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Toast of the Coast


									Vol. 3 No. 2 October 2010
                                                 Toast of the Coast
                                                  Distinguished District ONE Toastmasters. Unbeatable...together.

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                                              from a Few
Meet the new                                     Fall Area
Area Governors . . . . . . . 2–3
Out to the Ballpark . . . . . . 4
September 5, 2010

In the Spotlight . . . . . . . . . 4
District One Speakers Bureau

Kitchen Korner . . . . . . . . . 5
Club Membership-Building Tips

In the Spotlight Part II . . . . 5
Tinseltown Toastmasters

District Governor’s Pin
Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Educational Awards . . . . . . 6
July 27 – September 22, 2010

It Works! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Four members credit Toastmasters with
helping them navigate life’s passages

Mark Your Calendar . . . . . . 8

100% Officers Trained . . . . 8

District One Fall
Conference Preview . . . . . .9

Toastmasters International
Convention . . . . . . . . . . . 10
The view of a first-time attendee

Awards & Installation
Banquet . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11                                         DISTRICT ONE KNOWS HOW to have fun! Fall
August 7, 2010
Who won? Pictures and the awards list.
                                                                             Area Contest themes spanned the globe from
                                                                             Hawaiian to Wild Wild West, from Caribbean
                                                                             Nights to Birthdays around the World. Above,
For the most current information, go to                                      scenes from some of the colorful contests at
                                                                             A5, B1/B4, B3, C3, C5, E1 and E3.
Meet the Area Governors
Theresa Hight, ACB/ALB                               produce a live music video                            work in IT Department for Farmers Insurance
Area A1 Governor                                     television show each week                             Group. Enjoy reading books, watching TV, eating
                      Home Club: Culver City         on Channel 10 and Chan-                               and spending time with my friends.
                      Toastmasters. Toastmas-        nel 36. Hobbies include                     
                      ter for 6 years. I live in     public speaking and photo-
                      Inglewood and am the           graphy. After my tenure as                            Michael Petran, ACG/CL
                      mother of one son. Always      Area Governor, I plan to                              Area B5 Governor
                      enjoy helping others. I’ve     pursue a doctorate.                                                          Home Club: Toyota. Toast-
                      traveled internationally       gospeljazzconnection@                                                        master for 12 years. Presi-
                      and look forward to doing                                                                    dent of Petran Unlimited, a
                      more. I enjoy watching TV,                                                                                  leadership development
                      sewing, reading, taking        Keith Kowalski, CC/CL                                                        and corporate training
classes and learning about new things.               Area B1 Governor                                                             consulting company for                                                          Home Club: FIGmasters.                                 Fortune 500 companies
                                                                           Toastmaster for 2 years. I                             and adjunct faculty at UCI
Barbara Williams, ACB                                                      work in marketing support                              Extension. Interests
Area A2 Governor                                                           for Farmers Insurance. My                              include playing the guitar,
Home Club: Inglewood                                                       wife, Michele, and son,         riding motorcycles, dancing, rebuilding trucks,
Toastmasters; now a new                                                    Kevin, are the primary          cooking, and working with the LA Sheriff’s De-
member of Praisemasters.                                                   focus of my life. I enjoy       partment Mounted Search and Rescue team.
Toastmaster since May ‘05.                                                 game playing (computer,
I am an aspiring Health                                                    board, role playing) and
Educator who has been                                                      reading.                        Agnes Varga, ACB/ALB
"moonlighting" as an                                          Area C1 Governor
administrative assistant                                                                                   Home Club: Beach Cities.
for a financial company for the past 11 years. I      Don Smith, CC                                         Toastmaster since May
enjoy volunteering, cooking (when I'm not dining     Area B2 Governor                                      2007. I’m a CPA and pro-
out), going to comedy clubs and being "auntie"       Home Club: J. P. Rinnert.                             fessional accountant. I am
to a host of my friends' children.                   Toastmaster for 2 years.                              a smart and educated                                    I work as a self-employed                             woman but English was
                                                     software consultant. My                               not my first language and
Eva M. Westholm, ACG/ALB                             passion is promoting eco-                             communicating my ideas
Area A3 Governor                                     literacy (helping people                              clearly was a bit challenging for me. My supervi-
                     Home Club: Culver City          understand how we are                                 sor recommended I join Toastmasters and it has
                     Toastmasters. Toastmaster       connected to the environ-                             given me great skills and confidence. I have two
                     for 12 years. Licensed          ment). Love long conversations about soil, com-       beautiful boys (3 years and 3 months old), and a
                     Clinical Social Worker          post, fungi, microbes and converting your lawn        third one called husband – just kidding.
                     (LCSW) working in com-          into a food forest. I live in West LA with my
                     munity mental health set-       beautiful wife Meg and our cat Mimi. Hobbies
                     ting. Love to visit family in   include climbing, canoeing, back-country skiing,      Jessie M. Moore, ACB/ALB
                     my birth country, Sweden.       and ultimate frisbee—but now I spend all my           Area C2 Governor
                     Also love California where      spare time on Area Governor activities!                                        Toastmaster 3 years. Cur-
                     I live now with husband,                                                               rently Treasurer for home
Leo, and Maltese mix Nifty. Like singing, volley-                                                                                   club Aerovision 4419. Past
ball, swimming, and the outdoors.                                            Jon Caplan, DTM                                        President of home club                                                         Area B3 Governor                                       and an Assistant Area C5
                                                                             Home club: Century City                                Governor. B.A. in Business
David Kelmachter, ACB, QS                                                    Toastmasters. Toastmaster                              Administration. Enjoy ac-
Area A4 Governor                                                             for 7½ years. The hobby                                tion movies, music, trying
Home Club: Funny Bones.                                                      that I focus on the most is                            different foods. Parent
Toastmaster 2½ years.                                                        photography. It's remark-                              helper for the Bellflower
Professional field: the en-                                                   able how much it has in       Cheerleaders. Love skating when I can stay on
tertainment industry.                                                        common with public            my feet. I like traveling and spending time with
Guiding principles: create                           speaking. At its core, it's about communication       family and friends.
win/win situations and                               —about having a point and then figuring out how
have fun in every endea-                             to use the available tools to make that point.
vor. Interests: the arts,                            Ansel Adams said that there's nothing worse           Monica Alexander, ACS/ALB
exploring, neuroscience,                             than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept. That's a       Area C3 Governor
great food, fascinating                              critical lesson for photog-                           VPE of home club Northrop
people, and the University of Florida Gators.        raphers or Toastmasters.                              Grumman Toastmasters.                                                      Toastmaster for 2 years.
                                                                                                           Hobbies are radio person-
Darrell Winfrey, ACG/ALB                             Abdul Alim, ACS/ALB                                   ality for KTYM 1460AM
Area A5 Governor                                     Area B4 Governor                                      where I co-host a smooth
President of home club Northrop Grumman.             Toastmaster 2 years.                                  jazz show and also produce
Toastmaster for 2 years. I host a weekly smooth      Home club: FIGmasters.                                and host a live weekly tele-
jazz radio show on KTYM 1460 AM and also             Live in Los Angeles and                               vision show on WHPA. I’m the Director of an
                                                                          -2-                                                                 continued on p. 3
Meet the Area Governors                                                     (continued from page 2)
Monica Alexander (cont)                               ings and most sports. I also love watching peo-      Marlow Wilkerson, CC
organization called Women of Prominence,              ple grow and develop their communications            Area E2 Governor
Women of Promise, which mentors young                 skills, and therefore I love Toastmasters.                                   Home Club: Century 21
women striving to get to the next level in their                                                            Masters of Action. Toast-
