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									Turning the Page                                                                   Annual Report 2005 – 2006

Linking D.C. public schools, families and our community to ensure students receive a high-quality public education.
mission and vision
Our Mission                                                                       basis. Turning the page enables teachers and principals to build
                                                                                  upon their skills through extensive training and support and to
Turning the Page links D.C. public schools, families and our
                                                                                  create infrastructure within the school for successfully integrating
community so that, together, we can ensure D.C. students receive
                                                                                  community talent and resources into their instructional programs.
valuable educational resources and a high-quality public education.

Our Vision                                                                        •   parents
                                                                                  Family involvement is fundamental to students’ success, and many
Turning the Page is confident that with hard work and continued
                                                                                  D.C. parents can benefit from additional support, training and
cooperation, we as a community can make sure D.C. public school
                                                                                  resources. Turning the Page provides parents with new skills and
students receive every opportunity to succeed in school and in life.
                                                                                  resources that enable them to become more effective educators of
Turning the Page’s most important belief is in D.C. public school
                                                                                  their children at home, advocates for their children in school, and
students themselves: Every child has the potential to achieve,
                                                                                  leaders within their school community.
                                             if given the resource-rich
                                             learning environment
                                             that families, schools and           •   D.C.  organizations   anD   Citizens
                                             community members can                D.C. is a vibrant, resource-rich community with talented individuals
                                             provide.                             and exciting programs at dozens of museums, universities,
                                                                                  community-based social service organizations, and businesses
                                             Our Role                             that share our commitment to education and collaboration. Turning
                                                                                  the Page brings these community members together through
                                             Turning the Page supports
                                                                                  numerous strategic partnerships, ensuring that their talents and
                                             and leverages school
                                                                                  resources have the greatest possible impact on the D.C. public
                                             community stakeholders’
                                                                                  school students who need them most.
                                             distinct roles, talents and
                                                                                  Our Commitment
                                             • teACheRs AnD pRinCipALs            Since its founding, Turning the Page has earned the trust of the
                                                                                  school community by focusing its efforts on the delivery of high
                                             Principals and teachers face
                                                                                  quality educational resources — and on always delivering on our
                                             many challenges every day
                                                                                  word, day after day. We believe in the importance of consistency,
                                             in their schools. They often
                                                                                  having worked tirelessly over the last few years to build supports
                                             don’t have the time or all
                                                                                  and programs that D.C. public school parents, children and
                                             the skills needed to connect
                                                                                  community members can rely upon.
                                             with parents and community
                                             organizations on a regular

front   Cover :   Devon Boyd, 5th grade, Gibbs elementary, Ms. emily hyde, Literacy through photography program
a letter from Jason

                                                                                                                 table of Contents
                                                                                                                     Letter from the president
On behalf of Turning the Page, I am proud to present
to you our 2005–2006 annual report. As we learn
                                                                                                                 2    Our partner schools
and grow as an organization, we are always exploring
new ways to build and improve. We are thankful that
                                                                                                                 3    Families Learning together
we have so many community partners who share this
                                                                                                                      The Families Learning Together initiative,
same ethic — of always striving to find new ways of
more deeply impacting the students in our D.C. public                                                                 which includes Community Nights, in-

schools.                                                                                                              school author visits, and family museum
                                                                                                                      trips, empowers families to become better
For example, throughout the summer leading up to this                                                                 educators of their children at home and
past school year we worked together with our                                                                          advocates for their children in school.
long time partner, the Phillips Collection, asking
a simple, but vital question: “How can we improve                                                                8    school and Classroom Resources
our partnership so that the resources of the Phillips
                                                                                                                      TTP offers professional development and
Collection have a deeper impact on D.C. public school
                                                                                                                      project support to provide teachers and
students?” The Phillips Collection did not have to
                                                                                                                      their students in our partner schools with
ask this question with us — their teaching kit has       2005–2006. We successfully led two six-hour parent
                                                                                                                      new skills, classroom resources, and field
already been nationally recognized and their education   leadership training days and as follow up to those
department has a great reputation. Yet the outcomes      days, we began preparing participating parents to
of our discussions led to an six-week classroom          take leadership roles in and help grow their schools’
project called “A Portrait of My Community” that         parent-teacher organizations.                              school Community Leadership
culminated with the display of more than 400                                                                          TTP provides teachers and parents with
students’ writing and artwork in                         These are but two examples of our progress in finding        training and assistance as they develop
the Phillips Collection itself.                          new and more effective ways to support D.C. public           plans and strategies to bring their entire
                                                         school students this past school year. We hope that          community together in support of student
Since 1999, we have successfully provided parents        you will enjoy learning more about Turning the Page.         achievement.
with new skills and resources to more effectively
support their children’s education. In recent years,     Sincerely,
                                                                                                                 2   ttp in the Community
we began asking the question “How can we provide
effective training and support to parents so that they
can help improve their children’s schools as leaders                                                             4   thanks to our supporters
in their school communities?” We are still asking that   Jason S. King
question, but we are very excited by our progress in     President                                               6   Financial statements
    our partner schools

    Turning the Page partnered with seven Title I D.C. public               M c GOGney eLeMentARy
    elementary schools during the 2005 – 2006 school year. All of our       Ward 8. 99% African American and less than 1% Asian and
    partner schools are located in Wards 6, 7 and 8, with the majority      Caucasian, with 84% of students eligible for the free and reduced
    of students coming from low-income families of color.                   price lunch program.

