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Education:          Oct 2002          MSc Computer Science 3.4
                                      Columbia University, New York, USA

                    Feb 1999          BSc Computer Science 3.8
                                      City University of New York, New York, USA


Technical:          Languages: Java (inc. Multi-threading), C#, C++, C, Ruby, SQL, Scheme
                    Technologies: Spring, XML, Web Services, JUnit, FitNesse, CruiseControl, Ant, SIP,
                    Terracotta, Ubiquity, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Ruby on Rails, UltraMonkey
                    Databases: MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2
                    Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD

Summary:            Creative and results orientated individual with over nine years of international experience
                    (US/UK) in object oriented programming and design. Skilled in architecting, analysing,
                    developing and testing software on UNIX and Windows platforms. Well versed in
                    building and testing real-time systems with over two years experience in Agile and
                    eXtreme Programming practices.

Employment Summary:

Apr 2006 – Present

_____’s Web21C initiative focuses on exposing internal network capabilities to external developers. The
team practices Agile development including daily stand-ups, release and iteration planning, retrospectives
and XP practices such as test-driven-development and pair-programming.

Skills: Java (core Java + J2EE) ext. Multi-threading, XML, JBoss, Spring, PostgreSQL

Senior Software Engineer
 Designed and developed Aloha, a highly scalable Java Spring-based SIP Application Server. Aloha is
    a real-time multi-threaded application built using an optimistic concurrency model, on top of the open
    source JAIN-SIP stack and includes bespoke automated mock phones for testing. Aloha is the
    underlying engine used by the Web21C web services.
 Created a testing framework in Java, providing the ability to measure robustness, performance and
    scalability of applications as part of a continuous integration environment.
 Developed several J2EE web services which allowed external developers to embed telephony into their
    applications via an SDK. The web services were hosted on a JBoss application server and Spring’s
    JDBC template was used to access the backend PostgreSQL database.
 Implemented various mashups in Ruby on Rails and Java using the Web21C SDK, one of which was
    voted ProgrammableWeb’s Mashup of the Day.
 Mentored three developers as their community coach within _____ Professional Communities,
    enabling them to plan their career progress effectively.

Jan 1999 – Nov 2005       Mantis Technology, NY

A US-based software solutions provider for the healthcare industry.

Skills: C#, Java, C++, Servlets, UNIX, SQL Server, SQL, HTML, Javascript, DB2

Senior Software Engineer
 Designed and developed MantisIQ, a Radiology Information System, using C# and web services on
    Microsoft .NET. This client-server application included extensive use of stored procedures in a SQL
    Server 2000 database. MantisIQ is currently used by all of the company’s clients.
 Architected and implemented a real-time server-side application that interfaces with third-party
    applications using HL7. The application was implemented in C++ on UNIX in conjunction with stored
    procedures in SQL Server and has been successfully tested against applications from prominent
    vendors including Siemens, GE and Fujitsu.
 Created a web-based application called Clinical Messaging Server using Java Servlets, HTML and
    JavaScript with a SQL Server backend, enabling physicians to securely view their patient’s medical
    histories online.
 Revamped the existing in-house inventory system using Java Servlets, HTML, JavaScript and a DB2
    database, thereby automating most of the inventory process.
 Implemented various core libraries to be used in the development of all C++ applications by the
    software department. Examples include a DES encryption library and a pseudo-database driver to
    access SQL Server from UNIX platforms.
 Wrote several Java programs and SQL scripts to migrate data from various systems (text files,
    databases) into a SQL Server database.
Academic Projects

     Developed an Internet telephone and radio using standardised multimedia protocols such as SIP, SDP,
      RTP, and RTCP. This was implemented in C on Linux.
     Simulated 2 distributed systems on a UNIX network and implemented Chandy-Lamport’s snapshot
      protocol using TCP/IP.
     Implemented a lottery scheduler into the kernel of RedHat Linux on Vmware.

Other Achievements:

     Presenting a paper titled, “Pushing the Boundaries of Testing and Continuous Integration” at the
      Agile2008 conference in Toronto, Canada.
     Selected into _____ Design’s Technical Talent Pool in recognition of potential and an excellent
      performance record.
     Published a paper titled, “An in-depth study of NetBSD Bootstrapping and a Few Speedy
      Enhancements”, Sep 2000, Daemon News.
     Winner of World Open 2004 chess championship, U1400 section.

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