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					                      Hardware Firewall Evaluation Team

Weekly Meeting #3
Date: 11/23/2004


   1. Distribute first draft of criteria document and discuss.
   2. Outline next steps:
      a. Incorporate changes from discussion into document
      b. Begin collecting practical/personal experience information for second
         half of the report.

Note: There will be no meeting in the Bits & Pieces room next week (11/30).
However, if you are interested there will be an “onsite” review of two hardware
appliances at Wharton next week. Details to follow…


1. Distribute document and discuss
   Attendees took time to read document and comment.

   For the most part comments were limited to additional criteria, or changes to
   language and document structure that will be included in the next version.

   Michael Watson and JoDe Hendrick offered to revise the definitions portion of
   the document to include all firewall types.

   Tony Olejnik prompted a discussion by suggesting that the report include
   more specifics about various firewall configurations, but ultimately retracted
   this suggestion based on the wide spectrum of considerations that would
   need to be taken into account to provide this.

   Perry Bloomfield suggested compiling some “General Rules” or “Best
   Practices” to be observed when implementing firewalls. It was decided that
   individuals would look on the web for existing documents and links towards
   this end.

2. Outline next steps

   The next meeting will be two weeks from today (12/7) in the Bits and Pieces
   room. However, there will be a ‘hands-on’ session at Wharton next week for
   those interested in seeing two current firewall products. The time is 1:30 on
   Tuesday (regular meeting time) and the place is TBD.

   The next step for the team will be to revise the document and collect and
   compile a list of practical information and examples.

Team Members Present - 2004
Joshua Beeman, ISC Information Security, jbeeman at isc.upenn.edu
Matthew Snyder, Law School
Perry Bloomfield, Center for Technology Transfer, bloomfield at ctt.upenn.edu
Michael DePaiva, Law School, depaiva at law.upenn.edu
Daniel Heath, ISC N&T, dheath at isc.upenn.edu
JoDe Hendrick, SEAS, jodeh at cis.upenn.edu
John Merz, College House Support, jmerz at pobox.upenn.edu
Anthony Olejnik, ISC TSS, tony at pobox.upenn.edu
Michael Watson, Wharton, watsonmj at wharton.upenn.edu
Ian Kelley, CHAS, ikelley at pobox.upenn.edu
Bob Fink, Dental, rafink at pobox.upenn.edu

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