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					                 October’s Book review Directions
                 Date Due: November, 4, 2011

        This month’s Book Review will focus on the genre, mystery. You are to read a mystery
chapter book of your choice. Please bring it in so I may approve it. After reading it, you must
identify these components of your story;
        *the main characters
        *the supporting characters
        *the setting (be specific)
        *the problem/mystery
        *who was involved in the problem/mystery
        *who was involved in the problem/mystery
        *clues to the solution
        *the solution to the problem/mystery
        *the person(s) involved in the solution
        Using this information, you are to create a 2D presentation utilizing one of the given
haunted house pictures. Label each window, door, or other object of the house with one of the
components listed above. For example, on a window, write “Main Characters.” Next, cut the
window to make it flap open up as a flap (leaving one side uncut). Behind the opening, write the
information pertaining to the “Main Characters” on the flap. For example, behind the “Main
Characters” flap, you would list the main characters of your story, ex. “Sarah, Papa, Anna, and
Caleb.” Make sure all of the above components and corresponding information are represented on
your haunted house. Lastly, please make sure you include: 1. The title of the book, 2. The
author(s) of the book, 3. The publisher of the book, and 4. Your name, of course!
        For a challenge, make a 3D representation of your book review with a paper box instead of
a 2D paper representation. It could earn you a 4!
        Make sure you have included all necessary information for your mystery book review, it’s
correctly spelled, is neat, and is something that you are proud to share with others. Be creative
and make it “mysteriously” interesting! Please refer to the rubric when completing your Book
Good luck,
Mrs. Lynch

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