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					              National Association for Rehabilitation Leadership
                          Annual Meeting Minutes
                              14 October 2010
                           New Orleans, Louisiana

Board Members Present:
Eleanor Williams, President
Janet Fiore', President Elect
Evan Jones, NARL Representative to NRA Board
Glen Peterson, Newsletter Editor

Members and Guests Present
Bonnie Hawley, NRA President
Tom Wilson, NRA President-Elect
Michael Fiore'
Sabrina Harmon
Georgia Gulledge
Bill Crimando
Sonya Breymeir
Hayley Gefell
Nodia Sookar

Call to Order:
Eleanor Williams, President, welcomed everyone and then called the meeting to
order at 4:30 P.M.

Roll Call
In the absence of a Secretary the roll call was conducted by Eleanor Williams,
President. Quorum was not met.

No Report – minutes from the 2009 annual meeting were not available.

Treasurer’s Report:
In the absence of the treasurer, Eleanor Williams, President reported that overall
NARL is financially stable.

NARL Pre-Conference Planning:
Eleanor Williams reported that approximately 25 people attended the NARL pre-
conference entitled “What to Manage When You’re Walking Around” presented
by Sabrina Harmon of NISH. The pre-conference was well received and from
feed-back received from the participants it was a “hit”, and people are looking
forward to our next pre-conference in 2011.

NARL Representative to the Board Report:
Evan Jones reported the following: 1) NRA has approximately 5,400 members,
with 1,000 of them being life-time members; 2) NRA is trying to get states to
recognize CRC’s as LPC’s, Resolution presented to RSA in the hope of getting
support from RSA in this regard; 3) NRA has changed printers for the Journal
(Sheridan Printing); 4) provided information regarding the Tom Stewart Fund; 5)
NRA is faced with a challenging cash flow situation at this time; 6) also provided
information on the weblink/membership software, quickbooks financial software,
Leadership Council, and a new Program Evaluation/Transition Division.

Evan Jones continues to work on the NARL website.

Journal of Rehabilitation Administration & Contemporary Rehab

Dr. Glen Peterson reported that JRA is at a crossroads as submissions for
articles are more challenging, and getting manuscripts are becoming more
difficult. Also, Elliott & Fitzpatrick, publishers and fiscal agent for JRA are
inclined to give up the fiscal agent activities. Several options are on the table
(i.e., Rehab Institute at Illinois, NARL to take over, get info from RCEA how NRA
works, etc.). the first issue of 2010 is nearing completion/printing.

Dr. Peterson lead a discussion a NARL “Special Issue” of Contemporary Rehab.
Some possible topics could be: 1) NRAA/NARL history, 2) NARL President’s
message including role in NRA leadership, 3) brief overview of Lorenz
Scholarship including statements from 2 or 3 award recipients, 4) brief overview
of grants program including statements from 1 or 2 state units on how grants
were used, 5) review of training (pre-conference and leadership chat) in New
Orleans; discussion of JRA as membership benefit, and 6) awards program.

Committee Reports

NARL Representative to the NRA Membership Cmte and Membership:
Janet Fiore reported that membership is on the rise. She also pointed out that
strong leaders will cause growth, and more leadership training would enhance
and strengthen our skills.

Lorenz Award:
No report

Nominations and Elections:
No report
No report

No report

Constitution and By Laws:
No report

Regional Reports and upcoming events:
Northeast Region – No report.

Southeast Region – No report

Mid-States Region – No report

West Region – No report

The meeting concluded with a leadership chat entitled “Characteristics of the
Leader as Servant” taken from The Servant Leader by James Autry. The chat
was facilitated by President Eleanor Williams.

Respectfully submitted,

Eleanor Williams, President
National Association of Rehabilitation Leadership

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