; Murder at Niagara Falls Mystery 2
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Murder at Niagara Falls Mystery 2


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									Alexandra Grondelski
6/12 09
Ms. Nickell

                                     Murder at Niagara Falls

Chapter 1

       “I see a lot of defense wounds and a bullet but I can‟t see any evidence because all of
this was washed by the water and when is the plunge pool the woman was pushed around and
drowned. Wow, this murderer is really something!” exclaimed Nicholas Drew, the New York
City detective “I think my client is also waiting for me and law does not wait!” Nicholas was
single and not only the detective but also a lawyer. He loved both jobs for various reasons but
he was too gullible.It was cold at Niagara Falls. The sky was gray and it was the middle of
fall. There weren‟t many people around the place, but some were interested in finding more
about the next victim here. The people were drenched to their feet but still stayed there to
hear more about the next victim that was found in the water floating near the ferry boat
Maiden of the Mist. A tourist was taking a photo of his family when he noticed red in a part
of water away from the plunge pool. That was when the murdering started. The first people
noticing who noticed the body first was questioned and policeman asked if they saw any
people acting strange but all of them knew that this woman was murdered the exact same way
as the other women were murdered-shot and pushed off the waterfall into the icy water
beneath . It always happened at night but the victim was always found.

       “Yeah. I wonder why the murderer killed them here? I guess we have another
mystery to solve.” said Elizabeth Smith, Nick‟s side kick but not girlfriend, though every
woman adored Nicholas for his looks and personality. Elizabeth was proud to be his partner
in solving crimes. “You know I‟ve always wanted to come here for a vacation, but not for a

       “Ellie, you‟ve got the craziest ideas and I guess I agree with you even though I come
here sometimes myself. It‟s very beautiful usually but today it‟s all foggy and everything.I‟ll
take you here one day if you‟d like. I bet we will have a avit of time during solving this
mystery to see this place HAHA! You won‟t be using your camera only for crime photos, but
for scenery photos too!”
       “Right. Aren‟t you… Look!”

       “What, Ellie?”

       “We have three victims so far that we were able to indentify as: Michelle Stanley, this
woman here and Nicole Davey but she somehow survived. What if our criminal is Nicole?”
Ellie explained her theory.

       “No. Why would she murder herself? What if she almost murdered herself to make
people think she was a lucky victim of the crime. She was shot in the leg but the other women
were shot in the head or heart. Hmm. You know what? I‟ll question her if she remembers
anything from that night. Did you also notice that each woman was holding a camera or some
other tourist thing? Each woman was a tourist. Michelle Stanley was pretty rich when she
came here so she must‟ve had a private tour but each woman was all tourists here… ” said
Nicholas thoughtfully “Every one of these women also had diamonds and very expensive
ones too. Funny thing is, each diamond was stolen from these women”


       “In Canada, (if you know you geography correctly , you shall know that the United
States and Canada border each other) and they are having a huge problem because people are
illegally selling diamonds there.”

       “And you are trying to tell me what?”

       “O my gosh, Ellie! It‟s simple! Each woman had very valuable diamonds and people
are selling diamonds illegally in Canada, so what if our criminal is a thief, murderer and an
illegal diamond seller!”

       “Whoa! How do you know all of this from so little facts? Now, can you tell me,
Sherlock, who this woman is?” inquired Elizabeth, trying to always get him stuck when he
thinks like this but somehow Nick thought over something so many times, he got himself
stuck without needing Elizabeth‟s help.

       “I can‟t tell you more and we still haven‟t identified her but because people are
watching us I will not tell you at the present.” whispered Nick “Great! Here comes Mr.
Ashton with some information for us I hope?”
       “Of course, Nick. Have you got any clues yet?” asked Mike Ashton, the local
detective and Head of the police department.

       “Possibly. I will tell you another time. How about you?” asked Nicholas.

