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World Police and Fire Games Federation (WPFGF)
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., # 107, San Diego, CA 92111
Tele. (858) 571-9919 FAX: (858) 571-1641 E-MAIL: 4info@cpaf.org

International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF)
Bavariaring 21, D-80336, Munchen, Germany
   Tele: +49 89 544.3550 FAX: +49 89 544.35544
   Web-Site: www.issf-shooting.org E-Mail: munich@issf-shooting.org

National Rifle Association, (NRA) (International Pistol Rules)
11250 Waples Mill Rd., Fairfax, VA 22030



   Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman and “Unclassified”*

       * NOTE: The “Unclassified” Class is not a Medal event; it is designed for those
       competitors without an established WPFG Classification. See Classification on page
       2, for details.


   “A” Division: Master and Expert
   “B” Division: Sharpshooter and Marksman


Any Air Rifle using compressed air of CO2, calibre 4.5mm (.177 cal), see ISSF Rule 7.4.0
and 7.16.0 and NRA Rule 3.6.

The weight of the Rifle with sights may not exceed 5.5kgs (12.12 lbs); see ISSF Rule 7.16.0
and NRA Rule 3.6 (f).

The total overall length of the air rifle may not exceed 850mm; see ISSF Rule 7.16.0 and (01) and NRA Rule 3.6 (j).

Rules concerning sights, see ISSF Rule and NRA Rule 3.7.

Rules concerning slings, see ISSF Rule and NRA Rule 3.13.


       Any type or form of 4.5mm (.177 cal) projectile that is made of lead or similar soft
       material. Steel projectiles are prohibited. See ISSF Rule 7.4.8 and NRA Rule 3.17
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       The Target used for these events is the 10-Meter Air Rifle Target, see ISSF Rule and NRA Target AR5/1, and see NRA Rule 4.2.


The 10-Meter (33 feet) Air Rifle Match (Standing Position) will be used for these events,
see ISSF Rule 7.15.0 and NRA Rule 7.4 (b). This course of fire will consist of 60 shots
within 105 minutes including sighters.


Each competitor must have their firearm (weapon) officially examined and approved prior
to the competition. Only firearms which have been approved for the competition may be
used. Each competitor will be given a “Control Card” with the approved rifles serial
number and brand name noted by the “Equipment Control Committee” and this card must
be in their possession when reporting to the Range Officer at the commencement of each
stage of the event. See ISSF Rule 6.6.0 and NRA Rule 3.18.

Competitors may do scoring of targets, or the Host may have the club/facility members pull
and score targets. If competitors score targets, each competitor will score the target to their
right as long as that competitor is not from the same team or agency.

Current ISSF/NRA rules shall apply to this event except where the WPFGF General Sport
Rules take precedence over ISSF/NRA rules, such as eligibility, awards, number of team
members, etc.

CLASSIFICATION: Competitors without an established WPFG classification will shoot
“Unclassified” in the Individual event. Their score in the “Unclassified” event will
determine which skill classification they will be entered into for purposes of placing in the
Individual competition. This classification will also be used for those competitors entering
into the Team event.

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