    2005–2006 partner schools                                               RiVeR teRRACe eLeMentARy
    AitOn eLeMentARy                                                        Ward 7. 100% African American, with 77% eligible for the free and
    Ward 7. 99% African American and less than 1% Hispanic, with            reduced price lunch program.
    95% eligible for the free and reduced price lunch program.

    BenninG eLeMentARy

    Ward 7. 98% African American, 1% Asian and 1% Hispanic, with
    83% eligible for the free and reduced price lunch program.

    GiBBs eLeMentARy

    Ward 6. 99% African American and less than 1% Hispanic, with
    90% eligible for the free and reduced price lunch program.

    keniLwORth eLeMentARy

    Ward 7. 100% African American, with 89%                                                                                6              7
                                                                   CAuCAsiAn,       LAtin
    eligible for the free and reduced price lunch
                                                                          AsiAn     AMeRiCAn
                                                                             %     %

    MARtin LutheR kinG, jR. eLeMentARy
    Ward 8. 99% African American and less than
    1% Caucasian, with 99% eligible for the free
    and reduced price lunch program.
                                                                                                                           DistRiCt OF COLuMBiA
                                                                                                                               wARDs in whiCh ttp

                                                                         AFRiCAn                                  pARtneR sChOOLs ARe FOunD

                                      ethniC BACkGROunD                    98%
                                       OF stuDents seRVeD
families learning together

Community nights                                                                                                                                       “I attend Turning the
Nearly 500 parents attended 61 Community Nights during 2005–
2006, a year in which Turning the Page introduced the program                                                                                          Page because I learn
to two new partner schools and developed three new workshop
series. More than 99 percent of parent workshop attendees
said the workshops were “useful” and “interesting.” For the
                                                                                                                                                       a lot. How to sit and
fifth consecutive year, between 66 and 80 percent of attendees
reported using TTP-provided books and materials in their home in                                                                                       read with my child is
the prior two weeks.
                                                                                                                                                       something I’ve learned.
This year TTP led seven separate Community Night workshop
series: Introduction to Supporting your Child’s Education,                                                                                             How to talk about
Celebrating Community, Art Links to Literacy, Supporting your
Elementary Learner, Supporting your Young Learner, Celebrating
                                                                                                                                                       the book.”
the D.C. Community, and Communication and Self Esteem.

In addition to providing information and resources, Turning the      During the summer of 2006, TTP conducted interviews with
Page workshops serve as a forum for parents to discuss the           parents who have been attending Community Nights for at least
challenges and successes they have had in supporting their           one year. We asked them to share what they have learned at
children’s education, and offer opportunities to brainstorm          Community Nights, and how these evenings have affected their
solutions for each other. As one parent stated, “There is a lot      families. Parents responded with:
of support there. I appreciate that TTP provides a forum where
                                                                     •	 TTP	has	an	attitude	of	accomplishment	and	they	are	determined	to	get	the	
parents can share with each other with no fear of judgment.
                                                                        job	done.	I	like	the	spirit	they	have	about	getting	the	job	done.
Relationships are formed through contact with other parents and
the programs are creative.” At the end of each workshop, each        •	 TTP	gave	me	confidence	to	believe	in	myself.
participant receives at least two children’s books to add to their
                                                                     •	 [My	daughter]	used	to	be	fearful	of	reading	[with/to	other	students]	
home libraries. While parents attend workshops, TTP volunteers
                                                                        but	getting	the	books	encouraged	her	to	read….	Now	she	is	excited	about	
read with the children and lead them in related educational
                                                                        getting	books	and	is	reading	at	grade	level.	The	books	helped	give	her	more	
activities. Each child then selects a free book to take home. This
                                                                        confidence	in	her	reading.
year, TTP gave away more than 8,000 books to participating
parents and children.                                                •	 TTP	enables	us	to	meet	other	parents	and	communicate	with	other	
                                                                        children,	because	it	does	‘take	a	village	to	raise	a	child.’	
    Fading Away                     •	 I	attend	Turning	the	Page	because	I	learn	a	lot.	How	to	sit	    School in Metairie, Louisiana. Students were very
                                       and	read	with	my	child	is	something	I’ve	learned.	How	to	       creative when writing their letters to their new
    Paige Walters, Grade 6             talk	about	the	book.	I	learn	a	lot	from	TTP.	                   “pals” – some even included drawings, decorations
    Ms. Gertrude Birchette                                                                             and school photos. “It feels good to help other kids,”
    Kenilworth Elementary School
                                    •	 TTP	is	my	only	avenue.	It	helped	me	to	be	more	consistent	
                                                                                                       replied one student when asked why he donated his
                                       and	to	join	the	PTA.
                                                                                                       book. “I can’t wait to get a letter back!” said another.
                                    •	 It’s	something	I	don’t	have	to	do,	but	I	love	doing.
                                                                                                       Community “Math” night
                                    •	 I	enjoy	reading	the	TTP	books	just	as	much	as	the	kids.	Not	
                                       only	for	the	knowledge	I	get	from	TTP	but	for	the	resources.	   Parents have always struggled to help their children

                                       I	can	pass	them	on	to	my	household	and	other	people.	The	       with math problems they haven’t had to do for

                                       books	help	to	form	a	library.	And	it	enables	me	to	share	the	   years, or even decades. To add to their difficulties,

                                       books	with	others.                                              some elementary schools in D.C. have adopted new
                                                                                                       methods to approach math problems, Everyday
                                    •	 TTP	encourages	me	to	encourage	my	kids	to	do	right!             Math, now commonly referred to as the “new math”.

