unique story is told through every brushstroke, making his art a powerful draw for collectors.
Now, this remarkable life is being brought to the screen by award-winning documentary filmmaker
Joaquin Montalvan, whose two previous projects, Visual Futurist: The Art And Life Of Syd Mead
and Skinhead, have been widely screened at film festivals across the United States. Currently in
post-production, Saravia is scheduled for release sometime in late 2007.

Of his work, Saravia says, "I combine metaphysical with abstract and create a doorway to spiritual
worlds. I moved away from the concepts that I had assimilated in art and began to paint, inspired
by emotions that I had in my mind. The paintings became visions of inner worlds and I found that I
could now focus much more on the act and the energy of creation itself."

The media couldn't agree more. Of Saravia's work, La Mañana proclaims, "The work of Mauricio
carries with it a mystical feel, channeling feelings that can't be manifested in words," while El Pais
Newspaper says, "Saravia allows us to travel into another dimension with his paintings, which is
not the dimension of space, but rather the dimension of time. A time which was intense for Saravia
and is of incalculable duration." Image Magazine states, "Every brush stroke embodies the heart
and soul of Mauricio, as his paintings and his prose define him in the moment." La Republica
Newspaper sums it all up by declaring that Saravia's work, "releases inner visions from his life and
his struggles with an expert technical resolution.”
What if you found out at the age of 5 that you had a medical condition which occurs in an
average of one person in a million and for which there is no cure?

SARAVIA is a documentary film about that five year old boy who became an international artist,
overcoming limitations and stereotypes.

The documentary chronicles the life journey of Mauricio Saravia, who was born in Uruguay, a
small country in the south of South America. His unique personality, original artwork, haunting
poetry and a passion for life which has allowed him to overcome many obstacles. His dreams led
him to live in many diverse cities, doing solo art exhibits since he was 20 years old, publishing
books of poetry, composing electronic and ambient music, sharing and becoming one with the

SARAVIA aims to encourage others to follow their dreams, reminding us that all human beings
have the same equal rights and raising an understanding of diversity as we are all God's unique art

Hollywood celebrities come together to share their personal stories and feelings, empowering the
message. The documentary includes sincere and interesting interviews with DENNIS
MESEREAU Jr, KEVIN SCOTT, MARJORIE GOODSON-CAGLE and live performances with the
singers who collaborated with Saravia on his music.

SARAVIA was filmed with the same color of his artwork. The colors, artistic backgrounds, and
locations take you on a journey into the surreal world and soul of the artist.
                          Questions With Joaquin Montalvan,
                        Producer, Writer and Cinematographer
Joaquin Montalvan was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Alhambra and Pasadena. He studied
filmmaking and acting at U.C.L.A. and completed his first feature "The Sleep of Reason" in 2000. His second
feature "Adagio" was completed in 2002, screening that year at Sitges International Film Festival of Catalunya.
He was the lead actor in both of these films. His first documentary screened at Sitges in 2003, made its U.S.
premiere at Dances With Films, and went on to screen at Big Bear International Film Festival) that he discovered
he would rather be creating images from behind the camera, instead of acting in front of it. "Visual Futurist: The
Art & Life of Syd Mead" subsequently won him the Audience Award for Best Documentary at Dances With Films
2006 with the highest rating in the festival's 9 year history.

You proposed Saravia to make a documentary. Tell us how the documentary came about and what
inspired you?
Saravia interviewed me after I had completed a documentary "Visual Futurist: the Art & Life of Syd Mead", about
Syd Mead, the conceptual designer behind such films as "Blade Runner", "Tron", "Aliens", "2010", and "Star
Trek: The Motion Picture", so I had met him on the phone already. When I subsequently met him in person at a
film festival, I was completely astonished by him. Not by what I saw, but by what I didn't see. Here is a man with
obvious physical challenges, yet he is utterly and completely not self-conscious. He seeks no pity, no sympathy,
no accommodation. He simply seeks to be accepted for who he is. I was completely taken by him. I asked him if
he would be interested in being the subject of a documentary right on the spot, and he accepted.

The film aims to give a positive message to encourage persons who are ailed with a medical condition,
as well as those who are healthy.
There are so many documentaries out there already with individuals who have some condition or another that
ask you to feel sorry for them. This documentary is not about that. “Saravia” is not about that. I believe that by
showing Saravia living his life with passion and without apology, despite the challenges, will demonstrate his
acceptance of himself, and, in turn, help others to accept themselves and be accepted by society.

