; NAPLAN Dynamic Earth spelling
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NAPLAN Dynamic Earth spelling


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									NAPLAN – Language Conventions –                                         NAPLAN – Language Conventions –
Spelling Mistakes   The Dynamic Earth                                   Spelling Mistakes   The Dynamic Earth
The spelling mistakes in these texts have been circled.                 Each sentence has one word that is incorrect.
Write the correct spelling for each circled word in the box provided.   Write the correct spelling of the word in the box.

                                                                        1. Earthquakes are measured by the Ricther Scale.
To explain the

movement of contenental plates,                                         2. Another quake measure is the Meccarli Scale.

scientists have suggested a

Techtonic Plate Theory                                                  3. A sincline may form a valley feature.

that began with gondwana.

                                                                        4. The quake originates at the epicenter.

In the top of the mantel ,
molten rock swirls in the                                               5. Some quakes have volcannic origins.

magma chambre where increased
pressure can cause erupcions.
                                                                        6. Energy in the lithosthere creates most quakes.

Movement on plate boundarys                                             7. In 1989 an eathquake transformed Newcastle.
can cause friction and
sizemick activity can change the
landform; how much change                                               8. A siclone can also devastate the land.

depends on the intencity of the event.

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