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Gerd Gerken, Founder of Noesa

                                EVERY PERSON
                                IS BEAUTIFUL
                                because he has a soul and because every second of his life is connected to the
                                mystery of life. All of us breathe the universal Light of Life. And all of us float
                                in the absolute harmony of the cosmos. If this were not the case, our life would
                                not exist. We people are the image of the cosmic mystery.

                                The following texts are excerpts from a lecture that I gave within the framework
                                of a workshop in the NOESA showroom in Berlin. The title of this workshop
                                was: “You can become more beautiful than you are beautiful.”

                                                                                            Gerd Gerken, Founder of NOESA

Every person can look a lot more beautiful than he really is. How does this
work? It works when a person understands how beauty develops and of which
components it consists.

There are different levels of beauty. For example, there is visual beauty. This is
the lowermost level. And then there is interactive beauty. This is the uppermost

Visual beauty involves mainly aesthetic criteria that are relatively objective,
e.g. the question: Is a face symmetric or asymmetric? Or: How great is the
distance between the eyes and the mouth?

This visual beauty is the key factor for appeal.

Interactive beauty involves totally different criteria: What is the message of
the face? What effect does the face have in the brain of other people? Which
hormonal impulses are generated if you look at a beautiful face?

This beauty is reactive and interactive. And its key factor is desire.

So we can see: normal beauty generates appeal. The higher form of beauty
generates desire.

The secret of
your Mystery
involves being
more than merely
visually beautiful.

Mystery is
the message
that generates

Mystery is the cause of this desire. Mystery occurs when the message of your
face causes lust hormones to be released in the brain of another person.
Mystery is thus an effective message. Mystery is ennobled interaction.

This means: the symmetry in your face has a biologic cause. You can correct it
in only a strongly limited way. Just as, for example, it is very difficult to correct
the distance between the eyes and the mouth.

But you can specifically build up your message. In other words, you can let
your Mystery unfold very purposefully … and ennoble it up to the Peak.

As a result, a very clear strategy becomes apparent: regardless of how beautiful
you are objectively (visually), you definitively become more attractive if
you construct your interactive beauty and let your personal Mystery unfold.
Regardless of how old you are: for your appearance, it is ideal if you let your
Mystery have a powerful effect … every day … in every situation.

Mystery beats everything.


How you look is judged using the eye. Mystery is judged using the brain.
The look generates appeal. Mystery generates desire. These are the decisive

Everything that appeal creates occurs as the perception of aesthetic factors
that are objective, such as the outline of the eyes or the shape of the nose.

Everything that desire creates is different. It is carried out using energy, namely
as an interactive energy. This results in the following:

If Mystery is present in your face, everyone who looks at you is automatically
positively stimulated in a certain region of the brain (amygdale / limbic system).
A spontaneous release of the so-called “lust hormones” takes place there. And
as a result, that what scientists call “physical attractiveness” changes suddenly:
everyone who looks into your face experiences you as being especially beautiful
… more beautiful than you are objectively.

All of this has been proven over the years in many scientific studies (see the
scientific sources on page 20). Therefore, researchers differentiate very clearly
between “Cold Beauty” and “Warm Beauty”.


  Objective factors      Interactive factors

  Skin                   Glow
  Ordinariness           Aura
  Symmetry               Charisma
  Child pattern          Mystery

  Appeal                 Desire

  LOOK                   MESSAGE

Cold Beauty is experienced via the appearance and look. This is the domain
of, for example, decorative cosmetics. On a ranking list, the skin is at the top,
followed by the visual ordinariness (archetype) of the face and the formal
symmetry. And the child pattern also plays a role … the dash of cuteness in the

All of these factors make you beautiful. There is no doubt about this. But in the
brain, this type of beauty causes merely recognition, but no intense feelings
and certainly no “lust hormones”, which are required to generate desire. But
precisely this is what is important. When desire is activated, your “social
significance” is increased considerably, i.e. people suddenly experience you
as being more sympathetic and they pay more attention to you than normal.
(This is shown by, for example, a study by Knut Kampe / University College of

Warm Beauty is the key factor. Several studies have shown this. They prove
that the decisive role is played by energy that becomes a message in the face
… a message of your personal erotic attraction. The factors in this message are
Glow (from e.g. the eyes), Aura, Charisma and Mystery.

As a result: if you are capable of activating and qualifying these factors in your
face, your appearance will be more attractive than your look: you reach the
highest level of beauty.


If, for example, you have beautiful skin, this is an objective point in your favor
in the sector of Cold Beauty. Good skin is really important. But a well cared-
for skin is not yet at 100%. Real attractiveness requires more, namely the
effects of sympathy and desire … by everyone who looks at you. This is Warm

Warm Beauty occurs mainly in the brains of other people. Something happens
there that scientists describe as follows: you experience more attractiveness
than is caused by the beauty that is there.

How does this function, anyway? Basically, it is a 2-step process. In the first
step, the cells of your body (especially important: the cells of the face!) are
charged with a special energy … the energy of Life. The more Life energy that
is stored, the greater becomes your ability to Glow. As a result, the message of
your Mystery takes place in your face.

The second step involves what this message triggers in the brains of other
people … namely hormonally. Desire and sympathy are based principally on
hormonal effects.

So-called “mirror neurons” play a decisive role in this regard. Every person
has these in his brain. These neurons mirror the energy of Mystery. So to say,
they suck the energy that is present within the person into themselves. By
the way, this occurs lightning-fast and totally unconsciously. The decision is
made within 150 milliseconds … the decision of sympathy and desire. This is
Spontaneous Beauty.