The documentary has the participation of many notable actors from Hollywood and artists who felt
compelled to give their opinions about the messages. How did you feel to have their approval and to film
I have been very fortunate that with the help of my Producers, Marisa Damele, and Faye Sadou, we have been
able to obtain the participation of Hollywood notables such as Dennis Haysbert, Sarah Thompson, Christopher
Coppola, Jennifer Sciole, Tangi Miller, Demore Barnes, as well as legendary Attorney, Thomas Mesereau Jr,
and many others. Their contribution has been of valuable significance to this documentary, and we are fortunate
to have their presence in the film.

What were some of the challenges in making the documentary come to life?
Saravia, myself and Maria E. Damele felt the documentary should reflect the color palette of his art, red, orange,
gold and copper. But when I read his poetry, we thought that we needed to go into a completely different world,
visually. A surreal world of metaphysical abstraction. The problem is, where do you find locations that will give
you that feel? Saravia, the Producers and I searched long and hard for locations that would fit the look this
documentary needed to have. In the end, we were inspired by several Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills
landmarks, such as the The Edison bar in downtown Los Angeles, The Friar's Club of Beverly Hills, Memphis
Hollywood, Le Deux, Aqua Lounge Beverly Hills and Patrick Ecclesine's photography studio.

Which message would you give to people after they have seen Saravia?
In my research of McCune-Albright Syndrome, which is an extremely rare disease to begin with, I discovered
that there are approximately 250 individuals with this condition living in North America today. None probably
over the age of 18, which makes Saravia even rarer still as he has long since surpassed that time frame. Yet,
where are these individuals? I had never met one, until I met Saravia. They have remained hidden for reasons
which are unknown. It is my sincere hope that "Saravia", the documentary, will inspire other individuals with this
condition, or any other condition, to emerge from the shadows of anonymity and walk into the light of their full
potential as human beings. If one person makes that choice after watching this documentary, then the film will
have fulfilled its purpose.
                            Questions With Maria E. Damele,
                          Executive Producer and Co-Producer
Marisa Damele was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She received a degree in English from the Anglo Institute and
she took a course on Journalism. Damele taught English to key personnel in the Government and specialized in
instructing United Nations' Peacekeepers. She also worked in the Consulate of Uruguay in San Francisco as an
assistant to the Consul. She Founded Artist Interviews Magazine, one of the first online magazines in the US in
2001 and she is still the Associate Editor of it.

The film aims to give a positive message to encourage persons who are ailed with a medical condition,
as well as those who are healthy.
We wanted the film to give positive messages and Saravia's life story is the vehicle to deliver the messages. We
would like this film to encourage persons with medical conditions to have a dream and to pursue it with all their
heart and soul. We would also like to raise an awareness in those who are fortunate enough to have a good
health so they appreciate what they have, but also to feel empathy for those who have medical problems. We
would also like to open the minds and hearts of people to accept diverse kinds of individuals.

The documentary has the participation of many notable actors from Hollywood and artists who felt
compelled to give their opinions about the messages. How did you feel to have their approval?
Oh! That has been an incredible encouragement to us while producing the documentary. Every time we explain
to people what we are doing they love the idea and they want to give their personal opinion on camera. Most of
the participants already knew Saravia and even they didn't know all the details of his painful limitations, because
he never talks about that, they had already expressed to him or to me their admiration, as a live example of will
and determination to overcome physical problems.

What were some of the challenges in making the documentary come to life?
We are producing it with a very low budget. Saravia wanted everything to be filmed with colorful backgrounds
and lights, to create an ambient that would be similar to his paintings. To get that kind of environment we filmed
almost all the interior scenes in beautiful clubs in Beverly Hills, Hollywood or Downtown Los Angeles. To
schedule with actors and other important people in the entertainment industry in Hollywood was a challenge
because they are all very busy. I had to schedule with the venues' managers, one or two participants, the
producer, the production assistant, the editorial and behind the scenes photographers, Mauricio and myself at
the same time and date. It was not easy. To select the shootings with Joaquin Montalvan, in order to tell
Saravia's story and show the kind of life he has today was another challenge. We worked all together, giving
different ideas and deciding what would be better.