careers. One Toastmaster goal is to reach my                                                                                       master for 2 years. I’ve
DTM within the next year.                             Elizabeth Nebelsky, ACG                                                      been a realtor for 7 years                              Area D3 Governor                                                             and it’s a great profession.
                                                                             Home Club: Peninsula                                  The best part of my job is
Micah Anozie, CC                                                             Toastmasters.Toastmaster                              giving the keys to a new
Area C4 Governor                                                             for 9 years, but was Presi-                           home owner. I have lots of
Home Club: Narrators.                                                        dent of "Las Olas Toast-                              hobbies, including having
Toastmaster since Febru-                                                     mistress" club in the 60's.                           two saltwater fish tanks,
ary 2009. Three brothers,                                                    Remax real estate 25          and it’s truly therapeutic. I have two beautiful,
one sister, and a 4-year-                                                    years. Gift shop manager      healthy kids. Marlene is 17 and Marlow is 12.
old daughter, Haven. I                                                       at Magic Mountain. Enjoy      They’re the reason I breathe and do what I do. I
enjoy painting, reading,                                                     bike riding on the beach.     didn’t understand the kind of love parents had for
leadership and succes-                                                       Have 2 children, 5 grand-     their kids until I had my own. I am truly blessed.
sion planning, motivational speaking, generally       children. Love to play baseball with my grand-
working with my hands, thinking creatively, and       kids. Enjoy working out at the gym.
spending time with my family.                                                      Larry Lee, ATMS                                                                                         Area E3 Governor
                                                      Jennifer Ofo Addo, ACG/CL                            Home Club: Cerritos Cheer-
Bill Elder, ACS/CL                                    Area D4 Governor                                     ful Chatters. Toastmasters
Area C5 Governor                                      Home club: Motor Mouths.                             for about 14 years. Busi-
                        Home Club: Northrop           Also belongs to Toyota Air-                          ness Services Manager for
                        Grumman Toastmasters          bags and Stage 2. Toast-                             Southeast L.A. County Work-
                        Club 212. Toastmaster 12      master since 2003. After                             force Investment Board.
                        years. Logistics Engineer,    17 years in IT, Jennifer re-                         Passions include martial arts,
                        Northrop Grumman Corp.        cently moved to Toyota’s                             ocean kayaking, participat-
                        I’ve been happily married     Incentives Department.                               ing in Relay for Life, and walking my rescued
                        since 1984. My 12-year-       Originally from Ghana,                               shepherd/Rottweiler buddy, Sampson. Happily
                        old daughter, Madison, is     Jennifer now lives in Long                           partnered with my wife Virginia for 22 years.
                        from China and is my          Beach. She’s passionate about real estate and
                        Toastmaster in training.      finding great deals on just about anything.
I’m known by Disneyland cast members on a                                Carol Otters, ACB/CL
first name basis. I’m also fascinated with politics                                                         Area E4 Governor
and history. Other hobbies include backpacking,       Mariko Koshimaru Schimmel, CC/ALB                                          Member of Lakewood
tennis, collecting serious music, and of course       Area D5 Governor                                                           Toastmasters and Long
Toastmasters.             Home Club: Demosthenes Wannabees. Toast-                                   Beach Gavel Club 11. I’m a
                                                                            master since January                                 Mentor for BeachMasters
Cherry Bush, CC                                                             2008. Work as an ad-                                 and helping Marya Banniza
Area D1 Governor                                                            vanced product planner                               launch a new club Starship
Home club: South Bay                                                        for Honda, studying                                  Toastmasters. Married for
Toastmasters. Profession:                                                   trends, people and the en-                           9½ years to wonderful and
Regional Manager–Com-                                                       vironment to project                                 supportive husband Tom
pany Operations, Denny’s                                                    future customer trends                               Otters. This is my second
Restaurants Inc. Worked                                                     and needs for Honda and        year as an Area Governor (just can't get enough).
in fine dining, quick service,                                               Acura automobiles. Live in     All you past presidents out there stay tuned for
catering and family dining                                                  the South Bay with my          my newest endeavor, "The Past Presidents
over 25 years. Other inter-                           husband, Geoffrey, and enjoy tutoring students       Club," coming soon.   
ests: Domestic Violence Advocate for Redondo          and performing in musical theatre.
Beach Police Department. Hobby: cycling.                                Imani Robinson, CC                                                                                     Area E5 Governor
                                                      Julie Fogg, CC/ALB                                   Home Club: Compton Elite
Hermanda Carter, ACG/ALB                              Area E1 Governor                                     Communicators. Toast-
Area D2 Governor                                      Home Club: Deluxe Toast-                             master for 1½ years. B.A.
                      Home Club: Dreambuilders.       masters. Toastmaster for 2                           Sociology, UCLA. Systems
                      Toastmaster since 2006.         years. I’m a principal for a                         Programmer, TRW. Habitat
                      I’ve served in all 7 officer     small technology integra-                            for Humanity, 2 years. Na-
                      roles. Worked in the com-       tion firm specializing in call                        tional Service, AmeriCorps,
                      puter industry, building,                                                            2 years. Love old books,
                                                      center applications for com-
                      designing and repairing                                                              old houses, gospel and country music. Sport: ice
                                                      panies like Marriott and
                      computers for 14 years
                                                      Walgreens. Married 10 years and have a daugh-        skating, 2005 Pacific Coast Adult Bronze Cham-
                      and am currently a Tax
                                                      ter. I’m a huge advocate of Twitter and I love to    pion; 2008 qualified, State Games of America.
                      Professional and Notary
                      agent. In my spare time I       connect with other Toastmasters on LinkedIn          Goal: qualify, US Adult National Championships.
love to hang out at the beach and enjoy fishing,       and Facebook. I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and     Certificates: Grant Writing; Meeting and Plan-
cooking, camping, plays, music, social gather-        tennis.                ning.
Out to the Ballpark with District ONE
IN THE FIRST “FUN FACTOR” EVENT of 2010-201 , over 30 Toastmasters from all over District ONE
gathered at Dodger Stadium on Sunday, September 5th to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers
take on the San Francisco Giants in an exciting twilight matchup. District ONE Dodger fans
were led by our own District Governor, Giovanna Dottore, DTM. Outnumbered 8 to 1, D1
Giants fans were led by Fun Factor Chair Rick Shigio, DTM. Hiroki Kuroda was the starting
pitcher for the Dodgers going up against Jonathan Sanchez for the Giants.                                 Toast of the Coast
     Besides the mandatory Dodger Dogs and pretzels (and some “liquid refreshments”), our           News and Views from District ONE
fun-loving group enjoyed perfect weather for a twilight game. Thanks to the Dodgers group
sales office, excellent infield reserve seats gave everyone a great view behind home plate on                  A Publication of
the 1st base side. And District ONE was prominently featured several times on the scoreboard
                                                                                                       District ONE Toastmasters
between innings.
                                                                                                            October 5, 2010
     Buster Posey of the Giants scored in the second inning on a Pablo Sandoval sacrifice hit.
                                                                                                        Published semimonthly
Kuroda and Sanchez both did an excellent job pitching, with 7 total scoreless innings. In the
top of the 7th, Giants shortstop Juan Uribe blasted a two-run homer, sending the score to 3-0
Giants. The relief pitchers threw perfectly in the 8th and 9th innings, and the Giants got the                  Publisher:
win. The score did not dampen the spirits of our outspoken group, providing entertainment                Giovanna Dottore, DTM
and humor to the surrounding fans. We may get some members out of this event!                            District ONE Governor
     To our members who attended, if you give a speech on this event, send a recording of it          9934 Haines Canyon Avenue
to our District Governor, or have her attend your meeting, and you will receive a District ONE         Tujunga, CA 91042-2846
pin. If you have a suggestion for another fun event, please contact District ONE Fun Factor
Chair Rick Shigio at                                                                         Editor:
                                                                              — Rick Shigio, DTM           Lynda Levy, CC/ALB
                                                                                                           Letters to the Editor
                                                                                                            and Submissions

