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					                                 Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

                                      John P. Raeder

To Our Valued Clients and Team:
In 1999 we had a passionate vision to revolutionize the staffing industry with greater end-to-end
transparency enabled by a robust technology platform. This became a reality after tens of
millions of dollars were invested into building IQNavigator, a pioneer in the vendor-neutral
Vendor Management System (VMS) industry. Over the next 10 years we aligned with some of the
most recognized blue chip brands around the world to solve complex contractor workforce
management issues. Today, billions of dollars of contractor spend run through the industry’s top
VMS and MSP providers.
Through this journey we discovered the rules of the staffing industry have substantially changed
due to the pioneering efforts of these VMS providers. As we discussed the current and future
staffing industry dynamics with prospective customers, industry thought leaders, staffing
agencies and free lancers, we felt there was a tremendous market opportunity in the staffing
industry to reach another strategic perimeter. As a result, our seasoned industry leadership team
-Brian Owens, Dave Walters, and myself decided to “Just Do It” and launch a next generation
IT/Creative staffing company: Solv.
Solv is the third company I’ve founded and operated day to day, and our plan is to create and
build a world class staffing company with similar core beliefs to provide value to market-leading
companies. We are introducing new concepts including strategies for a truly sustainable staffing
model, which we believe will dramatically enhance an industry ready for additional innovation.
Decades of experience, and the wisdom gained as a serial entrepreneur, have taught me that
there are elements to this business that we will execute on better, faster, and cheaper than past
companies. We believe that the application of our foundational business principles, enhanced by
our new approach and strategies, will allow us to replicate past successes and build Solv into an
industry leader.
The staffing industry is ready for a next generation company, one that promises to deliver on
best-in-class results for its customers, focused on an optimized recruiting model with a sense of
urgency, SLA-backed quality assurance, and bottom-line results. Solv is poised and ready to
deliver, and we promise you’ll realize the business benefits from our unique culture, vision, smart
and balanced staff, and value system. We are excited to keep you apprised of our market and
business perspectives, and look forward to working with you in the near future.
Committed to Innovation,

John P. Rader, Jr.

333 West Hampton Avenue, Suite #830  Englewood, Colorado 80111  303.590.1640 

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