Which message would you give to people who are going to see Saravia?
This is a documentary like no other. Saravia's story is unique and his personality is amazing and some times
controversial. It is an independent production, yet it is artistic. This is a documentary that will move you, it will
surprise you and entertain you, as well. I feel that it will change the way people with disabilities are seen. I also
hope that people with medical conditions will feel more confident about themselves as well, and they will find the
strength and determination to have dreams and struggle to make them come true. Our body may have
limitations, but our spirit and mind are powerful. Faith is the key to accomplishment. Keep on dreaming, always!
                               ABOUT THE PARTICIPANTS
Dennis Dexter Haysbert is an American film and television actor. He is best known for portraying
President David Palmer on the American television show 24 as well as Jonas Blane in the CBS
series The Unit. Haysbert Graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and has been
acting in film and television since 1979, starting with a guest role in The White Shadow. His
television guest starring roles include Lou Grant, Laverne & Shirley, The A-Team, Dallas, Magnum
P.I., Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Duckman. On film, Haysbert has appeared in Breach,
Absolute Power, Random Hearts and Far From Heaven among others. Haysbert co-starred with
Michelle Pfeiffer in Love Field, a film about the assassination and funeral of President John F.
Kennedy. In 1999, Haysbert starred with Eric Close in Now and Again. In addition to television and
film acting, Haysbert has also done voice work for various video games, most notably as Irving
Lambert in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series and narrator of Call of Duty: Finest Hour.

Efren Ramirez is an outstanding actor, comedian, musician, DJ and painter who has a charismatic
personality and a humanitarian side which has taken him to participate in charity events and
College and High-School Lectures in East Los Angeles, encouraging the students to have a
productive life and overcome difficulties. Ramirez was born in Los Angeles and came into the
acting scene in 1994. His talent to perform characters who are completely different to his real
personality have brought him much deserved success. He has worked in important box-office
films such as Napoleon Dynamite, Crank with Jason Stantham and Employee of the Month with
Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook, among more than 19 feature films. Ramirez is best know for
his role as Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite. Ramirez's extensive TV shows include recurring on
Disney's Even Stevens, and Fox's Boston Public, and has guest starred on ER, The District, and
Judging Amy. He is Producing a documentary titled After School and has just finished Ratko: The
Dictaror's Son, Moola and American Summer.

Sarah Thompson is an intelligent, professional and talented actress who is best known for her
work in Angel and 7th Heaven. She began to act when she was 16 years old and has performed
leading roles in the forthcoming movies: Broken Windows, Dear Me, Babysitter Wanted and Brutal
and has been on television shows such as Without a Trace, Boston Public, Line of Fire, The
Division, Malibu's Most Wanted, Going to California, As the World Turns, The Sopranos, Soul
Man, just to name a few.

Christopher Coppola began his filmmaking at an early age by creating films that starred his
brother Nicolas Cage. He is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and cousin of Sofia Coppola,
Grandson of Carmine Coppola, Italia Coppola and former brother-in-law of Patricia Arquette. As a
Producer, Writer and Director, Christopher has completed seven motion pictures. Christopher's
first feature was produced for De Laurentiis Entertainment Group. Christopher's next feature,
Deadfall, starred Michael Biehn, Nicolas Cage and James Coburn. As a Producer, he has worked
with actors such as: Martin Sheen, Robert Carradine. Rosanna Arquette and Morton Downey Jr.,
William Forsythe and Gary Busey. Christopher's television work includes writing and directing
America's Most Wanted segments for Fox Television, directing the premiere episode of
Bonechillers for ABC, directing the two Nickelodeon childrens' shows The Journey of Allen
Strange and 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd and directing Disney's hit show The Jersey.
Joseph Cortese is an actor and executive producer who was born in Paterson, New Jersey. He
has been onscreen since 1975's Jessi's Girls. He has starred and was the executive producer for
Shut Up and Shoot!, Nowhere Land with Dina Meyer, Rat Pack (Ray Liotta, Joe Mantegna, Don
Cheadle) and has worked in more than 51 films, including: American History X, Deadly Illusion,
Exclusive, Something is out There, The Agency, You Got Nothin', The Last Word, 18 Wheels of
Justice, Game Day, Young Hearts Unlimited, Nowhere Land, Family Enforcer, Nash Bridges, The
Burning Zone, Pacific Blue, Illicit Dreams, Murder, She Wrote, The Closer and Drangonflight, just
to name a few.