                                                                                                          Newsletter Design:
                                                                                                          Tina Tomiyama, DTM

                                                                                                            Jon Caplan, DTM

                                                                                                    2010-2011 District ONE PRO Team
                                                                                                        James F. Brown, ACB/ALB
                                                                                                           Danny Chu, ACB/CL
                                                                                                        Jahnavi Goldstein, CC/CL
                                                                                                         Sherwood Jones, ATM-S
                                                                                                          Claudette Payne, DTM
                                                                                                             Maria Ruiz, DTM
                                                                                                             Gabriel Sheffer
                                                                                                            Jeni Stewart, ACB

                                 Rick Shigio and Giovanna Dottore
                                                                                                        Additional contributors to
                                                                                                                this issue:
                                                                                                         Janine Burke, ACG/ALB
In the Spotlight                                                                                            Bill Elder, ACS/CL
                                                                                                           Farnoosh Kaihani
                                                           SPEAKERS BUREAU MEMBERS                      Kareem Muhammad, DTM
                                                           AND GUESTS got an unexpected                    David Kitchen, DTM
                                                           chance to learn from a master                    Rick Shigio, DTM
                                                           when 2001 World Champion of                   Darrell Winfrey, ACG/ALB
                                                                                                           Sheri Zampelli, ACB
                                                           Public Speaking Darren LaCroix
                                                           made a surprise visit to District
                                                                                                           District ONE website
                                                           ONE. Darren’s Humor 101:
                                                           Secrets for Professional Presentations
                                                           on August 26, 2010 was a huge
                                                                Kudos to Speakers Bureau
                                                           Chair Claudette Payne, District
Governor Giovanna Dottore, and Julie Broady (pictured with Darren, above) for making this
outstanding event possible on such short notice. More about the Speakers Bureau on page 6.
The Kitchen Korner                                                                                                  District Governor’s
Recipes for Club Success                                                                                            Pin Recipients
“YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING in life you want, if you will just help others get what they want.” This                    The prestigious District Gov-
is one of my favorite quotes by motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. So, how do we help others in                       ernor's pin is awarded to
District One? By maintaining the heat on building and rebuilding our clubs.                                         members who exemplify our
                                                                                                                    District's motto — "Unbeat-
                                                                                                                    able...together." They have
                                                                                                                    demonstrated excellence in
                                                                                                                    teamwork within their Area or
                                                                                                                    Division and have gone above and beyond to
                                                                                                                    serve fellow members to ensure a positive
                                                                                                                    experience for everyone.

                                                                                                                    The pins were awarded at their Area or Divi-
                                                                                                                    sion Speech Contests.

