mystery_table by panniuniu


									Mystery Table                           Clue   Do you want a clue? Press the button!

           b     x    b   =     b              Are there any patterns in the table?
           c     x    b   =     c              Ending with the same number?
           d     x    b   =     d              Have you tried guessing and then checking?
           e     x    b   =     e              If they are in order then the table usually reads
           f     x    b   =     f              1x , 2x , 3x , 4x all the way to 10 x
           g     x    b   =     g
           h     x    b   =     h
           i     x    b   =     i
           j     x    b   =     j
           ba    x    b   =     ba
Each letter represents a digit (0-9)
Can you work out which table this is?
                No clue

usually reads
    1          sort table from 1-10

Start letter
               sort table in random order

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