Jennifer Sciole is a beautiful actress and Producer who is one of Hollywood's fastest rising stars.
She has played leading roles in forthcoming movies such as Blood, Political Engagement,
Beneath Justice, Breaking the F-ing Rules, For Liberty, The Boss, Flickering Candle, Shades of
Love, Crimson, Flatscreen, The Winning Hand and has also acted in Descent, Entourage,
Caffeine, Ella at Five, Repetition, 14 Hours, just to name a few. Her work as a Producer include:
Blood and Ella at Five. Sciole Co-produced Hounddog and Selling in the 21st Century. Her
appearances on the red carpet include Golden Globe Awards, Alma Awards, Screen Actor's Guild
Awards, Emmy Awards, People's Choice Awards, American Music Awards and she was the
Presenter for the Annual Prism Awards.

Tangi Miller was named by TV Guide as one of the sexiest stars on television and whom Ebony
Magazine called one of the "most beautiful people of the millennium." Tangi can be seen in Tyler
Perry's film Madea's Family Reunion. She was also nominated for a 2005 NAACP Image Award
for Outstanding Actress in the television movie, Phantom Force. She played Elena Tyler on the hit
WB series Felicity. Tangi later received a 2002 NAACP Image Award Nomination for Best Actress
in a Dramatic series. Tangi has since launched a professional acting career with lead roles in the
independent feature film, The Other Brother, starring opposite Mekhi Phifer, as well as in Too Legit:
The MC Hammer Story. Tangi also starred in the LionsGate feature film Leprechaun: Back 2 tha
Hood and has guest starred on Half & Half, Fastlane, The Twilight Zone, Arliss, The Shield and The
District. Tangi also most recently finished producing Love... & Other 4 Letter Words.

Demore Barnes, winner of the BFV and Black Film Award for best performance in a dramatic
series and nominated for two consecutive years for the Gemini Award which is the Canada's
equivalent of Emmy, as Best lead Actor in drama series; has worked in television, movies and
cable shows. He is very well known for his role in 35 episodes of The Unit. He also played the
Mudo, one of the main characters on the nationally syndicated Tia Carrere Show. Also, in the
television movies, White Lies, with Sarah Polley and Lynn Redgrave, Second String starring Jon
Voight, Blackout with Jane Seymour. In less than a year, Barnes was cast as Benjamin Hardaway
on The Associates, and thrust into a media maelstrom. Lately, he also worked in Jasper Texas and
Second String.
Marjorie Goodson-Cagle, who was at the early age of 6 acting in front of a camera, is now an
established painter. After growing up in the entertainment industry, being the daughter of Mark
Goodson who was one of the first TV producer in the U.S., creator of more than 980 television
shows since 1948 such as What's My Line, she is now making her path into the art scene. Marjorie
was inspired by her Father who was an art lover and art collector with whom she lived in New York
for years and who introduced her to some of the most influential art work in theworld. Marjorie has
been painting for 15 years and has been showing her work in some of the most notable galleries on
the West Coast.

Kevin Scott is a casting director who received two Emmy® awards, two CSA awards for The West
Wing and two nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award®. Scott was responsible for the
casting of more than 155 episodes of The West Wing and 42 episodes of Half and Half, as well as
My Wife and Kids, All of Us, Black Sash, Fastlane, Citizen Baines, Bullfighter, Border Line, Leaving
L.A., The Effects of Magic, Spark and The Parent 'Hood and Living Single. Kevin finished the
casting for the television pilot Dash 4 Cash.

Robert Axelrod is an actor who has been in several movies and lent his voice to countless
television shows. One of his best known roles was that of Lord Zedd, the main antagonist of the
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He has also portrayed a Paul McCartney look-a-like on the
popular sitcom, Family Matters. His acting and voice credits include: Gotham Cafe, The Last Shot,
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Exorcism, Deep Freeze, Every 43 Seconds, Ghost in the Shell:
Stand Alone Complex, The Campus House, A Light in the Darkness, Power Rangers,
Transformers and 18 Wheels of Justice.

Thomas A. Mesereau Jr. was named one of the most The 10 Most Fascinating People by Barbara
Walters along with Jamie Foxx, Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher and Lance Armstrong. He is an
American trial attorney best known for defending Michael Jackson, Robert Blake and Mike Tyson.
His celebrity criminal defense work is balanced by his personal and professional commitment to
seeking justice for the legally undeserved and "railroaded" victims of overzealous criminal
prosecution offices. He devotes his time and money to notable pro bono legal services to the
African-American communities of Los Angeles and the American South.