                                                                                                                    Area A3                 Area D2
                                                                                                                    Sherwood Jones          Earl Mealins
                                                                                                                                            Yim Lincoln
                                                                                                                    Area A4                 Frank Sanders
                                                                                                                    Nick Mattos
                                                                                                                                            Area D3
                                                                                                                    Area A5
                                                                                                                                            Angel Estrada
                                                                                                                    Abe Henryhand
                                                                                                                                            Steve Weltman
Claudette Payne, DTM, demonstrates her masterly evaluation technique at the October 1 meeting of the new Cadillac   Glenda Holden
Toastmasters club that she is mentoring at Kaiser West Los Angeles.
                                                                                                                                            Sherrie Wray
                                                                                                                    LaVerne Edmonds

     Now is a great time to start that new club, or sponsor/mentor a new club. Maybe encour-                        Area B1                 Area D4
age your club to “adopt” a low-membership club. (Contact me to find out more about how to                            Catherine Magruder      Donna Oja
do that.) Help rebuild a club through the power of Speechcraft. Or, hold joint meetings with a                                              Rick Shigio
low-membership club and share membership building ideas and club successes.                                         Area B2
     I guarantee that when we help others, others will help us. As a side note, congratulations                     Carole Hodges           Area D5
to the 70+ clubs who acquired and are using the new Membership toolbox kit to sign up those                                                 Dolores Doll
                                                                                                                    Area B3                 Marsha Graham
new members. Here’s another great use of the Membership toolbox kit.
                                                                                                                    Hector Garza            Ravikumar Munukutla
Membership Toolbox Tip #2. Access the CD that comes with the toolbox. The CD con-                                   Tricia La Marca
tains a toolbox sheet with more than 50 website links to sites that can help guarantee                                                      Area E1
your membership soars to new heights.                                                                               Area B4                 Doug Cox
                                                                                                                    Tony Estrada            Alicia Marconi
Remember; helping others is the key recipe to strong membership,                                                    Matt Avallone             de Porto
and strong membership is the secret ingredient to help us stay                                                                              Mary Mackey
unbeatable ... together.                                                                                            Area B5
                                                                                                                    Sherrie Wray
                                                                                                                                            Area E2
                                                           — David Kitchen, DTM, Lt. Governor Marketing             Steve Yu
                                                                                                                                            Susan Cameron
                                                                                Mou Chatterjee
                                                                                                                                            Joe Marino
                                                                                                                    Area C1
                                                                                                                    Patricia Ellis          Area E3
                                                                                                                    Angel Estrada           Rodger Cota
                                                                                                                    Sam Huntington          Camille Rivera
In the Spotlight – Part II                                                                                          Area C2
                                                                                                                                            Jeffrey Wolfe

                                                                                                                    Doug Field              Area E4
JANINE BURKE AND TINSELTOWN TOASTMASTERS put on a sell-out Body Language Blaster
                                                                                                                    Tiffany Heim            Tom Otters
and Evaluation Workshop on August 26, 2010. Special guest Bill Johnson led the unsuspecting                                                 Marjean Clements
but appreciative group in improv ex-                                                                                Area C3                 Irene Swenson
ercises to get out of their heads and                                                                               Anna Ziss-Patton
into action while Janine led the inter-                                                                             Kenny Phillips          Area E5
active Evaluation workshop. It was a                                                                                                        Regina Rhymes
                                                                                                                    Area C5                 Byron Brizuela
terrific mental and physical work-
                                                                                                                    Anna Ziss-Patton        Ann Williams
out—followed by great food. Pictured                                                                                Kathy Moon
at right, Janine’s go-to team of par-                                                                               Evelyn Woolridge
ticipant/helpers: Cynthia Levy, Tara
Brown, Alexander Denk, Maria                                                                                        Area D1
                                                                                                                    Kevin Johnson
Markosov, Johnathan Basile, Janine
                                                                                                                    Kryssie Mackey
Burke, and Catherine Luo.
to the following members of Distinguished District ONE who
achieved Educational Awards between 7-27-10 and 9-22-10.

Distinguished Toastmaster                                                              Competent Communicator (cont.)
Club     Area Award Name                          Club Name                            Club    Area Award Name                          Club Name
3363      C3   DTM Stubbs, Larry R.               Tower Toastmasters                   4489     A2   CC   McLaughlin, John C.           Agape Toastmasters
                                                                                       2681     B3   CC   Miyahara, Yuko                Century City Toastmasters
Advanced Communicator Gold                                                             1431047 E5    CC   Quiachon, Godfrey             First Class Communicators
                                                                                       4489     A2   CC   Reynaldo, Carlos A.           Agape Toastmasters
Club     Area Award Name                          Club Name
                                                                                       638      B2   CC   Sekowski, Jack                Westside Toastmasters
7933      D5   ACG Petran, Michael                Toyota Toastmasters
                                                                                       1032     B5   CC   Sinkeviciute, Birute          Toastmasters 90210
5631      D2   ACG Sardinha, Marie                Torrance Chamber
                                                                                       412      B5   CC   Soriano, Francis Lawrence     Executive Toastmasters
                                                                                       1142290 A5    CC   Standifer, Patricia A.        Praisemasters
Advanced Communicator Silver                                                           1910     E2   CC   Stewart, Patricia             SPEAK OUT!
Club     Area Award Name                          Club Name                            6270     B5   CC   Suraprasert, Parus            Bruin Toastmasters
1016      E4   ACS Harenburg, Richard H.          Upper Crust                          711440   D3   CC   Tsao, Kathleen                Toast of the Bay
174       D3   ACS Laeno, Stan N                  Peninsula Toastmasters
2681      B3   ACS Stauffer, Brad C.              Century City Toastmasters            High Performance Leadership
4131      E3   ACS Stengelsen, Larry W            Long Beach Live Wires
                                                                                       Club     Area Award Name                         Club Name
4419      C2   ACS Strong, Patricia A.            Aerovision Toastmasters
                                                                                       4847      C1   HPL Breen, Marc L.                High Flyers
11        E3   ACS Williams, Frances Lynn         Long Beach Gavel Club 11
                                                                                       3363      C3   HPL Stubbs, Larry R.              Tower Toastmasters

