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Mystery Shopping by panniuniu


									Ryan Royer

Customer Service

June 22, 2010

                                        Mystery Shopping

         The two stores that I did the mystery shopping on were Sears and Spencer’s Gifts. I think
Sears did the best on their mystery shopping because they actually asked me about five times if I
need help while I was in the store. Spencer’s would of done better but they only had one person
working in the little store they are, but I got what I wanted in there for a gag gift for my dad. I
think Sears would do a lot better if they would have more stuff that I like and can afford. The
think that I would change is more employees in both stores, in Sears you walk around a little and
do not see any employees and then there all of them are standing a group talking. Spencer’s just
needs more employees. That would be what I change would spread the employees out that way
they are not crowed in a big group. My questionnaire was very useful I finished it when I got
home; the only thing that I didn’t get from both stores was the name of the employee that helped
me. I am not very good at remembering names. I didn’t ask any additional questions because I
hate the mall I go in get what I want and get out, it wouldn’t be so bad if they carried clothes my
size in all the stores besides Jcpenny. Sears is a lot bigger store and you have more options to
choose from over Spencer’s that is just basically a little gift/gag gift shop. If you want to find a
little gift for somebody go to Spencer’s but if you want anything from tools to clothes to
electronics go to Sears. I think mystery shopping is a good thing it lets stores know how the
employees are treating their customers and if they are doing the right thing or not. I wasn’t
really shopping for anything at Sears I just like to go and look around and see what they have
and then I found a cheap pair of shoes and I decided to get them and then I found a little overall
short set with snoopy on it for my nephew. Then at Spencer’s I got my dad a gag gift for father’s
day. It was fun to do though; I enjoyed it even though I do not like the mall.
Ryan Royer

                                     Mystery Shopping Questions

1. Is the store clean or messy?

Sears-I thought the store was clean compared to some store you go in.

Spencer’s-I thought it was a little cluttered but very organized.

2. Name of employee that helped you.

Sears- I can’t remember

Spencer’s- I can’t remember

3. Did Employee have good knowledge of product?

Sears-They knew their products very well.

Spencer’s- Didn’t really ask questions about products

4. Was the Quality of service good?

Sears- The service was about a 95% on a scale of 100.

Spencer’s-I would rate this store at about a 70% on a scale of 100.

5. Was the Customer Service friendly and helped in a timely manner?

Sears-Once I found what I wanted I was help very quickly and got the goods.

Spencer’s-I got the prank gift and cashier was very friendly.

6. How long until you got asked the first time if you needed help?

Sears-I was not even in the store 20 seconds.

Spencer’s- I didn’t even get asked

7. Appearance of store associate.

Sears-Had proper uniform on.

Spencer’s-Had proper uniform on I guess what you could wear it is spencer’s after all.
8. Recommend something you would change.

Sears-I would not really change anything besides separated your employees more.

Spencer’s-Have more associates working then 1 at a time.

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