David Bianchi starred in numerous independent films, National commercials and industrials. His
credits include, War Of The Worlds, Elizabethtown and Heiress. He is writer, producer of the
acclaimed short film Soldier, an official selection of 12 domestic festivals including Palm Springs,
Los Angeles, San Diego, Queens and Phoenix. It won Best Short Queens, Best Short at San Tan
Shorts in Phoenix, Best of Fest at both The Midwest Independent, the ARPA international film
festival and was voted the N.02 Best Unseen Film by Film Threat Magazine of 2006. You can also
see David Bianchi in the series . He has just finished producing and directing a documentary called
Outspoken– Los Angeles which is in post-production. He was also in the feature film Farewell
Darkness, to be released in Aug. 2007. Bianchi is painter and a nationally recognized poet. His
poetry can be heard nationwide on the album Rhymes and Royalties released on MoAmper
Sounds Records. David uses his influence as a poet to help influence and mentor emancipated
and underprivileged young adults in both high schools and half way houses. His original feature
length screenplay Car was nominated for the Golden Palm Award at 2006 Beverly Hills
International Film Festival and it is scheduled for release.
Patrick Ecclesine is a Hollywood studio photographer whose successful project Faces of Sunset
featured Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Stephen J. Cannell,
John Schneider, Henry and Max Winkler, Fabrice Morvan, Ken Costanza and Jacky Johnson.
Ecclesine photographed Mauricio Saravia for the project holding cotton candy. After an opening
in City Hall, Faces of Sunset is currently in exhibition in Hollywood's Arclight. Ecclesine has
worked for Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, CBS, Turner Broadcasting, Time Magazine,
Entertainment Weekly, NY Times, LA Times, Men's Health, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Spin
Magazine, and many other publications.

Varda Hardy is a Producer who has done a micro-short with Saravia, inspired by his poetry titled
The 1,000 Sides of the Moon, where Saravia narrates the poem. Her short film Window, which
was played in KCAL9 (LA), received a Crystal Heart award by the 2006 Heartland Film Festival.
Window also won the Best Short Screenplay Award presented by the Creative Screenwriting
Journal at the Hollyshorts Film Festival. It had 6 Academy Qualifying Screenings at Laemmle's
Playhouse, Official Selection of: Film Independent's CineLounge Screening, Special SAG
Independent Short Film Panel and Screening, Desert Film Society, Los Angeles International
Short Film Festival, Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival, Method Fest, Malibu Int'l Film Festival,
Temecula Int'l Film Festival, Harlem Int'l Film Festival, Reel Women Film Festival, Park City Music
in Film Festival, San Francisco Women's Film Festival, Pacific Palisades Film Festival, Short
Monday's Film Festival, InnisBos South African Int'l Film Festival Crested Butte Film Festival,
Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival, Dam Short Film Festival (Finalist Best Drama) and
Hollyshorts Film Festival (Best Screenplay).
                        ABOUT THE FILM MAKERS AND CREW

(Producer, Writer and Director)
Joaquin Montalvan was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Alhambra and Pasadena.
He studied filmmaking and acting at U.C.L.A. and completed his first feature "The Sleep of
Reason" in 2000. His second feature "Adagio" was completed in 2002, screening that year at
Sitges International Film Festival of Catalunya. He was the lead actor in both of these films. His
first documentary screened at Sitges in 2003, made its U.S. premiere at Dances With Films, and
went on to screen at Big Bear International Film Festival) that he discovered he would rather be
creating images from behind the camera, instead of acting in front of it. "Visual Futurist: The Art &
Life of Syd Mead" subsequently won him the Audience Award for Best Documentary at Dances
With Films 2006 with the highest rating in the festival's 9 year history.

(Executive Producer/Co-Producer/Production Co-ordinator/Location Manager)
Marisa Damele was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She received a degree in English from the
Anglo Institute and she took a course on Journalism. Damele taught English to key personnel in
the Government and specialized in instructing United Nations' Peacekeepers. She also worked in
the Consulate of Uruguay in San Francisco as an assistant to the Consul. She is currently the
Founder and Publisher and Associate Editor of Artist Interviews Magazine
(www.ArtistInterviews.com), one of the first online magazines on the internet. She accomplished
several tasks in the magazine under the pen name: Marisa Darnel. Her work with Artist Interviews
has given her an insider's view of the structure and creation of films and documentaries, which
inspired her to become the Co-Producer of the "Saravia" documentary. Damele has overseen the
production of the documentary from the very start.