Advanced Communicator Bronze                                                           Advanced Leader Silver
Club    Area Award Name                           Club Name
                                                                                       Club    Area Award Name                          Club Name
8944     C3   ACB Dickson, Cary                   Mattel Toastmasters
                                                                                       4847     C1   ALS Breen, Marc L.                 High Flyers
174      D3   ACB Duffin, A. Ivonne               Peninsula Toastmasters
                                                                                       1043675 C3    ALS Hamdan, Hiba                   LA Professional Speakers
1142290 A5    ACB Evans, Gwynne                   Praisemasters
                                                                                       2681     B3   ALS Paydar, Kamran M.              Century City Toastmasters
5983     B1   ACB Gloria, Debora S.               Sand & Sea Speakers
                                                                                       3363     C3   ALS Stubbs, Larry R.               Tower Toastmasters
2573     A5   ACB Greene, Karen D.                Soaring Eagles
743      B3   ACB Hazemoto, Jerry Kenichiro       Singles by the Sea
7786     C2   ACB Heim, Tiffany N.                Air LA Club                          Advanced Leader Bronze
5631     D2   ACB Levinson, Aron B.               Torance Chamber                      Club    Area Award Name                          Club Name
3148     D2   ACB Mackey, Kryssie N.              Stage 2 Toastmasters                 1333290 C2    ALB Castaneda, Richard Gene        Hard Hatters
1910     E2   ACB Palomino, Andrew                SPEAK OUT!                           711440   D3   ALB Chang, Richard                 Toast of the Bay
280      D1   ACB Yamashita, Joe                  South Bay Toastmasters               1333290 C2    ALB Connelly, Christopher Curtis   Hard Hatters
4489     A2   ACB Zampelli, Sheri                 Agape Club
                                                                                       Competent Leader
Competent Communicator                                                                 Club    Area Award Name                          Club Name
Club    Area Award Name                           Club Name                            1333290 C2    CL   Castaneda, Richard Gene       Hard Hatters
609097   D4   CC   Addo, Jennifer O.              Motor Mouths                         1431047 E5    CL   Deloatch, Jacquelyn           First Class Communicators
9757     A2   CC   Brass, Glenda A.               Realtist Plus                        1249252 A4    CL   Dobreer, Peggy D.             Lions Pride Toastmasters
1587     E5   CC   Brizuela, Byron R.             South Gate Toastmasters              743      B3   CL   Hazemoto, Jerry Kenichiro     Singles by the Sea
6270     B5   CC   Brown, Tara                    Bruin Toastmasters                   174      D3   CL   Hurtado, Henrietta            Peninsula Toastmasters
1142290 A5    CC   Caraway, Lorraine R.           Praisemasters                        1455     C2   CL   Keller, Barbara               Plane Talkers
3645     D1   CC   Eades, Linnea E.               Bay Cities Toastmasters              3811     E5   CL   Mitchell, Margaret L.         Compton Elite Communicators
1497     E4   CC   Earles, Marina Omaois          Lakewood Toastmasters                2681     B3   CL   Miyahara, Yuko                Century City Toastmasters
1497     E4   CC   Garvey, Meghan                 Lakewood Toastmasters                8186     B4   CL   Reddivari, Mythrayee          Fig Masters
1267220 E3    CC   Gonzalez, Arturo               Century 21 Masters of Action         1431047 E5    CL   Richardson, Michelle R.       First Class Communicators
5983     B1   CC   Huber, Frederick L.            Sand & Sea Speakers                  1032     B5   CL   Sinkeviciute, Birute          Toastmasters 90210
3921     C1   CC   Laughlin, Stephen R.           Beach Cities Toastmasters            3811     E5   CL   Williams, S. Ann              Compton Elite Communicators
7786     C2   CC   Madarang, Lorenz Gonzales      Air LA                               1455     C2   CL   Woolridge, Evelyn             Plane Talkers
1267220 E3    CC   Mavrovitis, Monica Elizabeth   Century 21 Masters of Action

Bureau News
SPEAKERS BUREAU MEMBER MURPHY                            whose mission is to connect members with                 Congratulations!
WITHERSPOON, DTM, delivered 1st Platoon’s                speaking engagements that add value to the                     The Speakers Bureau meets monthly
inaugural keynote address titled “Why Is                 community, promote Toastmasters, and ad-                 on Wednesday evening; see the calendar
Speaking So Important” as part of the 2010               vance the speaker's career.                              on page 8 for dates. For more information
LAPD Cadet Academy Youth Leadership                           2010-2011 Speakers Bureau Chair                     about the Speakers Bureau, go to
Program on October 2, 2010.                              Claudette Payne, DTM announces that two        
    Like Mr. Witherspoon, many of the                    more members from District ONE have joined
guest speakers for the series are volunteers             the ranks of Qualified Speakers: Jahnavi
from the District ONE Speaker’s Bureau,                  Goldstein, CC/CL, and Jordana Tiger, ACS.

                                                                                  One day I saw a Toastmasters Club poster on the wall at Sony
                                                                             and remembering my promise, attended the meetings with shaking
                                                                             legs. I can't even begin to tell you how Toastmasters helped me to
                                                                             overcome all my fears of speaking in a second language in a different
                                                                             country. After a couple of months of attending every meeting I got

It Works!                                                                    hired as a permanent employee at Sony. I owe this to Toastmasters
                                                                             and my own will power and hard work.
                                                                                                                            Farnoosh Kaihani
Success Stories from District ONE                                                                                   VP Membership, Image Toasters

