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Oolong tea is so popular simply because it dissolves fat weight loss, this argument does have a scientific basis. Because the main ingredient --- tea tannins, confirmed and fat metabolism are closely related, and the experimental results also confirmed that oolong tea can actually reduce blood cholesterol levels, it is rare to lose weight tea.

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									                                          California Grill
                                                   Loose Leaf Tea Selection 6.89

Green Tea                                                           Caffeine-free Tea
Genmai Cha                                                          Organic Chamomile Flowers (Egypt)
This Japanese tea is known as the popcorn tea. The nutty            This tea has tranquil and calming herbal infusion of sweet
taste of the rice and barley goes well with the fresh flavor        and fragrant golden chamomile blossoms; mild and sweet.
of Sencha, resulting in a savory infusion that is a perfect         The best chamomile flowers harvested from the fertile plains
complement to Japanese cuisine.                                     of the Nile Valley are used.

Organic Pear Tree Green                                             Harmony
Estate China is a green tea, perfumed with the essence of           Peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers, orange blossoms,
freshly plucked ripe pears. It is crisp and sweet, just as a        and allspice make up this tea. Find peace in a teacup.
pear should be.
                                                                    Lemon Verbena
Jade Leaf                                                           Slip into sweet lemon drop dreams, memories of carefree
Harvested in Northwest China, this green tea produces               summer afternoons let your heart be light with this naturally
a fresh and delicate jade infusion. It is carefully hand-picked     caffeine-free infusion of lemon verbena, lemon grass, and
then withered and gently dried. This is a natural-type tea.         lemon balm. Simple bliss!

Black Tea                                                           Oolong Tea
Eros                                                                Osmanthus Oolong
Sweet mandarin orange and warm vanilla passionately                 This top-grade Oolong tea from Formosa is delicately scented
embrace medium-bodied Ceylon tea leaves in this sensory             with rare osmanthus flowers. It is highly coveted and prized
delight.                                                            for its champagne aroma and deep rich flavor.

Imperial Orange Pekoe                                               White Tea
This regal tea is steeped in the rich history of the                Silver Leaf
House of Orange. has a blend of estate high-grown Ceylon            Harvested south of the Yangtze River, this white tea is named
black teas. This produces a medium-bodied cup with                  for the silver downy hairs that cover the young unopened buds.
deep copper liquor.                                                 Ancient tea connoisseurs, always on the lookout for the
                                                                    ultimate tea, discovered that the buds picked before they
Imperial Earl Grey                                                  opened had the most delicate flavor.
Strong enough for an Earl but refined enough for his Lady,
this connoisseur-grade Earl Grey blends Ceylon India
and China estate teas with just a hint of Bergamot.

Thunderbolt Darjeeling
Charged with the distinct Darjeeling character, this second flush
is named for the region, as Darjeeling literally means
Land of the Thunderbolts.
                                                                    2/22/2011 cmh

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