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Simple Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense.

Activity 1

Read these journal entries by Brian, a Canadian summer exchange
student studying in Argentina. Circle all the verbs that describe what is
happening now. Underline the verbs that describe what generally

        June 28 : I’m sitting in a seat 30,000 feet above the
        earth en route to Argentina! I usually have dinner at
        this table, but right now I have a headache from the
        excitement. My friend is eating his food. He looks

        June 30 : It’s 7:30. My host parents are still
        working. Carlos, my father, works at home. My
        little brother Ricardo is cute. He looks (and acts) a
        lot like Bobby. Right now, he’s looking over my
        shoulder and trying to read my journal.

        July 4 : The weather is cold here. I usually spend the
        first weekend of July at the beach. Today I’m
        walking around in a heavy sweater.

        August 6 : I am feeling so tired tonight. Everyone
        else feels great in the evening because they take long
        naps in the afternoon.

        ACTIVITY 2

Complete these conversations that take place outside of a classroom.
Choose between the present continuous and the simple present tense of
the verbs in brackets.

Li-Wu : Hi Paulo. What _________ you __________? (do)

Paulo : Oh, I ______________ for class to begin. (wait)

Li-Wu : How are you? You _____________ tired. (look)

Paulo : I am a little. I __________ evenings this semester. Hey, is that your
        teacher over there? (work)

Li-Wu : Yes. She __________________ to one of my classmates. (talk)

Paulo : I wonder what’s wrong. He _______________at her. (not look). He
      __________ uncomfortable. (look)

Li-Wu : Oh. That _______________ (not mean) anything. In Taiwan, it’s not
      respectful to look directly at your teacher.

      ACTIVITY 3

Circle the correct form of the verb in these sentences.

   1. You are very quiet. What ( do you think / are you thinking) about?

   2. What ( are you thinking/ do you think ) about the new sports center?

   3. I’m sorry , ( I’m not agreeing/ I don’t agree ) with you.

   4. (Are you looking / Do you look) for me?

   5. (Do you prefer/ Are you preferring) walking to cycling ?

   6. ( I don’t like/ I’m not liking) him at the moment.

   7. ( Do you listen/ Are you listening) to the radio at the moment?

  8. Why (aren’t you agreeing/ don’t you agree) with what he says?

  9. (I’m not understanding/I don’t understand) the lessons.

  10. You ( look / are looking) happy today!

      ACTIVITY 4

Complete these sentences, putting the verbs into the correct tense.

  1. The car isn’t here today because Sheila ( use) __________________ it.
     She generally (use) _______________ the bus, but the drivers are on

  2. We usually (stay) ____________________ at home on Fridays, but we
     are out tonight because we (celebrate) ___________________our

  3. I (come) _________________ from Kemaman, though I (live)
     ____________ in Kuala Lumpur now.

  4. Shahril (stay) ____________ with his parents at the moment, although
     he(have)____________ his own flat.

  5. They usually (work)_______________ on the weekends, although they
     (not work) ________________ at the moment.

  6. I (study) __________________ French at the moment, but I ( not speak)
     __________ it very well yet.

  7. Jamil usually (work) _____________ at night, though he (have) ______ a
     holiday at the moment.

  8. Yusof (teach) _________________ in a language school, but he (work)
     ____________________ in a factory at the moment because the school’s
     on holiday.

  9. Sorry, you can’t talk to him. He (have)_____________ a shower.

  10. Could you be quiet please? I (listen) _____________ to the news.


      ACTIVITY 1

Underline the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. Rahimah (was, has been) an actress for five years and she
     loves the job.
  2. At the age of twenty, he (has gone, went) to Australia to study
     medicine but he ended up operating several roti canai outlets
  3. The innovative student (designed, has designed) seven types
     of creative yet functional kitchenware.
  4. Last year, flowers (have covered, covered) the grassy hills
     since there were adequate rainfall and sunshine.
  5. The Titanic (sank, has sunk) in 1912.
  6. I (have lost, lost) my key yesterday, so I couldn't get into the
     house. Eventually, I found it in my jacket pocket.
  7. The lecturers (ventured, have ventured) into a new business a
     month ago. They (did, have done) very well since the opening
     of their workshop.
  8. She ( talked, has talked) to several specialists about her
     problem, but nobody knows why she is sick.
  9. She graduated from university three years ago. She (worked,
     has worked) for three different companies so far.
  10.      This week my car (broke, has broken) down three times.


Sarina is a secretary. She has checked all the things she has
already done for Tuesday September 20. Fill in the blanks with the
Simple Past or Present Perfect tense of the verb in brackets.


              Make coffee without sugar
              Phone Amin for appointment.

