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									                         NRA Coach Training Course
                                Small-bore & Air Rifle
                                 September 25th & 26th
                           Reading Rifle and Revolver
                                 Reading MA
The GOAL Foundation is pleased to host this excellent course for the benefit of the
shooting sports.
Course Times: Saturday 10am – 6 pm
Course Location: Reading Rifle and Revolver
Directions: www.readinghighpower.com

Course Materials: All course texts will be provided and are included in the tuition
GOAL members $150.00. Non-members $175.00

Checks: Please make all checks out to Maureen Trickett: mail application and check to 4
George Avenue, Woburn MA 01801. Course materials will not be ordered with-out check.


• This course and is open to experienced shooters only. Participation in this course does
   not guarantee certification as an NRA Coach

• Coach Candidates must have 100% attendance
• Advanced registration only! Seating is limited. You become registered when we receive
   your completed application and tuition.

• All books and classroom materials will be provided.

• Lunch and refreshments will be provided

• Coach Candidates will need:

      • Note pad and pencils

      • Rifle with sights, hand stop and sling*

      • Kneeling roll, glove and mat*

• Refunds will be granted for student cancellations up to 14 days before course date

• The Pre-Course Questionnaire must be completed and submitted with the course
   fee by September 4th, 2010.

• Please visit www.nrahq.org/education/coach_training_schools.asp for more information

• NO loaded firearms will be allowed in the classroom.
Coach Education Program and Sponsor’s Guide 21

7. Student Responsibilities

    7.1 Student Application for Coach Appointment

   After attending the Coach School, each participant is responsible to successfully complete the sports
   specific take-home test. When completed, the sport specific test is mailed to the NRA National Coach
   Trainer for grading along with the application form and fee. In the event that a student’s test score is
   unsatisfactory (less than 85%), the test may be retaken (if the test is not administered in class, an
   administrative fee of $10.00 is assessed for administrative support). Testing must be satisfactorily
   completed within six months of the last day of the school. (Retesting may be accomplished as many times
   as required by the candidate within the six month course completion window.) If the candidate does not
   pass the test within six months and still wishes to be a coach, the individual must attend another coach
   school at their own expense.

    7.2 Other Certification Requirements

   Coaches desiring to upgrade their Appointed Coach credential must submit copies of current American
   Red Cross Standard First Aid (or equivalent) cards, ASEP certification, and an NRA Classification card
   (for the desired coaching discipline, e.g., pistol for pistol, high power for high power). There is no
   additional fee to upgrade credentials as long as the current coach credential has not expired.

    7.3 Submission

   Application processing fee is $30.00 per coaching discipline. The credential is valid for three years after
   date of issue. After completing all certification requirements, the coach candidate must complete the
   Application/Renewal for Coach Appointment/Certification form, enclose all other required materials, and
   send the completed package with the processing fees to:

                                  National Rifle Association of America
                                        National Coach Trainer
                                        11250 Waples Mill Road
                                           Fairfax, VA 22030

    7.4 Processing Applications

Once received by the NRA, the application takes approximately six to eight weeks to process. Applicants will
receive a coaching credential card or are notified of incomplete applications.
NOTE: The applicant is responsible to ensure that the NRA has received all pertinent certification
materials. The NRA is not responsible for application information lost in the mail. Applicants should
make a copy of the Application/Renewal application and all attachments. Applicant may be requested to
resubmit the application in the event it is lost in the mail.
The GOAL Foundation
NRA Coach Training Program Pre-Course Questionnaire
NRA Small-bore & Air Rifle Appointed Coach Course September 25, 25, 2010
10am to 6pm each day.

I have read and understand the attached Student Responsibilities section on page 21 of
the Coach Education Program and Sponsor’s Guide.
Signature_____________________________________ Date ____________________
City, State & Zip_________________________________________________________
Email Address___________________________________________________________
Daytime Tel__________________________Evening Tel_________________________
Date of Birth_________________________Today’s Date________________________
GOAL #_________Exp Date________NRA p#______________Exp Date___________
Please list all firearm training courses that you have attended
Do you currently hold any ratings as an NRA Basic Firearm Training Instructor or
NRA Shooting Coach?_________ If yes, which ratings?__________________________
In case of emergency please contact____________________Tel___________________
Other pertinent information________________________________________________
Maureen Trickett: 4 George Avenue Woburn, Na 01801

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