       “Well, I can tell you so far that the woman here is known as Jessica Taylor. The only
thing missing in her room is a diamond necklace and an engagement ring. Very expensive
and valuable. Engaged to . Her fiancée is devastated and also her family. They were to have
their honeymoon here too. How can we find out more about this murderer and why he is
doing this, Drew? You can tell me anything, we have been friends for years!” And it is true;
ever since they were small they have been best friends and never held back a secret. Mike
gave in as much information as he knew.

       “I will tell you all this when you come to my apartment in New York City, but I don‟t
think I am correct though. By the way, do you know her fiancée‟s address? We might want to
pay him a visit.” Nick asked trying to get as much information as he could.

       “Oh I am sorry, Elizabeth! I didn‟t notice you! What are you thinking about because
you look so thoughtful as if you don‟t hear us at all.”

       “I‟m fine, thank you. No. I have been listening to you but I let my mind wander
again.” Elizabeth curtly. She didn‟t like Mike a lot though he liked her a lot!

       “Hmm. When can I come over to your house, Nick? What about now or you can stay
at my place. I have a spare bedroom.”

       “I would stay if it weren‟t for the fact I have to stay in New York City because my
client is accused of murdering his wife and I need to be there at court. Yes, come over now. I
cancelled the meeting with my client so come on over!”

       Nicholas, Elizabeth and Mike turned around to face the victim one more time before
leaving back to their homes.

Chapter 2

       Nicholas explained everything about what he thought about the murder to Mike and
he nodded until he finally said
       “I think you have it exactly right, Nick, but how could he go into the women‟s rooms
to get the diamonds?” Mike replied.

       “Well, each woman didn‟t have their key to their room when they were found, but
maybe the keys fell out of their pockets though that wouldn‟t work because the man at the
front desk said that there were no keys missing.” Nicholas answered.

       Elizabeth was silent to this point thinking everything over. “What if he works or
worked as an employee at the hotel?”

       Two puzzled faces of Mike and Nick stared back at her in confusion.

“What?” they both asked at the same time.

       “Elizabeth, you haven‟t been listening, have you?” Mike looked weirdly at her for a

       “No, I have listened to every word you both have been saying. Just listen. No keys
were missing right?

       Both of them nodded.

       “If there are no keys missing what if he worked as a cashier or janitor or something
else and had a master card to all the rooms and took the diamonds in the morning when
having to clean the room?”

       Mike and Nick both stared at her and finally Nick broke the silence.

       “I think she‟s right. Only the cleaning lady or some other staff has the key to open the
doors to clean the room but when would he have the time to sell the diamonds?”

       “That‟s where I come to a dead end. If he is cleaning 24/7- when does he have time to
sell diamonds?”

       “Well, good luck with that because I have get back home. With these murders- who
knows? There might be a murder now and then they‟ll have one less policeman. HAHA! I‟d
like to see them try without me for a while.”

       “Same here. I have go and feed Chloe, Zoe and Holmes. I‟ll see you tomorrow Nick!”
Elizabeth loves her Chihuahua, Chloe, her Labrador, Zoe, and her sneaky and crazy German
Shepherd, Holmes named after Sherlock Holmes. Elizabeth and Mike put their coats on and
left the apartment with a quick “Bye! Get some sleep!”

       How can Nicholas sleep after what happened and all the new theories and

Chapter 3

       Nicholas went to sleep at 3am but woke up at 6:30 am ready for anything. He dressed
up, packed his bag with a flashlight, notepad, two pens, rain jacket, and a hat ready for
anything else that he might encounter today. Nick was usually a quiet and kind person, but he
wanted to be gone. He knew that Elizabeth loved sleeping so he waited till 9:45 a.m. to wake
her up. He didn‟t want to waste any time.

       Ring, ring!

       “Come on!” muttered Nick impatient.

       Ring, Ring! After 10 times of ringing Elizabeth finally picked up.

       “What? Who is this?” answered Elizabeth groggily and as if she still was half asleep

       “Wake up, sleepyhead! Today‟s another beautiful cold day in New York City but the
       Falls will be beautiful today! Bring your camera and be here as soon as you can!”