                                    •	 Turning	the	Page	has	encouraged	me	to	do	more.	Since	I	         In response to these challenges, TTP and new

                                       didn’t	finish	school	I	push	my	kids	to	finish.                  partner school River Terrace Elementary teamed up
                                                                                                       to use Community Nights as a platform to provide
    My worst fear is fading away.   Celebrating D.C. Community                                         information about the new math. In the weeks leading
                                                                                                       up to the April 4th Community Night, teachers from
    Most people sometimes           In the fall of 2005, the Celebrating D.C. Community
                                                                                                       River Terrace spent many hours planning the sessions
    Like the fact that they can     parent workshops was first introduced to our partner
                                                                                                       for this night; the school advertised widely to the
                                    elementary schools. During the workshops, parents
    Disappear at any time,                                                                             parents which led to a large number of attendees. In
                                    discussed techniques that they could use to help their
    But I feel that it is not                                                                          order to make the sessions most helpful, the teachers
                                    children discover the rich history of Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                       assumed the role of workshop leaders and divided
    Good for kids to disappear,     and develop a strong sense of community awareness.
                                                                                                       the parents according to their children’s grade level.
    When they are mad or sad.       Parents also designed a community service project
                                                                                                       They explained the new math by building upon old
                                    for the students, so that the children might learn
    But before you disappear                                                                           skills and using interactive tools to build new ones.
                                    about their own unique talents and the contributions
    Say goodbye to your mother      they, as young people, can make.
                                                                                                       The response was overwhelmingly positive, with
                                                                                                       85 percent of parents saying they were now “very
    And your father plus
                                                                                                       confident” that they could use their new skills at
    Sister and brother              At Benning Elementary School, parents who
                                                                                                       home to help their children with math homework.
    Before you go                   participated in the four-session workshop series
                                    developed a community service project that would
    Just so they can                                                                                   Author Visits
                                    help those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Parents
    Know that you                   designed a “Pen Pal” project, where every student                  In 2005 – 2006, for the fifth consecutive year,
    Love them.                      donated one of their own books, (previously given to               Turning the Page linked local children’s authors

                                    them by Turning the Page), and wrote a letter to a                 and illustrators with each of our partner schools.

                                    child of similar age at St. Angela Merici Elementary               Nine authors gave of their time and energies at 14
successful Community Nights. At each visit, authors read from          thAnk yOu tO the FOLLOwinG AuthORs whO GAVe      spotlight
their books and lead the audience in a lively discussion. They         OF theiR tiMe DuRinG 2005–2006:

then met with the parents separately, and spoke with them about                                                         the phillips Collection
their personal experiences and how they came to be authors,
                                                                       Barry Louis Polisar — A Little Less Noise        Docents
their creative process, and ways for parents to promote a love of      Dia Michels — Look What I See! Where Can I Be?   turning the page and the phillips
reading in their homes, both for themselves and for their children.                                                     Collection introduce D.C. public school
                                                                          In the Neighborhood
At the end of the evening, each author signed a hardcover copy of                                                             families to the art and resources
                                                                       Fred Bowen — Winners Take All                          of the phillips Collection during
their book for each family in attendance.
                                                                                                                              Community nights, through the Art
                                                                       Sheree Fitch — Pocket Rocks
                                                                                                                              Links to Literacy family workshop
Prior to the author’s arrival, teachers at each school engaged the
                                                                       Sharon Bell Mathis — Ray Charles                       series. the phillips Collection’s
students in various activities to get them excited for the visit, to
                                                                                                                              Children’s Docents play an integral
educate them about the author, and even to decorate the school         Maya Ajmera — To Be an Artist                          role in the success of this program.
so that it was welcoming to the author. In celebration of the Spring
                                                                       Laura Melmed — Rainbabies
Author Visit at McGogney Elementary, featuring Sharon Bell Mathis,                                                            while parents are attending these
author of Ray Charles, students from all grades created artwork        Justine Rowden — Paint Me a Poem:                      workshops during Community
about Ray Charles. Teachers prominently displayed the artwork             Poems Inspired by Masterpieces of Art               nights, the docents educate the
in the hallways to get the students excited about attending. The                                                              children in art, art appreciation,
                                                                       Jabari Asim – The Road to Freedom                      and the creative process. During
evening of the visit, a special welcome banner was hung in the
gymnasium. Similarly, at MLK, Ms. Kelly Emminger’s class prepared                                                             two special Community nights
                                                                                                                              hosted at the phillips Collection,
an introduction and presentation for author Dia Michels. Their
                                                                                                                        docents lead families on guided tours of
rendition of her book was a big success and Ms. Michels commented
                                                                                                                        the museum.
that she had never been welcomed in such a way before.

