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					Plan:          Pre-AP Physics
End Date:                                                                                     8/26/2011
Start Date:                                                                                   8/22/2011
Teacher:       Szentirmay

                        Monday                         Tuesday                   Wednesday
Activity Title Measurement;                  Graphing, Equation of line, Lab Safety, Scientific
               Mathematical                  , SI Quantities and Units Notation, Metric
               Relationships                                             Conversions
Objective      Measure length in metric      Express measurements in Identify safe lab practices.
               units. Use vernier caliper.   metric units. Identify base Express numbers in
               Determine the relationship    quantities and units.       scientific notation. Convert
               between quantities by         Discuss qualities of good metric units.
               graphing.                     tables and graphs. Write
                                             equations for linear data.

Materials      textbook, paper, pencil,      textbook, paper, pencil,       textbook, paper, pencil, lab
               round items bin, rulers       balances, jars of pennies      supplies
Procedure      1.Warm Up "All                1.Warmup: Test your            1.Warmup: safety
               About"/hand out syllabus,     metric intuition/hand out      scenarios/check homework
               assignment sheet.             safety rules, agreement, rr    2. Locate safety
               2. Lab: Relationship of       passes.                        equipment.
               circumference and             2.Discuss graph of line of     3. Equation of line problem
               diameter of circular          diam- circumference.           (handout)/ID problems in
               objects. (ppt prelab).        3. Base units, symbols         Bad Graphs.
                                             metric prefixes.               4. Metric conversions,
                                             4. Powers of 10 website        scientific notation .
                                                                            5. Metric scenarios lab (ppt

Homework       Have syllabus signed.         Read, sign safety rules &      Read Ch. 2.2 p. 26-31.
               Read Ch. 2.1 p. 15-20.        agreement. Read Ch. 2 p.       Answer 1-8, p. 20-22.
               Learn base quantities and     21-25. Complete Practice
               abbreviations (Table 2-1)     problem:s slope, eqn. of
               and metric prefixes (Table    line (handout)
               2-2) for Quiz Fri.
               Complete circumference
               vs. diameter report.
Enrichment                                   AP question-data.              AP question-data.
TEKS           1A-B, 2A-L, 3A, 3F            1A-B, 2A-L, 3A, 3E-F           1A-B, 2A-L, 3A, 3F
Key terms      circumference, diameter,      directly proportional, base    fume hood, waft,
               metric units, Vernier         quantities, base units, y-     ventilation, flammable,
               caliper, length, meter,       intercept, slope, metric       corrosive, toxic, scientific
               centimeter, millimeter        prefixes, Systeme              notation
                                             Internationale (SI), derived
Assessment   Report with data table,   Test your metric intuition, Safety Scenarios. Chapter
             graph, equation for       Practice problems: slope, 2 Problems. Metric
             circumference vs.         eqn. of line                Scenarios report.
Modification As per IEP                 As per IEP                As per IEP
             TEKS 1A-B and 2A-L are    incorporated in labaoratories and activities onan ongoing basis.
        Thursday                          Friday
Precision and Accuracy,        Quiz; Conversion factors
Mystery Area Lab               for area and volume

Compare precision and          Determine the relationship
accuracy. Deterimine           between quantities by
certain and uncertain digits   graphing. Convert area
in measurements.               and volume units. Carry
Construct a graph using        out metric conversions and
standards and use it to        calculate using scientific
determine unknown area.        notation.

textbook, paper, pencil, lab   textbook, paper, pencil, lab
supplies                       supplies
1.Warmup: metric               1.Warmup: precision -
conversion problem.       2.   accuracy handout
Discuss precision and          2.Quiz on lab safety, base
accuracy (ppt)           3.    units (Table 2-1), metric
Lab (half page handout):       prefixes (Table 2-2), and
Measurement and                scientific notation.
uncertainty.        4.         3. Sneeze activity (Area
Mystery area lab               and volume conversions)
(handout).                     (handout).

 Read Chapter 2.3 p. 33-37. Complete sneeze activity
Answer 9-11 p. 23 and         calculations.
Chapter review problems
31-33, p. 39. Study for quiz
on lab safety, SI units (Tbl
2-1), metric prefixes (Tbl 2-
2) and scientific notation.

AP question-data.
1A-B, 2A-L, 3A, 3F             1A-B, 2A-L, 3A, 3E-F
 accuracy, precision,
          Lab report: Measurment      Quiz on lab safety, base
          and uncertainty, Mystery   units (Table 2-1), metric
          area lab report            prefixes (Table 2-2), and
                                     scientific notation.
          As per IEP                 As per IEP
s onan ongoing basis.

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