These mirror neurons control hormonal action very quickly and directly. Together
with the lust hormones, they cause a specific chemistry of desire within the
body. As a result, you automatically experience three effects: the person who
is standing in front of you suddenly becomes more likable. You invest more
goodwill. At the same time, the person becomes more significant. Everything
that he says becomes more plausible. And everything that he does becomes
more important for your own life. The third effect has to do with emotional
devotion: you pay more attention than normal to a person who has Mystery.

All in all: it is the energy of Life that generates Warm Beauty. And there are four
channels in which this energy can unfold: Glow, Aura, Charisma and Mystery.

Each channel is somewhat differently oriented. And each channel has its specific
focus: Charisma has a lot to do with authority. Aura is an aspect of charm
and Glow is an aspect of respect. Mystery is different again: it organizes the
strongest form of devotion. As a team, all four channels organize the highest
form of attractiveness … Warm Beauty.

Certain criteria are decisive in this regard: the energy that builds up Warm
Beauty is a pure Life energy. There is a branch of research (biophotonics) that
scientifically analyzes where this higher form of energy comes from and how
it can be transported into the human body. The result: all plants store this
energy in what is called “biophotons”. And certain plant extracts have large
amounts of biophotons. These plants form the foundation for NOESA products.
They are our ALCHEMETICS.

An additional criterion is the cell. The energies that build up Glow, Aura,
Charisma and Mystery become the highest message of attractiveness only
when it is possible to guide them directly into the cells or – more precisely –
into the energy centers of the cells. These are the mitochondria.

For this transport into the cell nucleus, something is needed that reaches into
the depths of the skin. The usual creams (emulsions) fail in this regard. They do
not penetrate into the dermis. They get stuck on the surface. For this reason,
NOESA has developed a totally novel carrier (9 patents). Not only is it made of
pure Nature, it also has the potency to transport the energies of ALCHEMETICS
directly into the mitochondria.

All in all: the energy of Life is the decisive factor. So the question is not whether
chemical or natural active agents are to be used … the goal is to store the
energies in the cells – the energies that become the message that creates
intense desire in other people. In this way, you can ennoble your beauty.

NORMAL SKIN CARE DOES NOT GENERATE                                                   THE PRODUCTS FOR YOUR MYSTERY

Normal skin care takes care of the exterior of the skin. Sometimes well,
sometimes better. But it cannot transport Life energy into the cells. Normal
skin care products lack the higher form of energy (ALCHEMETICS). And they
also lack the carrier that can transport this valuable energy into the cells of                   CELL CARE PRODUCTS                                          SPECIAL PRODUCTS

the skin (DANADEM).
                                                                                     THE     GENERAL   DAY                                  ENERGY      EMPOWERING
                                                                                     BASIC                                                  PRODUCTS
NOESA has both … ALCHEMETICS and DANADEM. NOESA is thus the first skin               LINE
                                                                                                       NIGHT                                            RELAXING

care series in the world that offers real Cell Care combined with Warm Beauty
… this is the attractiveness that makes your beautiful appearance even more          THE           GENERAL      DAY POTENCY GEL             MOOD        OPTIMISM + VITALITY
                                                                                     PRIMACY                                                PERFUMES    SUPERIORITY + COURAGE
beautiful. Spontaneous Beauty: the intense increase of sympathy and desire.          COLLECTION
                                                                                                                NIGHT NUTRITION
                                                                                                                                                        HAPPINESS + BLISS
                                                                                                                                                        SENSUAL LOVE + ATTRACTIVENESS
                                                                                                                                                        SELF-CONFIDENCE + AUTONOMY
The foundation of NOESA is a novel discipline that is called MODERN ALCHEMY.                                    DÉCOLLETÉ
                                                                                                                                                        TOLERANCE + GOODNESS
                                                                                                                                                        CREATIVITY + LUCIDITY
It is based on three sectors of science: brain research, molecular biology and                                  WHITENING                               PEACE + SATISFACTION
biophotonics.                                                                                                                               AURA        AURA ATTRACTOR 1 GLAMOUR
                                                                                                                                            ATTRACTOR   AURA ATTRACTOR 2 CHARM
                                                                                                   ANTI         ANTI AGING                              AURA ATTRACTOR 3 CHARISMA
All NOESA products have ALCHEMETICS and DANADEM, both the skin products                            AGING        CONCENTRATE
                                                                                                                ANTI WRINKLE
and those for body care. In addition, there are several products that are oriented                              REPAIR MASK                 NOETERIC    NOESA I
                                                                                                                                            FRAGRANCE   NOESA II
towards supplying further areas of your personality with Mystery.                                  LIFTING      GLOW BOOSTER                            NOESA III

                                                                                                                EYE FIRMING
Such as AURA ATTRACTORS. These specifically strengthen the aura of your                                         ESSENCE

face. And there are also MOOD PERFUMES. These improve the hormonal status            THE          GENERAL      SUPER SKIN
of your body; as a result, the intensity of Charisma is ennobled. And then there     CATEGORY
is also a totally novel type of perfume … called NOETERIC FRAGRANCES. Not
only do these smell good, but they also ennoble your specific body aroma in                       LIFTING      DAILY LIFTING

a subtle manner; as a result, your own very individual eroticism can blossom
                                                                                                  RADIANCE     SUPER LOOK



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