              File budget reports from main office
              Type letter to Starsky & Hutch Co.
              Go to Post Office

     /        Call doctor for medical results

     /        Confirm lunch booking at Sara Thai

Sarina     ___________________ (work) with Herbs Co. for 5 years.
At 8.a.m on September 20, she ________________(make) a cup of
coffee without sugar for her manager Pn Mastura who
__________________(not, take) sweet things since she was
diagnosed as diabetic. After that Sarina ____________ (want) to
phone Amin for an appointment on company legal matters but she
realized that the office was not open. Then, she
______________________ (file) the budget reports which she
__________________ (recently receive) from the main office. Next,
she ____________________ (type) a letter to Starsky & Hutch Co, a
company that _________________ (distribute) herbs to Pn Mastura’s
company for years. Sarina __________________ (not have) time to
go out to the Post Office     because she had to call Dr Jamil. Pn
Mastura _________________ (already consult) Dr Jamil about her
annual medical check-up and the results should be ready on that day.
Finally, Sarina called Sara Thai to confirm the lunch booking for three
senior staff.


Read the information about Joe and Maria . Then circle the letter of
the sentence that best describes the situation.

  1. It was 1999. Joe’s family moved to Houston in 1989. They still lived there.

         a.     Joe’s family lived in Houston for ten years.
         b.     Joe’s family has lived in Houston for ten years.

  2. Last year Joe and Maria enjoyed their vacation to Hawaii.

         a.     They had a good time.
         b.     They have had a good time.

  3. Joe is telling his friend about his wife, Maria.

         a.     His friend asks, “ How long were you married?”
         b.     His friend asks, “ How long have you been married?”

  4. Joe is telling Maria that the weather in Los Angeles has been cloudy and hot
     for the past five days.

         a.     Five days ago the weather started to be cloudy and hot, and it is still
                that way.
         b.     Sometime in the past year the weather was cloudy and hot for five

  5. Joe studied the piano for ten years, but he doesn’t play anymore.

         a.     Joe has played the piano for ten years.
         b.     Joe played the piano for ten years.

  6. Maria wants to move to Los Angeles from Boston but must find a job first. She
     is interviewing for a job in Los Angeles.

         a.     She says, “ I lived in Boston for two years.”
         b.     She says, “ I have lived in Boston for two years.”

  7. This month Maria and Joe have met once in Boston and once in Los Angeles
     and will meet once more in New York.

         a.     They have seen each other twice.
         b.     They saw each other twice.


        ACTIVITY 1


Two people are traveling to the Car Show. Read their conversation and circle the
most appropriate future forms.

Johan        : I just heard the weather report.

Azrul        : Oh! What’s the forecast?

Johan        : It’s raining / It’s going to rain tomorrow.

Azrul        : Oh no. I hate driving in the rain. And it’s a long drive to the Car Show.

Johan        : Wait! I have an idea. We will take/ We are going to take the train

Azrul        : Good idea! Do you have a train schedule ?

Johan        : Yes. Here’s one. There’s a train that will leave/leaves at 7:00 a.m.

Azrul        : What about lunch? Oh, I know, I’ll make/ I’m making some
             sandwiches for us to take along. I don’t like train food.

Johan        : Sounds good. You know, it’s a long trip. What are we going to do/ will
             we do all those hours?

Azrul        : Don’t worry. We will think/ We are thinking of something.

Johan        : You know, we have to get up early really early.

Azrul        : That’s true. I think I’m going/ I will go home now.

Johan        : OK. I’m seeing you/ I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.


Read this student’s letter to a friend. Find and correct eight mistakes in the use of
the present perfect and the simple past tense.

     Dear Jantan,

     Last month I have met the most wonderful guy. His name is Razak and he is

     a student in my night class. He lived here since 1992. Before that he lived in

     Jerantut too, so we have a lot in common. Razak has been working for five

     years and got a promotion last June.

     Razak and I spent a lot of time studying together. Last week I saw him

     every night, and this week we’ve already got together three times after class.

     Monday night we have seen a great movie. Did you see Puteri Gunung

     Ledang? It’s playing at all the cinemas.

     We decided to take a trip back to Jerantut in the semester break. Maybe we

     can even go fishing together. It would be great to see you again. Please let

     me know if you’ll be there.


     P.S I’m enclosing a photo of Razak that I have taken a few weeks ago.