                                                                                                                        the docents consist of over 30 art lovers
                                                                                                                        who devote their time to the education
                                                                                                                        of children. Most of them are artists,
                                                                                                                        art historians or former teachers,
                                                                                                                        and therefore bring a wide breadth of
                                                                                                                        knowledge to the program. when asked
                                                                                                                        why she devoted her time and energy to
                                                                                                                        volunteering with turning the page, one
                                                                                                                        docent responded:

                                                                                                                        “i have volunteered at about five or six
                                                                                                                        Community nights and have enjoyed
                                                                                                                        them tremendously. you are close with
                                                                                                                        the families, children and siblings. they
                                                                                                                        are very appreciative and participate
                                                                                                                        in the activities with enthusiasm. Also,
                                                                                                                        they love getting the books. i feel so
                                                                                                                        important when i am in attendance. i
                                                                                                                        believe in this project and feel privileged
                                                                                                                        to be a small part of their experience.”
    Family Museum experience                                               Participants are led on private tours of local museums and sites
    Shouts of, “Mom, look at him!” and “How did he get up there?”          where they complete art projects or activities to learn about the
    could be heard as children pointed towards the sky. They had just      exhibits. At the end of the tour they are provided with materials
    noticed that an orangutan was dangling from cable wires high           and children’s books on related subjects.
    above the crocodile exhibit before making his way to the other
    side of the zoo. This prompted the flexible tour guide to deviate      Students went from display to display during a scavenger hunt at
    slightly from his lesson in order to add insight into the impressive   the National Postal Museum, took a tram ride through the National
    feat that had captured everyone’s attention.                           Arboretum, and learned about the monuments on the National Mall
                                                                           with Ranger Dan.
    The trip to the National Zoo was part of Turning the Page’s
    free museum trip program, offered to parents and children who          During the summer of 2006, TTP led 31 families on seven museum
    attended Community Nights during the last school year, as a way        trips, averaging about 25 attendees per trip.
    to continue the family learning experience throughout the summer.
                                                                           interview with suzanne O’hara,
                                                                           president, ttp Georgetown

                                                                           How long have you been involved with TTPGT?
                                                                           this is my fourth semester with ttp Georgetown (i began
                                                                           volunteering in spring 2005).

                                                                           Why did you get involved with Turning the Page?
                                                                           i got involved with ttp Georgetown because, after learning
                                                                           about disparities in education in D.C., i felt called to take
                                                                           action. i believe that if each person does as much as they can
                                                                           do, according to their time and talents, such disparities really
                                                                           can be eliminated.

                                                                           What has been the best part of working with Turning the Page?
                                                                           the relationships that i have formed with the students and
                                                                           their families have been the most rewarding. their warmth
                                                                           and dedication are humbling. they continue to inspire me and
                                                                           remind me what really matters.

                                                                           How do you manage to find time for Turning the Page?
                                                                           i make turning the page a priority because i believe strongly
                                                                           that we all have a responsibility to get involved in our
                                                                           communities. turning the page is a unique opportunity to
                                                                           meet families in the city and learn with them. As i have built
                                                                           relationships with many different D.C. residents, i have grown
                                                                           in my understanding of my potential to work for good as a
                                                                           student and a D.C. resident during my time with turning
                                                                           the page.

                                                                           What is your area of study? Class year?
                                                                           nursing major, spanish minor, Class of 2008.

                                                                           What is your best Turning the Page story?
                                                                           i was reading a book about Langston hughes’ life and poetry,
                                                                           which had been illustrated for children, at one ttp Community
2006 Museum trips                   national Zoo, july 8th                 night with about four or five first or second grade students.
national Arboretum, june 0th       Museum of African Art, july 3th       they were really interested in the illustrations and poetic
national Mall, june 5th            u.s. navy Museum, july 22nd            narrative of the book and all were eager for their turns to
national postal Museum, june 24th   national Building Museum, August 5th   read. i really enjoyed the book and the illustrations, but the
                                                                           students’ contagious enthusiasm made it special.
           school and classroom resources

                                                              Literacy through photography
                                                              As fifth grader Christian Tarver stood away
                                                              from the crowd, quietly practicing reciting
                                                              his poem, proud students were posing in
                                                              front of their photographs and writing, as
                                                              their even prouder families took pictures.
                                                              A full room looked on as these students
                                                              presented the work they had spent so much
                                                              time on during the school year. Christian’s
                                                              voice was loud and clear as he read his
                                                              tribute to his mother. This exhibit opening
                                                              at the Charles Sumner School Museum
                                                              & Archives on June 8th marked the
                                                              culmination of another successful year of
                                                              the Literacy Through Photography program.       Mykiya Barnes, 3rd grade, River Terrace Elementary, Mr.
                                                                                                              Phillip Frazier, Literacy Through Photography program
    Student photograph, Literacy Through Photography
    program                                                   Literacy Through Photography is a program that enables students to take photographs
                                                              representing themselves, their dreams, their communities and their families while using
                                                              their own writing to generate ideas for pictures and to add insight into their artwork.
                                                              Turning the Page implemented this innovative three-month photographic and literary art
                                                              program in 24 classrooms at each of our seven partner elementary schools, reaching
                                                              more than 400 students in 2005 –2006. Originally developed by photographer Wendy
                                                              Ewald, TTP adapted the international program to meet the needs of D.C. public elementary
                                                              school students to enable them to document their communities as they develop unique
                                                              perspectives on the world and their places in it. More than 40 teachers and 1,200 students
                                                              have participated with Turning the Page since 2002.