       Noticing Nick‟s jumpiness she instantly became alert.

       “Have you had some drugs or gallons of energy drinks?” she asked suspiciously and
didn‟t sound so half-asleep anymore.

       “No, but knowing you love sleep and have absolutely no energy in the morning I
packed some energy drinks here. Come here and we‟ll buy something on the way for
breakfast. “

       “You have never sounded this hyper before. Hmm. I‟m suspicious. See ya in a few!”
And she hung up. Nick was totally unconscious of being so full of energy and wondered if he
should call Mike and ask him if he wanted to come along too. He decided not to so he called

          My to-do list for “Murder at Niagara
the police department and asked if there was anything new. Nothing. No murders or anything
suspicious during night. The he wrote a whole list of what he is having to do that day:

        “That looks like a hefty list you‟re writing. Now, tell me what are we doing today?”
Ellie asked when she came in.

       Nick showed her the list grinning.

       “Are you okay? It looks as if you‟re ready for anything. And that list is big. What if
we take something out? Like, „Ask Mike if he wants to come along‟? Hmm?

       “I don‟t understand why you dislike him so much! He‟s been my friend ever since I
can remember. Now, I‟ll get you some breakfast and we‟ll be on our way. By the way, did
you bring some things too?”

        “Well, I left some phone numbers on the refrigerator door if we stay overnight at the
hotel and I‟ll call the doggy-sitter, brought some dry clean clothes, pajamas if you have a
crazy idea of staying there for the night, a toothbrush, makeup, camera, plastic bags and some
chocolate bars. Happy? Oh, and I brought a flashlight, pencils, paper, sketchbook and a tape
recorder if needed.”

       “Great! You want me to make breakfast or you want to buy something?”

       “Well, your cooking is delicious but because we have a huge list of thing to do and I
want to finish it early to cuddle up with my dogs, I‟ll buy some food.”

       “WOW! You have a big list too. Let‟s go! We‟ll drive in my Volvo, OK?”

       “Well, you drive fast but sure the Volvo and I‟ll read the map for you?”
      “You can but I have the road memorized from all the times I‟ve been there to Mike‟s.
What‟s that smell?”

        “Is it bad? It‟s his favorite shampoo. I brought Holmes too, because he didn‟t want me
to leave and he‟s good at finding things. I thought you wouldn‟t mind. Because usually you
adore him.”

       “I do! Come here, Holmes! Good dog!” then turning to Elizabeth he said, “Ellie, are
we going? Oh, tell me where to buy such awesome dogs!”

       “Um, Holmes was a gift from you because you aren‟t allowed to have dogs in the

       “Right! I remember. We have to go now. Come one, Holmes”.

        Driving to Niagara Falls took a long time even in the beautiful Volvo. Nick was proud
of his Volvo and always kept it immaculate. Even though he loved Holmes he still put towels
on his leather seats saying “just to make sure. Fur takes a long time to clean.” Elizabeth just
rolled her eyes. During the drive they talked about a lot of things and still asking themselves
what they should ask their suspects. After the long drive, they got to Mike‟s door and
knocked three times before he opened it up.

       “Wassup, Nick? You look like a man on a mission!”

      “I am. Ellie‟s helping too. We came to see if you‟d like to help. Oh, I almost forgot
Holmes is helping too, you know.”

        “Holmes? Sherlock Holmes is dead. He died in Switzerland fighting Dr. Moriarty
from France and both died by falling off the cliff into the water all because of wanting to be
the best. You know that?”

        Right before Nick opened his mouth to say something, Elizabeth had something to say
instead. “Oh my gosh, Mike. Of course we read it. Ever read “The Hound of the Baskervilles”
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? Well, Nick said he did in school and you‟ve been in almost all
the same schools so probably you read it as well.”

       “Girl, of course I did. Sometimes you annoy the heck out of me!” he snapped. Even
thought Mike adored Elizabeth, they fought but not too badly because he knew he could
never be too angry at Elizabeth.