       ACTIVITY 3

Read the following situations. Write a prediction. Use be going to and the correct
information from the box.

                    crash        get a ticket         make a left turn
                            take a trip       eat lunch          fill up
                            petrol            rain    wash the car

   1. Mr Medina is carrying two suitcases toward his car.

   2. Ms Marshall has a bucket of water, soap and a sponge.

   3. Mr and Mrs Johnson are driving into a Petronas service station.

   4. Freddie is driving behind a woman in a black sports car. Her left indicator
      light is flashing.

   5. Jamil is driving 110 km per hour in a 80-km per-hour zone. A police officer is
      right behind him.

   6. A blue Ford is driving directly toward a white Toyota. They don’t have time to

   7. It’s noon. Atan and Abu are driving into the Giant parking lot.

   8. The sky is full of dark clouds.


Read the paragraph below and identify the subjects and verbs. Write the
subjects and the verbs in the table provided.

Scientists learn about the earth’s interior by studying volcanoes. Volcanoes
are found in many parts of the world. Sometimes, deep cracks form from the
earth’s core to its crust. Due to various geological factors, a volcano erupts.
Then gases and hot molten rock called lava spew out of the earth. Some
volcanoes throw gases and ashes high into the air. In some other cases, the
lava flows quietly through the cracks onto the earths surface.

Scientists study ashes, lava and the gases that come out during a volcanic
eruption. They wear specially designed suits to protect their bodies from the
intense heat and fire.

              SUBJECT                                    VERB


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. The verb must
agree with the subject in each sentence.

1. Either Nurin or Nurul ________________(have) the files.
2. Mathematics ___________ (be) my favourite subjects.
3. Both the successful architects ____________(be) in the same
   architecture firm.
4. Twenty-three kilometers _______________(seem) too far to walk in 30
5. There ________________(be) a lot of sugar in this tin.
6. The list of things to buy _________________(include) two jars of jams
   and two loaves of bread.
7. Everybody __________________ (leave) the apartment whenever the
   fire alarm _____________(go) off.

       8. The clinic is closed. The doctor, as well as the nurses, _____________ (
           have) chicken pox.
       9. There ____________________ (be ) sixty minutes in an hour.
       10. Two of the workers always ___________________(arrive) earlier
           than the others.
       11. Neither Azam nor his brothers __________________(smoke).
       12. No two babies in the world ___________ (have) the same growth.
       13. RM300,000 _________________ (be) too much to pay for a car.
       14. One of the ways to travel in Malaysia _____________(be) by train.
       15. Either the executives or the clerks ___________(have) their coffee break
           at 9 a.m.


For each of the following sentences, put a tick if the verb agrees with the subject. Put
a cross if the wrong verb is used and write the correct verb in the space provided.

1     A digital camera is a useful equipment.
2     Swimming is a good form of exercise.
3     Peace and quiet are important factors in helping
      patients to recover quickly from their illness.
4     Nurul wait for her mother’s phone call every
5     The committee members has unanimously passed a
      vote of no confidence in the leadership of the
      chairman of the party.
6     Ten kilograms of rice is a heavy load for a child to
7     Everyone in this class are welcome to attend the talk.
8     No news is good news.
9     Cashew nuts, as well as other nuts, are good for
10.   Twenty percent of my salary need to be donated to
      an orphanage.



Read the sentences and decide if they are active or passive.

   1. Reader’s Digest was founded in 1992.                     __________
   2. Millions of people read it.                              __________
   3. A large-type edition is also printed.                    __________
   4. They also record it.                                     __________
   5. Reader’s Digest is published once a month.               __________
   6. It has been translated into many languages.              __________
   7. Many readers subscribe to the magazine.                  __________
   8. It is sold in newsagents throughout the country.         __________
   9. I read and interesting article in it.                    __________
   10. The article was written by a famous scientist.          __________


Use the passive form of the verbs to complete this report.

      Modern Reader _____________________ ten years ago.
      At first it _________________________ only in English.
      Today , it ____________________ in three foreign-language editions.
      It ____________________ in more than ten countries.
      Since 2000, twenty new employees ______________________
      Back at home, ten new computers _____________________ last month.
      They ___________________ to write our award-winning articles.
      Modern Reader ____________________ all over the world.
      Our editorial staff _______________________ last month.
      The interview ___________________


Some scientists have just completed a simulation of life on the station. Complete
their conversations with the modals in brackets and the correct verbs from the box.

              design     improve    keep    remove      solve

Bruce : These simulations showed that there are still some problems. I hope they
______________________ before the real thing. For example, the temperature
___________________ at 68ºF but I was uncomfortably warm most of the time.

John : The material for our clothing ______________. Maybe clothing
_______________ in layers. A layer ___________________ if it’s too warm.

                 do    deliver      give        store

David         : I didn’t like the food very much. We ___________________ more
fresh food.
Stephen       : Well, fresh fruits and vegetables ________________ by the shuttle
David         : What ________________ with the rubbish. Litter is already a
Stephen       : I’m sure it ________ on board and carried to earth by the shuttle.


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