                                                              TTP provided participating teachers with a standards-based training in the Literacy Through
                                                              Photography methodology, as well as the resources and support necessary to conduct the
                                                              program in their classrooms. Before taking their own photographs, students visited the
                                                              On Africa Exhibit and the Mongolia and Geisha Exhibit at National Geographic Explorers
                                                              Hall, the Ansel Adams Exhibit at The Wilderness Society, and the African Art Now exhibit

    Danetria Taylor, 5th grade, Gibbs Elementary, Ms. Emily
    Hyde, Literacy Through Photography program
at the National Museum of African Art. They explored the works of noted photographers
and analyzed the choices they made to compose their pictures. In the classrooms, the
students learned how cameras operate and plotted out their own photographs by making
connections between the images they wanted to produce and the messages they wanted
to convey. TTP provided each student with a camera loaded with black and white film to
explore their chosen themes. TTP developed each roll of film, and each student selected
one photograph to enlarge, to serve as catalysts for their own writing. The resulting
essays, poems, autobiographies and stories paint a vivid portrait of youth and community
in the District of Columbia. As one student stated, “I learned that it is not about taking
pictures, it is about describing you.”

The final exhibit, viewed for the first time at the city-wide opening, featured more than
50 student photographs and writing, and traveled to notable sites around D.C. during the
summer months, including the Verizon Washington, D.C. and Cafritz Company headquarters.
Members from the D.C. community, as well as D.C.P.S. students, families, and teachers,
have been able to view the student work, and will continue to do so as the exhibit travels
throughout the city.

teACheRs’ thOuGhts

The	children	really	enjoyed	taking	pictures,	seeing	each	other’s	photos,	and	writing	about	them.	
They	were	really	proud	to	have	their	work	exhibited	at	school.
          — Dr. Lauren Jones, McGogney ES

[The	Museum	trip]	really	augmented	the	concepts	that	were	taught	in	[Literacy	Through	
Photography].	It	was	also	great	exposure	to	excellent	photography	and	a	chance	to	make	
personal	connections	and	interpretations.
          — Ms. Asha Gibson, Martin Luther King, Jr. ES

stuDents’ thOuGhts

• I	learned	that	art	has	a	lot	to	do	with	photographs	because	a	picture	is	like	a	painting.	You	
   have	to	keep	on	working	it	until	it’s	beautiful.
• I	learned	that	poems	aren’t	just	what	the	picture	looks	like,	it’s	the	feeling	of	it.	
• How	to	make	poems	that	express	me.	I	can	use	certain	words	I	never	knew	before	to	describe	
  my	family.
     Art of the City
     In November 2005, 35 teachers demonstrated their commitment
     to their students by attending a professional development day
     devoted to the award winning Art of the City program, developed
     by The Phillips Collection, America’s first museum of modern art.
     Art of City is a program that combines art and narrative writing,
     with a focus on community, to improve students’ academic
     achievement. During the training, teachers discussed specific
     works of art that are keystones for the project, brainstormed
     lesson plans by grade level, and created their own Art of City
     project, cutting and creating just as their students would do.

     Building upon this professional development, participating
     teachers and their more than 400 students worked together for
     six weeks on the “Portrait of My Community” Project. As part of
     this project, each classroom enjoyed a field trip to The Phillips
     Collection, and an in-classroom workshop led by The Phillips
                                        Collection education staff.
                                        Each student then conducted        culminated in a school-wide gallery opening at each partner
                                        an interview with a member of      school. Each school celebrated the student art-work in their own
                                        their community, creating both     unique way. At Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, those
                                        visual and written narratives      who attended the exhibit witnessed presentations and songs
                                        about that individual. Back        in the cafeteria, and then walked into the library to view the
                                        in the classroom, students         students’ projects, finding the room transformed for the event. The
                                        collaborated with their            students’ murals and writing were proudly displayed for families
                                        classmates to create a three-      and community members to see, and even hear, as the recording
                                        dimensional mural as a final       of the students’ interviews with the school’s beloved crossing
                                        artistic expression of that        guard was playing for the duration of the opening. Additionally,
                                        community.                         TTP and The Phillips Collection planned a special exhibit to
                                                                           display the completed projects of each participating classroom; a
                                        In recognition of the hard work    city-wide opening was held on June 3, 2006. This exhibit was on
                                        on the part of the teachers,       display through October, in the new Sant Building at The Phillips
                                        students, and staff, the program   Collection.
school community leadership

parent Leadership                                                     Attendees noted that they learned about the “core qualities for
                                                                      creating a stronger PTA” and strategies for how “the school and
As part of our continuing efforts to provide parents with the
                                                                      the people can really work together and get things done.” By
tools they need to become stronger advocates for their children’s
                                                                      seeking to build upon their inherent leadership skills, the parents
education, Turning the Page expanded its parent leadership
                                                                      who participated in the workshops learned how to use their
initiative in 2006. The decision to expand was based off the
                                                                      collective ability to increase community involvement in the school,
honest feedback, both positive and critical, that TTP received from
                                                                      ultimately improving opportunities for student achievement.
previous parent leadership workshop participants. Invigorated
by the parents’ enthusiasm to lead and their encouraging words
of support, TTP developed two new six-hour Parent Leadership
workshops, both of which were generously hosted at the Thurgood
Marshall Academy Public Charter High School. The workshops
sought to provide parents with training, relevant and practical
skills, resources, and ongoing support.

