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					                           Non-Resident Alien Payment Procedure
                                  (Employee via Payroll)

Hiring and Paying NRA’s (employees) via Payroll:

Effective immediately, in order to pay a non-resident alien (NRA) as an employee, the following steps (listed in
order) must be completed by appropriate departments or persons (e.g. PI or Hiring Manager and SJSU Research
Foundation Human Resources):

   1. Email sent by PI/Hiring Manager to the Human Resources NRA Desk (
      providing the name, contact number(s) and email address of the individual (NRA) at least (10) days prior to
      desired date of hire.

   2. HR will register individual(s) into the “Glacier” database.

            Glacier is a web-based international tax compliance application that enables the Research
            Foundation to collect information, make tax residency and income tax treaty determinations and
            generate the necessary tax reports and forms for foreign nationals.

                                                                                         Updated 2007
   Hiring and Paying NRA’s: (cont’d)

   3. An auto-generated email will be sent to the NRA & HR immediately upon registration into the Glacier
      database, which will direct the NRA to log in and provide required information such as visa type.

         a. If after (5) days Glacier data is not received, the PI/Hiring Manager will be notified.

   4. Once data request is completed in Glacier, HR/NRA desk will be notified. Based on the output of Glacier,
      HR will then collect the qualifying documents from the NRA in order for them to become a Foundation
      employee. All documents MUST be provided to the HR desk in person for purposes of verification in
      compliance with federal regulations – prior to commencement of services.

For further information on payments to and withholding requirements for non-resident alien employees, please

                                                                                           Updated 2007

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