       “Well it wasn‟t my idea you come on this expedition!” she retorted back.

       “GUYS! We have a job to do. Mike can come with us if he wants to but he doesn‟t
have to come if he doesn‟t want to. I asked him to come because he can help us but it‟s his

       “Why?” asked Elizabeth. “And don‟t use the „he‟s my best friend‟ excuse this time”
       “Because he can help us get warrants and other things only the force can do, Ellie.
Now, please stop it!” Nick was used to Elizabeth‟s attitude towards his best friend, but she
has been his side kick for so long he was his best friend too. He didn‟t like when she talked
about Mike that way but both were his friends. He also knew that Mike has like Ellie from
the beginning though he never understood why. In these kind of convewrsation between
Elizabeth and Mike he always started daydreaming, knowing they wouldn‟t take out their
guns and shooting eachother.

        “Fine!” Both Mike and Elizabeth said at the same time but still glared at each other.
Nicholas just sighed and Holmes stood there with the same “Ellie, does have a different
attitude, doesn‟t she?” look. Holmes always seemed like a smart dog and would always stand
up for Nick because it was Nick who saved him when he was a puppy. Nick wished he that
he could have his dog, Holmes with him at the apartment but they didn‟t allow dogs and he
would have trouble staying at home and spending time with Holmes because he spent so
much time at his jobs either being a lawyer or helping solve another case.

       “I know what you mean, Holmes.” He sighed again and turned to his car knowing
they will run after himself soon.

       And they did. “WAIT, NICK!”

Chapter 4

       The doorbell rang three times before opening before a man stood before them. He
looked 20 or so, African-American, wore navy pajamas and had big confused eyes with a sad

       “Mr. Jackson? Can we ask a few questions?”

       “Yes. Let me just get dressed. Please come in and have a seat.”

       After 20 seconds, he came back in jeans and a t-shirt already making tea and cookies.

        “How can I help you?” he said after giving out the cookies and delicious tea.” I know
it‟s about Jessica. I will help in any way I can but don‟t force me into saying anything please.
I‟ve had people come and go forcing me to answer questions for T.V., newspaper, police and
more. I know you Mr. Drew. I‟ve read about you in the newspaper.”

        “Thank you. It is a pleasure to meet you. Now, these are my friends Elizabeth Smith
and Mike Ashton. You would call Elizabeth my “Side Kick” and Mike happens to be my best
friend in the police force here.” Nicholas introduced himself and his friends sounding friendly
and not too pushy to this poor man who lost his fiancée. He pulled out his pen and notebook
and wrote “John Jackson” on the top of the paper ready to write every thought he had or
answer he got from John Jackson. “Where were you on the night of the murder?”

       “I was here at home watching college football, waiting for Jessica to come home. She
never did.”When he said her name, it was heartbreaking.
“Did you notice if she was scared or nervous when the doorbell rang, the phone rang or
sometimes about going somewhere by herself?”

      “No. Wait… There was this one time when she came running here to my house saying
something that was unclear when she spoke. I remember she said once „I need to hide the
diamonds!‟ but I said not to worry though. We did hide them and then she took them again
when she went to the hotel that atrocious night.”

       “Did you feel sometimes that she had another man?”

       “No. She was faithful and we were so blissful about our engagement and upcoming

       “May I ask, why did she go to Niagara Falls that weekend?” asked Elizabeth.

        “She wanted to see if everything was in order for the marriage and honeymoon and
also her old girlfriends asked her down too to see the area around Niagara Falls. I guess they
split-up when they went to see the waterfalls that night and she went searching for them. I
don‟t know.”

       “Sir, if you know any of the names of the women with Jessica please write them down
so we may ask them. That‟s all the time we have today, sir. Thank you.” Mike said in his
professional persuasive voice.

        “I remember the names by heart. When we graduated we had so much friends. Here
are the names. Oh, by the way, thank you. I‟ll do anything to get that murderer. Here‟s my
business card. Call me anytime you like and I‟ll help as much as I can for Jessica and the
other women. Goodbye!”