It Works! highlights personal and professional success stories submit-
ted by District ONE members. Has your Toastmasters experience trans-         IN FEBRUARY OF THIS YEAR, I was honored and humbled to be
                                                                             presented the 2010 Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) for
lated into real-world results? Tell us about it! Submit your story to TOTC
                                                                             Most Promising Engineer or Scientist by Career Communications
Editor Lynda Levy at .                                   Group. When thinking back to the experiences and people that led to
                                                                             this recognition, I could not forget Toastmasters.
                                                                                  Improving my communication
                                                                             and leadership skills as a Toast-
                                                                             master has been an invaluable con-
                                                                             tribution to the successes I have
                                                                             had as an engineer. The self-confi-
                                                                             dence and management skills I
                                                                             have gained through leading teams
                                                                             and delivering multiple speech pre-
                                                                             sentations with Toastmasters has
                                                                             had a direct impact on my profes-
                                                                             sional and personal life. Several
                                                                             Toastmasters even wrote recom-
                                                                             mendations for me to receive this
                                                                             prestigious award.
                                                                                  What made the ceremony even
                                                                             more special for me was having the
                                                                             award presented to me by my              Muhammad
                                                                             mentor, Dr. John Tracy. It was Dr.
                 Bill Elder, with wife Pam and daughter Madison              Tracy, Boeing Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of
                                                                             Engineering, Operations & Technology, who recommended that I join
GIVING A EULOGY                                                              Toastmasters five years ago as part of my development to become a
   As children, we think of mortality in an abstract manner. As we age,      future leader within Boeing.
our thoughts on death gradually change as we witness those around                                                   Kareem Muhammad, DTM
us succumb to life’s plan. Over the years, I wondered if I would ever                                                           Follow the Leader
be called upon to deliver a eulogy…and then it happened last Febru-
ary with the loss of my father-in-law. How does one prepare a eulogy
and what is appropriate?                                                                             I WAS A COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR when I
   Toastmasters gives us many tools to work with. At the TI website                                  joined Toastmasters, yet I was terrified to
under Special Occasions, there is a section on Giving a Eulogy, which                                speak "outside the box." I was nervous for
is “probably one of the most difficult speaking assignments imagina-                                  days – even weeks – before and after my
ble.” I found the thirteen tips invaluable, especially staying focused on                            first six speeches. It was a shock to my
the audience’s needs and including light moments when appropriate.                                   system to talk about what I wanted to talk
Thanks to Toastmasters I felt prepared for this solemn occasion and                                  about instead of hiding behind a textbook.
was able to speak from my heart with caring and confidence.                                              I knew I had a voice that was yearning to
                                                                                                     be heard but every time I opened my
                                                   Bill Elder, ACS/CL                                mouth, I felt like my vocal chords clamped
                                       Northrop Grumman Toastmasters                                 tight and I was stumbling on my words.
                                                     Area C5 Governor                                With the support of my club members, I
                                                                                Sheri Zampelli       was able to experience a break-through.
                                                                                                        As a result of my renewed confidence, I
                                                                        started a talk show on Blog Talk Radio. I added my own flair to pre-
I CAME TO THE US 410 days ago. I count                                  sentations to incorporate humor and even some hula-hooping. I’ve
by days because every day has been a chal-                              performed live at several coffee shops in Long Beach and at a Pecha
lenge for me. I admit the first few months                               Kucha event in Los Angeles. My college classroom has transformed
were so frustrating that I was about to quit.                           as well. I'm daring to use a leadership style that matches my person-
The fact that I got sick with a sinus infection                         ality and skills, and I've started to incorporate YouTube music videos
that kept me in bed for 2 months just wors-                             and other internet resources in the classroom to liven up the lessons
ened the situation. But one day I promised                              and help students remember them.
myself to be strong and happy. I survived and                                 In short, Toastmasters helped me repair my wings and gave me
recovered and found a job as an intern at                               the courage to spread them and fly.
Sony, but I was still having major problems                                                                                Sheri Zampelli, ACB
speaking and communicating.                          Farnoosh Kaihani                                              Secretary, Agape Toastmasters
                       1    2
                                   Mark Your Calendar                                        For more information go to

 3 4 5 6 7             8    9
                                   October 2010                                              Praisemasters Workshop                 Fri. 10-29    6:30 pm
10 11 12 13 14        15   16
                                   October dues are due!           Fri. 10-1                    “Mental Flexibility, Part I”
17 18 19 20 21        22   23
                                   Area D1 Contest                 Fri. 10-1      Evening    Division E Contest                     Sat. 10-30    Morning
24 25 26 27 28        29   30
                                   Area A3 and A4 Double Contest   Sat. 10-2      Morning
31                                                                                           November 2010
                                   Marketing Tips for Membership   Sat. 10-2      6:30 pm
       NOVEMBER                                                                              Speakers Bureau Meeting                Wed. 11-17 7:00 pm
                                       Growth Workshop
    1 2 3 4 5 6                                                                              Steering Committee Meeting             Wed. 11-17 7:00 pm
                                   Area A2 Contest                 Wed. 10-6      Evening
 7 8 9 10 11 12 13                                                                           Jim Key Special Pre-Conference         Fri, 11-19 7:00 pm
                                   Area A1 Contest                 Thurs. 10-7    Evening
14 15 16 17 18 19 20               Area C4 Contest                 Fri. 10-8      Evening
                                                                                                Presentation “Maximum Impact:
21 22 23 24 25 26 27               Division B Contest              Sat. 10-9      Morning
                                                                                                The Art of Telling Your Story”
28 29 30                           First Class Communicators       Sat. 10-9      11:30 am
                                                                                             District ONE Fall Conference           Sat. 11-20    All day
      DECEMBER                                                                                  (details on page 9)
                                       Evaluation Workshop
          1 2 3 4                                                                            Area Governor Club Visit Reports       November 30
                                   Division D Contest              Fri. 10-15     Evening
 5 6 7 8 9 10 11                                                                                Due
                                   Division A Contest              Sat. 10-16     Morning
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
                                   Area Governor Roundtable        Wed. 10-20     7:00 pm    December 2010
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
                                   Speakers Bureau Meeting         Wed. 10-27     7:00 pm    Speakers Bureau Meeting                Wed. 12-15 7 pm
26 27 28 29 30 31                  Division C Contest              Thurs. 10-28   Evening    Area Governor Roundtable               Wed. 12-15 7 pm

100% Officers Trained                                                                                    District ONE Celebrates:

                                                                                                                                      Robert Mackenzie,
Congratulations to the following clubs
                                                    C2   Hard Hatters                                                                 in his 2nd time on
who had 100% of their officers trained for
the Fall term.                                      C2   Plane Talkers                                                                the BIG stage, took
                                                    C2   space Park                                                                   2nd place in the
                                                    C3   Aerovision                                                                   World Champi-
Note: Clubs with all officers trained at the
                                                    C3   LA Professional Speakers                                                     onship of Public
Toastmasters Leadership Institute on July
                                                    C3   Mattel Toastmasters                                                          Speaking.
10, 2010 are in boldface. They will be
recognized with a $50 gift certificate to the       C3   Tower Toastmasters
Toastmasters Store.                                 C4   aerospace
                                                    C4   DHl Expressors                                  Ann Hastings, DTM,
Area D4, governed by Jennifer Ofo Addo,
ACG/CL, achieved the remarkable distinction         C4   follow the leader                               PID received the Presi-
                                                    C4   Xerox Xeriods                                   dential Citation from
of becoming a 100% Area, with every officer
                                                    C5   Northrop Grumman Toastmasters                   International President
in every club in the area trained.
                                                                                                         Gary Schmidt for out-
                                                    C5   firecracker Toastmasters
                                                                                                         standing contributions
A1   Breakfast at Toastmasters                      C5   speech Encounters                               at the Club, District
A1   Coach Class                                    D1   South Bay Toastmasters                          and International level.
a1   IbEaR                                          D1   bay Cities
a2   agape                                          D1   lexus linguists
a3   C.I.T.I.E.s.                                   D2   Dreambuilders
a3   Culver City Toastmasters                       D2   Orators
a4   funny bones                                    D2   stage 2
a4   Inglewood Toastmasters                         D2   WlE Toastmasters
a4   Trojan Toastmasters                            D3   Harbor lights
A5   Praisemasters                                  D3   Peninsula
a5   Dynamic 90's                                   D4   Ethical Elite
a5   Pathmakers                                     D4   Carson Communicators
B1   Toastmasters 90210                             D4   Dominguez Hills                                 Sandy Dunning, DTM, PDG received the Excel-
b1   Vegan                                          D4   Herbalife Toastmasters                          lence in Leadership Award for achieving Distin-
b2   J. P. Rinnert                                  D4   Motor Mouths                                    guished District for the third straight year.
b3   singles by the sea                             D5   Demosthenes Wannabees                           Giovanna Dottore, DTM, DG received the
b4   fig Masters                                    D5   Toyota Club                                     Excellence in Education & Training award.
b4   West Hollywood                                 E1   aquarium Wavemakers                             Joan Lewis, DTM, received the Excellence in
b5   Executive Toastmasters                         E1   shoreline speakers                              Marketing award.
C1   beach Cities                                   E3   Century 21 Masters of action                    Roberta Perry, DTM, past District ONE Gover-
C1   Imperial Toastmasters                          E3   Cerritos Cheerful Chatter                       nor, won the Region 10 election for Interna-
C1   Narrators                                      E5   Compton Elite Communicators                     tional Director.
      Fall Conference Preview

      Get ready to be empowered on November 20!

      • Witness the top 10 speakers in District ONE compete for the title
        of District Champion in the Table Topics and Humorous
        Speech Contests.

      • Get inspired by Keynote Speaker Jim Key, DTM, 2003 World
        Champion of Public Speaking, as he shares the “undiluted truths
        and benefits” of achieving excellence in “The Pure Excellence

      • Learn to “Just Say Yes to Servant Leadership” from acclaimed
        Toastmasters International Director Roberta Perry, DTM.

      • Enjoy hot breakfast and make new connections during “Break-
        fast at Toastbook” with hosts Camille Rivera, ACB/ALS, and Carol
        Otters, ACB/CL.

      • Celebrate your educational achievements and welcome the new
        DTMs in the famous DTM Hug Line at the Hall of Fame Luncheon.

      Take the Club Challenge: The club in each Division that sends the highest per-
      centage of Full Day attendees to the conference gets a $25 Toastmasters Interna-
      tional gift certificate!

      Share the experience and empower others! The club in each Division that
      sends the highest percentage of first-time Full Day attendees to the conference
      gets a $25 Toastmasters International gift certificate.

      Show your support and gain visibility for your business, organization or Toastmas-
      ters club. Place an ad in the Empowering through Communication Program
      Book. Contact Keith Jackson, DTM, at Deadline for ad
      placement is October 16.

      Register online by November 12 to get the $60 Early Bird price:

      For more information about Conference speakers, registration, and location, go to
      the Conference website:

AND   For another opportunity to learn from a World Champion,
      don’t miss Jim Key’s Special Pre-Conference Presentation,
      Friday, November 19, 2010, at 7:00 pm:
        “Maximum Impact: The Art of Using Your Story”

