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Australian Centre for Peace and Con ict Studies
Mediation and Con ict Resolution Program

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION                               The workshop introduces participants to            MEDIATION AND CONFLICT
                                                   the history and theory of Conferencing, and        RESOLUTION PROGRAM
Conferencing is the process used for
                                                   provides them with practical skills to convene a
responding constructively to con ict among                                                            The Australian Centre for Peace and Con ict
                                                   Conference in various settings. The workshop
a group of people. It was initially used only                                                         Studies (ACPACS) presents a range of innovative
                                                   includes sessions to practice the skills of
in youth justice and welfare systems, to                                                              courses in Mediation, Negotiation and Con ict
                                                   preparing and convening a Conference, related
respond to criminal incidents or to help in                                                           Resolution in Melbourne and Brisbane. Our
                                                   facilitation skills, and necessary follow-up.
care-and-protection decisions. However,                                                               workshops are designed to meet the needs
                                                   Participants will also consider the process
Conferencing has now also been used                                                                   of people with no prior experience in con ict
                                                   variations required to use Conferencing in a
successfully in schools, where it is understood                                                       resolution, as well as experienced practitioners
                                                   setting such as a school, some other workplace
as a key example of “restorative practices.”                                                          seeking advanced skills and specialisation.
                                                   or a residential community.
Conferencing is also used to address con ict
                                                                                                      Presented by world class trainers, each ACPACS
in workplaces, neighbourhoods and other
                                                                                                      workshop is self-contained, and includes all the
communities. A group may be a ected by             LOCATION AND DATE 2010
                                                                                                      materials and resources required. By ensuring a
con ict after a single harmful incident, or as
                                                                                                       exible format, workshops provide participants
a result of a long history of poorly resolved       Brisbane            21-23 April                   with great learning choices.
disputes. Either way, the Conference format         Melbourne           4-6 August
provides the group with a structure within                                                            Completion of ACPACS workshops may lead to
which they can reach a shared understanding,                                                          postgraduate quali cations in a:
then negotiate a plan of action to improve their
situation. The process is informed by a solid                                                            Con ict Resolution
                                                   From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
body of social theory, and has been thoroughly
evaluated in various international trials.
                                                   COST                                               Our courses may also provide credit
                                                   Professional development participants:             towards other degrees and CPD points for a
                                                   $1600 includes GST. We o er a discount for a       number of professional organisations.
                                                   minimum group of three from the
                                                   same organisation.

“Dr. Moore brings to his courses a unique and
powerful blend of theory and practice. This not only
makes his workshops come alive, but also lays the
best groundwork for well-informed and highly-skilled
Conferencing Facilitators.”

                                                                                                   KEY BENEFITS

                                                                                                   Participants will develop:

                                                                                                      theory of conferencing

                                                                                                      convene a conference in various

                                                                                                      in workplaces, neighbourhoods
                                                                                                      and other communities

PRESENTER DAVID MOORE                            “As the Coordinator of the
David Moore has taught in politics, history      Community Justice Group
and law at Melbourne, Charles Sturt and La       Conferencing program, now with six
Trobe Universities. At Charles Sturt, he also
coordinated the Justice Studies program
                                                 years convening experience, I highly
and was involved in internationally in uential   recommend David’s training. He
reforms using the Conferencing process in        delivers sound skills and knowledge in
of the Queensland Premier and Cabinet
                                                 an informative and personable way”.
before co-founding Transformative Justice        Russell Je rey, Coordinator, Community Justice
Australia, which trained Group Conference        Jesuit Social Services, Brunswick VIC
facilitators in Australia, North America and
Europe, and provided con ict management
and training services to key sectors of
Australian industry, and community and
government sectors. The Conferencing
work was dramatised in David Williamson’s        “ Participants in David’s workshops
Jack Manning Trilogy of plays. David’s           will immediately appreciate his
current work includes dramatising workplace
situations for the change consultancy
                                                 command of the material, the ways
Primed, and making educational and training      he makes that material enjoyable, and
audio visual material for government and         the ways that his approach makes
corporate sector organisations. David holds
a PhD in history and psychosocial theory
                                                 easy the leap between learning
                                                 how to facilitate a Conference and
extensively in the area of con ict management    actually doing it. His workshops
and organisational governance.
                                                 bene t the participants as well as the
                                                 communities to which they take this
                                                                                                   FURTHER INFORMATION
                                                 learning.”                                        Mediation and Con ict
                                                 Lauren Abramson, Ph.D. Founder, Executive         Resolution Program
                                                 Director, Community Conferencing Center,          Telephone: 07 3365 1763
                                                 Baltimore, MD (USA)                               Facsimile: 07 3346 8796
                                                                                                   Professional development participants
                                                                                                   Postgraduate students


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