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August 8, 2011
News Release
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LANGSTON, OKLA.-- After six years of moving Langston University (LU) “from excellence to
greatness” – her inaugural mantra – JoAnn W. Haysbert, the institution‟s fifteenth and first
female president, announced plans to step down and return to Hampton University in Virginia
where she spent 25 years in several academic and administrative positions. She will assume the
position of Executive Vice President at Hampton. Haysbert announced her plans today during the
annual Fall Faculty Institute Luncheon at C.F. Gayles Gymnasium on the LU campus. The
resignation will be effective at the end of the Fall 2011 semester.

“While this was personally a difficult decision, I know it is the right one and this is the right
time, given what has been accomplished in the past six years,” Haysbert said. “I believe in a
higher power, so I am confident that the stars are properly aligned in favor of this move. I am
deeply honored to have served as President of one of the finest historically black colleges in
America with a rich heritage. Two years ago, my colleague at Hampton, President William
Harvey, approached me about returning to the university. Though I appreciated the attractive
offer, I knew we still had work to do at Langston. Like Hampton, Langston has a special place in
my heart. I leave pleased with our accomplishments and confident Langston‟s future is brighter
than ever.”

“On behalf of the OSU/A&M Board of Regents, I commend President Haysbert for her
outstanding leadership and the many accomplishments achieved during her presidency,” said Jay
L. Helm, Board chairman. “She did an admirable job in a relatively short period of time. In so
doing, her leadership has put Langston on a pathway to greater academic and research success in
the future. We wish President Haysbert only the very best in her new position at Hampton, and
we are appreciative of her work at Langston.”

“I am very proud of the accomplishments during my time at Langston, none of which could have
been achieved without the support of the OSU/A&M Board of Regents and the commitment and
dedication of our faculty, staff, alumni, students and other stakeholders,” Haysbert said.

Haysbert cited the implementation of a comprehensive 10-year strategic plan as the primary
driver behind the many campus-wide achievements. “It was the collaboration of our community
of scholars and stakeholders that resulted in a more student-centered, safe, viable, academically
competitive, technologically advanced and stronger environment at Langston for our students,
who are the ultimate beneficiaries. And, as we consider where we are with the plan, it should be
noted, we completed over 80 percent of our ambitious goals in only five years.”

       Among the notable accomplishments are:

              Fiscal soundness. The University‟s fiscal health is the best it has been in twenty
               years, according to external auditors. In addition to receiving several consecutive
               unqualified audits, the institution operates without a deficit.
              Closed the technological divide. Five years ago, there was virtually no technology
               on any of the three campuses. Today, each campus has wireless capabilities, four-
               digit dialing capability to Tulsa and Oklahoma City campuses from the main
               campus, online registration (including bill payments), several computer labs and
               “smart classrooms” on each campus, and a total upgrade of the network
              Increased and enhanced academic offerings. Eleven programs of distinction have
               been identified, University College was established as a comprehensive resources
               center and the “academic home” for all freshmen and sophomores, online courses
               are now offered and several new graduate programs have been added.
              Secured the required $1.5 million state match by the USDA as part of the
               University‟s general operating budget.
              Increased overall giving by 36 percent, which included two $100,000 gifts, one
               from a corporation and the other from a foundation.
              Established the President‟s Scholarship Gala, the university‟s single largest
               fundraising activity.
              Saw a significant increase in grantsmanship among faculty members.
              Changed the fundraising landscape, clearing the way for a major capital
              Created the University Foundation, which serves as a repository for private
              Implemented the “Failure Is Not an Option” concept. To significantly increase
               their success rate, incoming students are housed together in the Freshman Village,
               receive academic advisement through University College, take classes together
               (block scheduling), are issued individual laptops, and participate in numerous
               mentoring and development workshops and seminars.
              Implemented several measures to make the campus safer. Among these were the
               implementation of community policing programs, installation of more security
               cameras, additional lighting, call boxes and construction of two welcome centers.
              Made major improvements in the town of Langston City. The University
               undertook the first steps in transforming Langston City into a college town,
               repaving and upgrading a mile of the main street with sidewalks and streetlights.
               Future plans include a community softball park, renovation and expansion of the
               Town Hall and construction of a Farmers‟ Market.

“When I came to Langston in 2005, I called it „Oklahoma‟s Hidden Treasure.‟ Now, I can truly
say that we did a great job in uncovering this „gem‟ by telling its story around the state and
across the nation. I leave with the assurance that the university is poised for continued success. I
want to thank everyone for their support of our shared vision. I met some wonderful people in
Oklahoma – on and off the campus – many of whom I now have the privilege of calling friends,”
President Haysbert concluded.

Statement from Hampton President William Harvey on the return of Dr. Haysbert to
Hampton University:

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Haysbert back to the Hampton family after her successful stint
as president of Langston University in Oklahoma. She played an important role for 25 years at
Hampton in emboldening and empowering the university to become one of the finest anywhere.
She brings her experience back to Hampton where she will be actively involved in moving our
university forward. In my judgment, she is one of the best college administrators in the entire
country. We congratulate Dr. Haysbert on her success as president of Langston University and
welcome her back to Hampton with open arms.”


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