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					                              CHEERS TO MOTHER EARTH!

            Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine Website Launches on Earth Day

Portland, Ore, April 22, 2009 – Today, in 1970, the first Earth Day celebration was held,
marking the dawn of the modern environmental movement. In keeping with that spirit, the
Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine (OCSW) program today launches, a website
and first step in a movement to help consumers understand sustainable farming and winemaking,
from vine to bottle. OCSW was created in 2008 to increase awareness, communicate the
importance and guarantee of certification and encourage distribution of sustainable wines so
consumers can access them.

Currently, ten Oregon wineries have earned OCSW certification, totaling 320,000 bottles of

The website is intended to start a conversation about the shared principles of responsible farming
and winemaking, as well as the importance of the third-party certification.

The site is designed to engage and build awareness of sustainability as it applies to the wine
industry. Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter will also be deployed to help build the
grassroots communication among wine consumers.

In partnership with certification agencies throughout the state, OCSW enables producers to
clearly communicate these practices in an understandable manner, highlight shared principles
among the various certification philosophies and forge relationships with consumers who make
environmental awareness or action a priority. The OCSW logo guarantees that the wine in that
bottle was made using responsible agriculture and responsible winemaking practices and
certified by an independent third party.

“Our direct relationships with consumers allow us to have the conversations that change minds,”
says Pat Dudley of Bethel Heights Vineyard. “We’re sending a clear message to the people who
promote, distribute, sell and consume our wine that our practices are helping to achieve their
goals; telling them that we support their values and ask them to support ours.”

Visit to learn more about the program, find OCSW certified wines and read
about our featured wineries.


For more information or to schedule an interview with a participating OCSW winery, please
contact Stephany Boettner, Marketing & Communications Director at the Oregon Wine Board, at
503.228.8652 or

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