During the first workshop, a core group of dedicated parents from
seven schools came together to learn and practice leadership
skills such as strategic recruitment. Through role playing
exercises, parents created detailed campaigns for their own
parent-teacher organizations that involved engaging other parents.
After being trained and equipped to be leaders, parents at each
school invited TTP staff to join them in planning recruitment
strategies for the next workshop in March.

Due to the recruitment efforts of the parents, attendance at
the March workshop doubled. The focus of the March workshop
shifted to creating solid action plans for individual schools while
also sharing ideas and best practices across school communities.
During the workshop, the parents held a mock PTA election,
complete with speeches and campaigns. The impact of the
workshops was felt throughout our partner schools’ community.
Commented one parent, “They have helped me to be able to
speak out more and voice my opinion.” More than 30 parents
participated in one or both of the workshops.
                                                                      ttp in the community

Back to school night
Back to school night is one of the most important nights in the
academic year; a chance for schools, families, and the community
to come together at one time and discuss educational topics. in       Congressional Art Competition                            year’s competition winner, a student from Georgetown
2005, with support from turning the page, each of our partner         For the second straight year, TTP President Jason King   Day School, was selected from over 230 entries. He
schools took strides to ensure that their Back to school night was    chaired the 2006 D.C. Congressional Art Competition      had his artwork displayed as part of a national exhibit
a school- and community-wide success.                                 “An Artistic Discovery”, along with Honorary Chair       in the Cannon Tunnel of Congress along with student

                                                                      Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. TTP                 artwork representing other Congressional Districts.
weeks before Back to school night, during the summer institute                                                                 The top three students also received scholarships and
                                                                      AmeriCorps*VISTA member Joi Baker provided critical
and Leadership Group meetings in september, teachers sat down                                                                  prizes. The Phillips Collection held a special two-week
                                                                      support as a committee member. In celebration of
to begin planning the details of the evening. Over the next weeks,                                                             exhibit featuring all the participants’ artwork.
                                                                      the Competition, over two hundred people attended
each school spent countless additional hours putting up fliers,
and developing and creating new ideas ensuring that each Back                                          an exhibit opening
to school night would draw a great number of parents and help                                          held at the Phillips
parents learn more about how they could stay involved throughout                                       Collection on May
the year. this hard work and diligence led to an increase in parent                                    13, 2006. The
attendance across all schools.                                                                         competition, open
                                                                                                       to all D.C. high
kenilworth elementary school’s investment of time and energy is                                        school students,
an example of how to bring the entire community together for a                                         is an opportunity
Back to school night. the day before the event, Leadership Group
                                                                                                       to encourage
members orchestrated a parade throughout the local neighborhood
                                                                                                       artistic and creative
with cheerleaders, drummers, and students advertising the date
                                                                                                       expression among
and time on a large banner. the teachers also planned and lead all
                                                                                                       young people. This
of the small group sessions for the evening. kenilworth boasted its
largest turnout ever for a Back to school night, with more than 85
parents and 50 children. Across all partner schools, an average of
0 parents attended each Back to school night.
board of directors

kelly n. edmondson, Adjunct English Instructor, University of Cincinnati

shervin eftekhari, Vice President, Operations, ReliaQuote, Inc.

Arnold F. Fege, President, Public Advocacy for Kids

Doran Lee Flowers, Attorney-at-Law

Christine pei-wen hsu, Of Counsel, Gilbert Heintz & Randolph LLP

jason scott king, President, Turning the Page

MAny thAnks FOR the DeDiCAtiOn OF OuR 2005–2006 stAFF:

president: Jason King
Director of Operations: Jeff Bunn
program Managers: Réco Thomas and Shanna Houser
program specialists (AmeriCorps*VistA members)
   Joi Baker, Molly Chlebnikow, Alvona Cunningham, Audrey Elliston,
   Jillian Lee, Rebecca Fowler, Jane Philbrick

weLCOMe tO OuR 2006–200 stAFF:

president: Jason King
program Managers: Tyra Fennell and Shanna Houser
Development Coordinator: Kathleen Rice
Fellows (AmeriCorps*VistA members)
   LeAnne Harden, Michael Nesbitt, Hannah Nutt, Christina Payne,
   Hilary Power, Adrienne Waller, Amy Weinberger
     Devon is Brilliant
                                     thanks to our supporters

     by Devon Boyd, Grade 5
     Ms. Emily Hyde
     Gibbs Elementary                The work of Turning the Page is dependent on the participation of many groups and individuals, contributing
                                     both in-kind and financially. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our programs this year,
     You could be a better reader.   helping make 2005-2006 one of our most successful years to date.

