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									August 15, 2010                  Sanctuary Golf Club at Cat Island
Volume 3, Issue 8
                                 Summer Camp 2010                              Summer Camp 2010

                                                                                 Summer Camp 2009

  Pro Shop 843-524-0300
GRILL & PUB 843-524-4653
                              From the Pro’s Joe Matheny
Inside this issue:
                             Hello Members,                               Don't forget we have a guest day on
From the Pro’s Desk    1     By the time most of you receive this         the 29th of August. You may bring up
                             newsletter your children will be back        to three guests for only a cart fee. In
Member’s Notes         2     in school. And, with the children            September the guest day will be
Tennis Anyone???       2     going back to school it's time to look       Sunday, September 12th.
Pool News              1     at the fall golf schedule.             On October 23rd & 24th will be host-
Maintenance Updates 2        The Jim Law Memorial Golf Tourna- ing our 1st annual Sanctuary Golf
                             ment will be held August 21st &        Club Two Man Better Ball
   Sanctuary Golf Club       22nd. The Entry fee for Members is Tournament. This tournament is a
    Upcoming Events          $70.00 and $120.00 for non-members. gross event and teams will be flighted
                             We have entry forms in the Pro Shop. after the first day of play. The
 Jim Law Memorial Golf
                             If you need more info please call the tournament will be open to members
      Tournament             shop or email Michael Millwood at      and non-members alike. Entry fee for
    August 21 & 22nd         non-members will be $150.00. Entry
                             The Friday Night Couples Tourna-       fee for all Full golfing members will
  Call the Pro Shop for                                             be $90.00. Your fee will include green
       Information           ment is scheduled for August 27th.
                             Please call the golf shop to sign up.  fees and cart fees both days, plus
                             We will begin play with a shotgun      range balls before play each day.
       August 29th           start at 5:30pm.                       Also included is a lunch on
                                                                    Sunday. We will have entry forms for
  Member Guest Day -         The Men's and Ladies Club Champi- the tournament available in the Pro
Bring up to 3 guests for a   onships will be played on different    Shop starting September 1st.
    cart fee ONLY!           dates in September. The Men's will be
                             played on September 25th & 26th,       So get out and play some golf and
                             and the Ladies will play on the 29th & we"ll see ya on the links.
     September 12th          30th. We will have sign-up sheets      .
                             available in the golf shop the first
  Member Guest Day -                                                                  Joe Matheny
                             week of September.
Bring up to 3 guests for a
    cart fee ONLY!           Pool News by...Rick Grant Jr.
                             Dear Members,                                endured the heat for the last month
 September 25th & 26th               Can you believe that the sum-        or so, and have remained positive and
      Men’s Club             mer is nearly over and the kids are          attentive. The staff appreciates those
     Championship            going back to school!?! Don’t worry          of you who have expressed your
                             though, the pool will still be open for      thanks for their service. I would like
                             you to keep cool through the end of          to thank our resident pool expert
 September 29th & 30th       September. We will keep the Spring-          Dave Becker for keeping the pools
      Ladies Club            house pool complex open full time            clean and well maintained throughout
     Championship            through Sunday, September 12th.              the pool season.
                             Then we will go to weekends only                      Lastly, I would also like to
                             (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), from         thank all of the members for support-
      End of Season          11am -7pm, for the two remaining             ing the club, and really using and en-
        Pool Party           weekends of the month. So please             joying all of our facilities at the Sanc-
                             continue to enjoy our lovely pool            tuary. Without you, there would not
 Friday September 17th
                             complex.                                     be a club. As you know this is a fam-
     5:00pm - 7:00pm                 The pool staff has very much         ily business, and I consider you all as
   Happy Hour Drink          enjoyed seeing and serving all of you        part of our little family. So again,
       Specials              throughout the summer, and I believe         thank you.
    & Hors d’oeuvres         that most, if not all of staff will return   Sincerely,      Rick Grant Jr.
                             to the Sanctuary next year. They have
Page 2                 Sanctuary News August 15, 2010                                      Volume 3, Issue 8

Tennis Jill Wilson
It has been a busy summer on the          getting ready to go back to school; Gracie Gecy works on her fore-
Sanctuary tennis courts, in spite of      it is time to start planning their fall hand (below).
the extremely hot temperatures.           sports activities. Warren and I
Our second year of combined               would like to encourage your chil-
summer camps for kids has been a          dren to get back on the court. Fall
big success. We met a lot of new          tennis lessons will begin in
children who show much promise            September. We have group lessons
as future tennis players. Even the        as well as private lessons. Give us
little ones enjoyed swinging their        a call to set a date to continue this
rackets at the “fuzzy yellow balls”.
                                          healthy habit.
We divided the kids into age
groups which worked very well.
The 4 to 5 year olds enjoyed learn-
ing how to properly grip their
racket and to execute the three ba-
sic components of the swing. The
6 and 7 year olds continued to
show progress from previous les-
sons while the older kids are actu-
ally starting to learn that hitting the
ball inside the tennis court is a
GOOD thing! Introducing chil-             Campers practice Tennis Drills           Cooling off with instructor Julie
dren to the joy of tennis is truly an     like hand-eye coordination dur-          Allen during 3rd session
honor.                                    ing the first session of 2010            For tennis lessons, call Jill at
Now that summer is starting to            Summer Camp                              263-5032 or Warren at 441-0871.
wind down and children are

Members Peggy Hopkins
Dear Members,                             we can enjoy the spoils of summer        receiving our emails regarding our
Ok, one more day of 90 PLUS               well in to the Fall. With that, please   events or specials please email your
degree temperatures AND heat              check the calendar and Rick’s arti-      address to:
indices in the 100 - 120 range and I      cle on page 1 in regards to the pool
am going to pass out. Not to              hours for the month of September.        We don’t want anyone to miss out
mention that I have frightened            On Friday September 17th from            on all of the happenings at the
many people; especially the young         5:00pm - 7:00pm we will have an          club, so if you know someone who
ones, with my crazy mass of frizzy        “End of The Season” pool party.          is not receiving our emails, please
hair! Not pretty. So, I for one am        Hors d’oeuvres will be served and        have them contact me.
looking forward to the slightly           we will have happy hour drink            Have a great remainder of the
cooler weather and pleasant nights        prices. More details will follow via     summer!
that September usually brings. We         email closer to the event.
                                                                                           Peggy Hopkins
are so lucky to live in a place where     As a reminder, if you are not

From the Superintendent’s Chris Garrett
Dear Members,                             pests typically come out during the      September fast approaches I (as I
On August 2nd, 3rd and 4th the            warmer months and most often             am sure all of you are as well) am
golf course was closed so that the        around the middle to the end of          looking forward to some much
maintenance staff could aerate the        August. Mole Crickets are a sub-         needed cooler weather! We could
greens. We appreciate your                surface pest that feeds on the root      all use a break from this oppressive
patience during this project and are      system of the grass. Army Worms          heat and humidity.
happy to see that the greens are          on the other hand, are a surface
coming along nicely.                      pest which feed on the grass blade       Sincerely,
This month, along with our regular        itself. Army Worms are capable of
                                                                                   Chris Garrett GCS
maintenance and the aeration, we          destroying several acres overnight
have been fighting both mole              if not caught in time.
crickets and army worms. These            As summer draws to a close and

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