Eligible Conservation Practices Cost Share Rates Invasive Species

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COLORADO FY2008 ELIGIBLE EQIP CONSERVATION PRACTICES AND COST SHARE RATES FOR INVASIVE PLANT ISSUE PRACTICE NAME Brush Management Prescribed Burning Cover Crop Critical Area Planting Fence 3/ Mulching Pasture & Hayland Planting 3/ Pest Management 1/ Pipeline 3/ Prescribed Grazing 2/ Pumping Plant 3/ Range Planting 3/ Spring Development 3/ Watering Facility 3/ Water Well 3/ 1/ 2/ Incentive Practice Incentive Payment Practice, Only 1 year of payment is allowed as this practice has a 5 year life span. The practice must be applied for 5 years. Practice needs to be an essential practice identified in IPM that will help suppress or radicate target species within the contracted treatment area. PRACTICE UNIT Acre Acre Acre Acre Feet Acre Acre Acre Feet Acre Each Acre Each Number Number PRACTICE CODE 314 338 340 342 382 484 512 595 516 528 533 550 574 614 642 PAYMENT RATE PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR


Incentive Payment Practices – Invasive Species Issue: Incentive payments are made for a maximum of 3 years. An eligible recipient may only receive incentive payments for any given incentive practice once and are not eligible to receive incentive payments for the same practice in future contracts. All practices must meet Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Standards. There is a $10,000 cumulative limit per eligible recipient per practice. There is no limit to the number of incentive practices for which payment may be made for an eligible recipient provided it is needed and feasible to address the resource concern planned for. Payment is not authorized for a practice that a participant has already adopted on a portion of the contracted farm or ranch.