Mystery Wetland Living Things Sticky Game

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					Mystery Wetland Living Things Sticky

Materials: Envelope sticky labels and a list of living things in wetlands

Grades: Infant 1 to Standard 6

Outcomes: This activity relates to the following science and math curriculum items.


                  Inquiry Skill development

                                 Asking questions and exploring
                                 Making predictions and hypothesis
                                 Identifying application

                  Living Things

                                 Infant 1, 2,
                                 Standard 1 and 4


                  M1 – Count and Sequence numbers, reading and writing numbers in a variety of ways.

                  M4 – Work fluently with factions and decimals

                  M5 – Use numbers to show position or ranking

                  M6 – Understand meaning of number operations and how they relate to one another

                  M7 – Compute fluently with basic operations using integers, fractions and decimals.

                  M8 – Make reasonable estimations and approximations

                  M9 – Use mental math techniques creatively

                  M10 – Understand and work with patterns (repeating, increasing, decreasing and


                  M11 – Collect, organize, and display data to answer questions related to real life

However, its purpose is broad. It serves to “tune in” the students to living things in the wetland

Activity Description:

       This a is a fun, physically active task where students consider a range of living things attributes
and characteristics.

         Model first the process – I am thinking of an animal. Ask me questions to find out what living
thing I am thinking of. Answer the students questions with



          I don’t understand the question. Please ask another way.

          I don’t know

          Write the questions down on the board if you have one available.

          Student each have a sticker on their back with a mystery wetland animal, bird, insect, reptile,
plant or amphibian. They ask questions of other student to find out their wetland living thing. This
focuses the students on asking appropriate questions to identify their attribute and to find the context,
if any is given. Once a student knows his or her living thing, they can put their sticker on the front of
their shirt and continue to answer others question.

Post activities:

    1.    Make a human bar graph with like groupings (animal, bird, insect, etc.) Create a label for the
    2.    Sort things by the number of legs
    3.    Sort by what part of the habitat they live in
    4.    Count
    5.    Sort
    6.    Greater than/less than
    7.    Odd/even
    8.    Composite/prime
    9.    Endangered not endangered
    10.   Venn Diagrams
    11.   Fractions
    12.   Ratios
    13.   Number operations – eg) adding 2 columns together
    14.   Mental math
15. Estimation
16. Patterns

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