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					GSM-R TIG # 42 Minutes of Meeting

       Participants (TIG):                                     Rabah BOUNAIRA (SagemCom)             RB
                                                                    Peter TIBERG (NSN)               PT
                                                                     Jeremy SAUL (SM)                JS
                                                                Thomas Wesenberg (Wenzel)            BR
                                                                Markus Myslivec (Frequentis)        MM
                                                                   Neil OUSKOF (Alstom)             NO
                                                                   Kai Olav Wick (HFWK)             GW
                                                                 Valerio DI CLAUDIO (Selex)         VDC
                                                                 Thomas CHATELET (KCC)               TC

       Apologies                                                    Ola Bergman (NSN)               OB

       Other Participants (TIG post-meeting):                    Robert SARFATI (OG/RT)             RS
                                                                    Dan MANDOC (UIC)                DM
                                                               Wolgang WENZEL (Frequentis)          WW
                                                                      All MIG members
                                                                      Hans Bier (ERA)               HB
                                                              Norbert Tremetsberger (ERA)      NT

TIG #42 was held at Wenzel in Pinneberg, Germany on 19th April 2011 10:30-17:00.

1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Adoption of the Agenda
The proposed agenda was reviewed and approved.

3. Review of actions
Note that below also new actions agreed in TIG#42 are listed.

40.1 TIG speaker to distribute the implementation report number 90 on the usage of 1800MHz
band published in Australia as soon as available and released by RS.                Open

41.2 NSN and HWFK to provide IG with a report on PCH notification and SI 10bis (including test
specifications).                                                                   Open

41.3 Propose a MTBF calculation methodology for EDOR. NN to circulate the slides he
presented. The response from TIG is that there are different calculation methods used in different
companies.                                                                             Open

42.9 Make UIC/OG check if MTBF calculation is actually needed and why. AP:NN. Open?
Post-meeting note by NN: Rather long ago it was suggested by ERA, Mr. Pio Guido, to include
realistic MTBF values in the TSI. This is the background for the activity – see corresponding emails
from NN as well as previous TIG minutes. In June 2011 the new TSI was decided by RISC so
overtaken by event.

41.4     Communicate IG comments on the ERA categorization.                   Closed in TIG&MIG#42

41.5     Further explain the interoperability impact on CRs 9076 and 9136. AP:?                Open

                                        Minutes of TIG MEETING # 42
                                                                                    Author: PT&OB 1/5
                                        (External MoM - draft version)
GSM-R TIG # 42 Minutes of Meeting

42.1   Draft main parameters to be included in CR9136 until next IG AP:NN/NN.          Open

42.2 Report from NSN and HFWK for internal review ready end 05/2011 AP: NN/NN. Open
42.3 Report to RS what can be stated in OG meeting 24-26 May AP: NN.
Post meeting note, see slides presented by NN                                  Closed

42.4 Distribute MoM from the meeting on reference updates to TIG AP:NN.
Post meeting note:                                                                     Closed

42.5 Update CRXXXX into IG0008 AP: NN
Post meeting note: Through contribution by NN                                          Closed

42.6   Include signal strength into IG0007 document, AP:NN,                            Open

42.7   Update 9167 with the “Non European Eirene system” concept. AP: NN               Open

42.8   Send out the report on the SIP interface between NSS and FTS AP: NN Open

42.9 Distribute the ERA GSM-R Requirement Categorization Excel sheet. AP: NN
Post meeting note:                                                                     Done

4. Change Request review

           9136-1.6
             Background as stated in the agenda:
             According to OG the CR was first raised in Q1 2010.
              Comments: IG is expected to provide OG with figures on the loss of speech when
             performing a cell re-selection. NSN indicated that the report (see AP 41.2) on PCH
             notification and SI10 bis will help to determine figures. However those figures would
             have to be agreed by the group. NSN mentioned a delay of around 1 month to
             provide the report.

             It was agreed to proceed as follows:

             AP 42.1: NN and NN to draft main parameters and include in CR9136, section
             3.3.7, until next IG#43.

             AP 42.2: NSN/HFWK Report to be sent out for TIG review E05/2011

             AP 42.3: NN to report to RS what can be stated in OG meeting 24-26 May 2011.


           9157-1.2
             Background as stated in the agenda:
             For discussion with a sub-group from TIG. Update of references only to be
             considered at this phase. Nothing new to report since last meeting #41!

                                  Minutes of TIG MEETING # 42
                                                                              Author: PT&OB 2/5
                                  (External MoM - draft version)
GSM-R TIG # 42 Minutes of Meeting

             Comments: NN introduced this topic. He presented the table of environmental
             references to be listed in EIRENE, and the amendment he saw necessary.