(Executive Producer/Co-ordinator/Still Photographer/Location Manager)
Faye Sadou was born in Toulouse, France. She studied Fine Art at the University of Art, where she
received a major in Photography and a minor in design. From there, she went to a film school that
led her to work in Paris for one of the top TV stations "France 2" as a researcher and foreign affairs
reporter. Her passion for still photography took her to work for Paris top leading news paper "Le
Parisien.". Sadou then moved to London, England and worked on a couple of feature film and
shorts. Her love for photography took her to work with Women in Films, Filmmakers Alliance, AFI,
Film Independent and APLA, just to name a few. She met Mauricio Saravia at the AFI Film
Festival and began to work on the documentary as Executive Producer.

(Production Assistant/Location Scout)
Eunice Font is a painter and fine art illustrator who has worked with Joaquin Montalvan and
Sledgehammer Film as writer for the independent thriller Mobius. She is Joaquin Montalvan's
personal assistant and consultant in all Sledgehammer Film's projects. Being a painter and
illustrator, she designs the storyboards for the company's films.
(Production Assistant)
Matthew De Cuffa was exposed to the expansive networking of the entertainment business,
especially within the film industry. He was assigned to represent, New Line Cinema, to promote
interest in the studio's films. Along with film promotions, he helped to organize large-scale
productions including The 12th Annual Short Takes Film Festival and various concerts, including
one by The Roots. He also worked at Disneyland Resort, where his experience broadened his
influence of interacting and communicating with many cultures in diverse backgrounds; as well as
emphasized the importance of appearance in creating a welcoming atmosphere for the guests.
His compassion for other people led De Cuffa to volunteer as a care extender at UCLA Spinal
Cord Injury Research, where he assisted post-trauma patients after spinal cord injury and the
recovery process. De Cuffa trained them to walk, recorded data analysis, and created computer
animated models to study their movement.

(Internet & Logo Animation Director)
Rodrigo Ferreira is an artist and multimedia developer. He is the current webmaster of Artist
Interviews Magazine and produces the animations and handles the database entries. Being an
artist has allowed Ferreira to approach animation and development from a different perspective.
His in-depth knowledge on animation and design software brought him to create animations for
the top television channels in Montevideo, Uruguay. Ferreira will be developing the multimedia
site for the movie.

(Editorial Photographer)
Francisco Madrid was inspired to capture the world with sociological and profound messages. He
purchased his first camera and took a trip to Tijuana to photograph the children that were on the
street, portraying the real world. His photos received much praise for their significance. Since
then, Madrid immersed himself into the world of photography, working with different lighting
techniques, acquiring the latest technology and utilizing strong and vivid colors to create a
balanced and beautiful composition. His work ranges from diverse styles such as editorial
photography with an artistic feel, glamorous fashion shots and unique portraits.

(Key Art/Main Poster/Photographer)
Todd Pierson is a photographer who divides his time between Los Angeles and Denver. He is
an artistic and portrait photographer who did the poster (key art) for the documentary. His
work ranges from experimenting with light and shadows to photographing nature and portraits.
(Still Photographer)
Maria Ventura, Owner of Ventura Imagery, is a portrait and event photographer who is requested
by many film festivals in Los Angeles, such as the LA Shorts Film Festival. She has photographed
celebrities such as Paul Haggis and Thora Birch. Ventura photographed the first filming of the
documentary which took place at The Friars of Beverly Hills.

(Still Photographer)
For the last 5 years, Salzman has been shooting for various news and fashion publications,
bands, actors, models, film productions, and events. His work has been published in FHM, Nylon,
The Apparel News, The LA Weekly, The Georgia Straight, Apparel Magazine, and LA Mode, to
name a few. His work can be seen on several websites from fashion to music. His work has been
described as edgy and artistic. Salzman has photographed for music labels like BMI and for
designers like San Paredes, Andrae Gonzalo, Nude by Vered, Nondi Luxe, and Anett Schneider,
and soon to be released Fashion TV series Xcess Access.
                                   ABOUT THE SOUNDTRACK
Mauricio Saravia's passion for music led him to compose the soundtrack for the documentary about his life
which features original ambient and electronic music. The lyrics from the songs were taken from his
forthcoming books of poetry.