     You could be smart.             $350,000+                              $200+                                    George C. Elliot
                                     US Department of Education             Patrick Lemmon and Michelle Hynes        Phoebe Fagan
     You would be smarter                                                   Pamela and Hal Kalkstein                 Patricia A. Farmer
                                                                                                                     Thomas R. Howard
     If you knew how to              $50,000+                               John and Patricia Koskinen
                                                                                                                     Kristen Ivey-Colson
                                     Commonweal Foundation                  Hannah and Michael Mazer
     Read.                                                                  Nancy Noonan and John Odenwelder         William G. Mallard
                                                                            NewsOne Newspaper Distribution           Brenda M. Patterson
     Then you could be a star.       $20,000+
                                                                               Services, LLC                         Cassandra L. Queen
                                     The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz                                                Brenda Worthington
     Then you would                     Foundation
                                                                            Cynthia Redick on behalf of the
                                                                               Evermay Club
     Be brilliant                    The Eugene and Agnes Meyer             Larry and Suzanne Schmidlin in honor     Special thanks to the Corporation
                                        Foundation                             of Fred & Leslie King and David &     for National and Community Service
     Like me.                        The Phillips Collection / National        Patti Schmidlin                       for making our AmeriCorps*VISTA
                                        Endowment for the Arts                                                       volunteer program possible, and to
                                     Junior League of Washington            $00+                                    George Washington University DC
     When you                                                                                                        Reads for supporting our federal work-
                                     $0,000+                               Anonymous (2)
                                                                                                                     study program.
     Go to high school                                                      Amy Connelly
                                     DC Commission on the Arts and          Sarah B. Cutler
     They are going to ask               Humanities                         Kara Garbe
                                                                                                                     in-kinD suppORt
                                     Verizon Foundation                                                              Akridge
     You to read and                 The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott
                                                                            Phil Haemmerlein
                                                                                                                     Buch Construction
                                                                            Matthew Haies
     You must                            Foundation                         Fred and Leslie King                     Charles Sumner School Museum &
                                                                            Ronald C. Long, Esq.                         Archives
     know how read.                  $5,000+                                Elaine Menotti and Nat Gillespie         Children’s Book Guild of Washington DC
                                     Marvin F. Weissberg Foundation         Nicholas Pirulli                         DC LEARNs
                                     Spring Creek Foundation                Terrance C. Powers                       Free State Electric
     I am a                          Reading is Fundamental                 Edwin L. Rifkin                          International Brotherhood of Electrical
                                     Hattie M. Strong Foundation                                                         Workers
     Good reader.                                                           Washington Golf Charities, Inc.
                                                                                                                     Kelly Press
                                     Gilbert Heintz & Randolph LLP
     So I will                                                              $50+                                     Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
                                     $,000+                                                                         Network Depot
     Teach my child                                                         Patrick and Judy Clancy
                                                                                                                     Office Movers
                                     Combined Federal Campaign*             Ronald and Patricia Flagg
                                                                                                                     Olympus America
     How to read.                    Christine Hsu and Doran Flowers        Irene and Kenzo Kawanabe
                                                                                                                     ReliaQuote Inc.
                                     Duke Club of Washington                E. Joseph Knoll and Carol F. Knoll
     And when he                     Freed Foundation                       Thomas Kohler
                                                                                                                     S. Dillon Ripley Center
                                                                                                                     Maria Salvadore
                                     Anna McWane                            Dia Michels
     Grows up,                       Jason S. King
                                                                                                                     Todd Sherbacow
                                                                                                                     Thurgood Marshall Academy Public
     He will know                    MBIA Foundation                        *We would like to thank the following
                                                                                                                         Charter High School
                                     The Harman Family Foundation           individuals who contributed to Turning
     How to read.                    Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP             the Page through the Combined Federal
                                                                                                                     Washington Building Congress
                                     Adams National Bank                    Campaign:
     And he will be                                                         Anonymous (16)
                                     $500+                                  Robert J. Black
     Brilliant                       David and Anne Menotti                 Stephanie A. Bunce
                                     Laurence and Florence Meyer            Sarah Bradley-Leighton
     Like me.
Carpe Librum                     A special thank you to our            Council for Christian Colleges    National - Louis University
                                 supporters who staged multiple        and Universities                  National Law Center on
2006 marked the fifth annual
                                 book drives on behalf of TTP:      Council on Foreign Relations            Homelessness and Poverty
Carpe Librum used book drive
                                 Adams National Bank                Crystal City Shoppes                 National Public Radio
and sale, which concluded,                                          DC Primary Care Association          NCRIC Group, Inc.
                                 Archstone Smith
after a successful month and                                        Doceus                               NewsOne
                                 Borger Management
a half, at the end of May.                                          Editorial Projects in Education      NGP Software
                                 Corporate Executive Board
Thousands of individuals         Trammel Crow Company               Emerging Markets Corporation         Parents, Families and Friends of
donated books, music, and        United Way of America              First Book                              Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)
movies between February and                                         Foley & Lardner LLP                  Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced
May, resulting in over 60,000                                       Futures Group                           International Studies
                                 And thank you to the following
items to offer at the sale.                                         Gensler                              Pew Research Center
                                 individuals, corporations and
                                                                    Georgetown University Law Center     Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
                                 organizations who hosted a
                                                                    Georgetown School of Nursing &          LLP/ Washington Library
This year’s sale would not       book drive in support of this         Health Studies                    Preston, Gates, Ellis & Rouvelas,
have been nearly as successful   year’s sale:                       Global Health Council                   Meeds, LLC
if not for the generosity of     AAUW Educational Foundation        Goodwill                             Raffa
Akridge and the International    Advisory Board Company             Greenberg Traurig                    Reading Is Fundamental
Brotherhood of Electrical        American Institutes for Research   George Washington University         ReliaQuote, Inc.
Workers who donated a            Air & Space/ Smithsonian              American Studies Department       Rosenthal Partners
site at 900 7th Street NW.          Magazine                           Economics Department              Ross, Dixon, and Bell LLP
We are indebted to The           Alliance for Excellent Education      English Department                Sojourners
                                 Amalgamated Bank                      Geography Department              Sovereign Park
National Student Speech
                                 American Association for              Graduate School of Education      Spectrum Science Communications
Language Hearing Association
                                    the Advancement of Science         and Human Development             Spitfire Strategies
student-group at George
                                 American Bar Association              Office of Community Service       St. Ambrose School
Washington University and
                                 Art Institute of Washington           Sociology Department              Strickler, Sachitano & Hatfield, PA
the Turning the Page Club at     Atlantic Video                        Women’s Studies Department        Studley
Georgetown University who        AU Department of Education         Gilbert Heintz & Randolph LLP        Suburban Hospital
also coordinated successful      Banyan Tree Foundation             Heller Ehrman                        Surface Transportation Board
sales at their universities.     Bennett Group Financial Services   Hilton Hotels Corporation            Teach for America
Sales at the three locations        LLC                             Institute for International          The Institute of Medicine Keck
raised more than $45,000 for     Blackboard, Inc.                      Economics                            Center of the National
TTP’s programs. A particular     Bracewell & Giuliani LLP           Jackson & Campbell, PC                  Academies
thank you to all volunteers,     Bredhoff & Kaiser, PLLC            Kaiser Family Foundation             The Pentagon
                                 Cafritz Company                    Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP           The Phillips Collection
community members, and
                                 Children’s Book Guild of           Krooth & Altman LLP                  Urban Institute
AmeriCorps*NCCC for making
                                    Washington, DC                  Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights   Venable
this year’s fundraiser a
                                 Cleveland Park Library                Under Law                         Washington Business Journal
                                 CNCS Office                        Mancini Duffy                        Washington Grantmakers
                                 Conferon                           Manulife                             Washington Independent Writers
                                 Consumer Electronics               Marsh, Inc.                          Williams & Connelly
                                 Consumer Specialty Products        National Association of Insurance    Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
                                                                       and Financial Advisors               PLLC
                                                          financial statements

