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					Comparaison Waterfall VS Agile Development

         The waterfall and the agile development are two really different
way to graph or organize a schedule of an IT project. As a start, the
waterfall problem is more likely to be used on long term projects, with
longer steps and procedures; while the Agile development is divided into
smaller tasks and iterations (one to four week periods). The waterfall, in
addition of being a linear organization way, always prioritize the
documentations before the clients and their opinions.

         As an example, using the waterfall cycle, the company making a
software for a client would listen to the demands of its client, and then
make the project step by step, with huge masses of documentations
before, meanwhile and after every step. Once the project is over, if the
client sees it is everything he needed, then fine; but if not, the company
will ask the client to pay once again for having to do the whole process

         Another example, using the Agile Development, the company will
always ask the client about his opinion for every step, and then make the
document. All changes are possible at any point of the information, to be
sure that the company responds to all the requirements of the client.

         In general, the clients will always prefer the Agile Development
for its fairness and, because of the division of the procedure into many
more steps than with the Waterfall cycle, and asking the client’s
confirmation and ask for changes every time, the company makes the
client participate a lot to make sure that the company will answer the
client’s expectations.

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