Saravia's passion for music led him to compose the soundtrack for the documentary. Previously, he had
composed an ambient version of one of the songs featured on the Saravia soundtrack which was used by Varda
Hardy for a short film, featuring Saravia reciting his poetry and was screened at the Cannes International Film
Festival in the Short Film Corner in 2007. It was also included in a Moving Pictures magazine compilation DVD
Volume I. The song was mastered by Michael Furjanic who composed the soundtrack for films such as: Jesus
Camp, Favela Rising and Bar Talk.

International singer and songwriter Samantha Newark lent her vocals to 5 of Saravia's songs and performed live
on the documentary. Samantha's original music and vocals can currently be heard on such hit MTV's shows as
Laguna Beach, Punked, My Super Sweet Sixteen, These Girls, Crazy 6 and in the 2007 fall lineup on the new
CW network. She has been a featured vocalist on multiple live and recording projects here and abroad lending
her talent to Play Station game titles such as God of War, Twisted Metal: Black, James Bond 007: Everything Or
Nothing, Dark Cloud 2 and Britney's Dance Beat. She has also done the vocals for Purojekuto A-ko and the did
the voice of Ariel for The Transformers.

Samantha has also made quite a mark on the voice-over world for her work as the lead on the cartoon series
Jem and the Holograms, which gained her an international following. She has also lent her voice on
commercials and television projects. Samantha was also selected by renown singer and songwriter Leonard
Cohen as one of her two back up singers and rehearsed for a tour that is currently on hold.

Brittany Pettersen also recorded the vocals for 2 of Saravia's songs and performed live for the documentary
film. Brittany had previously recorded with several electronic music producers and played live in Denver,
Colorado. She rehearsed and recorded with Saravia when he was just starting to create electronic music. They
teamed up once more for the soundtrack of the documentary. Brittany flew from Colorado to be a part of this
Both of the singers Samantha Newark and Brittany Pettersen were filmed on two different important venues in
Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California.
Mauricio Saravia
Dennis Haysbert
Sarah Thompson
Christopher Coppola
Joseph Cortese
Jennifer Sciole
Tangi Miller
Demore Barnes
Thomas Arthur Mesereau Jr.
Kevin Scott
Marjorie Goodson-Cagle
Samantha Newark
Patrick Ecclesine
Robert Axelrod
David Bianchi
Varda Hardy
Brittany Pettersen
Maria E. Damele
Catalina Saravia
Renee Fajardo
Bryan Cullison
Aaron Christopher
Dr. Aram Mouzeyan
Dr. Barry Carlin

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Executive Producers: Maria E. Damele and Faye Sadou
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Cinematographer: Joaquin Montalvan
Writer: Joaquin Montalvan
Editor: Sledgehammer Films
Assistant Editor Eunice Font
Production Assistants: Matthew DeCuffa, Eunice Font and Varun Choudhury
Production Manager: Maria E. Damele
Location Managers and Scouts: Maria E. Damele, Artist Interviews LLP.,
Eunice Font and Faye Sadou
Unit Publicist: Joe Venegas
Art Directors: Artist Interviews LLP. and Sledegehammer Films
Set Decoration and Additional Backgrounds: Mauricio Saravia
Post Production: Sledgehammer Films
Animations: Rodrigo Ferreira
Editorial Photography: Francisco Madrid and Francisco Palacios
Key Art: Artist Interviews LLP.
Key Art Photography: Todd Pierson
Still Photography: Faye Sadou, Maria Ventura, Nathaniel Felix Salzman, Varun Choudhury
 and Artist Interviews LLP.
Image Scanning and Enhancement: Artist Interviews LLP.
Sound Design: Sledgehammer Films
Live Music Sound Engineer: Ron Gibson and Chris Nunnari
Music Produced and Written by: Mauricio Saravia
Vocals: Samantha Newark and Brittany Pettersen
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The 1,000 Sides of The Moon
Crystal Heart Award-winning film maker VARDA HARDY who Produced and Directed Window has
filmed a micro short film of Saravia reading poetry from his forthcoming book and his own music. The
short film was included in a compilation DVD by Moving Pictures and was screened in the Short Film
Section of Cannes 2007 and at Hollyshorts 2007. Varda has won several awards for Window, which
features Louis Gosset Jr. Varda directed a series of micro films: First Kiss, Stretched Too Thin,
Overachiever and Fast Food Dogs.

The North Wind (Currently in Production)
Saravia has worked acting on the role of Donato in a fantasy epic feature film which is in
Production and is not listed yet on IMDB. The film is currently titled The North Wind portraying an
artist and philosopher.

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