              Deja Williams, Grade 5
              Ms. Emily Hyde
              Gibbs Elementary School
                                                          statement of Financial position                           statement of Activities
                                                          For the year ended June 30, 2006                          For the Year Ended June 30, 2006
                                                          Assets                                                    suppORt AnD ReVenue          Unrestricted    Restricted         Total

                                                          Cash and cash equivalents              $ 326,842          Contributions
                                                                                                                    and grants                    $ 137,280      $ 559,300     $ 696,580
                                                          Grants receivable                        297,587
                                                                                                                    Donated rental space             48,195              –        48,195
                                                          Accounts receivable                       21,000
                                                                                                                    In-kind legal services           30,120              –        30,120
                                                          Inventory                                       –         Consulting income                21,000              –        21,000
                                                          Fixed assets, net                           8,273         In-kind books                    11,425              –        11,425

                                                          Deposits                                  11,961          Interest income                    4,413             –         4,413

                                                            tOtAL Assets                         $ 665,663          Net assets released
                                                                                                                    from restrictions:
                                                                                                                    Satisfaction of program
“Order in the court.”                                                                                               restrictions                    505,779      (505,779)               –

“The court is now in session.”                            LiABiLities AnD net Assets                                   tOtAL suppORt
                                                                                                                       AnD ReVenue                  58,22         53,52       8,33

When I grow up I want to be a Judge.                      Accounts payable and accrued
                                                          expenses                                $ 26,977
If I don’t, I will not hold a grudge.
                                                            tOtAL LiABiLities                     $ 26,9          Program services                561,027              –     561,0272
                                                          Commitments and Risks                                     Fundraising                      54,569              –        54,569
To be a Judge you have to be a lawyer first,              Net Assets                                                Management and general           19,689              –        19,689
If I don’t become a lawyer, I think that I might burst.   Unrestricted                             369,258             tOtAL eXpenses               635,285              –       635,285
                                                                                                                    Change in Net Assets            122,927         53,521       176,448
                                                          Temporarily restricted                   269,428
                                                                                                                    net Assets,
Also, Judges decide whether you give someone                tOtAL net Assets                       638,686          BeGinninG OF yeAR               246,33       25,90        462,238
  a penalty,                                                tOtAL LiABiLities                                       net Assets,
You have to make a wise choice gently.                      AnD net Assets                       $ 665,663          enD OF yeAR                   $ 369,258      $ 269,428     $ 638,686

                                                          For a copy of the Turning the Page Financial Statements and Report, for the year ended June 30, 2006, issued by Raffa, P.C.,
                                                          please contact Turning the Page.

                                                          turning the page: A parent information and Resource Center
                                                                                                                                  A four-year grant from the u.s.
                                                                                                                                  Department of education, awarded
                                                                                                                                  in October 2002, established
                                                                                                                                  turning the page as an official
                                                                                                                                  parent information and Resource
                                                                                                                                  Center for washington, D.C.

                                                                                                                                  CFC# 60

above   right :   tarynn Durkin, 3rd grade, River terrace elementary, Mr. phillip Frazier, Literacy through photography program   Designed by Cutting edge Design, inc.
                                                                                                                                  washington, D.C.
baCk   Cover :    Daquan tolen, 5th grade, Aiton elementary, Ms. D. Lynette walker, Literacy through photography program
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