          They all said goodbye to each other and left Mr.Jackson‟s house feeling pity for the
man who lost the girl of his life. They were all quiet gathering all the information they were
given by John Jackson. They were all in the car and driving down the road to Nicole‟s house
still trying to sort all the information they had gathered.

       Ding Dong!

       Nicole Davey opened the door to her house and let them in after they explained why
they had come to her.

       “What happened to you that night?”

       “I hate talking about it but I will say it anyway to help those poor women. I was
watching the waterfall and its beautiful color display but then someone grabbed me from
behind and shot me. I ducked in time for the bullet not to kill me but then he pushed me into
the water and I couldn‟t stop myself from falling down into the glacial water, so I started

       “Why didn‟t he try shooting to ensure you were dead?”
       “I don‟t know. The sound would‟ve been muffled away by the water and by that time
he was also being sucked into the Falls so the coward ran. I was on the edge of the cliff
already but he was a good 10 feet away from me.”

       “Thank you for the information. Now, I forgot, what did he steal?”

        “After I came back home I said I‟m moving and I did but that‟s not all. I noticed my
diamond earnings and bracelet were missing so I reported it. They were never found.” Nicole
seemed very sad and it was easy to read in her eyes how much pain it caused herself to talk
about that night.

       “Did you ever see the face of the attacker?”

       “A bit. He had dark hair and dark eyes but he wasn‟t African-American like your
friend Mike, here. He also had a nose ring. It was dark so I could‟ve been mistaken.”

       “Thank you for your time, Ms. Davey.”

       “And I thank you. Have a good day!”

       On the way to the car Elizabeth said, “Did you notice that a) each woman is between
       19 and 21 years old b) each has diamonds that are very valuable c) every one of
       them died except Nicole. How can you duck from a gun when it‟s faster than you?”

      “Good points, Ellie. I‟m thinking these same ideas as you are but I seem to get
nowhere though when I looked in her eyes and on her face I saw how much pain was caused
when she talked about that night. I might have a solution soon. Let‟s see who are next
diamond girl is.”

       “How do we do that?” Mike asked.

       “The hotel, Mike. Coming Ellie?”


       “By the way, Nick. I‟m going to the station now. Call me when something new comes
up! Bye!”

Chapter 5

       “How may I help you?” the front desk manager asked.

       “My name is Nicholas Drew and I‟m the detective for the murder case of these
murdered women. May I see you list the next people coming? I want to see who has a
valuable diamond.” Nick asked showing his badge.
        “Sir, usually the book is off limits but I have orders to give it to you when needed.
Also I do not know who was what kinds of items these people bring but I suspect that the
richest person coming next is going to have a diamond. He name is…”

       When the cashier handed Nick the book, Mike ran in panting but shouting:

       “A body! One more body! Nick, Elizabeth QUICK!”

        When they arrived at the crime spot they saw the body. It was still a bit fresher that
Jessica Taylor‟s was so it must have happened during the night. The woman had dark hair,
with brown eyes and looked South-American.

       “Poor her! Have they identified her yet?” Elizabeth asked

       Mike answered “Daniella Juarez from Guatemala. Came here with friends to see the
beauties of New York. Happened a 10:00pm last night.”

       Nick rushed back to the hotel lobby and asked the man:

       “May I have the list of your employees?” Nick asked.

       “Yes, tell me the description of the man or woman so I can check.”

       “Dark hair and dark eyes but not African-American.”

       “Yes. David Weber. Go speak to him if you‟d like. He‟s probably cleaning a room
now or having lunch. He should be in room 310 now.”

       “How about a woman with brown hair and blue eyes. Her name is Nicole Davey.”

       “She doesn‟t work here anymore. Is that all? Here is my business card if you need any
more information.”

       “Yes. Thank you.” Nick said and gave him a tip for his kindness.

