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Student Loan Comparison Worksheet by ajizai


									                                                                           Harvard University: Graduate and Professional Student Loan Comparison Chart

Student Loan Comparison Chart                                                    Lender 1                         Lender 2                        Lender 3   Notes
Lender Name

Loan Program Name

Customer Service Phone


Eligibility: Available to graduate students? To international students?
To U.S. citizens and permanent residents?

Cosigner Requirements: And, is there a cosigner release option?

Interest Rate: Variable or Fixed? If variable, what is the index (LIBOR
or Prime Rate?) What is the margin above the index (ex. Prime +
Interest Rate Range: Ex. Rates as low as Prime +1.0% and as high as
Prime + 7.75%

Interest Capitalization

Fees: Application fees, origination fees, guarantee fees, late fees, and
any other fees.

Loan Limits (Annual/Aggregate)

Borrower Benefits: Repayment incentives, both front-end and back-
end, e.g., options for on-time and auto-debit payments. Can a
borrower lose the incentive? Do you have a “cure” process whereby
the incentive can be restored?
Repayment Options: Years to repay; graduated repayment options?

Grace Period/First Payment Due

Deferment Options

Forbearance Options

Death & Disability Cancellation

Servicing Standards: What information is available on-line, phone
numbers (for domestic and international callers) and hours of
operation for your borrower customer service center. How can
student repay from overseas?
Loan Servicer

Date the information was collected:

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