; Ten SEO Tips for Bloggers
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Ten SEO Tips for Bloggers


Read our search engine optimisation article to discover great website seo blog tips. If you require UK SEO services, please hire Neogain.

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									                         Ten SEO Tips for Bloggers
This article is jam packed full of SEO tips for bloggers. The numerous juicy SEO
techniques below should help bloggers of all levels.

Tip 1 – Research your blog post title.
Let's start with one of the most obvious, which is to research the keywords you use in your
blog post title. If the website is using search engine friendly url's, then chances are the
blog post title, will also become the url. A long-tail keyword phrase in the blog post title and
url will hugely contribute to your search engine placement.

Tip 2 – Use exact match keywords for anchor link text.
When linking to pages on-site or off-site, try and use exact match keywords. For example
the anchor link text 'laptop parts', links to a page called 'laptop-parts'. However if your
produce a high volume of blog posts, then add variety and use a mixture of related

Tip 3 – Write quality, rather than quantity!
Novice writers tend to write too much! They struggle to write a blog post and what they
produce often is an essay of unformatted text. Try and create a blog post within thirty to
sixty minutes that are high quality, rather than spending a couple of hours on a blog post.

So what exactly does this have to do with SEO? If a novice blogger concentrates on the
individual SEO techniques that can be applied to a good post created within an hour, then
hopefully more SEO friendly blog posts can be created. So that once a month updated
blog, becomes a SEO friendly weekly update! Which provides numerous benefits.

Tip 4 – Make sure the first link is to your objective.
It is thought that the first link in a blog post is the most important in terms of search engine
placement. So make sure the first link isn't a reference link, but works towards an objective
of the post. i.e. product or service info, contact, email list or other priority page.

Tip 5 – Don't allow all blog comments!
Bloggers tend to love comments. However be prepared for tons of spam and don't just
allow a comment, because they are being all sweet and nice about your blog post. Check
to see if the blog comment was an obvious spam. Don't water down the SEO benefits of
the blog post, regardless of whether you do use 'do follow' for blog comment links or not.

Tip 6 – Use as few links as possible.
Don't drown your blog post in links, as too many can impact your SEO. Too many links can
negatively impact your website, including Google Page Rank. Choose your links wisely.

Tip 7 – Make your blog post 'scannable'.
Use headings, bold, italic, underline, spacing, photos (with alt tags) and other visual
elements to help make your blog post quick to digest. Sure you don't want to set out to
lower your visitor times, but neither do you want them to give up quickly or not action on
your objectives. Find the right balance and style for your content. Not exactly an SEO tip,
but by making a post more 'scannable', should go hand-in-hand with applying SEO
techniques that work towards making the post 'scannable'.

Tip 8 – Make images web friendly.
Uploading a 2MB image and then resizing within your blog post is foolish. Instead optimise
the image before you upload and make it web friendly. i.e. resize, use the correct image
format and a keyword optimised filename.

Tip 9 – Provide meta data for each blog post.
Provide a title, then a 160 character keyword description with each blog post, as well as
six single or long-tail keywords separated via commas. Most popular blog platforms allow
meta data, else you might need to organise for a plugin to be installed if available.

Tip 10 – Have fun!
One of the most important tips is to have fun. If the topic isn't fun, then make sure it is
written with passion. It is obvious to spot content where the writer wasn't engaged in the

We hope you enjoyed these SEO tips for bloggers, yet there are more! Each week we
provide great search engine optimisation tips on the Neogain blog. Plus the Neogain team
are SEO experts, which are available for hire! So instead of writing SEO content, link
building, optimising your website and / or rolling out other important SEO strategies, you
should hire us to do the hard work for you!

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