             Meeting NN and UIC technical expert scheduled for 4th May 2011. AP 42.4: NN to
             distribute MoM from the meeting to TIG.


          CR from NSN regarding references:

                  CR XXX

             The following was agreed:
             AP 42.5: NNto finalize the CR with EIRENE content and distribute it as IG0008 to
             RS for official numbering.

             CR from Siemens regarding 1800:

             IG-0007r2 Draft CR
              for 1800MHz.doc

             The following was agreed:
             Needs to include updated paragraph on signal strength.
             AP 42.6: NN to update this to version 3 including change suggestion on signal
             strength chapters.

              9167-1.0 Usage of non GSM-R band for EIRENE systems


             The following was agreed:
             AP 42.7: NN to propose a new CR based on the “Non-European Eirene system”

5. Topics for discussion

          9076-2.0
             Background as stated in the agenda:
             Now agreed, and will be an ETSI document. What about updating this document for

             Following discussion:
             TIG has the opinion the 9076 needs a complete re-writing.

                                  Minutes of TIG MEETING # 42
                                                                           Author: PT&OB 3/5
                                  (External MoM - draft version)
GSM-R TIG # 42 Minutes of Meeting

          Standards publication of interest
             Background as stated in the agenda:
             No new docs

          7.2/15.2 TIG/MIG statement
             TIG agrees with MIG view that 7.2/15.2 is not urgently needed and suggests that
             requirements in this maintenance release are integrated in upcoming 8/16.

          1800 MHz band for GSM-R usage
             Background as stated in the agenda:
             Signal strength (particular for ETCS). Question from OG: Do we have to increase
             level by 2dB? Has the industry provided a link budget taking into account these
             TIG agreed as follows:
             This will be included in the IG0007 regarding 1800 MHz usage, and put into the CR
             Regarding the extra 3 MHz, NN mentioned that he had observed that the extra
             3MHz was not covered in 3GPP

          Harmonization of Network reg. from UNISIG
             Background as stated in the agenda:
             Question from OG: Can the Industry guarantee backwards compatibility when
             applying this new specification?

             TIG response:
             No, the harmonization itself targets at ensuring compatibility in the future but
             compatibility backwards to implementations not based on the harmonised spec
             cannot be granted.

          ETCS Radio Equipment: EDOR
             Come with guidance on MTBF method and parameters
             MTBF values for Cab-radios

             TIG companies do not use the same baseline for their MTBF calculations so a
             common methodology is not possible to find. TIG asks why this figure is needed,
             since any Request for Quotation (RfQ) will include MTBF requirements towards the

          ETCS over GPRS
             Tests have been performed in Austria by KCC and UIC and a report will be
             published. Currently the ERTMS User Group EUG is working on adapting subset-
             093 to PSD. Next EUG meeting on 17 May 2011.

          Frequency interferences issues
             No news, waiting for update from OG/UIC/ERA

                                 Minutes of TIG MEETING # 42
                                                                             Author: PT&OB 4/5
                                 (External MoM - draft version)
GSM-R TIG # 42 Minutes of Meeting

          Environmental Standards update Working Group

          SIP interface between NSS and FTS
             Background as stated in the agenda:
             Frequentis to report from the meeting held 26th and 27th of January in Vienna.

             Frequentis reported about the meeting and agreed to circulate the report next week
             AP 42.8: NN to send the draft report to TIG.

          Ciphering for Group Calls
             On TIG question RS responded that there are no requests from Railways for
             ciphering in Group Calls

          ER GSM
             KCC made a presentation what was discussed in last TCRT concerning this topic.

          ERA EIRENE requirements categorization
             In ERA Control Group meeting on 19 May 2011 IG need to provide an answer on
             the categorization as proposed by the dedicated workgroup. NN has done parts of
             this work. Do other IG members want to send input.
             AP 42.9: NN to distribute the ERA GSM-R Requirement Categorization Excel sheet.

6. Closure of the meeting

7. Post TIG debriefing with ERA and UIC
             Background as stated in the agenda:
             Debriefing with ERA and UIC representatives shall start at 15:30 and review all the
             questions raised by TIG participants during the meeting.

             Open APs were subject to discussion.
             It was agreed how to move forward with the cell reselection issue.

   8. Next meeting
             12 July 2011 at Siemens in Poole, UK

                                 Minutes of TIG MEETING # 42
                                                                             Author: PT&OB 5/5
                                 (External MoM - draft version)

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