       He dashed up the red carpeted stairs to the 3rd floor, looking for room 310. He found it
and found David Weber too.

       “Hello. How can I help you sir? Did I leave your room dirty?” asked David confused.

       “Yes you can help. Can you answer some questions for me?” Nick asked

       “That key can open all doors?” Nick inquired.

       “Why, yes it can, but they take it from me during the night time.” David answered

       “Thank you so much for your time. By any chance, do you know Nicole Davey?”

        “Never heard of her. Only in the Newspapers a year or so ago. Listen, detective, I
have a job and I need to do it now. Goodbye!”
        “Yes. Thank you.” replied Nick. Nick believed people too quickly but whenever he
had a crime like this, he tried to be not too kind and not let the suspects go into his head.

        He walked downstairs into the lobby and met up with Elizabeth and Mike who said
that they were looking for him for 15 minutes.

       “Where were you!?” Elizabeth exclaimed, “I looked and looked for you but you
slipped out!”

       “Listen! I met up with David Weber. He said that the cards were taken in at night. He
couldn‟t have broken in only the morning.”

         “Hmm. Who‟s the next diamond girl?”

         “Brooke Shields. Let‟s meet up with her soon and save her from a certain death.

Chapter 6

         “Hello. My name is Nicholas Drew and we need to talk.”

         The blond woman turned around already transfixed into Nick‟s face and his crooked

         “Ye-e-s,” she stuttered still gazing at Nick, “I am. What do you want?”

         “You are in danger of murder. Did you hear about the other women murdered here?”

       “Yes. If you‟re trying to tell me that I am the next victim and if you can help me I will
be glad of it.”

         “You caught up quite quickly.”Nick answered.

         The two of them were walking back to the café chatting like old friends.

         “I think we should leave them.” Mike said.

         “Why?” Elizabeth said enviously.

         “He might find his true love. ”

        “By the way she looked at him, she‟ll tell him anything he wants to know. Why don‟t
I have such luck in finding a girl?Anyway, want some tea, Ellie? We‟ll sit there near them
and listen.” Mike said not believing such luck. Alone with Elizabeth. Finally.

       When sitting in the café they heard them talking from the middle of their

         “…do everything I tell you. Stand at the railing and watch the colored show.”

       Then they were interrupted by the waitress asking.

       “Welcome to the Niagara Falls café. I‟ll be your server today. Would you like
anything, Mr. Drew?” said Natasha, the waitress staring at Nick.

       “Tea for my friend and me.”

      “All right. Coming right up.” Natasha said. Natasha stared enviously at the blonde
Brooke Shields with utter distaste.

Chapter 7

        Brooke Shields was standing at the railing wearing her best clothes. Black leather
pants with a white stretch pants. When they asked her about the clothes she said, “Just for the
press.” Everything was in order to catch the murderer and thief.

        After 10pm, Brooke Shields was not there at the railing. Everybody knew where the
man went. At the waterfall they saw Brooke Shield fighting against a man. The man was tall
and had big muscles. Brooke was struggling against the man but soon he got her tied up and
on the edge of the Falls. The speaker was blaring:

       “Welcome to Niagara Falls! The Niagara Falls are about 11, 000 years old and were
created when glaciers melted to create the Great Lakes which ran downhill toward Lake
Ontario. Because of the force and strength of the water, it carved out a river. At one point it
went over a hanging valley. The Falls never always looked like this…” the speaker boomed
with more information.

       People were watching the water and going around the rails taking photos unaware of
the danger surrounding them. It felt as if no one knew anymore about the deaths, about the
danger of the water or nothing of the loss which was soon to come. The masked man was
already lifting his gun and Brooke who was struggling to keep in one place and stay at one

        “One, two three GO!” Nick whispered to Mike. Elizabeth was watching the man
collecting the evidence for court with her night camera and because Mike was very strong,
Nick and Mike could easily take the man down and still save Brooke. After Nick whispered
“GO!” they ran in the strong water toward the man. The water was very strong and almost
made these two strong men fall but they didn‟t. When they drew near the masked man heard
their feet and startled turned away from Brooke to face the men. He stared at them for a while
and turned back to Brooke and was pulling the trigger with a sly smile on his face when Nick
and Mike pounced. Brooke was already falling off the edge not being able to stay in the one
spot but Elizabeth caught her just in time. Elizabeth was soaked and was glad she brought an
extra ten towels for this kind of emergency.

