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									   THE CAW - Season 2008-9
                 ‘The Crows’ proud to be part of AFC CROWTHORNE since 2005-6.
                   EBYL Plate Runners Up 2005-6. EBYL Div 5 Champions 2005-6.
                 EBYL Plate Winners 2006-7. EBYL Div 3 Fair Play Winners 2006-7.

                          ‘The Alan Matthias Challenge Trophy’
As ‘The Crows’ didn’t have a match on 25th October they were able to send a delegation to represent
the Club as ball boys at ‘The Alan Matthias Challenge Trophy’ that was held at Bracknell Town FC,
Larges Lane on Sunday 26th October. Alan Matthias is a Bracknell Town and District Sunday Football
League Player who is suffering with Testicular Cancer. The match was held to raise awareness for
Orchid which carries out research and promoting awareness of Testicular Cancer. For more
information visit (I did have some jpeg pictures but they make the
document too big and it won’t go via the email, any ideas anybody?)

                                  Latest Match Report
               AFC Crowthorne ‘The Crows’ 0

               Darby Green ‘Dynamoes’ 18

               Saturday 1st November 2008 – Cricket Field Grove – EBYL Cup Fixture.

               Having missed out on a game last week the U13's returned to play their
               Nemesis in Division One Darby Green ‘Dynamoes’ in the EBYL Cup only to
crash to their worst defeat ever.

From the outset this was always going to be a difficult game. The Crows
had had to hurriedly sign up Adam in order to bolster the team that had
four players away. Luc, who was back from three weeks off with his
injured wrist picked up a groin strain in the pre match kick about and
could only play only a few minutes before he had to limp off leaving the
team down to ten men.

Having gone four down in the first few minutes the remaining stalwarts
played on with no option other than to defend with nine men behind the
ball to try and stem the advancing tide of wave after wave of Dynamoes
attacks. Ryan R. was left up front to try and take advantage of any
opportunities but none really arose.

The half time whistle gave a little respite, but once again the players
showed their worth by opting for an, ‘... attack is the best form of
defence’ attitude.

The second half saw ‘The Crows’ in the Dynamoes half more and more with
Joe coming close but unable to put the ball in the net due to pressure
from a Dynamoes defender and Ryan B. going close with a long range shot
and Jack did well to clear off the line.

The final whistle saw the nine remaining players trudge off after Lewis
was pulled off toward the end of the game with an Achilles problem. The
latest on Lewis as of 9pm Saturday evening is that he is having trouble
walking and will be going to the Doctors Monday morning.

Despite the scoreline and the fact that once again they played with only
ten men for the majority of the match against far superior opposition the
positive attitude and immense team spirit remains, drawing admiration
from the Dynamoes players, manager and coaches and supporters alike.

' makes me proud to be involved with such a tremendous team of
players'- Chris Birkitt Proud Manager of AFC Crowthorne U13's.
   Harry REDKNAPP to desert Tottenham for ‘The Crows’??
Following their defeat by Darby Green Dynamoes rumours abound that
Harry Redknapp has had an anonymous approach to take over from the
beleagured Chris, Ian and Guy. When asked to comment Harry replied,

 ‘ I’d love to be the manager of ‘The Crows’ it would be a real honour,
the pinnacle of my career, I’m just not sure if I could deal with sending
out emails and texts with match details and results, training Tuesday
evenings on a half lit pitch, doing the lines and putting up the goals and   Harry ponders
                                                                              the offer of
nets on those frosty Saturday mornings then having to take them down
                                                                             managing ‘The
again after everyone else has cleared off home, juggling the team sheet        Crows’...
when players just dont turn up, go sick at the last minute or get injured
in the warm up, as for running the line..., no sorry I’ll have to pass and
stick with keeping Tottenham in the Premiership, it’ll be a lot easier !’.


                        The Shewee is a must have accessory for any proud footballers
                        Mum. Especially useful on those cold winter mornings when your
                        stood on the side lines having had too much tea with your breakfast.
                        The Shewee can be kept in your handbag and means you can slide
                        off into the bushes and you don’t have to slip off home missing the
                        game. - Add it to your Christmas list!

                       Remembrance Day.

                       On a serious note next Saturdays game against Ascot
                       United ‘Aces’ is the day before Remembrance Sunday. As
                       such I feel that we should mark this with a minutes silence
                       and I would like to encourage all the boys to wear a poppy
                       during the game.

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