      Separate RSVP required. (Conference attendance not required.) Find out more at

Toastmasters International Convention 2010
Public Relations Officer team member and Presi-    Toastmasters. The Convention kickoff was                Two key take-aways: 1) Not to save the
dent of Beach Cities Toastmasters, Jahnavi Gold-   reminiscent of the opening ceremonies of           best for last in our speeches. It’s important
stein, attended the Toastmasters International     the Olympic Games and just as inspiring. I         to share the message upfront and not let it
Convention in Palm Desert this August. Here are    was pumped!                                        get lost in a long introductory framework.
some of her impressions.                                                                              2) To be careful when using quotes. They
                                                                                 Gary Schmidt         are often overused and unless they are tar-
                                                                                 presided over        geted and said by someone the audience
                                                                                 the majority of      relates to, it’s better to paraphrase and
                                                                                 the Convention       make them your own.
                                                                                 activities and I
                                                                                 appreciated                One educational presenter blew me
                                                                                 how he was           away with his energy, passion and powerful
                                                                                 simultaneously       use of PowerPoint (a rare feat indeed).
                                                                                 formal and           Sasha Strauss, USC Professor and manag-
                                                                                 fun—not afraid       ing director of the brand-strategy consulting
                                                                                 to give high         firm Innovation Protocol, showed respect to
                                                                                 fives or make         his audience by dressing impeccably in a
                                                                                 analogies to         three piece suit. He shared that attending
                                                                                 Star Wars as         Toastmasters is mandatory for employees at
                                                                                 necessary. The       his company! Sasha spoke about branding in
                                                                                 event turned         such a unique and fired up way that I’m still
                                                                                 out pretty well      talking about aspects of his presentation.
                                                                                 for him…
                                                                                 Saturday night            The International Speech contest, with
                                                                                 he asked Friday      over 1,600 in the audience, was one of the
                                                   night’s Golden Gavel recipient, Carolyn            most exciting events and the speakers gave
My First International Convention                  Kepcher of The Apprentice TV show fame, to         me goosebumps on several occasions. The
                                                   be his guest at the President’s dinner dance       winner, David Henderson from Texas, was
“If you get everything there is to get out of      and she said yes! The Dinner Toastmaster,          amazing, bringing the audience, and himself,
Toastmasters you’ll never get out of Toast-        Jana Barnhill, DTM, AS, pointed out this fact to   to tears. It was so great to have District One
masters!” This piece of wisdom was shared          much blushing by both Gary and Carolyn             represented with the very talented Robert
by veteran Toastmaster, Joe Madley, DTM,           and hearty cheers from the audience!               Mackenzie taking second place! I also ap-
who sat next to me at the President’s Dinner                                                          preciated seeing a female contestant com-
Dance. It’s so true—whenever I think I’ve                I was lucky that my best friend, Kristin     pete and Lisa Panarello did a great job.
reached a Toastmasters plateau, an entirely        DeLuca, an avid Toastmaster from Florida,
new challenge appears and I end up with            attended the Convention with me. We both                 I learned of a fabulous international cus-
greater personal development and having            felt that the most valuable and educational        tom, one that I plan to implement during my
lots of fun. I hope never to get out of Toast-     aspect of the entire Convention was the op-        future travels and recommend you do as
masters! Another DTM I met told me that            portunity to watch the International Speech        well. After meeting and chatting with some
this was his 35th International Convention!        contest and be exposed to a wide variety of        wonderful Toastmaster ladies from Kana-
I met Toastmasters from Japan, India,              presenters. We watched 27 speeches dur-            gawa-ken, Japan, they excitedly gave lovely
Kenya, Australia, South Africa and all over        ing three rounds of semifinals, then the top        gifts to both my friend and me. I received a
the United States. Truly the attendees of the      nine speakers competing in the World               beautiful fan and scarf, each wrapped in
79th Annual Toastmasters International             Championship. Watching and evaluating              exquisite paper. It turns out that gift giving is
 Convention in Palm Desert, California were        these 36 speeches taught us an immense             an important and regular part of Japanese
getting the most they possibly could out of        amount about what makes a great speaker,           culture and custom. I appreciated these gifts
Toastmasters.                                      what moves an audience and what we can             so much and it’s such a simple yet powerful
                                                   implement in our own speaking in order to          way to establish relationships and form bonds
      One of my favorite moments was               become future World Champions of Public            with new acquaintances as well as estab-
actually due to an audiovisual equipment           Speaking!                                          lished friends. Next time I travel I will bring
malfunction during the Convention kickoff                                                             along small gifts to give to those I meet.
Wednesday evening. We were all gathered
in the Grand Ballroom and the flag cere-                                                                                    Speaking of gifts, Toast-
mony honoring the attendance of represen-                                                                            masters has been a priceless
tatives from over 113 countries had just                                                                             gift in my life and it and all the
concluded. International President (now                                                                              people who make it so great
immediate past president) Gary Schmidt                                                                               have empowered me to give
asked us all to rise and honor the United                                                                            more in my own life. I am
States by listening to our national anthem.                                                                          grateful for Toastmasters and
It quickly became apparent that there was a                                                                          the experiences and learning
snafu with the playing of the music and over                                                                         I gained from the International
1,000 attendees spontaneously began                                                                                  Convention. Next year’s
singing the Star Spangled Banner. It was a                                                                           Convention is in Las Vegas –
beautiful rendition and made me proud to be                                                                          I’ll see you there!
an American and proud to be a member of                                                                                      —Jahnavi Goldstein, CC/CL
                                                                      - 10 -
Awards & Installation Banquet
And the Awards went to...
Congratulations to these Toastmasters
who were honored with trophies at the
August 7 Awards & Installation Banquet
for their stellar service to District ONE
during 2009-2010:

Regina Rhymes

Division Governors of the Year
Camille Rivera
Grace Weltman
                                                 Toastmaster of the Year Regina            Head table, with Keynoter Bob Eckert of Mattel Inc. seated next
                                                 Rhymes and IPDG Sandy Dunning             to LGET Joan Lewis and her husband Carlos Lewis
Area Governor of the Year
Angel Estrada

Division Spark Plugs
(Members recognized by their Division Governor
for outstanding contributions to the Division)
Division A:     Kathie Nirschl
Division B:     Abdul Alim
Division C:     Madrienne Hampton
Division D:     Donna Oja
Division E:     Keith Jackson                                                        Bob Eckert is thanked by District
                                                                                     Governor Giovanna Dottore
Area Spark Plugs                                                                                                                 Installing Officer Marsha
(Members recognized by their Area Governor                                                                                       Davis and daughter Sydni
for outstanding contributions to the Area)
Jacob Arriola      Larry Lee                     Division Governors of the Year
Evelyn Ballesteros Jennifer Minette              Grace Weltman and Camille Rivera
Sandy Beecher      Donna O’Connell
Ron Dowell         Brian Russo
Bill Elder         Rick Shigio
                                                                                               Gena Davis and Catherine
Bonny Kamen        Don Smith
                                                                                               Magruder, Co-Chairs of the
David Kelmachter Rino St. Paule                                                                2010 Fall Conference
Irene Key          M.K. Timme
David Kitchen      Agnes Varga
Cynthia Lamb       Phil Wiest

Outstanding Club Vice President
                                                                                                                                 Claudette Payne, Speakers
of Education
                                                                                                                                 Bureau Chair, Gabriel Sheffer
July – December 2009:                                                                                                            and District PRO Lynda Levy
                                                 Area Governor of the Year Angel Estrada
Mou Chatterjee, Toastmasters 90210               with beautiful ladies

January – June 2010:
Kathy Moon, Northrop Grumman TMs

And kudos to these contest winners
who received certificates suitable for
framing as well as gift certificates to
the Toastmasters International store:
                                                                                               New Area D5 Governor
                                                                                               Mariko Koshimaru
Best Club Newsletter
                                                                                               Schimmel is raring to go!
Toastmasters 90210
Best Club Website
                                                 Outgoing Area Governors from Division C                                         David and Shirley Kitchen
Tinseltown Toastmasters
                                                                      - 11 -                                               Photos by Danny Chu and Darrell Winfrey

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