       “Ms. Shields is safe!” She announced while taking themselves out of the freezing
water and took out the towels she packed just for the day.

       “And we caught our murderer.” Nick replied.
       “I was being paid to do this. Paid!” The criminal bellowed..
        When they returned him to the police they took off his mask and found themselves
staring at the Cashier who helped Nick find the names of the people. He had large eyes, light
brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.
       After that, they went to the station and questioned the Cashier:
       “What is your name?”
       “Jack Hudson.”
       “Tell me everything you know and why you murdered these innocent women?”
“She told me to do it! She said if I tell her name she‟d murder me. She said I‟d have a large
reward. Of course I said yes! She always worked with me until she planned what she was
going to do and then quit.” Jack Hudson have up struggling, knowing thaty these two men
were trained for these kind of experiences.
      “I see you won‟t tell us about her or her name. Tell me, what was your connection?
Was there anyone else involved?” Elizabeth questioned.
       “Not that I know. I told you! We worked together until she quit the job!”
       After they met up with Mike they went to the café for some lunch.
        “Nick , do you know what‟s going on?” Mike asked. Nick looked thoughtful like he
didn‟t see his friends at all.
       “Yes. I‟ll tell you what we do.”
       “You always do.” Elizabeth snorted.
       “Thank you, Ellie.”Nick said kindly trying to hide his laughter.

Chapter 8
       Ding dong!
       The bell rang three times before Nicole opened it up and said:
       “What would you like?”
       “You‟re under arrest for murder and theft.”
       She tried running back into the house but Nick was faster. He caught her and cuffed
       “Let go!”
       When she was questioned there was no question about it. She was guilty.
        “David Weber was my lover. I asked if he would give me his master card so he gave
it to me. Next, I would murder the women and get my diamonds. Sell them and get the
       “Simple. I wanted to be rich. Diamonds couldn‟t be that hard. But I bet, detective, you
figured out the rest?”
        “Yes I did. Who sells the diamonds?”
        “David Weber. Luna Island is uninhabited so it made the exchange easy.”
        Later, David Weber, Nicole Davey and Jack Hudson were put into jail in New York
       “I‟m so glad this mystery is over. And who could‟ve guessed Nicole was the master
behind this. Tell us the whole story at lunch.” sighed Elizabeth in relief.
        “I don‟t understand anything.” Mike added.
        “Because you don‟t have a brain, Mike!” snapped Elizabeth.
       “Calm down, Ellie! Let‟s go to Starbucks® and I‟ll tell you everything over a nice
cup of hot chocolate.” Nick suggested.
        “We‟re in!” the other two answered.
        At the Starbucks® Nicolas explained:
        “Each woman was murdered for some diamonds. David Weber, cleaned the rooms, so
he had the master key to all the rooms where Nicole could get in while he was cleaning, and
get the diamonds for herself. Luna Island is uninhabited so she would exchange money and
the diamonds with David, who also sold the jewels in Canada and so they would meet.” Nick
explained but the Mike interrupted him.
        “How did she survive the falls? Jack Hudson wasn‟t dark haired.” Mike answered.
        “Simple. She would go into the tunnel and jump from there. She had an air tank
probably and survived. She said he was dark-haired and had darker eyes because she wanted
to lead us off the track to a dead end. We finally figured that sometimes David would murder
or Jack Hudson.”
        “Why Jack or David?”
        “All of them wanted money so if they helped they would get a bit of the money.”
“Good job, Sherlock!” laughed Elizabeth, “You are a great lawyer and detective!
“Woof!”barked Holmes and they all laughed together.

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